10+ Free Magento 2.0 Extensions Make Your Site Better

There are a large number of Magento 2.0 extensions created by Magento experts. They include both paid and free extensions. 

Store owners often feel paid extensions are safer and higher quality than free ones. However, is that true? Not really. Do you try BSS extensions?

Being an expert in the Magento platform, BSS Commerce is confident that we bring the amazing Magento 2.0 extensions that ensure your site is better and your customers are satisfied.

Try using 10+ free extensions below to see the advantages!

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1.Magento 2 Dynamic HTML Sitemap

The purpose of an HTML sitemap is to assist website visitors. The HTML sitemap SEO involves every web page on the website, from the top level to the bottom level, and creates an overall image of websites.


The user experience is much enhanced when an internet store owner creates an HTML sitemap since it provides clear navigation to explore the online store. Customers can now find desired information by simply clicking links specified on the HTML sitemap, rather than searching for pages.


The advantage of HTML sitemap is wrapped up in Magento 2 Dynamic HTML Sitemap module with full features:

  • Create an HTML sitemap automatically.
  • Create a unique URL key for the sitemap.
  • If the structure of the store changes, it will auto-update.
  • In the sitemap, include or exclude links, products, categories, and CMS links.
  • Set the backend edit page to exclude product and category pages from the sitemap.
  • Manage the order in which the sitemaps are listed.
  • In the header/footer, include a link to the HTML sitemap.

2. Magento 2 Lazy Load

To increase performance and save system resources, lazy loading is the technique of postponing the loading or initialization of resources or objects until they are really needed. 

For example, if a web page contains an image that requires the user to scroll down to see, you can show a placeholder and then lazy load the complete image once the user reaches the desired spot.


Lazy Load will reduce the work of the browser, optimize loading time and save data and bandwidth. Besides that, Magento 2 Lazy Load by BSS is developed with friendly SEO – easy to increase the site rank in the SERPs. 


Highlight features of this module:

  • Load product images in a scrollable format.
  • Load product images before they appear on screen or on time.
  • Save internet bandwidth by offloading for the server.

3. Magento 2 Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that you insert on your website to track conversions from Facebook advertisements, optimize ads, create focused audiences for future ads, and retarget users who have previously interacted with your site. 


Facebook Pixel works by placing a cookie on your website that tracks users so you may contact them again, also known as retargeting.

With Facebook Pixel, you easily define the lookalike audience, so you can draw the personas. From that, you create the marketing campaign more effectively and measure it more correctly.


Without your cost, time and effort, BSS Commerce provides Magento 2 Facebook Pixel for you to:

  • Add the Facebook Pixel code to all of your Magento 2 website’s pages.
  • On-site, keep track of nine events (Search; Product view & Category view; Registration & Subscription; Add to cart & Add to Wishlist; Initiate Checkout & Purchase.)
  • On particular pages, turn off Facebook Pixel.

4. Magento 2 Quick View

Quick View allows users to see product details without having to reload the page, whether they’re on a category page, a shopping page, or any other page. 

The product details are displayed in a modal (i.e. pop-up) window that appears on the visitor’s current page and normally contains a shortened set of product information.


By implementing a “quick view” function, a site can remove several impediments — including clicks — and let buyers begin their ordering process with relative ease and efficiency.


Check out Quick View Magento 2.0 extensions by BSS to utilize your site. Full functions of this module are:

  • Allows customers to see product details without having to wait for the page to load.
  • Add product to cart in the Quick View pop-up.
  • Easily add products to compare/wish list.
  • Customize the Quick View button’s text and appearance.

5. Cookie Notice Magento 2

On the initial visit to a website or app, cookie notice is displayed. The purpose of the cookie alert is to inform users about any cookies that may be present on the site, their rights in this regard, and to obtain their authorization to run those cookies in the first place. 

Under the ePrivacy (Cookie Law) and GDPR, having a correct cookie banner, cookie policy, and blocking cookies before consent is all required.


