1. Introduction

Each millisecond in the fast-paced world of online shopping is critical. A recent SOASTA study shows that mobile pages loading one second faster saw up to a 27% increase in conversion rate. Indeed, longer load times equate to higher bounce rates. The above reason leads to unhappy customers leaving their shopping carts before checkout, and you lose sales.

As an experienced Shopify expert, we at BSS Commerce know how important website speed is to the success of your Shopify store. Therefore, this guide looks at the top 5 Shopify speed optimization apps to help you speed up your store, give your customers a lightning-fast shopping experience, and see your sales go through the roof.

Are you curious? Let’s go over the overalls and specifics.

2. Our Criteria for Listing Shopify Speed Optimization Apps

The Shopify App Store provides various fast page-loading apps that integrate with your Shopify store. With so many options, which application is suitable for your needs? To meet your needs, we will assist you in choosing the best Shopify page speed app based on 7 key factors.

Simple usability: We prioritize user-friendly apps that have a low technical barrier and do not require advanced technical knowledge. You can still set up and run the app well if you are not good at coding.

Comprehensive features: The apps provide a complete set of features to enhance speed, including caching, image compression, code modification, and lazy loading.

Reasonable prices: We look at free and paid options to meet your needs and budgets.

Seamlessly customer support: Reliable and responsive customer support is crucial. If you have any problems while setting up or using the app, the client support team should offer quick help and optimized solutions.

Customer feedback: If a Shopify app for speed optimization has good ratings and reviews from customers in the Shopify App Store, you can be sure that it works well. We give more weight to apps with a history of making users happy.

Shopify speed optimization apps on Shopify App Store

Additionally, we highlight apps that:

Are built with Shopify: A page speed optimizer Shopify needs to integrate with Shopify’s native platform to ensure that everything works and is compatible.

Hold a Shopify app certification: We place a high value on apps that have received this certification because they adhere to the highest standards of quality, guarantee speedy performance, ease of use, and top security. To get this status, apps must meet specific achievement criteria, including:

  • User experience and design excellence
  • Technical excellence and performance
  • Strong customer support
  • Clear and transparent pricing
  • Positive customer reviews

If you want a reliable and effective Shopify speed optimization app, look for one with everything we’ve listed.

3. Top 5 Shopify Speed Optimization Apps

This section saves you time with the top 5 Shopify speed optimization apps we tested and tried.

Here is the table that summarises the overall features of those best apps.

The comparison table of the best Shopify speed optimziation apps


Now let’s take a look at the details.

3.1. TinyIMG Image Optimization, Speed

TinyIMG is the best Shopify app for speed optimization that can significantly improve the quality of images. Advanced lossless compression techniques make image file sizes much smaller without losing quality, meaning your product images will load faster, which is very important for e-commerce sites.

Tiny SEO -one of the best Shopify speed optimization appsHighlighted features:

  • Automatic image optimization: TinyIMG optimizes all new and existing product images in your store, saving you time and effort.
  • Lossless compression: An app maintains high-quality visuals while dramatically reducing file sizes.
  • Multiple image formats: It supports various image formats, including JPEG, PNG, and WebP, for optimal compression based on the image type.
  • Bulk optimization: Image SEO, image compression, image resize, file and alt text generator with just one click.
  • Lazy load: Use auto page speed optimizer to improve your site’s speed score.


  • Pay as you go: It is free to install.
  • Beginner: $14/month.
  • Advanced: $24/month.
  • Yearly: $96/year or $8/month (billed every 12 months).
  • Enterprise: $79/month.

Customer feedback:

“Great offers in the plugin. It is not only an image & website speed improver, it takes care of SEO as well. And it does it’s work good on my website. Great support by Julia.”

“Customer service is excellent — it’s a great & cost-effective way for me, a small biz owner, to manage my own SEO and optimization requirements.”

