7+ Magento Apps Make Your Administration Easy And Effective

by Anna Nguyen

Magento Apps that BSS Commerce suggests will surprise you in administration. See the details below!

Website administration is not an easy job. They need to ensure a website is up to date and conveys the image that a company or organization wishes to project. Besides that, working on the technical aspect of websites, such as debugging issues, setting up web hosts, ensuring users have access, and programming servers.

With multi-task like that, it’s necessary to make this simpler to save both time and effort. Use Magento Apps to do it. 

Administration Problems When Running A Webstore

As I mentioned above, a website administrator plays an important role in business. They are responsible for ensuring a safe and efficient user experience. So they have to face a lot of problems and challenges.

Follow the blog and see if there are any problems that you meet!

Customer data management


Customer Data Management is the process of obtaining, organizing, analyzing, and reporting data about your consumers. It’s a crucial mechanism to consider while making changes to:

  • Acquisition, contentment, and retention rates of customers;
  • Customers’ visibility and communication tactics;
  • As well as improved data quality and increased income

In this process, finding the way to collect the right data should be focused on. The customer’s data includes contact information (name, email, address,..), purchase data (time of purchase, method of payment,..), demographic information (birthday, hobbies, interest,..), and feedback. 

It’s really difficult to do this fluently.

Customer group classification

Customer segmentation is the process of categorizing customers into groups based on shared qualities so that businesses may market to each group effectively.

The benefits of customer group classification are easy to target the right audience with the right message or offer; simple to set the suitable promotion for each group and more. Besides that, it boosts your store’s productivity and helps you to give a more tailored experience for your guests.

To classify customers well, you need to prepare data collection and analyze it carefully. Read more and don’t miss any tools that can help you resolve that at ease. 

Customer experience engagement


This is always a difficult task for all website administrators. It relates the human emotion – the feelings when customers interact with a brand through channels, platforms,…

Why do most businesses focus on increasing customer experience? Because when they feel satisfied with your brand, it’s easy to increase sales and customer value, reduce complaints. Moreover, improve your brand’s image and reputation while lowering marketing costs.

Nevertheless, you also face the issues such as slow CX investments, creating and maintaining an omnichannel experience, adapting experiences to the unique journeys of each consumer, and measuring.

Product information management

Running a business with a large number of products, you can not ignore product management to optimize your business’s performance. 


This includes a list of activities: collect, organize, and enrich product information in one location, generate a product catalog, and transfer it to sales and eCommerce channels all in one place.

The administrator needs to ensure the correct product information and the consistency of delivery to the sales point.

Other admins’ responsibilities

It’s not a simple problem with a B2B model when your business has many admins. You should make a detailed management plan for all and one by one. For example, with each category or customer group, you can set each admin role to manage. 


If there is no experience or method in managing, it’s easy to meet the mistakes: delaying or not being consistent in replying to the customer, not finding the admin who is responsible for which task, etc…

So, let’s take a tool to help you manage simply!

Resolve Management Problems With 7+ Administration Magento Apps

Magento 2 Extension Admin Email Notification – $79

Magento 2 Admin Email Notification extension assists administrators in actively managing website activity by delivering email notifications to admins when critical events are recorded.


It supports eight events that will send triggered emails to administrators: freshly made orders, low stock products, order status changes, new reviews, customer registration, newsletter subscription, newsletter unsubscription, and new wishlists.

Full features you will get with this Magento app:

  • Keep track of all important events in your store.
  • Get informed when an order is placed or the order’s status is changed.
  • Get notified when having new registration/review.
  • Get notifications of email subscribers of the newsletter or unsubscribe from that.
  • Choose which sorts of notices to get.

Choose Magento 2 Admin Email Notification to instantly receive details of what happened on the website and avoid any risks that could have a negative impact on your company’s performance.

Magento App Checkout Custom Field – $119

Magento 2 Checkout Custom Field extension resolves the data collection problem I mentioned above. It allows you to add new custom fields to the checkout page for any information you believe is required for order fulfillment.


