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Magento 2 Pre-order Extensions FREE & PAID: TOP 6 Best Options Ever!

by Lily Tran

Have you ever imagined the scenario when your customers are enthusiastic about buying your store’s product, but what they receive is the “out-of-stock” or “release later” notification? Obviously, your customers will feel disappointed when the product that they are looking for is unavailable. Every purchaser hates waiting, especially when they are in urgent need of that stuff. 

Without a doubt, your potential prospects will immediately leave your site to search for another item on your competitors’ sites. And, you, as a store owner, have nothing you can do instead of witnessing this dreadful and unpleasant reality. 

Not only do you lose your customers to your rivals, but if these situations happen more often, you probably leave a negative impression on your purchasers, which will make them cross out your brand from their shopping list! As a result, both decreasing sales and lower loyalty levels exist in your business! What a scary nightmare, right?out-of-stock-in-Magento

Fortunately, though, there is still a solution to your out-of-stock woes. By harnessing the Magento 2 pre-order extension in your webstore, this obstacle will be entirely eliminated!

In the following part, we carefully collect all the best Magento 2 pre-order extensions free & paid and give an overview of each module. Let’s move forward and gain the most suitable solutions!

A. Pre-order Extension And Its Importance In Online Business

What is the pre-order extension?

Like its name, Magento 2 pre-order is a feature that allows your customers to place an order for out-of-stock or upcoming-release items. And once the product is available, they will receive the notification via email. 


Why pre-order extension is a must-have? 

Take full advantage of all items in your store

One of the goals of implementing the 2 pre-order extension is to prevent overproduction for businesses, especially the small and medium ones, which can reduce the total cost for store owners to pay. 

Moreover, this module also plays an essential role in maintaining the warm leads for the store when your products are currently unavailable, without affecting the profit. Sound awesome, right? 

Reveal the prevalence trend of the market

Pre-order is the best way to survey your customers, without any fee included. Customers will be the ones telling you which items are in the highest demand – containing the hottest colors and sizes.

Thus, with this extension, the market insight is in the palm of your hand, and this information will definitely help you thrive more in the ecommerce racetrack. 


Increase connection between customers and merchant

When your customers place an order for a product that is not yet released, it also means that you, as a store owner, must keep in touch with them to update the information of the product’s journey. Although this type of conversation is comparatively brief, however, if you process it with care and enthusiasm, it’ll make an excellent impression on your customers and increase their trust and satisfaction with your brand. 

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Enhance store’s competitiveness

One more special advantage when you install Magento 2 pre-order Extension is you can utilize its function as a tool to drive your promotion campaign. Despite of the urgent demand for some of your store’s items, normally, the customers need a compelling reason to pre-order your product rather than purchasing it at launch. 

And giving them an extra discount on this product through the pre-order campaign is one of the best solutions. With this pre-order extension, your store not only can easily fulfill the purchasing desire of your customers when the product is out of stock or under-released but also attract them to buy the product in advance. Fill two needs with one deed, right? 

B. Overview And TOP 6 Best Magento 2 pre-order Extensions FREE & PAID

1. Magento 2 pre-order extension by BSS Commerce 

The first extension in our recommendation list is the pre-order extension developed by the BSS team. Technically, it provides nearly all of the necessary features you need to optimize your website for pre-order and back-order functionality at an affordable price. 

With this extension, you can configure the pre-order function as well as manage the pre-order and back-order products in your web store more easily. Let’s take a look at the highlighted features included in this extension: 

  • Allow pre-ordering out of stock and upcoming products
  • Be able to the pre-order product on the category page
  • Replace Add to Cart button with the pre-order button
  • Display notes and messages for pre-order products on the product page, shopping cart and order details page

Display pre-order button on the frontend product page

  • Edit pre-order notes, buttons, and messages to be shown on the frontend
  • Manage previous orders  conveniently in the backend
  • Work with Multiple Source Inventory on Magento 2.3.x – 2.4.x

Show pre-order button on Configurable product page

2. Aitoc pre-orders for Magento 2 

The second one we want to mention in this TOP 6 pre-order extensions free & paid list is designed by Aitoc. The store owners can use this module to sell out-of-stock items as pre-ordered items. It is noteworthy because it provides the exact date and informs clients when their orders have arrived. 