“They are crazy helpful. It’s truly shocking to get such amazing customer service. They did a custom SEO tag for us all because I just mentioned this would be great to have. They are so easy to get to a human. If every app took after them it would save a lot of headaches…”

3.2. Booster: Page Speed Optimizer

Booster - one of the best Shopify speed optimization apps

Booster is a Shopify speed optimization app free with easy-to-use features. It can speed up different parts of your Shopify store. It offers a simplified method that doesn’t need any complicated settings.

Booster loads pages ahead of time while customers look around your store and hover over product links. Indeed, through browser preloading, this app speeds up the loading of your second page up to three times. The next page immediately appears when they click, making the experience lightning-fast.

Highlighted features:

  • One-click optimization: It boosts your store’s speed with a single click, perfect for beginners.
  • Image optimization: It compresses images and optimizes formats for faster loading.
  • Lazy loading: Images load only when scrolled into view, reducing initial page load time.
  • Minification: It minifies HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to improve website performance.
  • Browser caching: It enables browser caching to improve repeat visitor experience.

Pricing: A free plan is available.

Customer feedback:

“Enhanced User Experience: Since implementing this app, my customers have enjoyed a much better shopping experience. It’s intuitive, responsive, and adds a lot of value to my site.”

“Blazing fast!!! I hired a company to Optimize our site speed. They did a perfect job and our site speed is now great! Our GTMetrix score is now an “A”, and our Google Page Speed is 89 on mobile and 95 on desktop…”

“My Store is very slow but this app increas my store speed 5x faster Thanks Booster Optimizer”

3.3. Tapita SEO & Speed Optimizer


Tapita is a powerful page speed Shopify app that combines ease of use with advanced speed optimization features. It caters to both beginners and more technical users seeking granular control.
It provides various tools that can help you improve your SEO and page speed. These include a speed booster, an image optimizer, an SEO audit, SEO meta templates, Google SEO schema, broken links, sitemaps, page indexing, image alt, keyword research, and more.

Highlighted features:

  • Image optimization: It offers various image compression options, including lossless and lossy methods, allowing you to balance image quality and file size reduction.
  • Minification: To improve loading speed, it delays JavaScript and loads a page before users click on it.
  • CDN integration: It integrates with a Content Delivery Network for faster global content delivery.
  • Detailed reports: It provides comprehensive reports on your store’s speed performance, allowing you to track progress and identify areas for further optimization.


  • The free plan is available.
  • Basic $9.99/month.
  • Standard $29.99/month.
  • Advanced $49.99/month.

Note: If you use the Shopify plan, the Advanced plan, or Shopify Plus, you will need to pay an extra $5, $30, or $60 for each package. This applies to all of Tapita’s pricing plans except the free plan.

Customer feedback:

“Our store was slower than other stores and needed help. Liam was a huge help with optimizing the rest of our site and now our site performs comparatively faster. Thank you Liam!”

“Tapita SEO is a fantastic app that revolutionized my online store’s performance. The speed boost was immediate, providing customers with a smoother experience. The SEO tools are top-notch, optimizing visibility without breaking the bank…”

“I’ve been using this app for a few months, and I must say it’s the best speed-boosting app I’ve used. Now I’m using more of their SEO tools and I’m very impressed. SEO is not something I’ve done well with, and if you’re in the same boat, I’d suggest reaching out to their fast and friendly customer service…”

3.4. Swift SEO Page Speed Optimizer

Swift is one of the best Shopify speed optimization apps

Swift is a “Built for Shopify” app, offering advanced SEO features to optimize your store for Google ranking factors, including meta title, description, alt text, redirects, sitemap, in-depth audit, auto SEO scan, and missing content detection.

It also provides advanced speed optimization techniques and can analyze competitors’ best practices. Swift also helps boost SEO, maintain SEO efforts, and improve page speed.

Highlighted features:

  • Image optimization: It optimizes product images with advanced lossless compression techniques.
  • Lazy loading: It implements lazy loading for images and other media elements.
  • Minification & concatenation: Combine your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.
  • SEO features: It improves your store’s SEO ranking with features like meta tag optimization and schema markup.


