7+ Magento 2 Popup Extensions That Thrive Your Selling Story

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7+ Magento 2 Popup Extensions That Thrive Your Selling Story

Using popup ads as a fine weapon in Marketing and Sales is not a new strategy. Magento popup is extra effective in grabbing users’ attention and raising conversion rates. However, this is not a supported feature in Default.

With the significance of this function, Magento 2 Popup Extension is one of the most desired modules for web owners. It allows admin to create and design banner popup fitting different purposes. Types of Magento popups include sales promotion, newsletter subscriptions, contact form, cross-selling product popup, etc.


So, why is Magento popup a useful tool for your online business? How does it help you to gain profits? Let’s find out by diving into some questions:

  • How can you earn beneficial gains from popup?
  • What are the best popup modules on the market that you should not miss?

How can you earn beneficial gains from Popup?

Do you know that Forbes calls popup “a modern showroom for brands”?


DISCOVER 7+ Popup Ideas to create a pop up that is surprising but delightful to customers!

Popups’ advantages include elevating customer engagement and conversion rates. Moreover, a popup makes sure its content is delivered by jumping right in front of users’ eyes.

Like a small showroom, popups show customers the products as well as discounts, coupons, and hot deals. It’s like you are promoting your brand without actually doing it.

There are many kinds for you to choose from. You should consider your promotion plan to decide whether and when to use a promotion popup, newsletter popup, or contact form one, etc. 

It is a big plus point that you get to design the popup as your wish. Not only does it help in promotion, but this is also a clear and informative way to deliver your message to customers.

This will undoubtedly reduce shoppers’ feelings of annoyance with repeatable same-design popups.

Types of Magento 2 Popups to give you business winnings


There is a wealth of popup types, but we will divide them into six kinds based on display rules.

Exit-intent Popup

This is the most commonly used popup because it doesn’t interrupt users’ experience. And why does it work?


According to Amasty, around 70% of online customers abandon their shopping carts. One of the reasons leading to this situation is that they leave the page before completing the checkout process.

The operation principle is to read the signal when the user moves his mouse to the tab as either he is going to close or change it. The popup doesn’t take any action while the user is browsing the site, which gives the customer satisfying experience.

Additionally, this is a soft reminder for those who haven’t finished the checkout.

Although you can apply any popup types, remember the goal of this popup is to get subscribers to your newsletter.

The key is to offer sweet deals such as a discount, gift, or free shipping, etc.  

In short, Exit Intent is an effective Magento popup to reduce cart abandonment, convert the customer database, and boost sales. However, keep it direct and limit the information a user has to fill in to take the best advantage of this popup module.

Time-based Popup

This popup timing will show up after the user has spent a certain time surfing the website. But how do you know when is the best time for the popup to jump out?


If it appears too soon, it may disturb users, but when it appears too late, the customers may no longer be on the tab.

The trick is to analyze the average customer engagement time on your website. You can check this information by using Google Analytics.

Of course, you can only shortlist your options with this step. To find out exactly how long you should wait to show a popup, make several practical examinations.

An expert tip for this kind of popup is to combine it with a small sound. Don’t exaggerate it with a loud annoying noise.

Make it short just enough to notify the user that there’s something on the site. 

Scroll-triggered Popup

Scroll-trigger popup doesn’t work with every customer since it targets users who have reached a certain depth of the website content.


The logic is that when a user has read most of your content, he probably has an interest in it. A high chance he’ll check out the related content in your popup bar.

This tactic is beneficial because it doesn’t disturb your users with unrelated content, which makes them lose interest and feel annoyed.

Moreover, by showing relatable topics only, you can tremendously improve conversion manifolds.

This popup works great when you need to promote an ebook/ offer/ upcoming webinar. Try providing content that supports your target product and linking that event to the popup bar, and you’ll see your conversions skyrocket.

Click-activated Popup

Click popups aren’t new. Moreover, they tend to perform with high conversion rates because the user has to take action to see the content.


Here’s how it works: you show your visitors a text or image to notify them about your event/ product, and the popup will only show up if they click it.

The necessary factor in making someone click on your content is because they have an interest in it.

In other words, click-activated popup provides you high-quality leads from highly interested visitors to your website. You can see this type of popup somehow like a combination of a landing page and other traditional popups.  

One thing to note is that you should not use the word “spam” on sending email subscriptions. If you are giving your readers the benefits through the email, they will not think of it as spam (until you mention it).

Hello Bar Popup

Hello bar popups located at the top or bottom of your webpage. Because they do not jump out in front of readers’ eyes, they’re the least interruptive popup. One plus point is that they are always on your website during the customer experience.


This popup targets every visitor to your site since it’s the first thing they’ll see when visiting the page.

Especially, Hello bar popup works well for both site-wide announcements and newsletter subscription forms.

If you are considering this popup, I highly recommend the Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension from BSS Commerce.

