Shopify is a top-rated online store platform, and it’s no surprise that many businesses use it for their online shops. If you own a Shopify store, think about ways to sell more and make your customers happier. One tip is to give discounts to your customers.

In this blog, we set up Shopify Automatic Discounts – Step-by-Step Guide. We’ll also share some ideas on telling people about your discount code so more folks use it. After reading this, you’ll have all the info you need to start giving discounts to make more people buy from your store and like it.

Why need Shopify Automatic Discounts for your Store?

Automatic Discounts on Shopify

Discounts are a big deal for any Shopify store’s plan to get more customers. They can bring in new buyers and make the ones you already have stick around. Discounts are also suitable for selling old stuff or telling people about a new product.

But when you’re giving discounts on your Shopify store, remember a few things:

  • First, make sure the discount is fair so you still make money.
  • Second, tell customers about your discount in a clear way.
  • And lastly, make sure your discount code is easy to use and doesn’t end too soon.

Here are some examples of good Shopify discounts:

  • Get 20% off when you spend $50 or more. This way, you get a good amount of money for each order.
  • Take $10 off your first buy. This makes customers want to buy from you and keeps them coming back.
  • Spend $75 and get a gift. This makes people want to buy, and you get to show off your product or get rid of stuff that’s not selling well.

Discounts are an intelligent way to bring in new customers and sell more. If you follow our tips, your discount plan will work well and help your business get bigger.

Some Types Of Shopify Automatic Discounts

Some Types Of Automatic Discounts

Bundle Discounts

One way to get customers to buy more from your store is by offering bundle discounts. For example, you can give a 10% discount when someone buys two or more items, encouraging them to add more things to their cart.

Volume Discounts

Offering volume discounts is a smart move for stores that sell a lot of stuff at once. If some customers buy many things, giving them a percentage off based on their spending encourages them to buy even more.

Wholesale Discounts

Offering wholesale discounts is a good plan to attract business customers who buy a lot. Giving discounted prices to resellers and retailers brings in commercial clients.

Upsell Pop-Ups

When customers click on a product, go to the checkout page, or look through collections in your Shopify shop, you can use pop-ups to offer discounts.

Stacking Discounts

Letting customers combine or “stack” discount codes opens up the possibility of offering multiple promotions at once. Instead of limiting discounts to one code or automatic reduction, stacking allows free shipping, percentage discounts, buy-one-get-one offers, and other promotions to be applied together.

Free Gift

Showing appreciation to customers by giving free gifts is a great strategy. If customers spend over a certain amount, giving them a free item is a way to say thanks and make them want to spend more. For instance, getting a free item with purchases over $100 is a nice reward for customers.


Buy one, get one (BOGO) deals are a popular way to boost sales. For example, giving 50% off the lower-priced item when a customer buys two or more products adds value to their cart. It makes multi-item orders look like a better deal than buying individual items. Customers like the idea of getting an extra item at a lower price by taking advantage of the BOGO offer.

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Percentage Discounts

Giving percentage discounts is a simple way to save customers money. If you set a certain percentage off for orders over a certain amount, it’s easy for customers to understand the deal.

Cart Conditional Discounts

These are promotions where the discount is tied to a minimum spend. This kind of discount, known as a tiered discounts, uses triggers based on conditions to unlock savings. Customers are encouraged to spend more to qualify for the discount.

How to Create Shopify Automatic Discounts Code

Now that we’ve emphasized the significance of automatic discounts in your eCommerce store, let’s delve into how you can generate them. There are several methods to create automatic discount codes on Shopify.

Shopify Script

Another approach is using a Shopify script, which involves adding code to your Shopify theme to customize your store. Different scripts, like Automatic Discounts or Bulk Discounts, can be used to generate discount codes. However, this option is exclusive to Shopify Plus users. It offers benefits like stacking discount codes for enhanced customer service.

