For some of the biggest eCommerce suppliers, like Shopify, managing the day-to-day demands of their clients, including pre and post orders, can be a struggle. When the need for customer service increases, so does the need to retain accountability and keep track. To maintain on top and have the optimal service for your clients, you should maximize productivity and manage all of your customer support requests. This Shopify review brings you all about the top 5 Best Shopify customer service apps to boost sales in 2021.

Best Shopify Customer Service Apps

Criteria of good customer service

Building strong relationships with clients is the secret to providing excellent customer support. Customers can leave with a good, supportive, and friendly experience if you thank them and promote a positive, helpful, and friendly atmosphere. A satisfied consumer is more likely to return and invest more money. Here are four criteria of good customer service to ensure that you provide your customers the best experience. 

  • Respond as quickly as possible

According to a Forrester survey, 66% agreed that the most important aspect of any online customer experience is valuing their time, particularly when a client requests something time-sensitive. Resolving consumer questions quickly is a cornerstone of good customer service. Speed should be prioritized, particularly for minor issues that can be resolved quickly. 

Customers are aware the more complicated issues take longer to overcome. There’s a distinction between how long it takes you to answer and how quickly you handle their problems. Customers do not want to wait in a ticket queue, but they are willing to wait as long as it takes to fix their problem. 

Looking back over the results and responding in real-time are two ways to pay heed to consumer input. When your clients take the time to talk with you, show them that you care. Listening increases the likelihood of hearing and successfully solving the consumers’ actual challenges, resulting in happy customers. 

  • Listen attentively

Looking back over the results and responding in real-time are two ways to pay heed to consumer input. When your clients take the time to talk with you, show them that you care. Listening increases the likelihood of hearing and successfully solving the consumers’ actual challenges, resulting in happy customers. 

Pay attention to what they’re doing instead of pursuing your own agenda. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you know what your client would think.

Criteria Of Excellent Customer Service
  • Keep a positive attitude

When it comes to delivering outstanding customer service, attitude is all, and having a good attitude goes a long way. 

It’s possible to misinterpret written communication’s language, and email or live chat may seem cold. The brain interprets someone else’s emotional tone using a variety of cues, including body language and facial expression, all of which are missing online. 

Therefore, if an email or text exchange becomes awkward, don’t be afraid to use emojis to express comfort and good humor, or pick up the phone. 

  • Be proactive in your assistance

Being supportive often entails understanding the consumers’ wishes before they even have the opportunity to express them. In reality, customers can request one item without understanding they need anything else. It is your responsibility to foresee and meet their needs. 

Customers will return if they believe you love them because they are genuinely valuable to you. This may be attributed to the social science concept of reciprocity: if you do anything good for your clients, they would want to reciprocate by buying your goods.

Best Shopify Customer Service Apps

The importance to deliver excellent customer service

Customer service is frequently at the forefront of a brand’s mission to deliver outstanding service that makes customers feel appreciated and respected. While delivering outstanding service requires additional resources, effort, and revenue, doing it right can help you stand out from the rivals, also retain a good image with potential customers, and encourage current customers.

Customer service is critical since it assists brand in achieving the following goals:

  • Boost client retention
  • Combat higher prices
  • Increase the amount of money spent by each customer for your business
  • Increase the number of times consumer purchases from you
  • Create good word-of-mouth for your business

Selecting the appropriate customer service types

The quality and types of customer service you offer are determined by the support types you select. The difficult thing is determining where you’ll find your clients and how you’ll assist them after you’ve arrived.

The best support tools can help you maintain high expectations while keeping response times to a minimum. While it is impractical for most small businesses to support any possible point of contact available today, you can choose support types that are appropriate for your brand and your customers’ needs and commit to a presence. Foundational support channels include Email, Social Media, Live Chat, Phone Chat, FAQs, Chatbot Support. 

Importance Of Best Shopify Customer Service Apps

Being there where the clients are is one of the cardinal rules of customer service. While all of these choices can seem daunting, keep in mind that you do not have to be involved in any situation. Here are tips to choose the right customer service types:

  • Determine the networks by which your customers contact you, and then tailor your customer service offerings to these channels
  • Still keep an eye out for new platforms and stay current with consumer action
  • Ask your customer which types of support they desire

That’s it. 