With this Magento app, you can:

  • Add any number of Magento 2 custom fields to the checkout.
  • Use those fields in management.
  • Show custom fields in Order grid & on Order Detail page.
  • Add custom properties for Magento 2 orders to transaction emails and documents.

Magento 2 Extension Shopping Cart Price Rule per Store View – $229

Magento 2 Shopping Cart Price Rule per Store View extension is a feature that allows administrators to set up shopping cart price rules for individual store views rather than the entire website, as is the case with Magento. Set up Magento 2 cart pricing rules for each shop view to provide clients from various markets with different promotions.


Store owners can give special deals to their local clients using the Magento 2 Shopping Cart Price Rule per Store View extension in order to entice them to buy more and increase sales. Some features will help you offer various incentives or discounts for customers:

  • Create different shopping cart price rules for each store view.
  • Customize specific promotions for the local market with ease.

Magento App Import Export Product Reviews – $79

When opening a new store or changing their website, store owners frequently encounter difficulties transferring reviews from the old site to the new one.

Import Export Product Reviews is a Magento-only functionality that allows you to import and export product reviews from your store’s backend using a CSV file. By presenting existing customers’ feedback on the new store, is a useful tool for maintaining the impression.


This Magento app will break the limitation of default Magento with the following features:

  • Import and export review data for several goods at once, including ratings, titles, and descriptions.
  • Display the indication of a successful import.
  • Allow users to download a CSV sample file and complete the information on their own time.

READ MORE >> 3+ Benefits Of Magento 2 Product Reviews Import Export.

Magento 2 Import Export Categories – $89

You’re having trouble adding a huge number of categories to the new site, as well as related data. The amount of work is enormous, and you can’t delegate responsibilities to many people. We will suggest a solution – Magento 2 Import Export Categories


This module allows admins to import and export multiple categories via a CSV file easily with the below features:

  • Import a large number of categories to Magento 2 websites via a CSV file.
  • Import all category data, including parent categories, images, and goods.
  • Download a sample CSV file with entire category data.
  • Export all categories to a CSV file.
  • Export categories by store view ID and category ID.

Magento App Admin Action Log – $149

Admin Activity Log is a feature that allows Magento store owners to keep track of each admin user’s operations on the backend.


You can reduce vulnerabilities and the effect of setup errors. Limit log report access, take full control of the admin panel, gather all information on changes in your backend: who made them, what was modified, and where they occurred, and intervene in any admin decision as soon as possible if necessary!

Full features of this Magento application are:

  • Define which administrative actions are automatically recorded and reported.
  • With a single click, you can undo any modifications you’ve made.
  • Check all admin working sessions in real-time, from start to completion.
  • Keep track of your admin’s previous navigation.
  • Logs can be organized in a grid view for easy tracking and sorting.
  • Set a time limit for clearing logs.

Magento 2 Shipping & Payment Method per Customer Group – $79

In purchasing, checkout is always focused because it is a decisive factor to complete an order. 

As we know, each customer segment is willing to pay for a different delivery method and prefers to pay in different ways.

If some shipping or payment methods aren’t available for all customers, don’t show them all. Customers may find it confusing and irritating. Instead, provide them with appropriate methods from the start.


Anh you can use Shipping and Payment Method per Customer Group. This allows the admin to set which shipping and payment method will be displayed to each customer group with the features: restrict Magento 2 shipping and payment method by customer group. 

This extension will assist any online company in customizing the correct strategy for the right customer and boosting their bottom line.


When you know clearly your problems, finding the solutions will be easier. This blog showed the basic problems of website administrators that they met and we also recommend the Magento apps that can resolve them.

Besides the 7+ extensions above, you can explore 148+ BSS Magento apps that can make your site the best.

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Multi-platform eCommerce solution and web development services providers in the world. With experienced and certified developers, we commit to bring high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively.

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