The Full Guideline To Choose The Best Magento 2 Quote Extension

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Buyers, especially B2B buyers, always expect to pay a lower price than the original product’s pricing. Thus price negotiation has been a popular demand in B2B trade.

That is why the Magento 2 Quotation extension is a useful and necessary tool for your business. It allows your customers to negotiate the price they want to purchase and boost your sales.

However, there are hundreds of quote extensions available for Magento stores, and we understand that finding the best one amongst those options is a tough job.

So we have searched and researched to write a detailed review on the top 3+ best Magento 2 Quote extensions to help you choose the right one for your store.

Quote Workflow


First of all, we want to help you understand the quotation procedure and how you and your customers negotiate quotes.

The price negotiation process starts when a buyer submits a quote request from the cart, which will be saved in the user’s My Quotes list section from the customer accounts.

For the admin, the request displays in the Quotes grid with the status “New.”

The buyer cannot change the quote until you open it.

When the seller checks the quote, the status will change to “Pending.” The seller can offer a discount or leave a comment. Then the quote will then be sent back to the buyer.

Following then, you and your buyer will continue the price negotiation until both reach a final agreement.

At the end of a price negotiation, there are two possible outcomes: 

  • The buyer rejects the price offer, and the negotiation ends.
  • The buyer accepts the price offer and proceeds to the checkout process.

Benefits Of Magento 2 Quote Extension


The default Magento does provide store owners the quote function, but this default function is quite simple and isn’t enough to match the increasingly complicated needs of customers and sellers.

So let’s see how a Magento 2 quote extension can benefit your communication and negotiating process.

Increase the engagement with customers

The heart of a negotiation process is communication skills. And a Magento 2 Quote module enables real-time interaction between you and potential customers right when they want to buy your products.

Increase the personalization for B2B customers

Naturally, customers would feel satisfied and special if the store owner noticed them. Therefore, individualization is an efficient way to ensure that they receive a particular treatment.

With Magento 2 Quote extension, your customers can submit quotes for their quote cart. This allows sellers to assess the customer’s financial situation and pick a fair price for both sides.

Reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts

The cart abandonment rate is one of the metrics that caused headaches for store owners. But you can reduce this by using a request-for-quote extension.

When shoppers know they can bargain to prices that exceed their means, they are less likely to abandon their shopping carts.

Magento 2 B2B quote extension allows them to send a quote expressing their willingness to buy in bulk at a lower price.

And for store owners, you can understand your customers’ demands better to plan future pricing plans.

Increase the number of wholesalers

Another benefit is that if customers know the price is flexible, they will return to you more often.

Furthermore, a quote module improves the appearance and usability of your store. It helps wholesalers to easily contact you via quotes, which boosts their interaction with you.

Top 3+ Best Magento 2 Quote Extension

This is a full overview of the 3+ best Magento 2 Quotation extensions.

Check out the list to find the best extensions for you!

Magento 2 Request For Quote Extension by BSS


Price: $199 

Support policy: Free 1-year support

BSS’s Request for Quote module is one of the top Magento 2 B2B solutions at the most reasonable price.

This module has had a great reputation throughout the years, and the BSS team provides the finest support for store owners.

This Magento quote extension will help fasten the quote request process and quote management.

Using it, you can easily enable the “Add to Quote” button on the product page, category page, search page, wish list, comparison page and CMS widget.

After customers click on the “Add to Quote” button, the products will be sent directly to a quote cart. It allows them to update the product quantity in the quote cart, edit the attached message for each product, add an extra note for the order and send multiple queries in a quote request.

It also helps manage quotes easier for both store owners and customers.

Full list of features:

  • Enable “Add to Quote” per product as well as specific categories
  • Choose customer groups, say B2B, to allow “Add to Quote”
  • Define the minimum quote amount per custom group
  • Manage the requests professionally: approve, reject, or customize the quote.
  • Compatible with free Magento 2 Login As Customer extension to support quote creating for customers

Magento 2 Extension Request A Quote by Amasty


Price: $349/the first year, then $215/year

Support policy: Free 1-year support

Request A Quote by Amasty helps store owners to engage with their buyers through quotations.

It allows you and your customers to make highly personalized purchasing offers. Thanks to it, you can understand buyers’ demands and grow sales revenue.

With this module, customers can add products to quote in one click from product pages, category pages or the shopping cart. It lets customers suggest the best-suited prices for them.

This quotation extension also includes the hide price feature. It means this app allows you to disable ordering and hide the product price for specific products or for particular customer groups.

This feature helps you understand customer demands more to effectively adjust your pricing strategy.

You can also easily manage all quote requests from the backend and automatically approve quotes with the specified discount amount.

And you can set expiry dates to motivate customers to make purchasing decisions faster.

Please note that Amasty provides the annual subscription licenses for all of their extensions, so if you use this extension, you will have to pay yearly.

Full list of features:

  • Allow customers to create quotes from any page of the website
  • Auto approve quotes with the specified discount amount
  • Allow guest visitors to add products to quote
  • Hide prices for particular products and customer groups
  • Convert quote to order in one click

Request a Quote for Magento 2 by Mageplaza


Price: $249

Support policy: Free 1-year support

Magento 2 Request For Quote extension by Mageplaza allows customers to request a quote easily. 

Customers can add their preferred products to the quote cart with their wished prices. The interesting feature of this module is that customers can add items to their shopping cart, as usual, then raise quotes for one or some products or the whole shopping cart. 

And this extension enables showing the Quote button on multiple pages on your website, in all easy-to-reach positions for customers.

After customers send quotes, store owners can check the quote requests, then approve, cancel or discuss with customers to modify the quotes.

Full list of features:

  • Price negotiation via a quote cart
  • Turn a shopping cart into a quote cart
  • Mass quote requests by SKUs
  • Approve/ reject / modify a quote request
  • Mutual-reply around a quote
  • Quote requests by admins
  • File attachment to the quote request
  • Quote expiration settings
  • Notification email templates

B2B Cart to Quote Extension by Aheadworks


Price: $254/the first year, then $149/year

Support policy: Free 1-year support

B2B Cart to Quote is a common solution for B2B business negotiations. B2B businesses can use this module to make it easier for their customers to bargain for the best price.

Buyers can add products to the cart and then quickly convert them into quotations. And the admin can enable or disable the Request a Quote button on the cart page.

Customers also can add products to their quote list from the product pages or category pages.

When the admin approves the quote request, shoppers will get a notification. Then they can quickly turn the quote into a cart to complete the purchase with the discount price.

Full list of features:

  • Create requests for a quote on the backend or frontend
  • Add multiple products per quote
  • Quote List alike Shopping Cart
  • Discount as a percent, decrement, or new total of the quotation bundle
  • Allow auto-approval of quotes


In this article, we have shown you all you need to know to choose the best 

We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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