It seems easy, but it’s probably effective. Therefore, determine the course of your multi-channel support plan which fits your brand the most and leverage it.

Now, we guess that you are curious about the tools that can help your brand out in terms of customer support after understanding the needed criteria and types of customer service that your Shopify store prefers. Let’s dive into the 5 Best Shopify Customer Service Apps that your brand should not miss.

5 Best Shopify Customer Service Apps 2021 

Apps Rating Price Support Channels Number of Tickets Customizable  Language Support  
Gorgias4.7/5 7-day free trial, from $60/month. Email, Live Chat, Phone, and Social Media 300-6500 tickets (depending on each plan) No English Email, Phone, 24/7 Live Support 
HelpCenter 4.8/5 14-day free trial, free plan available, plan from $4.95/month Email, Chat, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, FAQ Page  


FAQ colors, Font Sizes, Texts Multilingual Email, Chat Support 
Reamaze 4.9/5 14-day free trial, from $29/mo Live Chat, Chatbots, FAQs, Email, Live Chat, Facebook Chat, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, SMS, VOIP Ticket volume based on Plan, Optional Ticket Volume with Enterprise Plan Customizable Features with Enterprise plan English 



Email, Phone Support 
Richpanel Customer Service CRM 4.7/5    Free plan available, plan from $50-$250/mo Ticketing Helpdesk, Live Chat, Email, Facebook, Instagram, Phone, WhatsApp  100-6000 conversations included  Customize styling, branding with ease to match your brand English, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, German & French, and others  Email, Phone, 24/7 Support 
Enorm 4.6/5 21-day free trial plans $3.99/mo Email  No Offer Customize Button and Layout English  Email Support 

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Gorgias ‑ Live Chat & Helpdesk

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

Price: 7-day free trial, from $60/month

Gorgias is one of the best Shopify customer service apps, helping in the creation of a single help desk that allows Shopify store owners to track and respond to email requests, live chat, voicemail, and social media pages. Therefore, agents can also merge and respond to conversations without creating any problems. 

Gorgias is simple to integrate with Shopify, Slack, and most other Shopify-friendly applications. Some models assist with automation, and macros to help agents save the most of their time. This improves consumer loyalty and allows them to make quicker purchasing choices. With this app, you can handle and respond to messages from all contact platforms from a single interface, including email, chat, social and online ad comments, and live messenger. This alone saves a significant amount of time. Gone are the days of having to switch between channels to search and respond to messages. It’s easy to keep track of your duties and prioritize your tasks when all is in one place. If you are looking for a powerful customer service app, Gorgias comes out as the most appropriate.

Gorgias Live Chat Helpdesk Shopify App

Gorgias Features

  • Connect with different support channels: email, chat, social and online, and live messenger in one platform which saves your time
  • Revenue dashboard: Calculate the impact of live chat and customer service team has made in terms of profits
  • Data-rich Macros and Machine Learning: Automatic typing and customized messages focused on customer information and order specifics
  • Conversation history: keeps track of the whole consumer timeline
  • Versatile and adaptable

HelpCenter | FAQ & HelpDesk

Overall Rating: 4.8/5 

Price: 14-day free trial, free plan available, plan from $4.95/month 

HelpCenter is one of the best Shopify customer service apps for Shopify stores that includes live chat support, helpdesk ticketing, and a FAQ generator. HelpCenter enables you to effectively handle all client requests, regardless of contact medium, through a single helpdesk. In reality, HelpCenter allows users to easily handle all incoming requests from different sources using a single account.

Customers can communicate with you even though you are not present with live chat, so no messages are missed. The implementation process is extremely easy to begin, which greatly reduces technical difficulties. Moreover, the FAQ pages created for your Shopify store support several languages and are search engine optimized. It also allows you to divide your FAQ page into divisions and groups to better understand your clients.

