7 Magento Applications To Build A Store Meeting All Market Needs

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Check out these Magento applications to take full advantage of the Magento platform!

Magento is one of the top eCommerce platforms which currently powers over 200,000 online stores worldwide.

Even though it is famous for its flexible features and an intuitive administration interface, the default Magento 2 still has a lot of limitations that can cause store owners some challenges while running their business.

Fortunately, the platform allows third-party developers companies to provide Magento modules to enable additional features to fulfill all the business needs from front-end to back-end.

In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about Magento applications.

Let’s get started!

Why Do You Need Magento Applications?

magento applications

A Magento application (or Magento extension) is a package of codes to add certain functionalities on the Magento platform.

Since Magento is an incredibly flexible and adaptable platform, store owners can freely install applications that are most beneficial for them and their target market.

These Magento applications are designed to enhance user experience and increase conversions.

For example, a study by Internet Retailer shows that one-third of online buyers hesitate to make a purchase due to credit card security concerns. Magento applications can add this safety layer to online purchases, making the customer feel more comfortable to pay money.

Magento Applications For All Ecommerce Aspects

Currently, there are thousands of Magento applications in the market and there can be endless possibilities for developing new applications.

In this part, we will classify them into 9 categories, in accordance with 9 eCommerce aspects. Those are:

  • B2B
  • Administration
  • SEO
  • Checkout
  • Order management
  • Sales motivation
  • Product improvement

Continue to read the content belows to understand the purpose of each of them.

B2B Magento applications

b2b magento applications

As you might notice, eCommerce has different approaches for B2B and B2C markets. According to a research by McKinsey & Company, over 75% of B2B buyers and sellers prefer to do transactions that interact with sales reps in person.

However, default Magento doesn’t support a full set of features for B2B. So if you want to turn your website into a wholesales business, you need Magento B2B applications to improve your store and functionality to outsmart your competitors.

Equipped your website with Magento 2 B2B applications, you can:

  • Offer exclusive access to your wholesale customers by assigning permission to visit some categories and pages for specific customer groups.
  • Secure your pricing plan against competitors by hiding the price for guest customers, setting special prices for B2B customers or requests for quotes.
  • Streamline pricing negotiation by setting roles for Sales Rep and managing B2B user permissions.
  • Speed up the product ordering process and turn it into a pleasant experience with modules that can enable quick order with products’ names/SKUs or reorder previous cart or multiple wishlist.

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Magento applications for administration


Administration includes managing all the aspects of the store (sales, orders, database, etc.) to ensure that the store runs professionally and smoothly.

Administration is so important it can either make or break your business. Thus, Magento administration applications are a must.

Equipped your website with Magento 2 administration applications, you can:

  • Improve the shipping and payment options by creating more delivery and payment methods.
  • Control price rule for store view to set up different prices for the same product, shopping cart price rules per store view and catalog price rules.
  • Preview any product page changes in the backend settings quickly.
  • Import and export any data via CSV like orders, newsletter subscribers, reviews, product attributes, etc.

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SEO extensions

seo extensions

In the eCommerce business world, the higher SERP ranking usually means more customers to your store. SEO is no doubt one of, if not the most, vital aspect in any online store.

Needless to say, Magento 2 SEO optimization is a very challenging task. But with the help of some extensions, you will have everything you need to improve your ranking.

Equipped your website with Magento 2 SEO applications, you can:

  • Make your websites more highlighted on SERPs by adding descriptive and eye-catching rich snippets, breadcrumbs, price, rating, review, etc.
  • Instruct Google crawlers to read your websites better with XML sitemap modules.
  • Make your website not only SEO-friendly but also user-friendly with HTML sitemap modules.
  • Reducing the initial load time by removing all JS code to the bottom of the page and only allowing loading images when scrolling down.

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Magento checkout modules

magento checkout modules

Checkout is the last step of a customer journey and the key step in driving conversions. And it’s proven to be an important factor in customers’ purchase decision, as up to 70% of shoppers abandon their carts due to a too long or complicated checkout process.

To reduce checkout abandonment rate, you should use Magento checkout extensions to create the most convenient checkout experience.

Equipped your website with Magento 2 checkout applications, you can:

  • Fasten checkout time using the auto-fill order information feature and set a default shipping and payment method.
  • Allows customers to pay with the display currency of the store view.
  • Add custom fields on the checkout page to collect all sufficient information to satisfy your customers.
  • Allow customers to pick up the expected delivery date and time to fulfill any complex scenarios.

Order management

order management

Order management is the process of taking, tracking, and satisfying customers’ purchase requests. Long story short, it is the process of fulfilling customers’ needs after they purchase.

The more customers, the longer the process of administering orders, especially with the lack of order processing feature in the default Magento.

Equipped your website with Magento 2 order management applications, you can:

  • Custom order number to reduce paperwork, impress your customers and keep the real business information safe.
  • Automatically cancels pending and spam orders after a chosen time, which would save you a ton of time.
  • Allow customers to submit order return and refund requests to speed up the refund process.

Sales motivation applications

sales motivation applications

Sales are to businesses, just like oxygen is to humans. Without any sales, no matter how wonderful your products or services are, your business cannot grow.

But sales is also the toughest job to do, which involves so many tasks: create discounts, launch a promotion, build loyalty programs, etc. And the default Magento sale features don’t support you enough.

Equipped your website with Magento 2 sales motivation applications, you can:

  • Steal customer attention on promotions by creating and customizing amazing popups, sending push notifications or displaying promotion bars on various positions.
  • Stimulate customers to purchase more by enabling add-to-cart popup on product listing pages, suggesting products that are frequently bought together and setting free shipping for an amount of shopping cart.
  • Build customer trust by enhancing the review function and send email encouraging customers to share their reviews.
  • Keep customer interest for unavailable products with pre-order and out-of-stock notification modules.

Product improvement Magento applications

product improvement

The product pages are where you convey the value of your product and entice customers to buy it. Unlike a brick and mortar shop where customers can check out the product directly, with online business, they must rely entirely on the product description to make their purchase decisions.

Thus, a compelling product page is the most efficient way to win your customers’ hearts. And clearly, a basic Magento product page isn’t enough to impress your visitors.

Equipped your website with Magento 2 product improvement applications, you can:

  • Improve configurable product page by changing its display or creating product option dependencies with.
  • Easily visualize your bundle products with the custom option image feature.
  • Provide adequate product information like a size chart or multiple custom tabs.
  • Control order quantity by only allowing customers to buy a fixed quantity.


In this article, we have introduced you to how Magento applications are a must to help you build a store that fulfills all eCommerce aspects.

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