Magento 2 B2B Quote: The 2022 Trend To Boost Sales!

by Librah Do

In parallel with the flourishment of Magento 2, B2B demand is also soaring exponentially. Yet, we realize that many store owners are still struggling to optimize their Magento 2 B2B quote. That pain is not unique to anyone.

As we all know, Magento 2 B2B customer doesn’t indicate an individual, but a company, a business, or a store, so the value of orders is often tremendous. Why don’t you exploit such a profitable area by offering quotes in a more professional way to them?

If your Magento Commerce store is having a hard time trading with the B2B model, this article is the panacea for you. 

With the precious knowledge below, you can gain a more in-depth insight into the Magento 2 B2B quote, its configuration method, as well as the magical Magento 2 Request for Quote solution that you have never thought of.

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Ultimate Knowledge On Magento 2 B2B Quote

To apply the Magento 2 quote system smoothly in your store management, you need to understand the basic definitions. Our first section will provide detailed information on Magento 2 B2B, quote, quote workflow, and some benefits you shouldn’t ignore. 

Magento B2B Definition 

Not only stopping at the popular business-to-consumer model, but Magento’s designs also target business customers wisely.

For instance, the purchasing representative for a company and the merchant from a retail store are typical examples of Magento 2 b2b customers. In other words, instead of selling to individuals, your Magento company conducts transactions with theirs.

B2B Company Structure


Please note that only Magento Commerce (EE) supports both B2B and B2C models. You will not be able to find B2B on the Open Source (CE).

Obviously, unlike individuals, your B2B customers will have a high demand for buying in bulk, asking for wholesale prices, negotiating prices through quotes, and lots of entailed requirements. Therefore, this time, premium modules will work their magic.

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What is Magento 2 Quote (Only On EE)?

Here comes our main spotlight. Magento 2 b2b quote configuration is integrated as a great assistant for admin users. Gone are the days when you had to check hundreds of mail and dozens of calls to negotiate a reasonable price for customers.

B2B quotes will allow authorized shoppers to initiate a price deal. From their shopping cart, they will be able to submit a request to negotiate their desired price. 

Then, the Quotes list each quote in the grid form and keep a history of information exchanges between buyers and sellers. This is extremely convenient in case you are in charge of a large number of B2b customers.

Plainly, the quote is an offer, and when the user accepts it, it converts to order. You can control all data about the store, totals information, shipping & billing relations, payment & shipping method, and products. 

Besides the definition, you can read more about how to view and reject quotes in Magento 2 b2b user guide

About Quote Workflow 

Magento generates a quote when a customer adds an item to their shopping basket for the first time. A quotation is used by Magento to conduct operations such as. Keep track of the amount and base pricing of each item the consumer wants to buy. Collect consumer information, such as billing and shipping addresses.

It would be flawed if we did not clarify the quote workflow so that you can understand the quote exchange process between you and your customers.

1. Buyer Requests A Quote

From the cart, the buyer will leave a quote request, which will be saved in the My Quotes list of the customer’s account. At the same time, the sales representative, who is responsible for the company account, will receive an email notifying the above action.

Default Request for Quote700Default Request for Quote
My Quotes

In the Admin page, the request appears in the Quotes grid, with a status of “New.” Only when you open it will the buyer not be allowed to readjust the quote.

2. Seller Responds to the Request

When the seller sees the quote, the status will change to “Pending.” Some responses can take place, such as proposing a discount on the products in the quote, leaving comments. And then, the Magento system will send the quote back to the buyer. B2b customer side will receive notification of seller feedback.

3. Buyer Receives a Response from Seller

There are two ways the B2B buyer can access your offer. They can directly click the link in the email or open the quote from the My Quotes page in their account.

Afterward, the negotiation process between you and the customer will continue until two sides reach a final agreement.

You will meet two possible outcomes: either the buyer declines the price offer -> the negotiation ends, or the buyer agrees -> we move to the next step.

4. Buyer Accepts the Quote

The buyer is satisfied with the price reduction and continues to checkout. At this time, they will not be able to add more discounts to the negotiated quote.

To make a long story short, the quote workflow consists of only 4 steps. And it is a negotiation between buyers and sellers to reach the final agreement on preferential prices. Understanding this process will help you master the admin panel and not miss any potential B2B customers.

How to Configure Magento 2 B2B Quote

So, we’ve gone through the most basic concepts that any admin users must know. Now, let’s move to practice right away. At least you should know how to set up Magento 2 quotes for your store, right?

You just need to take some simple actions as follows:

Expand the admin panel, click Store > Settings > Configuration.


Look to the left, choose Sales section > Quotes

Open the General. You will see:


In which:

  • Type Minimum Amount in the shopping cart: this number must be met before the buyer can submit a request for a quote.
  • In the Minimum Amount Message text box, enter the message that will appear when the shopping cart total does not meet the minimum required amount.
  • In the Default Expiration Period fields, enter the number of days, weeks, or months that a quote is to remain valid.

Then, expand the Attached files section. 

  • File formats for upload: you enter the suffix of each file type that you support for files attached to a quote. Default Magento 2 only support some formats including doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, txt, jpg, png, and jpeg
  • Maximum file size: enter the maximum size of an attached file in megabytes. The server setting might override the value you enter.

