The more creative you are in providing options to your customers, the more likely you will lead the market. Meaning, the more product options you give your customers, the better the shopping experience will be. For example, your products may have varied text, colors, sizes, or other features that the customer may consider before adding to their cart. You could require the best Shopify product options app for this.

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Why Do You Need Shopify Product Options App?

Shopify’s Limits On Product Option

The term “Shopify variant restriction” refers to limiting your products’ number of variants. Specifically, when it comes to putting up a store or migrating to Shopify, one of the most significant limitations is the maximum of 100 variants (and 3 alternatives) per product.

For example, if you’re a Shopify store owner selling silver necklaces with personalized options, you’ll quickly reach Shopify’s variant limit. It means you’ll have an ever-increasing SKU amount, which Shopify doesn’t allow or recommend.

product options app Shopify

“The variant limit of 100 variants per product for any account or plan cannot be raised,” Shopify has stated. As a result, even with the Shopify Plus plan, you will still be limited to 100 variations. It’s simply too crucial to the core platform’s code.

Ideally, the Shopify App Store is a terrific place to start if you’re searching for a solution. There are well-established solutions in the Shopify App store to assist eCommerce merchants. These Shopify partners have been validated and are specialists in the platform across a wide range of industries and services.

How Can Shopify Product Options App Help You?

Creating a one-of-a-kind store is more than a good idea. It distinguishes your company and helps you respond to your client’s requirements and desires in a straightforward and adaptable manner.

Shopify Product Options app

As previously said, Shopify provides a wide range of solutions to help you overcome its restrictions and improve your business in practically every manner possible. And one of the most popular categories in the Shopify app store is personalization.

Customers may look at a product’s options without switching between product pages in various ways with the Shopify product options app. This can be done using multiple apps, including ones that employ color swatches or have varied sizes. And if you’re in the print-on-demand business, one of these solutions might be critical.

Moreover, providing various product options may enhance the customer’s shopping experience. Indeed, customizable products typically have a greater conversion rate and lower return rate. As a result, sales can be high while costs are low. Customizable products aren’t even subject to return regulations in some nations.

Top 10 Shopify Product Options Apps Review

#1 Product & Variants Options by BSS Commerce

Shopify product options app - Product & Variants Options by BSS Commerce

BSS Commerce’s Product & Variants Options is an all-in-one customization solution that can assist both B2B and B2C businesses in developing.

BSS Commerce Shopify is a longtime Shopify partner with excellent customization services, including eight apps trusted by 11,000+ stores worldwide with an average rating of 5.0. So even though this is a new app, you can trust the quality of the features.

Specifically, this is recommended as the best Shopify app for product options allowing retailers to create unlimited product choices for customizing their products. It also encourages customers to customize their purchases, which boosts sales.

Customers can also add their product preferences to your website in various methods. Dropdown menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, color swatches, uploads, textbox, number fields, and more features are available.

Primarily, this Shopify product options app is entirely free.

Variants Options by BSS Commerce

Main Feature:

  • Offer an unlimited number of product options.
  • Advanced Options: Min/Max Selector, Help text, Default value, and Placeholder text can all be customized.
  • Provides various customizing options: Customers can select from an endless number of choices immediately on the product page.
  • Apply options for products and variants in bulk.
  • On the Cart and Checkout pages, display the specifics of the selected option.
  • Easy to set up, no coding knowledge required.
  • Compatible with all themes.

Pricing: Free

Recommended For:

We recommend this software for all-scale enterprises because it is completely free but still has valuable features. Although it has advanced features, the app is intuitive and easy to use, even for beginners. In particular, the application is also compatible with the B2B/Wholesale Solution app, a complete wholesale solution. Therefore, it is even more suitable for B2B business.

In addition, Product & Variants Options by BSS Commerce will continue to update with many new features in the future.