The module is developed with perfect features to create and customize your promo bar. The frontend displaying to customers will be as below:

Welcome Screen Popup

Also called Welcome mat popup, this popup will cover the entire screen. This method ensures that the content is well-delivered to visitors.


However, this is not a popup to use often – only once in a while will be a better choice.

Although it’s very useful in capturing attention, it also affects the user experience one way or another.

If you are running a new and big project or have some vital message/ offer to deliver, consider a Welcome screen popup.

What is the best Magento 2 Popup Extension?

Due to its practical benefits, you can notice a lot of Magento 2 popups on the market nowadays. Among a bunch of options, we have aggregated a list of the best modules.

These are the extensions with well-developed features that would be a helpful tool for your online business.

#1 Magento 2 Popup: BSS Commerce


BSS Commerce has released a full-kit Magento popup for your E-commerce site. It catches up with new trends quickly and effectively.

This outstanding module allows you to create and freely set up different types of popups.

In terms of appearance, you are offered six fascinating animations as well as six positions on-site to place your popups.

My favorite functions of this Magento 2 popup module are Set up Display Pages and Target popup to customer groups and store views.

With Set up Display Pages, you can choose to show the popup on one or more pages such as Home page, Category page, Product page, Cart page, Checkout page, or All other pages. Set up various Display Rules based on users’ behavior:

  • After customers spend X seconds on a page
  • After customers scroll page by X percent
  • After customers view X pages
  • Immediately when customers visit a page

With Target popup to customer groups and store view, you can provide each web visitor groups a different approach. Every popup can be set to reach to distinguished groups and store views.

For example, Magento 2 newsletter popup may only be in need to show for not-logged-in customers to gain more Magento 2 newsletter subscription.


FIGURE OUT HOW Popup Extensions creatively support your Marketing strategy.

Since its joining the market, this popup Magento from BSS has received great feedback from customers all over the world.

According to their users, the installation keeps your business miles away from the other competitors. It upgrades your store to save management effort.

#2 Magento 2 Popup by Magesolution


This Magento popup is a trusted product on the market.

One great feature of it is that Magesolution has already designed themes for you. This helps to save your time and effort in creating compared to other modules.

Some of the highlighted characteristics are the HTML content, rules set for popups, and design themes.

Check out the demo version on both the front and backend to see how it works and how the themes look.

#3 Mageplaza’s Exit Intent Popup for Magento 2


Focusing on Exit-Intent Popup type, Mageplaza’s module aims to decrease the cart abandon rate of your store.

With this Magento popup, Mageplaza provides you amazing Marketing tools to manage and garner leads.

This Magento 2 popup is not just about customers’ behavior that tracks when a user wants to close or change the tab. You can set up a lot of time rules and flexible designs to elevate the sales results.

The module also provides report emails showing the number of new subscribers weekly.

#4 Magento 2 Newsletter Popup Extension by Plumrocket


Aiming to increase Magento 2 Newsletter subscription, this popup Magento provides many standards and advanced functions to increase their revenue. This Magento 2 popup allows you to track modifications and revenue accurately.

From the report, the admin can tell exactly what needs to be readjusted to achieve better results. 

Besides that, 20+ built-in popup templates make this extension a great customer-centric tool.

#5 Aheadworks Magento 2 Popup Pro


Popup Pro for Magento 2 tracks your customer behavior and uses that data to trigger popup’s appearance. It also provides a flexible design for the admin to alter the popup to match with different purposes.

One of the highly evaluated features is the integration options that use Custom Static Block. You can add a single promo on any site, which saves a lot of effort for store owners and is convenient for users.

This Magento popup is helpful in sales promotions, email subscriptions, content participation, and so on.

#6 Magento 2 Popup Widget Extension from Mageworx


This extension from Mageworx is widely used due to its stable performance and updated solution to emerging problems. One bonus point is that the module supports all popup types.

Particularly, Mageworx provides products with a guarantee and lifetime update in functionality. From that, you can combine a standard widget with updated extensions to create captivating popups.

You are provided with 69 ready-to-use popup templates and don’t need HTML proofs to apply them.

You can also divide your customers into groups based on location, kind of device used, behavior, and other factors.

With these subdivisions, you can plan the right strategy towards each group and achieve goals.

#7 Popup Manager by Tigren


This Magento 2 popup helps you to create an attractive popup without any coding skills. Besides that, you also can divide customers into groups, set display rules and animations. The module also allows you to configure display appearance and tracking function.

Furthermore, store administrators can look at statistics numbers to measure the effectiveness of popup to customers.

Wrap it up

Let’s take off the misconception that popup is annoying and unuseful. It is super effective and that’s why it is getting so common nowadays.

Besides boosting sales and supporting marketing strategy, Magento popup is a great way to increase conversion rates.

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Magento extension providers and web development services in the world.

With experienced and certified Magento developers, we commit to bring high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively.

CONTACT NOW to let us know your problems. We are willing to support you every time.

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