When you finish, don’t forget to click Save Config. 


It’s easy as pie, isn’t it?

However, please note that Magento 2 Open Source (CE) doesn’t support adding quotes. If you are using this edition, a request for quote extension will be must-have to utilize stunning Magento 2 B2B quotes. 

Moreover, even the quote configuration in Magento Commerce default has its limitations. The available features are not enough to meet the strict requirements of the B2B community. As a result, choosing a suitable module will be the perfect solution to boost your sales. 

The Benefits Of A Magento 2 Quote Extension To Your Store

To effectively use the Magento 2 quotation system in your store administration, you must first gain a basic grasp of the technology. Before we get into the extensions, let’s take a look at Magento 2 B2B in-depth, covering quotes, quotation workflow, and some of the benefits of a Magento 2 quote extension you shouldn’t neglect.


You know, the negotiation process is an art of communication. Let’s see why a Magento 2 b2b quote extension can facilitate it.

Raise Personalization for B2B Customers

Needless to say, your buyers will feel unhappy knowing that you are indifferent to them. One effective way to ensure that they are receiving special treatment is individualization.

What role will a module play here? It allows customers to submit custom prices for their quote cart. This way, you can understand their affordability and consider a reasonable price point for your customers.

Minimize Shopping Cart Abandonment

The situation of abandoned shopping carts also gives Magento store owners a headache. A request-for-quote module will help you reduce that. 

Shoppers will not prompt to abandon the shopping cart if the prices go beyond their affordability, once they know they can bargain.

Instead, they will submit a Magento 2 b2b quote to contact you with the desire to buy in bulk at a better price.

Therefore, you can comprehend the needs of customers, get closer to them, and plan future pricing strategies more appropriately.

Attract More Wholesalers

The third benefit to mention here is that more customers will come to you when they know that the price is negotiable.

Moreover, a module makes your Magento store look more professional and user-friendly.

Wholesalers find it easy to contact you through quotes, so they will increase interactivity with you. This is a prospective customer target that brings you a massive amount of revenue.

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Oh, hang on there. You may be wondering about which extension you should pick among countless products on the Magento market. We won’t leave you behind with dozens of questions in mind.

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Magento 2 Request For Quote Extension – The Smartest Solution To Your Store

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Features of Magento 2 B2B Quote Extension 

Every user has to praise the extraordinary impacts of this module on sales.

One main reason people love BSS Magento 2 Request for Quote Extension is that both admins and customers can benefit from it. Magento 2 quote system now becomes more straightforward and faster than ever.


Thrilling, isn’t it? More convenient B2B quotes mean faster checkout and higher conversion rates!

Advantages of Magento 2 B2B Quote Extension You can’t Resist

Without support from the module, you will have to endure the cost of hiring more salesmen to handle a vast number of B2B quotes. Operating manually like that has never been a wise choice. 

Instead of paying for the staff, you only need to split a minimal cost for Magento 2 B2B Quote Extension while the effect is much more brilliant. Some of the salient features below will make you unable to sit still.

Hereby we show how Magento 2 Quote extension does favors for you – the admin and your B2B customers.

Freely Add Products to the Quote Cart


Magento 2 B2B Quote Module allows the store admins to freely customize the “Add to Cart” button to your liking and incentive program. 


Specifically, you don’t necessarily have to apply the quote to all products on your Magento store (if you don’t want to). Our extension will help you set up the quote cart for certain products and categories. How handy it is!

Not only that, but your B2B customers can also easily access the quote request function almost anywhere on the frontend ranging from the Product Page, Search Page to CMS Widget.

Therefore, the ability to request a quote and finalize their order will be significantly improved.

Sharpen Your Quote Management

The admin has dozens of unnamed tasks. We all admit that. If your quote management is not scientific and practical, chances are you will be overloaded and lose control of your sales.

The same goes for B2B customers. They are representatives of an entire business. What if any step in the negotiation process made them uncomfortable? Magento 2 B2B quote extension will not let that happen.


First, it will be more professional to ask customers to login before sending a quote.


Then, by checking out the My Quotes section, customers will be able to track every quote they have submitted.


At the same time, the Admin has all requests for quotes recorded in the grid. Some actions such as Accept, Update, Define Expiry Date, or Reject are available for you to respond to customer price negotiations.


All communication between buyer and seller is notified via email.

Shorten the Final Step

On the Magento default, even when two sides have already agreed upon the quotation via the phone, converting it to an online order will take you a considerable amount of time to set up the price rule or create an order in the backend.

It will be a thing of the past when using Magento 2 B2B Quote Extension! Here are what you and your customers can benefit:


With such wonderful functions, why don’t you grab this extension at a competitive price right away?



In brief, all the most detailed information about Magento 2 B2B quote from its definition to the configuration has been clarified in the article. Amazingly, we have come a long way to explore the remarkable benefits of the quote cart.

With our experience in developing numerous Magento stores, we strongly recommend that you should take enough care and reinforce your Magento quote.

Become a smart seller by taking advantage of Magento 2 Request for Quote extension! You will be impressed by the dizzying speed of sales growth and customer retention brought by our module.

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