Get cookies consent by the customer with Magento 2 Cookie Notice:

  • Display a cookie notification popup on the main store page.
  • Allow customers to allow the website’s use of cookies.
  • Add a link to the button that takes you to the information page.
  • Customize the message’s content and appearance at will.

6. Magento 2 Refund Request by Customer

Online firms must deal with refunds on a regular basis. It’s difficult to avoid it, so let’s face it and solve it effectively, and bring satisfaction for customers.

First of all, you should give your customer a smooth refund process. It means that the utility of a refund button will benefit your site.


See BSS Free Magento 2 extension – Refund Request by Customer!  With this module, customers can seek a refund through the Customer Account Page. And further others features such as: 

  • Accept or deny the refund request in the backend.
  • Refund requests from clients are managed and viewed in a simple grid.
  • Send an email to customers informing them of the administrator’s choice.
  • Easily personalize the refund request pop-up to submit their concerns.

7. Magento 2.0 Extension Order Details on Success Page

Simple but effective – that’s what I say about order details. This is a friendly way for customers to get purchasing experience on your site. 


Besides that, order details can improve the content on Thank you page. All necessary information of the order is displayed. 

Customers can double-check their information to ensure that all is correct, and if there are any errors, they can fix them quickly, reducing the number of faulty orders dramatically.


Magento 2 Order Details on Success Page extension will work well. You can take the features: 

  • On the success page, show all of the order details about shipping and payment method, product information.
  • Display Thank you a message.
  • Add text at the top and bottom of the order details.
  • Provide customers the option to reorder, print their order, or continue shopping on the thank you page.

8. Magento 2 Delete Order

Have you ever minded unwanted orders on the order grid? Do you desire to delete them from your management system? However, Magento 2 does not allow you to do it from the front end or backend by default.

Don’t be disappointed! Get Magento 2 Delete Order right now!


This module is a useful extension that will break the default Magento 2. It allows you to:

  • Delete numerous orders at the same time with ease. As a result, all order-related data (invoices, shipments, and credit memos) is automatically erased.
  • Easily eliminate duplicate invoices, shipments, and credit memos.
  • Update the order status once the invoice, shipment, and credit memos have been erased.

9. Minimum Order Quantity Magento 2.0 extension 

This is a really useful function for B2B models.

When you sell something through your retail channels or at trade shows, you usually have little say in how many pieces your consumer buys. The buyer will always decide on the quantity they require.

But you have the right to control the limitation of each order when running a business website. Don’t miss it!


Setting minimum order quantities can provide wholesale employers with peace of mind by providing a profit margin and a stable cash flow. And BSS’s extension – Magento 2 Minimum order quantity can do more than that!

You can:

  • Show the backend-created reminder message.
  • Hidden the button that says “Proceed to Checkout”.
  • Set minimum/maximum total order units in the shopping cart per customer group.
  • Customize the message to include information about the Minimum Order Quantity requirement.

10. Storeview Flags Magento 2

Do you know a tip that makes your business website more outstanding than others? And you want to know how to attract customers by eye-catching front-end?

Check out Magento 2 Storeview Flags here!


The Storeview Flags extension for Magento 2 is a fantastic tool for enhancing the store view switcher by adding appealing flags alongside the nation name. As a result, it can benefit in improving the user experience, encouraging customers to spend more time on your website.

Functions you get from this module: 

  • Include flags as well as store views in the drop-down menu.
  • Replace the names of default shop views with appealing country flags.
  • Allow flags to be uploaded in a variety of image formats, including GIFs.
  • Set the flags’ width and height to your liking.
  • Improve the overall visual appeal of the website for international visitors.


All the above extensions are free but necessary and they can bring benefit to your store. However, you should define your target and find which features you need for your site to choose a suitable extension.

Furthermore, explore 101+ Magento 2 Free Extensions that benefit your website.

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