The Shopify gift card apps are a great extension, and this popular tool in marketing strategy has gained immense popularity as gifts for birthdays and other holidays. They offer the recipient the freedom to choose what they desire from your store.

In today’s digital era, gift cards have evolved to become more technologically advanced. Instead of being physical cards, they now exist as codes that can be easily entered during the checkout process. While there are methods to facilitate this in your store using coupons, there is a risk of consumers exploiting coupon codes to gain additional benefits.

Moreover, this approach may not provide the desired sense of thoughtfulness and excitement for the recipients. Although the standard Shopify gift certificate app is available, it lacks customization options for branding and personalization. This is where the utilization of the Shopify gift card apps becomes crucial.

Here are the full lists of the 8+ best Shopify gift card apps collected by BSS Commerce Shopify that you should refer to.

Review 8+ Best Shopify Gift Card Apps That Worth To Try

No. Shopify Gift Card Apps Rating Free Plan Free Trial Price/Month
1 Giftkart: Gift Card & CashBack 5/5 No 10 days $39 – $199
2 Gift Card Hero: All‑in‑one 4.9/5 Yes 7 days $19.99 – $39.99
3 Gift Cards & Loyalty 4.8/5 No 7 days $19.99 – $599.99
4 Gift Card Pro: Gift Card Suite 5/5 No 14 days $9.99 – $499.99
5 Vify: Professional Gift Cards 4.9/5 Yes 7 days $9.99 – $29.99
6 Govalo | Gift Card Suite 4.9/5 Yes 7 days $79 – $399
7 iziGift ‑ Gift Cards & Rewards 4.9/5 Yes No $9.99 – $299.99
8 Giftnote Digital Gift Messages 5/5 Free to Install No $1/Giftnote

Giftkart: Gift Card & CashBack

Giftkart app The GiftKart app by developer Skai Lama is a comprehensive gift card suite that enhances customer acquisition, conversion, and retention through a robust array of features. You can quickly generate customized digital gift cards and greeting cards with your brand’s identity, and effectively engage customers through bulk gift card campaigns.

Also, this Shopify gift card app supports you in facilitating refunds in the form of store credits, implementing reward and loyalty initiatives, and providing cashback options. Moreover, distributing automated gift card rewards, scheduling message delivery, and incorporating video messages within gift cards are options for you to use.

Highlight Features

  • Attract fresh clientele through a customized and branded digital gift card encounter.
  • Regain the loyalty of valuable customers through automated gift card initiatives.
  • Enhance the average value of orders by providing complimentary gift cards for substantial purchases.
  • Effectively handle operational funds by providing store credits instead of refunds for returned items.
  • Enjoy the benefits of adaptable design, multilingual assistance, and exceptional customer service.

Gift Card Hero: All‑in‑one

gift card hero The next name in the list of the best Shopify gift card apps is Gift Card Hero. This is a comprehensive application that provides customizable and reloadable gift cards. It aims to address the challenges associated with gift-giving by offering a user-friendly system for purchasing, sending, and redeeming gift cards.

With this app, users can upload their designs or choose from a selection of pre-made ones, add funds to their gift card balance, sell physical gift cards and eGift vouchers, and utilize point-of-sale tools. This versatile app serves as a helpful tool for increasing revenue during seasonal holidays, fostering enduring customer connections through personalized gift card certificates, and attracting new customers.

Highlight Features

  • Schedule the delivery of gift cards
  • Bulk utilities via CSV files (import, generator, update, mass send)
  • Top up or reload the gift card balance, and use the widget to check the balance of a gift card
  • Balance reminders that have not been used
  • Simple one-click setup, quick support, design customizations, and an API for developers Gift Cards & Loyalty Gift Cards is the preferred platform for eCommerce brands seeking gift card and store credit solutions. The advanced features cater to gift card sales, store credit management, rewards, referrals, refunds, and loyalty programs.