  • Free plan with a 3-day free trial.
  • Basic $9/month or $86/year and save 20%.
  • Premium $19/month or $182/year and save 20%.
  • Premium plus $29/month or $278/year and save 20%.

Customer Feedback:

“We like to use Swift for our website speed optimilization. We do this a few times a year to boost the speed of our website. The communication and results are good, so I would recommend it. We will use it again.!”

“I was brand new to Shopify and like anyone, tried all kinds of apps in the beginning. This led to a very slow score on google, it was down in the low 20’s. The turn around time was quick and Now I am consistently around 75 for mobile and 97 for desktop.”

“I used the services of this app and the speed of my site has improved dramatically. The support response is also great(Supported by Julie). This is an app that I can recommend.”

3.5. Sherpas: Smart SEO

Smart SEO app

Smart SEO gives you the tools and the ability to set it up to automatically work on important SEO tasks like meta tags, image optimization, page speed, and more.

It uses AI to generate compelling product meta tags, optimize store images and page speed, add structured data for better Google understanding, and automatically detect and fix broken links.

Highlighted features:

  • AI support: It applies the power of AI (ChatGPT-4 Turbo) to develop interesting product meta tags.
  • UX support: Better UX and a higher SEO rank will come from making your store’s images and pages load faster.
  • Minification & concatenation: It automatically finds and fixes broken onsite, visited, or external links.
  • Backlinks report: You get a detailed report on your backlinks and work on your strategy for building links.


  • The free plan is available.
  • Pro plan: $9.99/month.
  • Business: $19.99/month.
  • Premium: $29.99/month.

Customer feedback:

“I really enjoy the Smart SEO app by Sherpas and I am very happy with their customer support team. They identified and fixed an issue very quickly.”

“As a business owner who values straightforward, no-nonsense solutions, I’m thoroughly impressed. The app’s functionality aligns perfectly with what they advertise, making it a reliable tool for my needs…”

“Great app with tons of features, the upgraded plans are very reasonable, and the SUPPORT is unreal. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and, understanding. I have not had one question for them they weren’t able to find a solution for very quickly…”

4. BSS Commerce’s Shopify Speed Optimization Service

Even though Shopify speed optimization apps have helpful tools, you, as a store owner, must do them all yourself, which takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Sometimes, you can’t get everything to work better.

You can fix it with BSS Commerce’s Shopify Speed Optimization Service. We will handle everything needed to speed up your store, so you can focus on other essential business tasks.

Here’s what sets BSS Commerce apart:

  • Shopify expertise: We have the prestigious “Shopify Expert” badge, which shows that we know a lot about the Shopify platform and have a history of success using it. An honour badge that is only given to very specialized agencies.
  • 360-degree discovery report: Our Shopify experts always prioritize the customer first and ensure to provide you with clear and precise information. Therefore, we make a 360 Discovery Report, which is a detailed report to investigate your Shopify speed issues and suggest specific solutions to solve each one.
  • Certified testing team: Our team has the highest level of testing expertise, “ISTQB Platinum Partner” certification, which means that we can ensure that the implementation is fully optimized and bugs-free.
  • Global experience: We’ve worked with well-known brands from more than 150 countries for over 11 years, so we know a lot about different markets and business models, which can help you create the best and most effective eCommerce solution.
  • Integrity and transparency: At BSS Commerce, we also honour our commitment to honesty. Any changes will always be made clear to you, ensuring everything is evident as the project is carried out.
  • Dedication and flexibility: We have a 90% customer return rate because we work hard. We can work with people in different time zones to meet urgent needs and get solutions to you quickly.

These five things make us unique and explain why our service is good. More than 30,000 B2B and B2C eCommerce brands use our powerful apps and Shopify development services to grow, increase sales, and make more money quickly.