Aitoc Magento 2 Preorder extension on the product page

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Let’s find out the detailed features of this extension: 

  • Allow pre-ordering products
  • Place pre-order button instead of Buy now or Add to Cart
  • Specify the time when items are expected to be available
  • Notify customers by email when their pre-ordered products arrive
  • Allow customer to make prepayment
  • Provide the ability to return products to stock on schedule
  • Improve your store order management and boost sales

3. Amasty pre-order extension

The third product of the best pre-order extension list is from Amasty. By installing this extension, your store’s customers are allowed to pre-order or backorder the out-of-stock or soon-to-be-released products. Moreover, it also collects valuable data on customer demand in a timely manner which can help to build the marketing and stock management strategy. 


Amasty pre-order for Configurable Products

Check out all the Amasty ‘s pre-order extension features:

  • Let buyers pre-order upcoming or out-of-stock items
  • Enable pre-order function for all types of products
  • Set discounts on pre-order products via rules
  • Create custom pre-order buttons and notes
  • NEW |The module is read-compatible with GraphQL
  • Fully optimized for mobile

4. Landofcoder pre-order extension

Our next recommendation of Magento 2 pre-order extensions free & paid comes from Landofcoder, a well-known e-commerce solution supplier. This module, like others, allows customers to place purchases even if the products they desire are not yet available or are out of stock.

You can swiftly accomplish enormous sales from out-of-stock and impending products using the module. It is especially mobile-friendly because it can be viewed on a variety of devices, making it more convenient for customers.


Landofcode pre-order for Configurable Products

Discover the full features of this extension: 

  • Display pre-order notes on the shopping cart, checkout page, category page
  • Show warning message when not enough item qty
  • View pre-order message & warning note in My Orders
  • Customize pre-order message for each product 
  • Support pre-order for bundle products
  • pre-order upcoming products & out of stock products
  • Replace ‘Add to cart’ button with ‘pre-order’ one both on product & category pages
  • pre-order message on product page 
  • Customers can pay full or partial payment
  • Automatic ‘Product is back’, ‘Back in Stock’ notifications
  • Set pre-order status and availability date
  • Automatic Email Notification
  • Pre-order settings & display options

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5. Magento 2 pre-order extension of Bootsgrid

Another best option is well–functioned and powerful pre-order extension by Bootsgrid. Store owners can use this extension to sell out-of-stock products ahead of time in order to retain customers.

Furthermore, this plugin allows business owners to easily change a ‘add to cart’ button with a ‘pre-order’ or ‘backorders’ button. Customers can also use this module to pre-order or backorder products that are not available for immediate delivery.

Let’s check out what core functionality of this Magento 2 extension: 


Bootsgrid pre-order for Configurable Products

  • Admin can enable/disable the module through store configuration.
  • Admin can allow pre-order for ‘out of stock’ products (simple and configurable products).
  • Admin can add a custom pre-order button for each product.
  • Admin can be able to show custom pre-order notes on the category page.
  • Pre-order notes are available on the shopping cart, checkout and payment preview page.
  • Admin can allow pre-order warning messages in transaction mails.
  • Admin can allow enabling/disable the partial payment in the backend.
  • Admin can allow setting a pre-order partial payment percentage in the backend.
  • An email notification will send to the customer to pay the remaining payment for the pre-order
  • Customers can also select the payment mode like full or partial payment for the pre-order products.
  • Pre-order notes are available in the shopping cart, checkout, and payment preview page
  • Pre-order warning messages are displayed on the customer account page.
  • Full or Partial payment messages are displayed for both customer and admin on the order view page.

6. Magento 2 pre-order extension FREE – Nullpress

Last but not least, the FREE pre-order extension is developed by Nullpress. This extension allows customers to pre-order out-of-stock and upcoming products in your Magento store. Besides, it also helps the store owner to leave custom notes on pre-order items. However, because it is free, so there is no license check on this extension. That’s the thing you must consider really carefully when deciding to install it. 

Give the eyes on its feature here: 

  • Global settings for button text and notice
  • Individual settings by each product 
  • Support all types of products
  • Receive payments for pre-order products as usual
  • Pre-order Extension version 1.0.0 is compatible with Magento 2.1 – 2.2 

C. Final Words

In a nutshell, this extension is a helpful tool to assist online merchants in improving customer relationships by retaining stock or providing timely notification when the product is restocked.

Instead of letting potential customers switch to the rival’s store, with this module, the store owner will be able to retain them to purchase their products and finish the checkout process. That is, obviously, increasing the revenue and even creating more loyal customers for your business.

If you still have any questions related to this topic, feel free to send us a comment on this section below. We will try our best to give you the answer as soon as possible!

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