Creating Downloadable Products in Magento 2 in under 5 Minutes

Creating Downloadable Products in Magento 2 in under 5 Minutes

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What is Downloadable Product?

Downloadable Products is one of six types of product which Magento has generated in Magento 2. Downloadable Product can be understood as any product which can be delivered electronically online via download link such as eBook, music, video, software, update and so on.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a downloadable product in Magento 2 with some simple steps.

How to Create Downloadable Products in Magento 2?

To create a downloadable product, log in to your website’s admin dashboard and navigate to Catalog Products. In this section, you can see next to the Add Product button, there is a drop-down list, open the list and choose Downloadable Product.

Add Product Menu


Step 1: Complete Basic Information about the Product

In the first step, you will have to fill some basic information about the product such as name, price, and quantity.

Product Basic Information

Next, Attribute Set section, you can choose an attribute for the product.

In Product Name, give the new product a name.

In SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), give a unique code/number to identify this product from others.

*Note: there can be two or more products with the same Product Name but their SKU must be different to identify the option, color or manufacturer.

In the Price option, set a fixed price for the product that you are creating. There is an Advanced Pricing option below in case you have a special price in a determined period for a group of customers.


Advanced Pricing

You can choose a new price and the applied duration in Special Price and Special Price From, the retail price will be crossed during the date you choose and replaced by the special price.

In Cost is the actual cost of the product.


Basic Product Information 2

In Tax Class, you can choose the tax option which is suitable for the product.

In Quantity, fill in the numbers of products currently in stock.

In Weight, the option must be This item has no weight, otherwise, the product will become Simple Product.

In Visibility, you can decide if customers can view the product through Catalog, Search, both of them or not visible.

Choose a Category from the drop-down list or create a new one by clicking New Category to decide in which category page the product will appear on.


Advanced Inventory

In Advanced Inventory, you can set up the minimum and maximum amount of products customers have to buy per checkout.


Step 2: Set up additional information for the product

Product Content

In the Content menu, you can write Description and Short Description for your product using WYSIWYG editor to provide more information to customers.


Images & Videos

In the Images and Videos menu, upload images or videos to set up the thumbnail for the product.


SEO menu

In Search Engine Optimization menu:

You can set a URL Key for your product, URL should be readable by human because it will appear on the search engine result page.

Set a Meta Title which will appear on search engine result page. The Meta Title should be unique to the page and the length should stay between 50 – 60 characters.

In Meta Keyword, choose a keyword which customer might use to find the product.

In Meta Description, write a brief overview of your product with the ideal length is about 150 – 160 characters. This description will appear at the bottom of the search engine result where customers can read before deciding to enter the product page.

Step 3: Insert downloadable information

In this step, open the Downloadable Information menu.

Downloadable Information

Tick the Is this downloadable Product? box so the Links and Samples menu can appear.

Enter the Title for the heading of the full version link of the product.

Next, you can set the Title and Price for each of the links.

You can upload the File and Sample directly from your computer or choose an URL for customers to download.

In Shareable, you can decide whether the link will be delivered to customers’ email (Yes), or customers have to sign in to get download links (No).

You can set the limit download for each customer at Max. Downloads, to allow the unlimited download, mark Unlimited.


Downloadable Samples

In Samples section, choose a Title you want to use as the heading.

Enter the name for each link and Upload File or use external URL.

Step 4: Complete optional information of the Product

Scroll up and complete the information in these sections if necessary:

  • Related products, Up-Sells and Cross-Sells
  • Customizable Options
  • Product in Websites
  • Design
  • Schedule Design Update
  • Gift Options
  • Attributes

Step 5: Publish the Product

If the Product is ready to be published, switch Enable Product to Yes, otherwise, switch to No.

Enable Product

Click Save button at the top right corner to save the product.

Save Product



We hope after reading this guide, you can create your own Downloadable Products without any obstacle.

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