💥💥💥 Optimize performance with BLOOP: Referrals & Loyalty

Thanks to this platform, you can enhance customer retention rates and increase customer lifetime value. Instead of traditional points, incentivize your shoppers with easily comprehensible dollar amounts in the form of store credit. In addition, the integration with Shopify POS and an omnichannel solution allows you to reward customers whenever they make a purchase.

Highlight Features

  • Gift Cards: Customers can receive, schedule, and receive reminders about gift cards.
  • Workflows: Store credit rewards can be triggered and created based on customer actions.
  • Returns and Refunds: Gift card refunds can be issued and store credit can be offered for returns.
  • Loyalty: A proactive loyalty program can be launched to ensure the accumulation of store credit.
  • Bulk Gift Cards: Gift cards can be used for corporate gifts, employee recognition, or migration purposes.

Gift Card Pro: Gift Card Suite

Gift Card Pro Gift Card Suite Gift Card Pro is one of the best Shopify Gift Card apps, provided by Developer Gist that enables your customers to conveniently send digital gift cards directly to recipients via email or text. During the gift card purchasing process in your store, customers have the flexibility to select from a variety of gift card designs, specify a pre-set or custom monetary value, include a customized gift message, record a video message, and even schedule a specific date and time for the gift card delivery.

With the ability to customize the options available to your customers, you can create a truly unique and tailored experience.

Highlight Features

  • Customers have the option to conveniently schedule the delivery of Gift Cards through either Email or Text Message
  • Choose from a wide selection of 50 stunning Gift Card designs, or even upload your personalized design
  • Enjoy the flexibility of preset or custom Gift Card values, allowing you to add specific amounts that your recipients can choose from
  • Make your Gift Cards extra special by customizing them with heartfelt messages or even recorded video messages
  • The Gift Card Pro app allows you to send gift cards to up to 1,000 different email recipients in one order.

Vify: Professional Gift Cards

Vify Gift Card Vify Gift Card is an exceptional gift card and gift voucher management app that also offers loyalty rewards for your store. With Vify’s professional gift cards, the process of creating gift cards for your store becomes effortless and polished. By simply clicking a few buttons, you can easily design new gift cards with different values and amounts, and even customize the date and time of issuance.

Moreover, the app automatically displays the gift card interface in the customer’s preferred language based on their location and sends emails in the same language. This is the best gift card app for Shopify that is specifically designed to elevate your online store to new heights.

Highlight Features

  • Effectively handle gift card balances using the user-friendly balance adjustment feature.
  • Empower your customers to select a personalized value for their gift card during the purchase process.
  • Boost customer engagement and loyalty with the Gift Card Expired Reminder
  • Provide a balance checking page for customers to conveniently monitor the remaining balance of their gift card.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a custom email address with features like a custom email sender, BCC email, and more.

Govalo | Gift Card Suite

Govalo Gift Card Suite Create personalized gift cards, customizable subscriptions, and unique products for your online store using Gift Card Suite by Govalo. Unlike other digital gifting platforms, Govalo goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional experiences. With its comprehensive branding options, Govalo is also the best gift card app for Shopify that allows you to tailor your digital gift cards, resulting in increased average order value (AOV) and customer retention.

Furthermore, Govalo gift card app for Shopify prioritizes both the merchant and gift-recipient experience by offering giftable subscriptions, products, store credit, and corporate gifting. Thanks to meeting your customers where they are, Govalo provides a seamless purchasing journey, encouraging them to buy more gifts from your store.

Highlight Features

  • Customized digital gift cards that can be tailored to the recipient’s preferences and sent directly to them.
  • Customizable gift cards that can be personalized and conveniently delivered to the intended recipient.
  • Tailor-made digital gift cards that can be fully customized and conveniently sent directly to the gift recipient.
  • Gift cards that can be personalized and easily delivered to the intended recipient, offering a fully customizable gifting experience.
  • Fully customizable digital gift cards that can be personalized and conveniently sent directly to the recipient, ensuring a unique gifting experience.

iziGift ‑ Gift Cards & Rewards

iziGift Gift Cards Rewards Through the iziGift Shopify Gift Card app, you have the ability to generate and send gift cards via email for any event (Klaviyo Integration is also an option). Stand out from your competitors by utilizing this Shopify gift card app. Personalize your gift cards by selecting from a variety of templates or by incorporating your own brand design.

