Magento 2 SEO Suite Ultimate Extension: A Must-have SEO Helper

by Summer

This is the second part of our Magento 2 SEO Guide article!

In the first part, we talked about the importance of Magento SEO and some guides to optimize SEO. Then why do you need to install a Magento 2 SEO Suite Ultimate Extension

For many people, SEO in Magento is such a meticulous process and time-consuming effort, but the result rarely reaches the expectation. 

However, if you use Magento 2 SEO Suite Ultimate Extension, this task will be as easy as setting up some simple settings. Your website can easily pass any Magento SEO checklist and conquer high positions on search engine result pages. 

For sure that Magento SEO extension cannot magically lift your website to the 1st rank on Google. But it definitely can help the SEO practice to be as good as possible. The rest depends on how impressive your content is. 

The 14+ following supports will reveal to you why Magento 2 SEO Suite is one of the best-selling on BSS Commerce


Stand out on Search Result Pages 

Rich Snippets 

A normal snippet is an individual search result displayed on SERPs, which usually consists of a title, an URL, and a description. Meanwhile, rich snippets allow a web page to display on SERPs with extra information between its URL and description. 

What are awesome Benefits of Our Rich Snippets

  • Provide users with more information about your web pages right on SERPs like price, rating, review, availability, etc.   
  • Show rich snippets for a category (Name, Description, Image, and Product offers) 
  • Support rich snippets for your business, including name, logo, business type, and so on
  • Allows users to navigate your website more easily via breadcrumbs on rich snippets 
  • Waste SERPs more space for the display of your webpage. This means that later-on search results would be pushed down and even be moved to the next search result page.  

According to those benefits, rich snippets make every page more highlighted and help them stand out among others on SERPs. Then, they will have a better chance to be clicked by customers. We all expect the increase of organic traffic to our websites to power them up. 

LEARN FROM Magento SEO Checklists for the best practices of snippets, breadcrumbs, and more.   

Make Websites Easier & More Friendly to Navigate 

Advanced Breadcrumbs 

Why are advanced breadcrumbs so important? 

A breadcrumb shows a text path located at the top of a page. It indicates where users are on your site. Each step of the path is clickable, and customers can go back to the homepage with one click. 

Magento 2 SEO Suite Ultimate Extension comes with out-of-box functions of advanced breadcrumbs to make your site more user-friendly. You can choose to present breadcrumbs as short or long URL paths and easily adjust them based on category priority IDs.    

HTML Sitemap 

HTML sitemap is a meaningful component that provides customers with an overview of your website in a logical way. Looking at the HTML sitemap allows them to quickly know where they may want to navigate for desired information. This significantly levels up the user experience on your site. 

Unfortunately, default Magento itself does not support an HTML sitemap. It doesn’t matter! Magento 2 SEO module by BSS Commerce will fulfill this drawback by giving you one. 

The module enables you to generate an HTML sitemap that contains products, categories, CMS pages, and additional links. In this sitemap, you can freely exclude any page if it doesn’t deliver valuable content to customers.  


You can create specific HTML sitemaps for each store view and show the shortcuts in the footer or header, and they will be automatically updated when any change is made. 

301 Redirects 

In addition to advanced breadcrumbs and HTML Sitemap, 301 redirects will make your site more user-friendly to navigate for the following reason. 

When customers access a deleted page, they immediately face the 404 error on a plank page. This not only annoys customers but also hurts your SEO so much. The removed page will drop out of ranking on SERPs. 

The simple way to avoid this problem is to redirect customers to a new page as an alternative. With our Magento 2 SEO module, this task will become easier than ever. It enables you to pick a default destination to redirect customers whenever they access a deleted page. You also can specify a time period to keep the redirect on your site. 

Instruct Googlebot to Index Your Site 

XML Sitemap 

Unlike HTML Sitemap, XML Sitemap makes your store more friendly to search engines by giving them a list of content pages that need to be indexed. That finally makes it easier for crawlers to check what’s on your store and index the content faster. 

Though default Magento includes XML sitemap settings, it may be too basic compared with your needs. Understanding the limitations, our developers have added to the default sitemap a host of useful functions. 

You are able to generate an XML sitemap that includes all pages on your website then give it a title and description, or exclude any page also. Those pages might be product pages, category pages, CMS pages, or additional links. 

More importantly, you can specify a root path and split the sitemap into smaller ones, and then they will work more effectively.    

Robot Meta Tag 

Sometimes, you might want a page not to be indexed by Google as it doesn’t make sense for customers. However, default Magento does not allow customizing Robot Meta tags for specific pages. 

