9+ Magento Apps From BSS Commerce You Should Not Miss

by Grace Bui

Magento apps can be extremely useful if you use the right one for your store.

Are you seeking new features to help you boost your business’s performance? With no further costs besides the purchase price?

Take advantage of 9+ algorithmic optimization functions that aren’t available in Magento 2 Enterprise by default. Most, if not all, of the essential functions for every Magento 2 store are covered by us BSSCommerce.

Better yet, all these Magento 2 extensions offer the one-time payment license, which means no further costs or fees!

Magento 2 B2B Extension

Magento 2 B2B Extension Serves Every B2B Requirement To:

  • Build a new B2B/B2B2C website

You are a newcomer to Magento or plan to migrate the B2B site from M1 to M2. BSS will:

  • Provide full B2B functions from Login to Checkout
  • Deliver B2B Implementation service to build a website from scratch
  • Guarantee theme and third-party compatibility
  • Enrich B2B functions to existing websites

Your B2B online website lacks essential features to adapt wholesale business operations. BSS will:

  • Let you freely select any extensions to fulfill the B2B experience
  • Offer a higher discount for more purchase
  • Guarantee theme and third-party compatibility
  • Convert B2C websites to B2B2C

Your business model is now B2C, but you wish to widen your business scope to B2B2C (B2B and B2C0. BSS will:

  • Bring B2B features to benefit wholesale selling
  • Create a seamless experience for both consumers & wholesale buyers
  • Make more custom development to create a complete B2B2C website


Moreover, Your long-term sales strategy will be ruined if the unauthorized audience can see products spent exclusively for B2B. Our Magento 2 B2B extension helps you avoid the dilemma by:

  • Hide specific pages or the whole site from the non-logged-in;
  • Grant access to particular categories or CMS pages based on the customer group;
  • Encourage passers-by to register and do transactions with your company;
  • Streamline the purchase experience after logging in.

Magento 2 B2C Package

Magento 2 B2C Package is a package that contains all up-to-date B2C solutions for store owners to set up and enhance their Magento 2 webstores.


Magento 2 B2C Package extension is the utmost essential compilation of extensions for tackling any B2C business issues. By creating the package fit for your business demands, Magento 2 B2C Package promises to deliver an all-in-one solution to serve any B2C requirements that your store may encounter. This extension is developed to assist merchants on:

  • Reach more potential customers
  • Offer custom-made deals via popup
  • Cut down on checkout time
  • Convert guest to the customer in a heart-beat
  • Tap into social selling potential and easy login
  • Optimize shopping experience

Magento 2 SEO Extension 

Is default SEO in Magento apps 2 adequate for your site? The answer is NO!

To stand out in Google Search results, you need to maximize your SEO effectively. But how? What more do you need?

We have the solution for you!


Our SEO for Magento 2 toolkit provides every single function that SHOULD be added for better SEO.

With the help of this amazing toolkit, top 1 Google will be within your reach!

  • All-in-one SEO solution for every website
  • Make your site SEO-friendly with out-of-box functions
  • Competitive price with premium quality
  • High compatibility – No conflicts
  • Special gift: FREE Website SEO Audit from BSS (since 20/12/2019)
  • Looking for REST API/ GraphQL? ETA: 3-4W (for each kind of API).

Magento 2 One Step Checkout

One Page Checkout is an additional feature for Magento apps 2 to simplify the checkout process by gathering three checkout steps on one page. It’s a very beneficial feature to optimize the checkout experience.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout will shave off up to half of the checkout time and help you reach a new peak in the conversion rate. Get customers engaged with your checkout page without distraction and encourage them to finalize their orders.

  • Lightning setup with unlimited customization capacity.
  • Elastic checkout with multiple addresses and automatic GeoIP detection.
  • Fully geared for RESTful API and GraphQL API.
  • Plug-n’-Play compatibility.
  • Work well with GEOIP, Order Delivery, Checkout Custom Fields, and Guest to Customer extensions.
  • Compatible with popular payment methods and free support on highlight themes.
  • Support all MageSolutions themes, Fastest and Infinit theme of Codazon, and all Alothemes themes. Cover all Magento payment options with popular & raising payment systems.

The extension offers a 3-column layout design compatible with custom and third-party Magento 2 themes. BSSCommerce’s solution is easy to install, responsive across all devices, and has open-source code that Magento Marketplace verifies. Besides, the module comes with a 1-year free update and support.

Magento 2 Checkout Extension Suite

The checkout page is, by far, the most important destination of any online website, which can either bring a customer into a consumer or push them away from the point of sale.

Thankfully, this Magento 2 Checkout Extension helps optimize your checkout effortlessly.

Check the suit out now!

Magento 2 Checkout Extension Suite – A customer said that “I already had the intention of purchasing One step checkout and Checkout custom field before. When I came across this combo I thought maybe Checkout success page necessary for my store at $300 in total. I think this combo is a must to consider, especially at such a satisfying price.


