SEO Plugin Best Practices For Product Page: Magento Edition

by Robin Tran

The product page is the place where your sales begin. Magento 2 is undoubtedly an SEO-friendly eCommerce platform, but as always, there’s room for improvement – as in Magento 2 SEO plugin.

In this post, I will give the anatomy of a high converting product page, interpret the perfect SEO best practices checklist and apply for Magento.

Let’s begin this journey of how to make Google love your selling pages.

Why do you need SEO product pages?

Why search engine optimization? First, it’s important to note that your site needs to be visible to Internet users. There’s no help in creating good products and services if you can’t put yourself on the map. Moreover, 4 out of 10 online shoppers begin their shopping habit with a browser and 30% of organic traffic comes from this source. 


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And why product pages?  I’ve already stated that this is where you’re going to generate almost all of your income. 

However, what is equally important, if not more, is those pages take up 85% of your page distribution.

Together, the SEO product page is the vital factor to drive traffic and convert sales for your eCommerce. 

But before exploring the best SEO plugin for Magento, let’s investigate what makes the product pages sell.

The structure of a killer product page

Your final page might be different than this due to theme choices but these are some of the quintessential parts on this page you can’t leave out.

Rules of Thumb: The 3-clicks Rule

The first thing you want on your site is breadcrumbs.

It gives an indication of progress for customers and further validates the site’s structure for Google to understand your priorities. 

breadcrumb example

Surely, you want a layout that takes no more than 3-clicks to get to a specific product page. And this should reflect in your breadcrumb.

Better Visual Stimulation 

Second, visual representation. Picture – great, video – even better. Visual aids are so much more potent than words. Moreover, they can act as keyword bearers and further explain your product to web crawlers.

image search improvement SEO

As image search becomes more common with customers, you want them to be a great source of information for your intended audience. 

Killer Copy

Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words. But you need words, big time. Your description needs to balance between creative and descriptive. You want it to be unique but at the same time easy to grab and to the point.

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The favorite structure of mine when writing/designing a landing page is described as follow:

  • Credibility: Give the reason why your brand/product should be trusted.good copy example

Credit: Harry’s Marketing Example

  • Contrast: Present the current market and what stands out to your business.
  • Conclusion: Why customers should choose your product over the million on the market. 

This structure can also present the: Problem – Agitate – Solution. 

Other than that, you can break down your product even more with a long (but structured) description. This will depend on your type of product and your intention with that specific content.


Helpful layouts such as checkout, login, review,… are also demanding their own fineness on your product page.

Since you know the overall structure, let’s move to the execution.

How to optimize your product pages?

Do you believe that you can leverage your SEO product page in just three steps? Well, you’re more than capable of doing exactly that.

Step #1: Do your research

Don’t make assumptions, do your own research of the market. You can’t develop a winning SEO strategy if you don’t have a good understanding of all parties involved – yourself, customers and your rivals. 


Find the sweet spot between your unique features compared to others’ and customer’s needs. That right there, is what you need to pour your investment to make them appealing. Asking these question to map it all out:

  • What inconveniences the intended customers are suffering?
  • Current status of top 5 solutions available (both working and not)?
  • Where customers are looking to find a solution? Note down the key terms.
  • How does your product solve their problems?
  • What are your competitive advantages?
  • Note down no more than 3 deciding factors that make a convert for your product.
  • Run through the review and pick up good things others notice about your product.

While looking after other competitors, make sure you investigate their targeted keywords. Compare it to your current keyword list, reevaluate it one more time. Ideally, you want your keywords to have a good search volume and rank no higher than medium in the competitive tier. Adapt to the new reality of keyword research demands.


Subsequently, you want to check up on your progress. You can shorten the whole thing with a Magento 2 SEO plugin to help you measure your keyword performance to change the SEO plan accordingly. And it will come later on this post.

Step #2: Perfect on-page SEO.

It’s the new decade, but you can still capitalize on good technical SEO – both for quick and long-term wins. This is where you put the research efforts into action.

Optimize meta tags


You can read more on it with this guide to optimize metadata. There are rules to make your meta title and description stand out and here is how:

  • Clear and clean about the product
  • Note down why people should buy it
  • Make the benefits pop
  • Include keywords

In the end, make sure you use the focus keyword smartly within these metadata. It would help you rank for the exact reason you want to.

Optimize user metrics

If people go back to the SERP after clicking on your product pages, your ranking will go down. That’s why you need to dedicate the whole page to the intended customers. Thinking in their shoes and figuring out what you want to see when you shop online. 


Presentation is everything and you would not want to gloss over it. 

Optimize headings

Headings make it easy to skim your product page as well as tell search engines what your products are about. They need to be two things at once, keyword-focused and user-friendly.


