[Use Case] A Printing Company Simplified Management with BSS Magento 2 B2B Extension

by Librah Do

Magento 2 B2B extension of BSS Wholesale Package has assisted this corporation in making the B2B management process more pleasant and delivering a fresh online experience to their customers.

(Purchased time: 2017)

* Note: Due to the confidentiality of our cooperation, we ask for permission not to disclose the name of the partner, and will mention the printing supplier as “they”.


About BSS support:Great one, professional try to really understand what is the problem to find the better solution to fix it up.” – The company representative – 

The Supplier Craved for Offering A New Online Service

The organization we refer to today is a very well-known B2B vendor in the printing and promotional items industry.


Countless brands, small-to-large businesses, retailers, resellers, and other customer groups continuously rely on this company as a place to launch publications and commercial services. Each product is imbued with its branding and helps strengthen marketing strategies.


They are the leading supplier for high-quality media related products, including business cards, advertising material, leaflets, flyers, and many other visual items. 

Shortage of Magento Platform Knowledge was a Big Challenge 

Having such a vast customer network and a wide range of products, the company had difficulty building and developing their Magento 2 B2B website into a comprehensive ecosystem that could convey their business’s spirit.


In fact, the company was a novice in website building, so they hadn’t equipped enough Magento and code knowledge yet. Meanwhile, Default Magento Open Source exhibited its weaknesses when it came to B2B features. A tight budget didn’t allow them to spend a fortune on the Magento 2 b2b Enterprise Edition.


This prompted the BSS client to seek a thorough solution at a more affordable price point. They consulted and decided to choose BSS Magento 2 B2B Extension – Hide Price and Request for Quote – to handle their problems.

NAVIGATE to Magento 2 Request for Quote and Magento 2 Hide Price to know how these tools can better your B2B webstore. 

And when asked about the main reason they chose Magento 2 wholesale extension from BSS, the company commented that they were impressed by the demo site quality and our full functions for a wholesale site.


Their belief was the first step that sparked a long-term relationship between the supplier and BSS Commerce during the past years.

The Company Confronted with Magento 2 B2B Extension & Speed Issues

However, you know, no matter how much you devote yourself to your wholesale website, nothing will comply with 100% of your expectations. 


After a while of installing and using the Magento 2 B2B extension, the supplier had arisen some demands for fixing bugs, customizing the module, as well as site management and maintenance services.


At that time, their Magento 2 B2B website was using a 3rd party server and popped up some problems with site speed. You know, a slow loading page can kill UX, especially for impatient audiences like wholesalers.


BSS Support Service Helped Them to Optimize their B2B Website Performance

Fully understanding their pain points, BSS’s product and service department had been dedicated to developing and meeting the printing provider’s customization needs.


The two sides worked together very well with the final goal of reducing the management burden of a B2B site and providing the best experience for their customers. 


Some specific customization services that can be mentioned here are data transfer, product page customizing, speed optimization, site maintenance, and development.


Thanks to our passions and customer-centered motto, BSS had solved all problems and supported the company to achieve their target. They could finally offer satisfactory online service quality to their wholesale clients.


During the past three years, it has always been the honor of BSS Commerce to receive reliance from the printing supplier.


The company’s feedback

Some Achievements of The Supplier & BSS Partnership are Marked 

It’s no use devoting all of their time and effort without reaping the fruits of labor. The combination between the company’s quality products and the dedication of BSS support service has given their B2B site a better experience after the customization process.


The printing supplier did give us feedback that our B2B extensions are easy to use and have helped them simplify the cumbersome wholesale management apparatus and take everything under control.


Not only that, but their current website also ensures swift, comfortable, and intuitive navigation, which helps smooth B2B customer flow and raises their satisfaction. As soon as customers complete their registration, they will have access to the dashboard to monitor order tracking, price negotiation, and updating the latest information.


In the spirit of advancement and usage of BSS products and service, the company’s B2B website has evolved into a better version, which eases their wholesale management burden, becomes user-friendly, delivers a precise message, and brings the best online commercial service.


The customization process of BSS for this printing supplier

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