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Boost Engagement: Magento 2 Live Chat Extension Free & Premium

by Lily Tran

If you aim to deliver great customer service and tailor support for your website visitors, using a Magento live chat extension is an effective solution. However, with numerous options available, selecting the most suitable method and provider can be challenging.

Fortunately, BSS Commerce has compiled a list of the top 8+ best Magento live chat extensions, that you can integrate into your Magento store. These extensions will enable you to customize the interaction for your clients and enhance their shopping journey. If you are running a small business, integrating a Magento 2 live chat extension free is a smart move.

Let us now check out this list, exploring their advantages, disadvantages, and pricing.

Benefits of Adding Magento Live Chat to Your Store

Integrating a live chat feature into your Magento store can bring about numerous advantages. Here are a few key benefits that highlight the importance of adding live chat to your customer support strategy:

1. Quick customer assistance. Adding a live chat feature enables Magento store owners to provide prompt assistance, thereby decreasing wait times and averting potential revenue loss. This functionality promotes instant communication, enhancing customer satisfaction, and efficiently addressing inquiries.

2. Builds trust and fosters brand loyalty. Online consumers frequently look for assurance before completing their purchases. Engaging in live chat conversations adds a human touch, aiding in the establishment of trust and rapport with new visitors. Thanks to facilitating real-time interactions, combined with promotion tools like Magento 2 gift card extension free or paid, these conversations foster a sense of credibility and encourage customers to return for future transactions.

3. Increases sales. Using live chat not only enhances customer service but can also have a direct influence on sales. Through promptly and efficiently addressing customer inquiries, you can eliminate obstacles to making a purchase.

4. Engages customers proactively. You can use live chat functionality to actively interact with visitors through customized messages and special offers. By starting conversations, providing assistance, or showcasing promotions, you can effectively steer visitors toward making a purchase.

5. Collects customer feedback. Live chat offers a great chance to gather customer preferences and behavior data. Through analyzing chat logs, Magento store owners can detect frequently asked questions or concerns to enhance product offerings, enhance the user experience, and shape future business strategies.

It can be concluded that providing exceptional customer service is more important than ever. Integrating Magento live chat into your store offers powerful features to achieve this. So, consider adding one of the 8+ best Magento 2 live chat extensions, both free and premium, provided in the section below.

Detailed Review of 8+ Magento 2 Live Chat Extensions: Free & Premium

This list provides multiple options, including 3 Magento 2 live chat extensions free and 7 Magento 2 live chat extensions paid. Furthermore, BSS Commerce offers a comparison table for these extensions to help you easily evaluate and consider each extension.

Magento 2 Live Chat Extension Free: 3 Top-choices

Here’s a comparison table for Magento live chat extension free:

Magento 2 Live Chat Extensions Free


Live Chat for Magento 2 by Amasty (Version 1.0.1) Magento 2.3.7, 2.4.2 – 2.4.6
Live Chat by Tidio N/A
Magento 2 Live Chat Extension FREE – Landofcoder (Version 1.0.4) Community Edition: 2.3.x, 2.4.x

1. Live Chat for Magento 2 by Amasty (Version 1.0.1)

If your Magento store is seeking a solution to get instant responses at no cost, the Magento Free Live Chat extension by Amasty gives you this possibility. This free Magento extension is a great solution to retaining customers who will always be in touch with you! Provide them with proper and convenient communication in channels that they are used to with the Chat Via Messengers extension.

Live Chat for Magento 2 free Amasty

Key Features

  • Integrate a third-party Magento Chat Bot extension into the widget to obtain complete audience reach.
  • Offer a sleek widget that displays various messaging platforms for seamless communication on your site
  • Instant push notifications provide a reliable way to ensure customers receive notifications promptly

Allow your customers to:

  • Seek advice on a particular product
  • Make purchases without the need for site registration
  • Get information on product return policies
  • Understand the terms of the current loyalty program

2. Live Chat by Tidio

Tidio serves as a comprehensive customer service platform, offering a range of features. Its primary focus lies in providing a live chat widget, which guarantees immediate assistance to your customers while they navigate through your website.

In addition to free plan, Tidio offer additional plan, including:

  • Starter plan: $29 per month
  • Growth plan (most popular): $59 per month
  • Tidio + (starting from $499 per month)

Live Chat by Tidio

Key Features

  • Preview user messages before they are sent, enabling you to prepare your reply in advance
  • Using a library of frequently used responses, allowing you to respond within seconds
  • Notify your customers about your unavailability and gather their email addresses for future responses.
  • Expand the capabilities of your widget by adding multiple languages
  • Gather essential customer information before starting the chat.
  • Seamlessly share supported files such as .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .txt, .rtf, .xlsx, .docx, .pdf, .gif, and videos through the chat.
  • Evaluate the quality of your customer service by collecting feedback from customers
  • Direct your customers to a dedicated chat window instead of engaging with them through the widget.
  • Save chat transcripts either on your device or send them to clients via email.
  • Establish your working hours and inform visitors about your online availability
  • Use IP address blocking to prevent certain users from accessing the widget
  • And more other features

3. Magento 2 Live Chat Extension FREE – Landofcoder (Version 1.0.4)

The Landofcoder developed Magento live chat extension FREE enables you to engage in direct conversations with customers, addressing any inquiries they may have regarding various aspects of the product.

