[Case Study] eGG’s Journey to Digital Excellence

by TuanVN

eGG Optical, a subsidiary of Optical88 (O88), is a local eyewear brand that defies conventional norms, infusing trendy designs into its products. Beyond mere vision correction, eGG glasses serve as indispensable fashion accessories, offering customers a blend of style and functionality.

Committed to a swift and professional shopping experience, eGG Optical Boutique, under O88’s umbrella, stands out as a pioneering force in redefining eyewear standards.


eGG Optical focuses on a younger demographic, while O88 caters to an older clientele, emphasizing superior service and premium product quality. The former eGG website, powered by Shopiline, fell short in addressing key challenges. Its limitations extended to a lack of O2O (Online-to-Offline) friendliness, hindering a seamless integration between the online platform and the offline shopping experience.

Moreover, the absence of effective customer loyalty features compounded the hurdles faced by eGG in fostering lasting connections with its clientele.


As a longstanding partner, O88 and BSS Commerce have worked hand in hand, creating a tapestry of shared success. This enduring partnership and the proven track record instilled deep trust, prompting O88 to select BSS Commerce as the trusted collaborator for addressing the challenges faced by the eGG website.

Join us in the collaborative narrative, where shared achievements open doors to innovative solutions, shaping an exciting digital path forward for eGG.


In response to the customer’s request, our team promptly conducted a thorough assessment of eGG’s website. We then carefully analyzed the essential features of the new website. Our strategic approach involved:

  • Leveraged the proven success of O88 Hong Kong by adapting its established structure and custom-tailoring it to seamlessly align with eGG’s distinct branding. This streamlined solution not only ensured consistency and success but also optimized development time and cost-effectiveness, benefiting the customer in both aspects.
  • Fine-tuned the POS integration and loyalty program sections, ensuring a tailored fit for eGG’s specific requirements.

For this transformative project with eGG, the BSS Commerce team strategically employed Magento 2 and seamlessly integrated it with the client’s customized ERP, establishing a robust technological framework.


Our bespoke solutions for eGG involved a meticulous adaptation of the successful O88 model, ensuring product consistency while infusing a unique touch of individuality. The makeover extended to a contemporary new theme that resonates with eGG’s unique identity. We also integrated SIS for the POS system, marking another distinctive feature that sets eGG apart from O88.

Additionally, a dynamic Loyalty Program was implemented, featuring cross-over points and redemption options, enhancing the customer experience and loyalty at every interaction.


Following the successful implementation of our solutions, the eGG website is now operating smoothly, effortlessly meeting customer needs and garnering satisfaction. The website’s interface underwent a significant transformation, now boasting a more eye-catching design that not only enhances the user experience but also perfectly aligns with eGG’s distinct brand identity.

eGG Optical Website

eGG Optical Website

In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, the transformative journey we undertook with eGG stands as a testament to BSS Commerce’s prowess in crafting innovative solutions. For any business looking to migrate your platform to Magento 2 and elevate your e-commerce presence, please do not hesitate to TALK WITH US for further assistance.

Armed with a seasoned team boasting over a decade of expertise, we assure you that our experience will be the catalyst for unparalled success. Let’s together elevate your e-commerce excellence!

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