BSS Product Variants Options

#2 Variant Option Product Options by Relentless Apps

Shopify product options app - Variant option product options

Variant Option Product Options by Relentless Apps allows you to improve your website’s buying experience for visitors. Various choices are available to help you create a better product page that will enable customers to adjust their orders.

Customers can make changes to the things they order in various ways. Swatches, radio buttons, checkboxes, image uploads, and custom text boxes are a few examples. Besides, the styles that are offered for each selection are also excellent. For example, you can have rounded corners, square corners, or invisible buttons for buttons.

Moreover, you can add conditional options to any product. So, if you only sell a red product in large, the only size option that appears when the user selects red is prominent. You can also make price modifications at the same time.

Main Feature:

  • You can specify a character limit for your consumers to input, especially the checkboxes option.
  • This Shopify app for product options offers a grid option to collect data.
  • If you have a lot of goods with the same options, you may use the duplicate function to copy the settings from one product to all of them.
  • This program provides you with 11 different field types to create alternatives for your product.


  • Starter: Free
  • Basic Plan: $8.99/month
  • Advanced: $18.99/month

Recommended For:

The pricing and features of the Basic plan will delight small and medium businesses. On the other hand, the Advanced plan of Variant Option Product Options is relatively inexpensive for small and medium enterprises compared to the other Shopify product options apps in this list. This plan includes all of the Basic plan’s product selections, as well as Price Add-ons and Conditional Logic.

If you have a store with various products but believe that Shopify variants are too limiting, the Advanced plan is an excellent option for you.

#3 Product Options Variant Option

Shopify product options app - product options variant option

Product Options Variant Option is a Shopify product options app that allows your customers to add customizations to your store’s products to make them more unique. You may add practically any personalization to products using various methods, including dropdown menus, image swatches, and more.

The only limit to customization is your imagination, and this app allows you to go beyond the Shopify core code’s 100-variant limit.

Product Options Variant Option is simple to set up and use. It only takes a few minutes to get started, but new app subscribers can benefit from the free installation service.

Main Feature:

  • Able to create an infinite number of variant alternatives.
  • Installation service is offered.
  • Customizations can be entered in a variety of ways on a product screen.
  • The powerful file uploads mechanism makes it simple for customers to provide bespoke designs and photos.


  • Free
  • $9.95/month

Recommended For:

This Shopify app for product options has a free plan but is limited to one product, so it is suitable for merchants who are just starting and want to test this custom product model. Besides, the new application only provides basic features, so it is not suitable for more demanding stores. It can also crash with some custom themes. Significantly, the biggest issue is that many people have trouble using the upload function for files. It doesn’t consistently allow all users across most devices to upload files.

#4 Gobo Product Options, Variant

G: Variants & Product Options

Globo’s Variants & Product Options app allows you to show product variants on your collection, home, and product pages to improve the customer experience and encourage them to buy.

The various option types are one of its primary features. This allows businesses to show not only a single product option but also creatively build up proper option sets for products with multiple functional elements.

This Shopify product options app also offers an add-on price function that automatically adjusts the price. Simply charge another $5 for the present wrapping option, for example. Finally, it can save your time by providing the Preview tool while setting up product options on mobile or desktop.

Main Feature:

  • Provide 12 option types
  • Offer live preview to save your time when setting.
  • Allow customers to choose a date and time on the Calendar. Set the language and format for Datetime.
  • Multiple file types and extensions are allowed.
  • Color swatches and picture swatches can be used to create vibrant options.

Pricing: Free

Recommended For:

The app is simple to use, but it may not work with all discount codes that a store owner might employ. Overall, a store’s options are still limited. As a result, it is suitable for small-scale stores. If your store has an extensive catalog, this application may not meet the needs.

Besides, some customers report that they don’t respond to the support team.