Magento 2 Live Chat Extension FREE Landofcoder

Key Features

  • The clean interface with a white background and blue text creates a visually appealing and comfortable environment for customers to engage in conversations.
  • The chat platform allows for flexibility, enabling both you and your customer to join or end the chat as needed
  • Stay updated with chat notifications to ensure timely responses and engagement with customers.
  • Automatically record and store customer information for future reference
  • Engage with customers actively and promptly to address their needs

Discover how to supercharge your Magento store without breaking the bank with our collection of the 100+ best free Magento modules.

Magento 2 Live Chat Extensions Paid

Here’s a comparison table for Magento 2 live chat extensions paid:

Magento 2 Live Chat Extensions Paid

Best for Cost Advantages


Magento 2 Live Chat Integration Extension – MageComp (Version 1.0.3) Communication and solve customers’ queries instantly $49 Addressing customer concerns promptly.

Allow chat support through various channels like website, email, social media, and Skype.

Flexible chat support with straightforward and easy start and end functionalities.

Since it’s a specific product by Magecomp, readily available reviews or independent comparisons might be limited. 

While advertised as a cost-saving option, there might be hidden costs associated with the extension itself, like one-time fees or ongoing subscriptions.

Magento 2 Live Chat Extension – Webkul Store (Version 5.0.1) Chat directly with the admin/chat agents $299 User login and registration options are integrated within the chat window

Tailored for use with Magento platform.

Comes with a built-in language translator feature.

Limited advanced analytics and ticketing features

Complex setup procedure.

HappyFox Live Chat for eCommerce Handle various brands, products, and websites on a centralized live chat platform. Starter: $29 per month

Growth (Most popular): $49 per month

Scale: $149 per month

Scale Plus: $299 per month

HappyFox offers a simplistic and highly adaptable customer support system that can be easily tailored to meet business-specific needs.

HappyFox provides a seamless experience for users.

Only offer 14 days free trial for Growth Plan
Pure Live Chat for Magento 2 – Belvg Configure Live Chat Window $69 Easy to upgrade your Magento store with a live chat window

Easily manage and control the chatting process.

No review yet from the user

Don’t include too many details about the plugin.

Live Chat by Live Chat Message sneak peek Starter: $20 per month

Team: $41 per month

Business: $59 per month

Enterprise: Request a call to get details

(There are no extra expenses and you will not charge any additional charges)

Welcome visitors to your website with a live chat widget.

Manage your team’s customer interactions with chat supervision.

Gain insights into your customers’ needs and expectations through reports and analytics.

Some reviewers have mentioned a shortage of advanced functionalities.
Live Chat by Olark Chatbox customization Full-featured live chat starting at $29 per month Offers a wider range of language options compared to other solutions

Great customization options for the chat interface

Easily sharing analytics among different support teams

Numerous users are facing obstacles when it comes to communicating and working together with their colleagues.
Live Chat by LiveHelp Custom projects N/A Enhance your storefront conversions with sales enablement tools.

Simply team communication with instant chat forwarding.

Seamlessly integrate with Magento for a user-friendly experience.

Premium consulting or service packages are not available

We also provide the top 20 best Magento 2 plugins designed to optimize your business in Sales, Marketing,  Administration, Store management, etc.

1. Magento 2 Live Chat Integration Extension – MageComp (Version 1.0.3)

  • Compatible with Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

MageComp’s Magento 2 Live Chat Integration is an innovative module that enables seamless integration of multiple channels with Magento eCommerce stores. It allows customers to effortlessly communicate with the store admin through their preferred channels, ensuring prompt resolution of queries and assistance requests.

Magento 2 Live Chat Integration Extension paid MageComp

Key Features

  • Seamlessly connect various social media accounts to your online store
  • Provide support across multiple channels including website, email, Skype, and social media platforms
  • Enable instant communication between Magento store admin and customers
  • Flexible features for initiating and terminating chat sessions
  • Enhance communication with visitors to your store
  • Cut costs on paid chat and customer support services
  • Boost sales by delivering exceptional customer experiences
  • Decrease cart abandonment rates through prompt customer support

2. Magento 2 Live Chat Extension – Webkul Store (Version 5.0.1)

  • Compatible with Magento 2.0.x 2.1.x 2.2.x 2.3.x 2.4.x

The Magento 2 live chat plugin developed by Webkul Store enables you to establish a live chat system in your online store, facilitating direct communication between customers and the admin/chat agents.