  • All-in-one optimized checkout page
  • Informative checkout & customer fields
  • Preferred delivery dates for both sellers and buyers
  • Reduce clicks with pre-selected shipping/payment
  • Save money on bulk purchases

Magento 2 Gift Card

With a system of code pattern, code generator, and management, admins may quickly create gift cards as a new product type. Customers can purchase items and then send them to others by email or the postal service, along with personalized messages written during the purchase process. Gift card purchases and even gift code usage are tracked using tools offered to store owners.

Gift Card is an additional feature for Magento 2 that lets admins set code application conditions and generate unlimited gift codes.


Magento 2 Gift Card extension allows store owners to create gift cards for customers to purchase and give their acquaintances as a present on special occasions.

  • Use it as a new product type with flexible prices and values
  • Be able to upload various templates
  • Easily generate or import  gift code patterns
  • Send gift voucher via email, post office and even both
  • Ability to apply gift code on the shopping cart and checkout page
  • Keep track of purchase and code usage
  • Support REST&GraphQL APIs

Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing

Many people are unaware that price is included in the scope of a Magento website, which implies that prices are comparable across stores and store views. There are a number of questions from store owners on renowned Magento sites like Stack Exchange or Stack Overflow about why they can’t set various prices for a product per store view. They’re all dealing with the same problem and looking for a way to get beyond Magento’s limitations.

As a specialist in Magento multiple store view solutions, we’d like to present you with a Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing module that will allow you to sell a product at different prices depending on the store/store view.

Multiple Store View Pricing for Magento 2 allows administrators to set up different prices for same product on each store view of Magento store and supports setting up base currency per store view easily.

  • Set up different prices, special prices and tier prices for a product per store view of Magento 2 store
  • Set up base currency for each Magento 2 store view
  • Customers checkout with base currency of their store view conveniently
  • Set up various special prices for a product per store view of Magento 2 store
  • NEW! Restful API & GraphQL API add on is available now, please check the Pricing Plan

Magento 2 B2B Registration Form

Simple default signup forms keep your B2B website’s customer database from growing. While B2C users may provide you with basic information, B2B is different.

For store owners to understand business characteristics, manage long-term relationships, and even offer relevant promotion programs, wholesale client data is critical.

Furthermore, B2B registration verification is required! There is a chance that some of the signups are spam, garbage accounts, or firms that do not satisfy your criteria.

The major stumbling block here is that Magento by default does not generate an informative B2B registration and does not allow the shop administrator to choose who becomes wholesale customers.

B2B Registration Form is an additional feature for Magento 2 that allows store owners to customize the customer registration form to collect customer information more effectively. This feature will help you manage the B2B sign-ups easier.

Magento 2 B2B Registration Form extension allows you to add unlimited attributes in the signup form and verify customer registration before activating accounts.

  • Create a separated registration form for B2B customers
  • Control B2B registration: preview, pending, approve or reject
  • Show/Hide the default registration link
  • Notify registered users via emails & frontend messages
  • Work well with both CAPTCHA & reCAPTCHA
  • Compatible with Porto theme & the Fastest and Infinit of Codazon
  • Add unlimited Magento 2 Customer Attributes to the B2B Registration form.
  • Support both REST & GraphQL APIs

New Update

  • Add page type – B2B Registration Form when create a widget
  • Add send mail pending and confirm to customer

Magento 2 Layered Navigation

The ability to display clients their selected products instantaneously is a key feature of an easy-to-use, excellent online store. And the solution to this problem is a configurable layered navigation plugin with an ajax filter.

In Magento apps 2, the BSS plugin allows your buyer to filter products by attribute. Customers may simply search for any goods with multi-select among a wide range of qualities thanks to the fast-loading Ajax layered navigation.


Layered Navigation is an added feature to help customers filter and narrow their search easier and faster with different product attributes.

Magento 2 Layered Navigation Multi-Select Extension with Ajax Filter creates a smart product filter to help your customers find their desired items easily.

  • Layered navigation with multi-select for Magento 2
  • AJAX product filter for fast loading speed
  • Flexible product attribute display modes: checkbox, dropdown, visual swatch, text swatch
  • Layered Navigation for Magento 2 by price range with slider and input box
  • More Shop By option with product filter by rating attribute
  • Responsive to mobile devices


That’s all about  9+ Magento apps from BSSCommerce you should not miss.

CHECK OUT about Magento apps to optimize your store even more!

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Magento extension providers and web development services in the world. With experienced and certified Magento developers, we commit to bringing high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively. Furthermore, we offer FREE Installation – FREE 1-year Support and FREE Lifetime Update for every Magento extension.

CONTACT NOW to let us know your problems. We are willing to support you every time.

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