Magento 2 SEO Suite Ultimate Extension makes it possible by allowing you to assign Robot Meta tags for a specific URL. Thanks to this, you can set up NOINDEX, FOLLOW Robot Meta header for an individual page. 

Say Goodbye to Content Issues 

Canonical Tag 

When you have several URLs with similar content crawled by Google or other search engines, it can potentialize a number of SEO problems. Canonical Tag, for that reason, is a must-have solution to tell Google the master copy of a page. 

Magento 2 SEO Extension provides you with easy-to-understand configurations to set up Canonical tags in speed. 

You can not only include canonical tags on the homepage, product pages, category pages, but also use those tags in layered navigation for filtered results or sorting options. 

Hreflang Tag 

If you have a multilingual website with different store views, it’s necessary to inform Google about multiple versions of the site in different languages, or Google will consider this as a duplicate content issue.

Following the best practice of SEO, Magento 2 SEO Extension allows you to add Hreflang Tag for each store view and enable it for the homepage, product, category, and CMS pages. 

BE CAREFUL WITH 9 Common Mistakes With Hreflang Tags In SEO

Make Your Content Descriptive 

Meta Tag Template 

Both customers and search engines love descriptive content as it delivers more value. Meanwhile, the default meta template for products in Magento shows only 3 variables: name, description, and SKU. That’s not enough to describe a product in an impressive way. 

If you agree so, let Magento 2 SEO Suite Ultimate Extension makeup your meta tag template with diverse variables, and then you can: 

  • Add various meta tag templates to use for different product pages and categories
  • Exclude products or categories from meta tag templates 
  • Limit the maximum length of metadata, URL key, meta keywords 

Image ALT Tag 

Image is a type of content that also needs to be descriptive. As search engines cannot understand an image automatically, Image ALT Tag is an essential component. If you ignore it, you may miss the chance to be highly ranked on SERPs. 

By installing Magento 2 SEO Suite Ultimate Extension, it’s easy to create an ALT tag template to apply for product images on your website. All images can be managed in a grid in which you can manually edit ALT texts. In addition, a product image name template is also supported for time-saving. 


Best Practices of Outbound Links  

External link settings 

You don’t want the power of your URLs to be transmitted outside your content but usually, forget to mark external links as NOFOLLOW. Even when you remember to do it, this action is relatively time-consuming when you repeat it for each link. 

For this problem, SEO Suite Ultimate Extension by BSS Commerce is a handy Magento 2 SEO module as it enables you to set up auto-marking external links as NOFOLLOW. In this way, search engines will not crawl those links anymore. 

If you don’t want to do so with any external link, you can easily exclude it from the module’s impact. 

Easily Track SEO Performance 

SEO Toolbar 

The above features of Magento 2 SEO Suite Ultimate sound good. However, how to make sure they are good enough to meet SEO standards? 

While default Magento 2 does not show you how SEO is performing on your site, our module can do it and do it well. It allows you to get an overview of the result of each individual page in the frontend via a toolbar. 

What can you track from the SEO toolbar? 

You can track if the URL, Canonical tag, metadata, headings, ALT text, Open Graph, and Twitter Card are compliant with the SEO standards. The toolbar also lets you immediately know which areas are having problems that need to be fixed. 


SEO Reports & Audit 

If the SEO toolbar shows you SEO results in the frontend, SEO reports provide you with the current performance from the backend with a visual bar to describe the SEO score and an SEO audit for meta data, main keywords, description, and outbound links. 

In a report, you will be suggested with the ideal length for the meta title and description. You can find the SEO report of a specific URL via a dashboard. And an SEO report in the backend usually looks like this: 


Furthermore, Google Search Console information can also be tracked conveniently right in SEO reports. 

Don’t Miss The Special Gift Ever! 

Finally, to express our thanks to valuable customers who buy Magento 2 SEO Extension, BSS Commerce offers a free SEO Audit service so that you can review thorough SEO performance on your website.

The SEO audit report allows you to recognize any SEO issue timely before it causes undesirable consequences. Every time, we are willing to suggest the best solutions to fix any SEO problem and to improve your ranking.

Here is an example of our SEO Audit Report


Besides Magento 2 SEO Suite Ultimate Extension, we have developed more SEO Extensions for Magento 2 to serve a wide range of needs of our customers. 

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Magento extension providers and Magento 2 development services in the world. With experienced and certified Magento developers, we commit to bring high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively. CONTACT NOW to let us know your problems. We are willing to support you every time.

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