Magento 2 live chat plugin Webkul store

Key Features

  • From the chat window, users have the option to either login or register
  • Create multiple chat agents to handle various queries
  • Both users and agents can access their chat history conversations
  • Chat agents can view and respond to multiple customer queries simultaneously
  • Chat system administrator can assign a name to the chat system
  • Users can upload a profile picture for their chat
  • Customization options are available for the color of the chat window, header, list, and text
  • Chat status can be set as Online, Busy, or Offline
  • System supports translations for multiple languages
  • Sound alerts can be enabled to notify users of any new chat messages

3. HappyFox Live Chat for eCommerce

HappyFox Chat is a reliable live chat tool that is user-friendly, efficient, and quick. Prioritizing the user experience, HappyFox Chat is lightweight and adaptable to mobile devices. Thanks to integrating with various business applications, you can easily synchronize and organize data across platforms. This allows you to provide customized customer service by accessing the most pertinent information during chats.

HappyFox Live Chat

Key Features

  • Automatically identify and translate customer interactions
  • Handle chat inquiries from various brands/products/websites in a centralized live chat platform
  • Minimize customer waiting periods and evenly allocate support tasks among your team members.
  • Engage in chats conveniently using HappyFox live chat apps on mobile, desktop, and web
  • Enhance efficiency and save time with pre-written responses
  • Use shortcodes to access pre-made replies quickly in your chat interface

4. Pure Live Chat for Magento 2 – Belvg

BELVG’s Pure Live Chat plugin for Magento 2 is an ideal extension that enables seamless communication with your online customers while they browse your website. This plugin allows Magento store admins to engage in simultaneous conversations with multiple people, providing valuable insights such as the customer’s location and the page they are currently viewing on your site.

Pure Live Chat for Magento 2 Belvg

Key Features

  • The chat window can be customized to match your branding, including logo, colors, and design
  • Access more customer details like location, referral sources, and more
  • Ability to chat with multiple users simultaneously or invite team members to join the conversation.
  • Interact with visitors on your website through chat
  • All chat history, including conversation statistics and transcripts, are stored for easy access and can be emailed to customers when needed.
  • Easy to set up and use, no coding expertise necessary.

5. Live Chat by Live Chat

LiveChat is a helpdesk platform that revolves around its live chat service. This Magento live chat extension offers a ticketing system, canned responses, and a customizable chat widget. These chat features can enhance your support team’s communication with customers and boost your conversion rates.

However, LiveChat’s functionality differs slightly for Magento. The chat tool itself provides analytics, such as customer interests, to help you gain insights. It emphasizes the use of engaging greetings to capture the attention of your online store’s visitors.

In addition, LiveChat allows customers to rate their chat experience, enabling you to evaluate your team’s performance and customer satisfaction more effectively.

Live Chat by Live Chat

Key Features

1. Easy to Customize for Platform

2. Ticket and Case Management

  • Ticket creation user experience
  • Ticket response user experience
  • Workflow
  • Automated response

3. Support Live Chat for Communication Channels

4. Communication

  • Pop-up chat
  • Notifications
  • In-app messaging

5. Internal Use

  • Conversation archiving
  • Lead development
  • Knowledge base
  • Team inbox
  • Customer profiles

6. Live Chat by Olark

Olark is a chat system designed for sales purposes, providing various customization options. This Magento live chat includes a ticketing system with numerous unique features aimed at enhancing marketing strategies.

Furthermore, it provides a comprehensive tutorial for seamlessly integrating chat into your Magento website. No coding skills are required; simply copy and paste the HTML code for integration.

Live Chat by Olark

Key Features

  • Leverage Olark’s user-friendly live chat automation rules to interact with a larger customer base and streamline your operations.
  • Gain valuable insights from chat transcripts
  • Create personalized chatbox forms
  • Interact with customers instantly
  • Olark simplifies chat distribution and team monitoring
  • Connect seamlessly with your preferred software
  • And more other features

7. Live Chat by LiveHelp

LiveHelp mainly provides website visitors with prompt assistance from support agents through a web chat tool. LiveHelp offers a virtual assistant called LiveBot, which enables users to communicate with multiple visitors simultaneously.

The LiveHelp solution was specifically created to improve the overall shopping experience for eCommerce buyers. It achieves this by offering real-time information to shoppers and facilitating the sharing of documents. Moreover, this live chat tool for Magento includes advanced features that promote collaboration among colleagues, such as the ability to instantly forward chats to different agents.

Live Chat by LiveHelp

Key Features

  • Providing support to multiple customers simultaneously
  • Quick support
  • Easily sharing links, attachments, and screenshots
  • Seamless communication with clients across various platforms: operators can offer support through mobile, the LiveHelp App, or any other application.
  • Tailored projects for each customer allow complete customization and integration.

Key Takeaways: Magento 2 Live Chat Extension Free

Setting up a live chat extension for the Magento store is an effortless task. In most cases, all you have to do is follow a simple installation process and insert a code snippet to seamlessly integrate it. The crucial element lies in selecting the most suitable live chat extension for your Magento store.

In addition, make sure to verify that the live chat extension you select includes all the necessary features for your business. Feel free to explore multiple options during the Magento 2 live chat extension free or on the free plan, free trial in premium extensions to determine if the extension meets your requirements. This is the most effective method to ensure that you are making the right choice.

BSS Commerce trusts that these suggestions will be beneficial for you. Visit our site more to explore the new blog post about extension guides in the Magento industry.

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