Additionally, you can distribute gift cards in bulk for refunds, rewards, and store credits (coming soon) with exquisitely designed gift cards. Keep tabs on gift card orders through a smooth and tailored gift card page, allowing customers to easily monitor their gift card balance.

Highlight Features

  • Tailor gift cards to suit individual preferences and personalize them using a variety of gift card templates.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Klaviyo to generate personalized emails for your digital gift cards.
  • Design a unique gift card balance page that allows customers to conveniently check their remaining balance.
  • Streamline your operations by efficiently issuing rewards, refunds, discounts, and store credit through bulk gift card distribution.
  • Stay organized and effortlessly manage customer orders and gift cards with the comprehensive dashboard feature.

Giftnote Digital Gift Messages

Giftnote Digital Gift Messages The Digital Gift Messages app offers a solution to the challenges of printing physical message cards. It provides a seamless digital gift messaging experience that integrates smoothly into your Shopify store.

With this Shopify gift card app, customers can write personalized and heartfelt gift messages, specify the recipient’s address, and choose the desired delivery time (immediate, future, or upon delivery). This exceptional gifting experience applies to both physical and digital gift cards and can be conveniently sent via email or text message.

Highlight Features

  • Enhance average order value (AOV) and conversion rate (CVR) by seamlessly integrating an automated gifting experience.
  • Create a delightful surprise by sending gift messages precisely when the package is delivered.
  • Attract and retain new customers by converting one-time gift recipients into loyal patrons.
  • Effortlessly incorporate Klaviyo for intelligent automation, customizable templates, and targeted segmentation.
  • Elevate your gift cards with personalized branded vouchers that are directly sent to the intended recipient.

Benefits of Shopify Gift Card Apps

Benefits of Shopify Gift Card Apps

The Shopify gift card app is an essential program that should be included among the top Shopify apps to utilize. It brings immense value to your online business by enhancing various aspects. With this app, you have the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with customers and simultaneously increase your store’s revenue.

Now, let’s delve into the specific advantages offered by the Shopify gift card app:

  • Effortless management of gift cards. Unlike the native gift card system on Shopify, dedicated gift card apps on Shopify provide a fast and user-friendly solution for running your store’s gifting program. Additionally, these apps offer extra features like widgets, wishlists, and more, all in one convenient app.
  • A profitable alternative to physical products. Studies have shown that over 90% of online shoppers prefer gift cards as gifts rather than physical items. Thanks to adding gift cards to your Shopify store, you allow both loyal and new customers to try out the products they truly desire.
  • An alternative to payment cards. Many people have concerns about using credit cards online due to the fear of credit fraud. By incorporating Shopify gift cards into your online shop, you can alleviate these concerns and avoid losing potential clients.
  • Boost your store’s average order value (AOV). Gift card apps are excellent for initiating loyalty programs. With these programs, you can incentivize customers to spend more to receive exclusive gifts, thereby increasing your store’s AOV.
  • Effortlessly delight your customers. Creating, adding, and manually sending gift cards can be costly and time-consuming. However, with a reliable Shopify gift card app, you can automatically foster better relationships with multiple customers simultaneously.

Tips and Best Practices for Successfully Marketing Your Shopify Gift Cards

Tips for Marketing Your Shopify Gift Cards

After setting up gift cards on your Shopify store, it is crucial to effectively promote them to maximize their impact. Here are some tips for marketing and promoting your Shopify gift cards:

  • Make sure that your gift cards are prominently showcased on your website, preferably on the homepage.
  • Create visually appealing banners or pop-ups to promote gift cards during peak shopping seasons, such as holidays or special occasions.
  • Make use of social media platforms to share gift card promotions and encourage your followers to spread the word.
  • Consider collaborating with influencers or running targeted ads to reach a wider audience and boost gift card sales.
  • Add gift cards to your email marketing campaigns by offering exclusive discounts or rewards to entice recipients to make a purchase.

