10 Reasons Why to Choose Shopify For B2B E-Commerce Business

Shopify is an easy-to-use online store builder that anyone can use to get their online store up and running. Intuitive features and interface allow users to sell Online, on Facebook, or in-person with low-startup costs. This cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) online selling platform will enable businesses to set up an online webstore and sell their products/ services even on the go. That’s why more and more merchants leverage Shopify for B2B.


Whether you are running a startup or enterprise-sized company, you can use Shopify as your eCommerce platform. Its plenty of integrations help this software scale with your business.


However, before using Shopify for wholesale, remember to address the needed questions to define whether this platform would fit your requirements or not. How does Shopify business-to-business work? Why should you choose Shopify to build your B2B eCommerce store? Let’s find out the answer to these questions in the next part of our discussion.


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How Does the Shopify eCommerce Platform Work?

To begin with, Shopify is more than just an eCommerce site. Most citizens will know it as an online shop maker or POS to buy offline, but Shopify specialists call it a service program (SaaS). Shopify charges its consumers for the use of its technology.


Users who sign up for Shopify can create an online store, manage inventory, process payments, fulfill orders, and much more. You can personalize your online store look and feel (called a subject) and add software features (or apps). You have the option of building your Shopify site from scratch or hiring a Shopify agency to migrate your current website.


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Shopify is a great eCommerce platform, but it might not be sufficient for you if you want to create high-converting sales funnels. For newbies in eCommerce marketing, the eCommerce sales funnel is the process of leading customers through their entire journey of purchasing products. Companies use sales funnels to find, qualify, and sell their products to buyers. In other words, the sales funnel is the most effective method to increase your Shopify store conversion rate.

Why Shopify Ecommerce is Good for B2B Businesses

Businesses prefer Shopify because it is easy to have one Shopify B2B website or work with a Shopify B2B web development agency to manage several eCommerce stores. It provides merchants with the framework for a successful eCommerce marketing campaign by offering powerful SEO for Shopify wholesale strategies and resources.


Shopify is a helpful platform that anyone can use. Not only that, but it is a robust marketing approach combined with SEO Shopify experience to make a difference and boost sales. Shopify for B2B offers everything you need to host your B2B online store, sell online, connect with social media, and many more. 


For example, Allbirds, Heinz, and Kylie Cosmetics are only a few powerful brands using this cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform to provide their products and services. Shopify wholesale stores have made over $200 billion in revenue globally — and partnering with the right Shopify B2B experts will drive the brand to the top of that list. 

10 Main Reasons Why Companies Should Choose Shopify for B2B

1.  Easy Management

Despite all of the new features in the Shopify wholesale channel, it remains effortless to use, one of the platform’s biggest draws for online merchants. 


With all you need to confront, having a wholesale online store that doesn’t build obstacles or friction to handling orders and keeping the store running is beneficial. The dashboard quickly displays the most relevant Shopify B2B features, such as orders, goods, customer information, reports, applications, and more. Adding items, controlling settings, and processing orders can all get accomplished with a few mouse clicks. 

2.  Scalability

When selecting a platform, the scalability of the platform is critical. When deciding whether the platform will help your operations as your company grows, you should have a long-term strategy in mind. It should also preferably provide features and functionalities that are flexible, allowing you to develop your company more effectively.


Indeed, Shopify is a highly scalable application that can scale with you regardless of the number of your transactions. The servers and checkout can manage massive amounts of traffic and commerce without a hitch.


Customer information and payment options information are sensitive issues for every organization, so security is a significant concern for everyone. Having a safe site is critical because it prevents such sensitive information from falling into the hands of cybercriminals. 


Shopify values protection just as much as you do. Shopify Plus is a highly secure eCommerce solution with several layers of security to protect the company and customers. It complies with PCI DSS Level 1 requirements. This enforcement applies to all Shopify-powered online stores.


Shopify Plus alleviates your concerns by allowing you to scale rapidly and efficiently, as well as providing highly secure security features. It will enable you to concentrate on growing your company. 