By combining your helpdesk with Shopify Orders, you can handle such operations such as cancellations, refunds, and so on directly from your helpdesk, saving you time and allowing you to easily respond to customer-focused problems.

HelpCenter Shopify Customer Support App

HelpCenter FAQ & HelpDesk Features

  • A simple FAQ page that answers your customers’ questions before they reach your inbox
  • Manage all inquiries received via email, chat, or Facebook Messenger
  • Increase customer satisfaction with Live Chat, which keeps your store available in real-time
  • Responsive layout
  • Fast and devoted support

Reamaze Live Chat & Helpdesk

Overall Rating: 4.9/5 

Price: 14-day free trial, from $29/month

Reamaze comes in the third rank of best Shopify customer service apps, assisting your Shopify store by providing you with a simple-to-manage customer support center. Customers get quicker feedback and can make purchasing choices faster as all of their conversations from Live Chat, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks are combined into one simple inbox. Customers receive automatic updates from Reamaze with promotional material or reminders.

Moreover, customers get automatic updates from Reamaze with promotional material or reminders that their cart has to be checked out. Shopify businesses can handle customer support for several businesses or stores from a single Reamaze account with the Multi-Brand feature. This app is one of the most popular customer service apps on the Shopify app store, and it’s compatible with Shopify Plus stores as well.

Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk Shopify App

Reamaze Features

  • Multi-Channel Communication Support (helpdesk, live chat, customer engagement) that saves your time and efforts 
  • Multiple email addresses: The ability to delegate emails to team members, as well as the ability to combine emails received by customers on the same topic
  • Content, Call Center, Knowledge Base, and Email Management 

Customer Service & Ticket Desk

Overall Rating: 5/5 

Price: Free plan available, plan from $50-$250/month 

Richpanel is a customer data platform that assists Shopify stores in comprehending and extracting value from their data. It allows agents to quickly address consumer problems turning tabs, built specifically for high-volume, high-growth businesses that seek to expand customer support without adding additional employees.

Richpanel displays a rich background next to and ticket by combining customer and order details from users’ integrations. Agents can save a lot of time when it is on one phone. Available integrations include Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, WooCommerce, Smile, and ReCharge 

All of the users’ service networks are managed in this app. Customers can reach you via chat, email, Facebook, Instagram, phone, and SMS, and they can reply from a single, attractive dashboard. Users can also increase efficiency by using chatbots, which can automatically gather visitor emails, set reply-time goals, qualify visitors, and route them based on their skills.

Richpanel Customer Service Ticket Desk Shopify App

Richpanel Features

  • Create self-service flows to fully simplify the ticketing process
  • Brings in consumer and order details from the integrations to give each ticket a rich meaning
  • Manage all of the customer service outlets in one location (via chat, email, Facebook, Instagram, phone & SMS)
  • Chatbots will help you be more productive
  • Flexible reporting 

Enorm Ask a question

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

Price: 21-day free trial, $3.99/month

Product Questions Answers, launched by the Enorm team, is an important app for all Shopify eCommerce management to enable customers to ask questions and get answers. Customers can ask questions about items and contact the admin directly. When a customer contacts the business, an email is sent to the admin. This will make shopping less stressful, more dependable, and more trustworthy.

Customers can use the app to ask as many questions as they want on a variety of things. This will assist brands in comprehending the most common brands as well as how to enhance them.

Enorm Ask a Question Shopify App

Enorm Features

  • Allows clients to inquire about as many things as they want
  • Admins receive question notifications via email and reply with acceptable responses via email or directly on the question board
  • Customize with ease
  • Responsive layout 

Wrapping up

The most popular eCommerce stores rely on delivering the finest customer service from the first visit to product distribution and even afterward for reviews. Excellent customer service lets you gain consumer loyalty and reputation, which leads to an increase in your customer base and market development. 

In this post, we attempted to compile a list of the best Shopify customer service apps that allow you to engage with visitors and customers in real-time while also keeping them updated on shipment and delivery.

We hope that by the end of this post, Shopify merchants have a fantastic range of customer service apps to pick from, as well as a variety of customer satisfaction apps to use to increase overall sales.

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