In our experience regarding Shopify tutorials, we investigated 6 best SEO apps for Shopify that will optimize your result ranking on Google.

I. Why you need SEO apps for Shopify?

seo apps for shopify

  • An effective form of advertisement

Due to E-commerce shifting towards marketing strategy and communication, the power of SEO is highly evaluated. According to recent data, nearly 5 billion people are surfing on the Internet where they can easily get all the information about what they need. Therefore, utilizing information on SEO is the best practice for your site to obtain profound impressions from customers. On the search engine like Google, popular websites are enabled to cross a customer’s mind first in his/her searching process only when they are excellent at ranking in search results for related keywords for products or services they offer.

  • Boost brand awareness

Although appearing on the first page with particular keywords can’t ensure almost all customers associate with your brand, it is still an effective way to build trust and credibility for your website to compete with many other websites mushrooming outside. There is no doubt that when people are looking for products or services via Google, they will contact and compare some first results. When your website appears many times, it is obvious that your brands leave an impression on customers’ mind. And if they are satisfied with your products, they will return next time.

Moreover, expand your business by connecting with other social network platforms that can boost your sales performance ultimately, here’s how to set up marketing channels for your Shopify website.

best shopify seo plugin

  • Better user experience

An ultimate SEO absolutely brings a better and worthwhile user experience. Meanwhile, optimal user experience gets involved in bettering organic rankings and maximizing visibility. Google is programmed to interpret how favorable a website can be in search engine result pages (SERPs) which is based on various factors. For that reason, the aim of Google or any other search engines is to offer users the necessary information in fewer quick clicks. Therefore, SEO goes along with positive user experience, which makes a huge contribution to increasing conversion rates. You should make full use of  SEO to boost your brand’s favor and user interface.

Do you know visualize the store and update comprehensive content to capture attention from your audience is also a part of optimizing SEO? Let’s figure out top best Shopify product labels apps in the market.

  • Increase sales

SEO plays an important role in enhancing the relationship between customers and your business after determining exactly your target customers who are proactively seeking for your virtual products and services to tackle their problems. In fact, SEO is a growing tool bringing the highest percentage of traffic at 53%. As we discussed above, SEO brings the better UX, UI as well as the increasing conversion rate, which plays as an essential factor to enhance sales. Besides, SEO optimization strategy is more cost-effective than others such as trade shows, and content syndication in the long run, especially as budgets have to get tighter. Therefore, the cost per click increases as long as the search volume for keywords about your products keeps rising.

II. Top 6 SEO apps for Shopify websites

1. SEO Doctor

seo doctor shopify

App link:

If you are an amateur in technology in general and in SEO in particular, SEO Doctor is the app designed for you! We will mention the most remarkable features of this app below:

  • Beginner-friendly: When installing the app, all you need to do is set up and… forget it. After scanning, SEO Doctor will automatically resolve SEO-related issues of your Shopify website.
  • Find & Fix All SEO Issues: This SEO app would help you find and fix broken links, optimize your title, description & product images to get a higher rank on Google. 
  • Webspeed: In addition, the images with an extra large size also have a negative effect on your website’s page speed. SEO Doctor is responsible for finding these photos and provides the detailed suggestions. 
  • JSON-LD & Structured Data: By using JSON-LD structured data, it will improve your SEO performance in a friendly way with search engines.

In terms of pricing, SEO Doctor provides both free and paid plans at $19.99/month. 

However, you should be aware that the free version is very limited. You need to test and fix all the bugs manually, as well as many other useful services are unavailable. It can be said that you have to choose the paid plan to experience the “real” SEO Doctor.

2. Smart SEO

smart seo shopify

App Link:

When listing the best SEO apps for Shopify stores, it will be a mistake if we don’t mention Smart SEO. 

  • On-Site SEO: Known as one of the best solutions for meta tags and ALT tags optimization, Smart SEO allows you to automatically generate them. 
  • Multi-language SEO: Besides, when running a business in the E-commerce field, it is normal when you need to approach customers coming from different countries with different languages. Hence, with multi-languages support, you can create different meta tags in each language to your global store. 
  • Sitemap: This app is also an ideal choice if you are requiring a sitemap, that helps you manage all your content pages easily. Smart SEO gives you all the necessary tools to add the completed JSON-LD data. 