#5 Bold Product Options

Bold product options

Bold Product Options lets you add as many product options or custom fields as you want to give your customers the most excellent possible purchasing experience. You can also charge for particular add-ons to a product. For example, if you wish to set a specific fee for gift wrapping at your store, you can do so. This is an excellent strategy to boost average order value, earnings, and upsell opportunities.

Additionally, you can attach options to products, such as extended warranties or batteries, so that they are added to the basket at the same time as the product the buyer selects. Conditional logic can show or conceal options in the product options app Shopify. Customers can also upload their mockups, designs, photographs, and logos to produce personalized items.

Main Feature:

  • Customers can upload their photographs, graphics, and logos, among other things.
  • Specific product photos can be hidden or shown using conditional logic.
  • Additions to products are subject to a fee.
  • Linking products together allows them to be automatically added to a customer’s cart (i.e., batteries, extended warranties, etc.).

Pricing: 14-day free trial

  • Basic: $19.99/month
  • Premium: $49.99/month

Recommended For:

  • Basic: This plan is suitable for small and medium scale businesses because it offers them unlimited options and basic features such as file upload, batch apply, and customization.
  • Premium: There is no limitation on the number of personalized products with this plan, making these plans suitable for medium and big-scale businesses. Chain stores, as well as online wholesale traders, are highly encouraged to use this plan.

#6 Infinite Options

Infinite options

With dropdown menus, swatches, numeric inputs, text, checkboxes, and more, this Shopify product options app lets customers choose the customizations they want from your store’s products. Every product can have a variety of alternatives, and you can charge extra for different options.

You can also keep track of how many characters the customer has left if you have a limited number of characters for particular selections. This function can be an excellent strategy to boost client satisfaction and avoid disappointment.

Finally, this app offers you calendars and date pickers.

Main Feature:

  • Provide seven field types to personalize your product.
  • The product bundling feature allows you to charge extra for services or add-ons that come with your items.
  • Allow you to boost pricing by bundling add-on products with your option selections.
  • You can provide a placeholder/default option.
  • When certain items have character limits, this display shows the number of characters consumers have.

Pricing: 14-day free trial.

  • Professional: $12.99/month

Recommended For:

Infinite Options provides a single package that includes endless options, conditional logic, and complex functions in a bundle. As a result, this software, among other Shopify product options apps, is best suited for small and medium-sized organizations.

However, because of its low cost and a vast range of advanced features, this software is also suitable for large-scale organizations.

#7 Hulk Product Options

Hulk custom variant app

Hulk Product Options is one of the best for personalizing products and generating upsell chances for your company. You can create an endless number of variations and add extra for things like gift-wrapping or expedited delivery.

Furthermore, you can either limit the number of customizations clients can make on the website or allow them to make as many as they want. There’s also inventory control, which means you may specify the number of stock for each variation if you have all the variations in stock and don’t print on demand.

Finally, the app allows users to adjust their orders while still in the cart. This action can aid in lowering cart abandonment and increasing conversion rates. It also implies that your clients will have a far better experience.

Main Feature:

  • The product options app Shopify also allows for site discount codes to be entered into the shopping page.
  • You can also employ conditional logic, which stops some options from appearing if another option has already been selected.
  • Offer GDPR compliance, assuring data security and customer protection.
  • Inventory control for product varieties, so you only sell what you have.

Pricing: 14-day free trial.

  • Starter: Free
  • Basic Plan: $8.90/month
  • Advanced Plan: $18.90/month

Recommended For:

The app has a variety of pricing plans to meet the needs of any Shopify store. Besides, the higher the plan, the more features there are. Ideally, the advanced plan is enough when it comes to large businesses. However, its price is somewhat higher compared to other Shopify product options apps that provide similar features.

#8 Custom Product Options

Shopify custom product options

Customers may customize their purchases and obtain precisely what they want with the Custom Product Options app, which has a lot of advanced possibilities. A live product image preview, for example, is included in the app. As a result, if consumers enter text on a t-shirt product, they’ll be able to see how it’ll look before it’s printed.