Third-Party Shopify Integration App

The third method involves using third-party Shopify integration apps that can generate discount codes based on specific customer criteria, such as location or purchase history. For example, AIOD – All-in-1 Discount Shopify app offers a comprehensive suite of discount options, allowing you to create personalized discounts based on customer attributes like location, purchase history, or even cart contents.

Some Benefits of Shopify Automatic Discount Codes

Time Savings

Save time by letting the system automatically create and apply discount codes based on set qualifications at checkout. This eliminates the manual work of generating and distributing individual promo codes, making the discount code process more efficient.

Easy Tracking

Automatically track which customers use discounts, how much they save with each code and other important metrics. This gives merchants valuable insights into the performance and return on investment (ROI) of promotions without manual tracking and reporting. Data-driven analysis helps optimize future campaign strategies.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Enhance customer satisfaction by allowing discounts to be easily applied at checkout, offering shoppers effortless savings. The convenience of the process boosts satisfaction by providing a simple way for customers to benefit from promotional pricing offers.

How to set up Shopify Automatic Discounts

You have the option to generate three kinds of Shopify automatic discounts:

  • Percentage Discounts
  • Fixed Amount Discount
  • Buy X and Get Y

Setting up an automatic discount in Shopify includes the following steps:

Step 1: Sign in to your Shopify store’s admin area. Click on the ‘Discounts‘ section on the left side of your screen to access the setup page. Here, you can set coupon rules that are applied automatically during checkout.

Sign in to your Shopify store's admin area.

Step 2: Click on ‘Create Discount‘ to explore the automatic discount choices provided in Shopify.

Click on 'Create Discount' to explore the automatic discount choices provided in Shopify.

Step 3: Select the Automatic Discounts option to set up promo codes that apply automatically.

Select the Automatic Discounts option

Step 4: Come up with a suitable title for your discount deal.

Choose a suitable title for your discount deal.

Under the Types section, select the discount method, whether it’s a Percentage, Fixed Amount, or Buy X Get Y discount.

Step 5: Choose a suitable value

Generate a fitting title for your discount offer.

Choose ‘Percentage‘ as the discount type in the Types section. Then, indicate the percentage deducted by entering a numeric value like 10 or 25 in the Value section.

Alternatively, opt for ‘Fixed Amount‘ to set a specific dollar or currency value to subtract from each qualifying order.

Step 6: Select the products or collections that qualify for the percentage discount according to your promotional criteria.

Step 7: Set up the remaining discount preferences.

  • In the Minimum Requirements section, opt for either the Minimum Purchase Amount or Minimum Quantity of Items condition that orders must satisfy to be eligible for the automatic percentage or fixed amount discount.
  • Choose the condition that aligns best with your promotional goals.

Step 8: Lastly, configure the duration for your automatic discount.

Configure the duration for your automatic discount.

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There are multiple methods to establish Shopify automatic discounts, and the most convenient and effective approach is through third-party integrations or apps.

In this post, BSS Commerce Shopify delved into improving the shopping experience on your Shopify store by implementing automatic discount codes. We’ve outlined the process in 8 straightforward steps for you to know How to set up Shopify automatic discounts – Step-by-Step Guide.

Other Shopify setups to help you manage your store and boost sales:

FAQs about Shopify Automatic Discounts

1. How can I disable the automatic discount on my Shopify store?

Shopify lets customers use only one discount at a time. So, if a customer gets an automatic discount and later adds a discount code, the code will replace the automatic discount.

2. How Can I Add Automatic Discounts on Shopify?

Discounts are an effective way to boost sales on your Shopify store. You can configure automatic discounts in Shopify that apply to specific products, collections, or variants. This article guides you through setting up automatic discounts on Shopify.

3. Can two automatic discounts be active simultaneously on Shopify?

You can set and save the initial discount, then create a second one. Once both are active and set to work together, they’ll automatically combine if a customer uses both on an order. Remember, up to 25 automatic discounts work simultaneously in your store.

4. Does Shopify offer automated payment processing?

Shopify Collective’s automatic payment function simplifies paying suppliers for products and shipping. If your store qualifies, this feature activates automatically without additional fees.