Within your product page link to other relevant products. Cross-linking ensures that all of your products get indexed, which helps with your search rankings. Moreover, you’re increasing your revenue by doing so.


It can be frequently bought together, best to buy, currently on sales, you name it. Remember to put them under an umbrella to make the link count. 

Apply Alt text to image and video

It’s more than important to have quality visual implementations on your product pages. They keep customers around, introduce the product’s worth and short up your ranking.


Alt-text is a way to maximize photo and video SEO potential. It communicates to Google about the content of the visual it belongs to.  Moreover, you can place the keyword here to reach the density needed without hurting your UX with keyword stuffing.

One message – one CTA

CTAs are not your bottom-barrel solution to scream to customers they need to purchase. In fact, you can assign so many values to the call-to-action buttons. But keep the simplicity of your guidance, one message per one CTA. Don’t get your customers confused.


Think of them as magnets that attract engagement, action, subscription, anything you want to have, and of course, sales. Then, make a CTA that is creative yet simple to understand. Examples include: “How can we help?”, “Subscribe for free audit”, “Schedule now”, “Sign up for best discount”.

Step #3: Better snippet

Presentation. That’s the key. You want to rank higher and also to have an attractive snippet. That’s what makes people click


I’ve mentioned meta title and meta description before as sub-data for Google to read, but you also need to showcase them to audiences. However, your real estate is limited. That’s why you need to take that into consideration when designing your snippet – engaging but compact.

Now, let’s make the customers happy when they click on your page.

Step #4: Emphasize benefits not features

In addition to multimedia, you must make sure your page is populated with these two lists that will ensure your SEO success. It’s both help your ranking as people often search for features and your conversion rate as you prove to potential customers you can solve their problems.

But it’s more important for you to draft compelling benefits out of your products. That’s right there is your conversion break-point. As people seek for a solution first, not the detail of the solution. Communicate on how your product makes their life easier.


Again, put your market knowledge to write a powerful copy. If you find it hard to master, out-sourcing to a professional copywriter or turning to a Magento 2 SEO plugin.

Step #5: Deliver great UX across platforms

It’s easy to say it – across platforms. But it would be better to manage your resources accordingly.

You must look into your analytics and see which device generates most sales and traffic. Then, prioritizing to maximize UX experience to each platform base on your calculation. For the large part of ecommerce scenes, desktop and mobile are the two that always command the best responsive design a company can offer.

Step #6: Do test(s) run

After all, everything changes on the Net in a matter of seconds and you can’t leave your SEO plan to adjust itself to it. Furthermore, all your calculations can perform differently when you go live, so keep your eye out for it.

Check your analytics to see what’s good and what isn’t. Make it a complete circle from making a plan to measuring its success. 

Now it’s time to choose the best SEO plugin for Magento that takes care of your SEO initiative from beginning to end.

Recommended Magento Seo Plugin

You will have your best time with SEO audit, updating and management by installing this module. It can bring you a tremendous amount of traction in no time.

Let’s start off with the SEO toolbar. This Magento 2 SEO plugin gives you an SEO audit for every single page at the get-go.


From here, you can get right back to the backend to modify the product page as needed. And we also make sure that your progress is faster and more precise than ever with easy-to-read color indicators.


Moving on, Magento 2 SEO plugin can give you the best appearance on the SERP with a beautiful rich-snippet. Fully customizable with review, rating, title tag, and meta description.


To further monitor your index, you can put in an XML sitemap minus all code-based knowledge needed.


You may read somewhere that people stated robot.txt as a highlight of Magento 2 SEO efforts. They’re not wrong, but this is not how you ensure Google from crawling a specific page. Therefore, we give you the robot tags.


To keep your content fresh and far from mistaken as duplicated across your categories, use this canonical tag.


And of course, we can not claim the title best SEO plugin for Magento without automation. With our extension, you can mass produce or change metadata with templates. These are also variables you can put down to save your time.


Moreover, these templates also expand to the Image Alt tag.


Changing your product name frequently won’t help your case. But then, you need to switch it up to certain promotions and to make use of the long-tail keyword. We use the H1 tag to help you with it.


Last but not least, we present you with a beauty that is SEO Report interface. You can easily maneuver through this dashboard to check on SEO of your every page. This is no doubt an excellent feature to keep track of your SEO performances.


Check it out here.


Wrapping up

Optimizing Magento 2 product pages is a must and needs to be handled with care and dedication. All of the above is the backbone of a good SEO transformation both in theory and in action. Other than that, you follow through with this action to further drive out sales

  • Allow review on the site and promote social sharing
  • Put UI and UX into designing and presenting your product page
  • Faster loading – better UX
  • Keep the URL short and sweet
  • Mobile-friendly is much needed
  • Pay attention to expired or no longer on sales products. Keep them out of your index board.

The comment section below is always open. Let me know your opinions and we can have some critical discussions over there.

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