Small tip: An efficient method to enhance customer loyalty involves providing exclusive rewards or benefits through Shopify gift cards. For instance, you can establish a loyalty program wherein customers accumulate points for each gift card they purchase or redeem. These points can subsequently be utilized to unlock exclusive discounts or gain access to special products or services.

Best Practices for Marketing Your Shopify Gift Cards

Monitoring the sales of gift cards is crucial for ensuring a seamless customer experience and precise financial reporting. Below are some recommended approaches to adopt:

  • Maintain a centralized database containing comprehensive records of all issued gift cards, including their unique codes, values, and any specific terms or conditions associated with them.
  • Conduct regular reconciliations of the payments received from gift card sales to ensure accuracy and proper accounting practices.
  • Provide thorough training to your staff on how to process gift card transactions, and equip them with clear guidelines for handling various scenarios, such as partial redemptions or expired cards.
  • Consistently review and analyze sales data and performance metrics about gift cards. This will help identify trends, optimize promotional strategies, and make well-informed business decisions.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, enhancing customer relationships and boosting your shop’s average order value (AOV) can be easily achieved through online gift cards. However, the default gift card system provided by Shopify may seem unexciting and time-consuming. Thankfully, there are several reliable Shopify gift card apps available that can streamline the process for you.

Hope that BSS Commerce Shopify‘s recommended best Shopify gift card apps will offer a wide range of features that can greatly benefit your store. With this app, you can effortlessly sell gift cards, implement a loyalty program, replace regular refunds with vouchers, and much more. Don’t ignore any posts on our BSS Commerce blog to refer to the latest tips and tutorials about Shopify and the eCommerce field if you are excited about these industries.


How does the gift card app for Shopify work?

Shopify gift cards function similarly to other virtual store gift cards. Customers receive a card with a unique gift card number, which they can input at the payment screen on your Shopify store. The gift card amount is then subtracted from the order value. In case the balance is insufficient, customers are required to provide additional payment details.

Does Shopify’s Basic Plan Support Gift Cards?

Shopify enables you to incorporate gift cards into any subscription plan, irrespective of its level. In the event that you switch to a plan that does not support Shopify gift cards, customers can still utilize the previously issued ones. However, you will not be able to issue any new gift cards for your store. Considering the significance of gift cards in driving sales, it may be worth contemplating a plan upgrade once you have implemented them.

Can you change the amount of a gift card on Shopify?

During the process of creating a gift card for a customer, it is only possible to customize the amount of the gift card. Once the gift card has been successfully created, any modifications to the amount on the card are not feasible. However, if desired, it is still possible to cancel the existing gift card and subsequently generate a new one with a different amount.

How to use Shopify Gift Cards?

Shopify gift cards offer a multitude of possibilities for your brand. They can serve as a means to provide refunds to customers who wish to return an order, enhancing customer satisfaction. Alternatively, you can utilize them to foster loyalty by offering gift cards when customers exceed a specific spending threshold. Additionally, you have the option to sell gift cards directly on your website, expanding your product offerings.

Is it possible to utilize a different gift card software with Shopify?

You have the option to utilize numerous Shopify apps from the store to issue and accept gift cards on your Shopify store. However, it is important to note that unauthorized software cannot be used on Shopify. Hence, it is advisable to always opt for one of the apps available through the store to prevent any unnecessary disappointment or expenses.

Can Shopify redirect gift card email notifications?

You have the flexibility to modify the email address for the gift card email notification whenever necessary. Simply navigate to the Shopify gift card section, locate the specific gift card, and proceed to update the email address. However, exercise caution and ensure that you are aware of the customer’s new email address before making any changes. However, gift cards can potentially be exploited by criminals for fraudulent activities.

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