3.  Franchise Friendly

If you want to transform your company into a franchise, Shopify is the platform for you. It has a plethora of built-in features that get intended to aid in this form of business growth. The Point of Sale (POS) feature allows you to integrate your physical store with your online store easily.


Furthermore, the Organisation Management feature allows Shopify Plus merchants to manage several stores at an organizational level. There are also a plethora of applications available to help with the growth of a franchise business model.



4.  App Integrations

Shopify is well-known for its robust app marketplace and simplicity of integration with other platforms. The marketplace has over 1500 apps reviewed and tested by Shopify, so you can be sure that we can trust them to make running your online stores easier.


The applications and integrations are there to help with things like:

  • Customer service
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Inventory control
  • Wholesale and B2B customers and orders

Shopify Plus merchants benefit from a significantly increased API call number. It enables the operation of multiple integrations operating in tandem without fear of exceeding API limits.

If you can’t find an app or integration for your ERP or CRM, you can always hire your developers using Shopify Plus’s REST API.

5.  Payment Options

Shopify Pay is an appealing feature for brands with repeated corporate customers to streamline the shopping and checkout experience.


B2B customers can save their credit card, delivery, and other billing details to make future checkouts even more accessible. You can substantially reduce the friction associated with checkout by reducing the number of necessary fields from about sixteen to only two. It aims to increase conversions and reduce frictions – a particularly wise step in streamlining the mobile shopping experience.


Shopify also helps to minimize conflicts and increase conversions by providing the customers with more payment options. You can also provide customers with a plethora of other payment options to make it easier for them to check out, such as:


Shopify Plus features a built-in payment portal with no transaction fees and no extra fees on the administrative side. About 70 additional payment gates are also available.



6.  Selling Anywhere

Shopify’s extensive automation and website-management features allow you to sell goods and services to anybody, anywhere, at any time. Many aspects of your Shopify store can be automated using the numerous applications that are currently available. Plugins are available for inventory, profit margin monitoring, data backups, and much more.


Because of its popularity, Shopify has a vast community with B2B application providers for all types of business models and devices. It allows retailers to manage their online stores directly from their smartphones. That is the concept of having total power in your hands.

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7.  Marketing Tools

Another persuasive reason that makes it appealing to use Shopify for B2B is its diverse marketing methods. The Shopify eCommerce platform provides merchants with tons of powerful tools for effectively promoting a B2B online store. 


Specifically, there is now a dedicated marketing section on the Shopify dashboard to support various marketing activities. You can use this tool to build and monitor advertising campaigns on sites like Facebook and Google, providing access to millions of potential customers.


Several user-friendly Shopify B2B features help with marketing via email and social media. As if that wasn’t enough, merchants who set up eCommerce websites on Shopify often gain access to many third-party marketing resources to help them sell their products.

8.  In-depth Store Insights

The advanced eCommerce analytics provided by Shopify is critical for assessing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns such as email and SMS. To develop your strategy, evaluate your results in real-time and collect accurate data and reports on your sales activities.



9. Customer Support

If you need assistance, the Shopify eCommerce platform offers a wealth of resources. First, all Shopify customers have access to a dedicated customer service team 247 at no extra charge. These helpful experts are often available via live chat or email to assist with any issues.


Second, Shopify users have access to a wealth of valuable posts, videos, and tutorials. These helpful tools provide help and guidance on any aspect of running a successful Shopify store.

10. SEO-Friendly

Shopify gets designed with the most critical SEO features that online stores need without an additional move. Structure, on-page optimization, and other ranking factors required by standard-practice SEO for Shopify are all covered.


Retailers interested in the advantages of a hosted platform like Shopify Plus can rely on the SaaS approach to eCommerce to simplify their storefront management. There are countless possibilities for giving more prominent merchants and brands all the space and tools they need to expand by taking the time to design and test the Shopify for B2B features.


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