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Customer experience is always challenging. It is a priority of B2C companies, but it has not been a focus for B2B companies. Until recently, many businesses have started to concentrate on sellable Magento B2B experience.

We have seen an appreciable increase in the attention paid to the traffic of customer experience, but B2B customer experience performance still lags in other markets and often struggles against other corporate priorities. 

In this article, we will give solutions that drive the Magento B2B experience to success.

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1. Improve website speed

Higher speed – higher satisfaction as one of the keys for Magento B2B experience.

The loading speed of your eCommerce website is a crucial factor. The reason is that fast-loading websites convert more visitors into customers and boost your search engine rankings. Thus, your website should speed up and update regularly to bring customers far more satisfaction in shopping because no one wants to waste time waiting for your site to load and load. 


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2. Personalize Magento B2B experience

  • Intuitive navigation and search

Make it easy for customers to navigate your site. It should be more convenient for buyers to find the products they want as much as possible through web navigation. 

Enabling filtering, sorting, synonyms, and autosuggest are the quickest and most effective ways to drive sales, cross-selling, or upselling in the fewest clicks possible.

  • Account personalization


Account personalization enables you to customize your Magento B2B experience and deliver targeted messaging directly to customers.

When customers want to understand their business or returns to a quick look at more products, they are accessible with a personalized outlook of the products.

This system helps customers to get a personalized experience and simplifies the ordering process with your business.

  • Customizable pricing

Custom price for Magento B2B experience allows your company to edit the price which makes it possible to set different product pricing for a specific company or website. Magento has tailored pricing, dynamic pricing to negotiated contract pricing terms.

The way you use this Magento feature, customers can receive the right products and pricing information with a personalized price list.

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3. Best customer service 

Almost wholesale customers expect the best B2B experience online. Despite the fact that Magento B2B companies are familiar with operating in relationship-based models offline, buyers also expect a similar level of customer service online.

There are three tips to boost Magento B2B experience:

  • Approval Workflow


Magento business to business online websites should streamline and expedite the approval process of an organization. You can mirror the approval process online by automating a few aspects of workflows to improve Magento 2 B2B experience. 

  • Account Management

It is recommended for Magento business to business to manage account users and budget constraints. Let’s set up a user’s role and helps to improve customer experiences when they access the storefront to view account information, searching for products, placing orders, etc. and assign a different degree of access rights. You can use Magento 2 Company Account module to assist B2B business to create unlimited company accounts and multiple users to share the business workload and better wholesale purchase management. 

  • Relationship management

Maintaining the relationship management and counselors to their customers by automating some of the purchase procedure or the account managers as opposed to simply order takers. 

It can help to enhance the customer experiences, make more marketing efforts, and more personalized service. Effective management improves customer service and keeps both sales and customer care teams informed of what customers are doing online. Let’s build a Sales rep team to help your business build a long-term customer relationship and delight them in the future. 

4. Recommendations and product listing

The customer gets a good Magento B2B experience when they shop with recommendations and product listings on their website. This is one of the best channels to cross-sell and upsell in eCommerce which can generate real-time recommendations like Amazon, based on each visitor’s unique actions.

It tailored your homepage and product pages and automatically display similar products on every product detail page with no manual intervention. This feature matches each user’s history on your site and saves their preferences and shopping carts too.

5. High Security to Consumers


Magento Security is a good solution for customers to keep their accounts safe from unwarranted access that can harm your Magento B2B experience.

Magento business runs along with the long list of data of worldwide customers, so it needs to be secured. The best solution, in this case, is that your websites have to work with the Certified Magento developers who can develop Magento security settings.

It is true to give you the ability to control the lifetime of customers on your sites and whether provides highly secured payment processing. Besides, these security settings allow you to add a secret key to URLs and determine the case sensitivity of Payment Card Industry login credentials.

6. Enable faster checkout options

Customers love the simplicity of one-page checkout to fasten their purchases. With Magento merchants, one-page checkout is a convenient solution to save the customer shopping time.  Because we can remove unnecessary checkout fields through several pages and combine the remaining fields into one page only. Hence, the checkout process is shorter than ever, motivating buyers to quickly complete their information and finally place orders successfully. 

Besides, some Magento e-stores are much more creative when using the checkout page to render excellent customer service.

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7. Build loyalty programs

Loyalty programs gain a lot of potential business opportunities. Everyone loves loyalty programs or the same reward system. 

Though loyalty programs glow reviews, promise referrals, and spread your brand’s message far and wide, Magento B2B companies should have it.

It can nurture loyal customers and develop long-term relationships between customers and your business. Some popular loyalty programs offer special rebates for returning and VIP customers. Another option is a referral program or newly referred customers for inviting more customers which can also engage more people and also treat your loyal users with a profitable situation.

Wrapping Up

Above discussed some best solutions for improving Magento B2B experiences that lead to success. These are essential for leading in an environment where customers wield growing power, buyers will then be able to more easily find the product they need, and loyalty will increase more.

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