With just $4.99/month – a very reasonable price, you will have a chance to experience the paid plan of Smart SEO. 

However, when comparing with other apps like SEO Doctor, Smart SEO has a downside – it requires you to adjust and solve almost all of the problems manually (except the main function – Meta Tags & ALT Tags Optimization). You will need to spend great time and effort tracking and fixing SEO bugs.

3. Search Pie: SEO Booster & Speed

search pie


Search Pie is a must-have SEO solution for your Shopify-based website, which helps optimize all SEO elements of your site, making Google notice the optimization and consider ranking your site higher on search pages. The higher your site is, the more customers can find your products.
  • Suitable for every SEO level: Search Pie is designed smartly for everyone from beginners to advanced SEO-ers. Therefore, you absolutely enjoy an easy-to-use app with in-depth guidance, strategize and manage your SEO ultimately.
  • 24/7 Live support: You will never get lost in SEO with this app as both technical and non-technical SEO supporters are always available to walk you through every SEO step, which also makes Search Pie surpass others.
  • Comprehensive SEO report : What’s noticeable is that users are facilitated by accuracy and speedy analysis and reports. Through them, you can understand how well your SEO strategies are operating and how you can improve that via specific steps. 
High-quality services often go along with equivalent cost. This SEO app offers you a free forever plan and also 3 trial days with paid ones starting from $39/month. The higher the plan is, the more premium SEO features you can enjoy, which help to fasten the crawling and updating of Google bots and to make Google better prioritize showing your site on search results.”

4. SEO Manager

seo manager shopify

SEO manager stands out in this list as a feature-rich tool. 

  • Super-charged SEO tool: This app brings a comprehensive SEO tool that includes over 20 features, such as SEO issues scan, advanced meta settings, Google mobile friendly test, Google result simulator, search analytics, and so much more.
  • Broken link management: Once it’s installed on your store, SEO Manager is responsible for detecting broken links and redirecting them to the certain ones. When it comes to efficiency, it can be said that this app is worth a one-size-fits-all SEO solution. 
  • Timely Feedback: In addition to that, to help your Shopify online store get found in Google, SEO Manager also provides thorough real-time feedback. Through these detailed and comprehensive reports, you will know clearly whether your SEO plans are going right.

Without a free plan for users, SEO Manager just has a 7-day-free-trial. $20/month is not a cheap price, so you should take into consideration carefully before making the last decision.

5. Plug in SEO

plug in seo shopify

Managed by SureSwift Capital, Plug in SEO is in the top SEO apps that Shopify store owners prefer. The app has proved its excellent performance with more than 2000 positive reviews on Shopify app.

  • Multilingual: Have you ever felt difficult in managing SEO tools because English is not your native language? If your answer is yes, don’t worry. Plug in SEO will solve all this problem with a multilingual feature that offers non-English language SEO.
  • Check and Fix SEO Issues: This app plays the role as a dedicated SEO assistant in running automatically SEO tests and providing detailed reports as well as suggestions. It will notice any unusual and potentially dangerous quickly to make sure that your SEO performance runs flawlessly.
  • Different pricing versions: Plug in SEO has three plans, including completely free version, optional Plus upgrade at $20/month, and optional expert fix packages. You can choose the most appropriate plans for your budget and requirements. 

However, keep in mind that you have to pay at least $180/one-off for a human expert to fix SEO problems for you – an expensive price.

6. SEO Image Optimizer

seo image optimizer shopify

When talking to adjust quality and sizes of all kinds of images, it is indispensable to write down the name on the top list for SEO apps via Google, which is SEO Image Optimizer. 

  • Complete SEO Optimization: This app offers many features including ALT type resolution, broken link fix and entire SEO optimization. 
  • Autopilot SEO Fixes: Another thing that can blow your mind is performed as a time-saving tool called automated SEO optimizer. It supports customers to ultimize time to associate with the app as well as maximizing user experience.
  • Easy to use: Don’t worry if you are low-tech. SEO Image Optimizer is the best app for you to build the first step to your business success because it is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. For these reasons, SEO Image Optimizer is worthwhile to gain reputation for a one-size-fits-all solution.

However, SEO Image Optimizer still remains unfavourable conditions for customers. It is not superb at navigating your location so that  it automatically changes your site without permission. And when customers want to handle their problems on the app, customer service is poorly managed to fix right after.