Top 3+ Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extensions To Enhance Customer Experience

by Anna Nguyen

Magento 2 Ajax cart extension is developed with the target of enhancing customer experience. It has the main function of adding products to cart without redirecting and loading the page. 

Why Do Store Owners Need This Type Of Magento 2 Extension?

You should note that nothing guarantees the customer is able to go to the final step – checkout after adding the product to cart. 

It’s a fact that the default “Add to Cart” process has disappointed customers while also preventing them from raising orders. Customers need to wait a few more seconds to be redirected to the product page after clicking “Add to cart” button on the product list. 

According to Pingdom research, a webpage’s average load time is 3.21 seconds corresponding with 11% of bounce rate. When the website load time exceeds 3 seconds, the bounce rate skyrockets, reaching 38 percent by the time it reaches 5 seconds!


Additional information, in the Kissmetrics report, every 1-second delay in page response can result in 7% reduction in conversion. That corresponds to if your e-commerce site generates $100,000 per day, a one-second page delay might cost you $2.5 million in lost sales each year.


Therefore, don’t hesitate to optimize your shopping cart and speed up your website loading time. Let’s choose the most suitable Magento 2 Ajax cart extension below!

1. Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension By BSS Commerce – $89

Ajax cart Magento 2 extension by BSS adds ajax logic to your website shopping cart. Thanks to that, all actions to add products to cart are on one page and there is no waiting time.


Customers will complete add-to-cart action via shopping popup. With complex products like configurable, grouped, bundle products, customers can see a quick view popup that is like a mini product page. Then they can select the option they want.

Revise the cart on the product list at ease through a popup. Customers can either continue shopping or move straight to the checkout page with just one click after revising.

Furthermore, the popup is customized based on the admin desirability. The admin is able to style the color and text of the elements displayed on the popup. 

How about boosting sales? Of course, Magento 2 Ajax add to cart provides this feature. Store owners easily set up the related/up-selling/cross-selling products displayed on the popup when the success popup appears.


You can get more features than what we mentioned above:

  • Display popups when adding to cart from any page, including the product page, catalog page, and search result page
  • Set up a timer for Auto-closing Popup
  • The extension works well with all types of products in Magento
  • Responsive design for all devices including mobiles & tablets

You spend $89 for a BSS module, you get all the necessary features for your website.

Check it out >> Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension!

2. Ajax Shopping Cart For Magento 2 By Amasty – $219


Ajax Cart by Amasty has similar features as BSS’s module. However, with the different frontend designs, it’s a good option that you can refer to. 

You can customize both popup background and product text, not only elements of the button. Besides that, the popup position is flexible. Place a pop-up to the right or left of the product, or anyplace on the page’s top.

An extra feature is using CMS blocks to add further information. It is highly recommended to provide all relevant information in one location for products from specific business categories.

You can personalize a pop-up window according to your business needs using the extension. Various static blocks can be added to the Magento 2 confirmation popup, making it more informative, appealing, and convenient for customers.

3. AJAX Cart Pro for Magento 2 By Aheadworks – $219 


With Ajax cart pro by Aheadworks, you can have these benefits:

  • Reduce the add-to-cart process: customers don’t need to leave the category page when adding product to cart
  • Select the desired product right on the shopping popup
  • Encourage customers to look for additional things to purchase because they are less likely to leave the category page
  • Push customers to make a purchase decision by providing the necessary information with product ratings and a summary of reviews

Further features:

  • Display 2 buttons: “Continue Shopping” and “Go to Checkout”
  • Show more related products in the popup
  • Include a brief product description

If you want to reduce spam and offer target content, consider enable Ajax Magento 2 social login.


After referring to the blog, we hope you will choose the most suitable Magento 2 ajax cart extension for your website based on 2 criteria: budget and features.

If you want to practice with a free product first, let’s check in this blog 3+ Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart Extension Free Deserve To Trial

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