Let’s explore how our Shopify speed optimization services can efficiently boost your store speed!

5. Why You Need to Implement Shopify Page Speed App

The speed of a website and the number of sales it makes are strongly linked. Indeed, improving the speed at which your Shopify store loads can improve the user experience, make customers happier, and ultimately bring in more sales.
Here’s why you should use Shopify speed optimization apps that improve speed.

Increase conversion rates

Google studies demonstrate that a one-second delay in mobile load time can make people 20% less likely to buy something. This shows how important it is to speed up websites, especially since mobile shopping is becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, increasing speed directly leads to more sales.

Enhance SEO ranking

Google gives websites that load faster more weight in their ranking algorithms. So a website that loads quickly will appear higher in organic search results.

Reduce bounce rate

Unbounce, a landing page platform, says that a 2-second delay in page load time can make people 103% more likely to leave the site right away. Slow websites lead to visitors bouncing off before exploring your products. You lose sales opportunities if your website’s loading times are too slow.

Improve customer satisfaction

Neil Patel is a marketing expert who says that 47% of people who shop online expect to load pages in less than two seconds, and 40% of people who visit a site take more than three seconds to load and leave it. These numbers show how important it is to speed up your website so that potential customers stay on it instead of visiting competitors.

6. FAQs about Page Speed Shopify App

6.1. What are some top Shopify speed optimization apps?

Our article has explored several top Shopify speed optimization apps, including:

  • TinyIMG (Image Optimization)
  • Booster (Page Speed Optimizer)
  • Tapita (Comprehensive Speed Optimization)
  • Swift (Speed Optimization & SEO)
  • Sherpas Smart SEO (Speed Optimization & SEO)

The best app for you depends on your specific needs and technical expertise. You should consider things like price, customer reviews, how easy it is to use, and the number of features it has.

6.2. Are there any free Shopify speed optimization apps for my business?

Yes, there are many free Shopify speed optimization apps that offer basic features such as image compression and lazy loading. For smaller stores, these can be an excellent place to start. On the other hand, free plans may not offer all the features that larger stores or those looking for advanced optimization need.

6.3. What are the criteria for choosing a proper Shopify speed optimization app?

When picking a Shopify speed optimization app, here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Is the app easy to install, configure, and use? Does it suit technical novices?
  • Does the app offer image optimization, lazy loading, minification, or CDN integration?
  • Does it fit your budget? Free plans may suffice for basic needs, but paid plans offer more features and customization.
  • Does the app provider provide reliable and responsive customer support if you have issues?
  • Does the app team provide the dedicated support?

6.4. Why do I need to optimize my Shopify store speed?

Website speed optimization offers numerous benefits for your Shopify store, including:

  • Lower the bounce rate and make the user experience better.
  • Increase conversion rates and sales.
  • Enhance SEO ranking and organic search visibility.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and brand perception.

For detailed information, you can read more carefully in Section 5 Why You Need to Implement Shopify Speed Optimization Apps.

6.5. Besides Shopify apps, how can I optimize my store speed?

Shopify speed optimization apps are a good place to start, but there are more things you can do to speed up your store:

  • Pick a reliable web hosting provider to ensure your store’s foundation is optimized for speed.
    Use tools to compress image file sizes without sacrificing quality.
  • Enable browser caching to allow visitors’ browsers to store website elements locally, improving subsequent visits.
  • Contact BSS Commerce’s Shopify Speed Optimization Service to handle everything needed to speed up your store, so you focus on different essential business tasks.

7. Conclusion

Speed optimization is a smart move that will help your online store in the long run, whether you choose easy-to-use Shopify speed optimization apps or a full service like BSS Commerce’s Shopify Speed Optimization Service. The tools in our article will help you make your shopping experience faster and easier for people to use, increasing sales and your bottom line.

However, many things affect sales and the quality of the online user experience, besides how fast a page loads. If you want to make your store run better overall and make more sales, find out more about BSS Commerce’s services for Shopify.