Moreover, image and color pickers are also available, making personalization simple, accurate, and enjoyable for your company. You can also charge for each customization to ensure that you don’t lose any money or profits.

Besides, if you make a mistake and want to go back to an earlier version, that’s also no problem; all previous versions of your forms are saved and can be used again and again.

Main Feature:

  • There are numerous possibilities for adding new customizations to products. File uploads, checkboxes, text fields, dropdown menus, and more features are available. On your options
  • Customization fees are levied on products.
  • You may see a live preview of the product image on your options.
  • Installing and getting started on your website is a breeze.

Pricing: 7-day free trial.

  • Classic plan: $8.99/month
  • Pro plan: $18.99/month

Recommended For:

If you already have image optimization apps or don’t need the image customization feature, then the classic plan will be right for you. On the contrary, you can consider the pro plan if you require more advanced features.

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#9 Zepto Product Personalizer

Zepto Product Personalizer

Zepto Product Personalizer is one of top-rated Shopify product options apps that can provide a limitless amount of product customizations for your products. You can utilize a logic editor to hide/show choices as needed as the customer selections.

You can establish rates based on the choices made by the customer. Therefore, designing your store will never leave you short on revenue or profit. Customers can add options in various methods, including text, coloring text, image upload, and more.

When a consumer changes the product they’re ordering, the live preview updates. You can also include a live preview from various perspectives. For example, there is a front, rear, and side in clothes.

Main Feature:

  • All of the text in the app can be translated into your local language, making it multilingual.
  • Provide an endless number of perspectives for a live preview of the product.
  • Include a Logic editor that hides/shows choices based on the customer’s input.
  • You can use custom CSS to match the app to your existing theme.

Pricing: 15-day free trial.

  • Starter: $9.99/month
  • Starter Plus: $14.99/month
  • Moderate: $19.99/month
  • Unlimited: $29.99/month

Recommended For:

Starter: This is the best option for small businesses because it allows them to personalize up to 49 goods. If you don’t have more than 49 products, you might use this plan.

Starter Plus, Moderate: Conditional Logic and add-on prices are ideal for medium and large organizations. The number of customized products available under the plans has been increased to 99 and 299, respectively.

Finally, there is no limit to the number of products with an unlimited package. This approach is highly recommended for both chain stores and online wholesalers.

#10 Dynamic Product Options

Shopify Product Options App - Dynamic Product Options

Dynamic Product Options is an all-in-one solution for creating a store with a diverse range of customizable products. You may establish a sustainable business model by creating configurable or bundle items of varying complexity and adding formulas to calculate a price.

There are numerous customization possibilities available, including a visual drag-and-drop interface, dropdown menu, radio buttons, checkboxes, and more. Swatches can be text-based or image-based. You can specify a fixed or percentage-based charge for each change choice. Therefore, the price can be increased or decreased as needed.

Main Feature:

  • Customizations can be entered in a variety of ways.
  • Add or remove the amount from the introductory price based on the options.
  • Use price increases that are fixed or based on a percentage.
  • On the Shopify App Store, you have a good reputation.

Pricing: 15-day free trial:

  • Starter: $9.99/month
  • Standard: $19/month
  • Premium: $29/month
  • Ultimate: $49/month

Recommended For:

Small and medium-sized enterprises with a few goods and restricted shipping territories may consider the Starter and Standard programs.

On the other hand, because of extra features such as inventory tracking and bespoke options for client groups, the Premium, and Ultimate plans are better suited for large-scale businesses of things to sell and a vast shipping region.

Final Thought

While sales are the ultimate goal, eCommerce may be more than that for the most part. If addressed creatively, an online store can be transformed into an actual work of art.

Even though Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform, it still has certain limitations, especially with product options. In this case, the Shopify product options apps may bring a lot of value to your business. With so many options and tools to choose from, you should carefully consider your budget and features to make the most reasonable choice.

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