How to Checkout with Display Currency of each Magento 2 Store View

In default Magento, there are 2 kinds of currency available for your store: Base currency and Default display currency.

Base currency is used to set up base prices of products at the level of website and for all online payment transactions on your store. In the other hand, base currency is the only one your customers can pay when shopping in the store no matter which store view they are staying.

Default display currency is used to show product prices under multi-currencies in the frontend. Currency exchange and price calculation is based on currency rate between base currency and selected display currency. Therefore, customers from different store views can see how much products are sold in their own currencies.

To get clearer, you can read more about these 2 Magento terms in a very detailed blog post: Base Currency vs Display Currency in Magento 2.

Limitation of Default Magento 2

As mentioned aboved, base currency in default Magento 2 has scope of Website level, which requires customers to only pay in one currency via converting in the payment methods. For example, your store has base currrency as US Dollars and customers buy products from Spain store view,  but they have to use US Dollars to checkout even when produc prices are being displayed with Euro. Therefore, international customers will feel a little bit inconvenient when checking out in different store views because their amount of money has to be converted again via the online payment methods.

An Optimized Solution for Better Checkout Experiences

With a big limit mentioned above, store owners must have been looking for the most favorable solutions to overcome this drawback của default Magento 2 as well as to bring the best shopping experience for customers. Hence, BSSCommerce developed Magento 2 Checkout with Display Currency extension with the expectation of better payment, more convenient checkout for global purchasers when they go shopping on Magento 2 Ecommerce stores.

This module allows buyers to use display currencies of their store views (set up by the store owners depending on each country or region) to checkout. Besides, they can also see product prices under these currencies and finally make a payment with them easily without exchanging into another fixed currency like before. That sounds do great, right? The improvement of Magento 2 online stores will really bring unexpected benefits primarily for  customers and reduce confusing issues with money exchange.

How Can Magento 2 Checkout with Display Currency Extension Help You?

  • Allow customers to make payment with display currency of each store view which they add products to cart from.

By installing this module, administrators just need to select display currency of each store view in the backend that they want their purchasers to checkout with. Therefore, when customers add products to cart in the frontend of these store views, they can see items’ prices in particular display currencies and then directly pay with those ones via online payment methods.

To help you have more detailed understanding, let’s take 2 following examples about checking out in English and French store view.

+ In English store view, store owner sets up display currency as British Pound Sterling:

checkout with pound - english store view-magento-2-checkout-display-currency-extension The customer checkout with display currency of English store view

+ In French store view, store owner sets up display currency as Euro:

checkout with euro-french store view-magento-2-checkout-display-currency-extension The customer checkout with display currency of French store view

It is obvious that the same customers buy a product from 2 different store views, he/she will pay by 2 specific currencies. This thing is really impossible in default Magento 2. Please navigate to our below frontend demo to see this difference most clearly:

  • Support checking out on almost online payments methods over the world

The main function of this module is to provide buyers a new solution to finish payment process by a lot of currencies instead of the only one like default. Therefore, this Magento 2 Checkout with Display Currency works very well with so many popular payment methods such as PayPal, Braintrees, and so on.

Take Paypal as an typical exmaple in this case: when customers click Place Order on the checkout page, they are redirected to PayPal website and see their total amount under the display currency of store view they added products to cart (French store view).

paypal display checkout- magento 2 checkout with display currency extensiin Customers checkout with display currency in PayPal

However, there is a note that our module does not work with currencies which online payment methods don’t support. For instance, INR is not supported by PayPal.  

  • Synchronize display currencies by showing them in sections such as backend, My Account dashbards in the frontend and confirmation emails

It is necessary for a Magento 2 online store to make synchronization for currencies of total amount in every related parts. In the frontend, this extension shows display curencies in customers’ account so that they can get them more clearly and avoid misunderstandings or mistakes about spent money. Beside, after successfully placing orders, they will receive confirmation emails with display currency next to figures. This synchronization happens similarly in the backend also: Orders, Invoices, Credit Memo and so on.


Magento 2 Checkout with Display Currency extension really solves a big issue for every Magento 2 stores with multiple store views. It helps to enhance shopping experience for all international purchasers and make them feel satisfied with stores when offering them the best services to finish shopping process.


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