Have you ever considered adding a donation feature to your Shopify store? Contributions are a wonderful way to cheer people up and improve the perception of your business. Let’s explore the top 7 best Shopify donation apps to boost your E-commerce social responsibility and brand image with donations in this article, which you can use for your store.

What is the Shopify Donation App?

An app called Shopify Donation app lets you solicit money from users for a variety of uses. In conclusion, there are a few reasons to gather donations: for your non-profit organization, for the store’s pre-sale, and for the non-profit organizations you support.

Donations can be taken up during or after the checkout process. The apps you select for your store will determine this. Applying to the Shopify donation app has recently been considered a marketing activity because it helps you enhance your brand image.

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4 Main Types of Shopify Donation Apps

Before selecting a suitable donation application for your stores, it’s crucial to understand the various types of apps available. This section will furnish you with details on the four primary categories of Shopify donation apps, facilitating your decision-making process.

Convert discounts into donations

The initial kind of Shopify donation app involves transforming discounts into contributions. Essentially, this entails creating an offer and a donation simultaneously. When customers opt to purchase a product, they automatically contribute a specified amount of money for a particular cause.

Crowdfunding apps for e-commerce companies

Crowdfunding represents a form of Shopify donation app enabling your store to seek support from the community, ensuring there’s adequate capital to sustain product sales. Typically utilized for pre-selling new products, the funds raised are valuable for product testing or inventory procurement. To express gratitude for customer donations, you can establish varied rewards based on different contribution amounts.

Shopify donation app for non-profit organizations

This donation category empowers customers to contribute funds anywhere on your website, allowing donations even when they merely visit your site without making any purchases.

Non-profit-sponsored apps that donate to a specific organization

Last but not least, several charities have created donation applications to make it simple for businesses to support them. A Shopify retailer can include the charity app on their website to start collecting money. For example, Shopify stores accept donations of $1 to $5 at the checkout step.

Why Should Your Store Have a Shopify Donation App?

If you are wondering why you should use a Shopify charity donation app and what its benefits are, the answers you are finding may lie below:

  • Create a good brand image in the customers’ minds. By collecting donations for a good purpose, you can show your customers your social responsibility. Having a good brand reputation can help you attract more potential customers and give them a reasonable reason to make a purchase
  • Increase average order values: Using a donation app is a good way to increase average order values because you can set the donation limit. For example, you strategically set the rule that only when customers buy products valued at over $50 can your store offer a $15 donation. Customers who want to do good things will try to reach that order limit to donate a certain amount of money

A statistic that proves the effectiveness of applying donation apps is that Terez, a fashion brand, successfully boosted its sales to over $200 thanks to combining donations for the LGBTQ community.

Review 7+ Best Shopify Donation Apps

There is no doubt that the Shopify donation app can bring huge benefits to your store, but which app is the best fit for you? Let’s learn about these 7+ best donation apps for Shopify and find one that you think is right for you.

Shopify donation app Developer Free plan Free trial Pricing plans Rating
 #1. Goodness WE ARE GOODNESS Yes Free access Free 5.0⭐
#2. ShoppingGives ShoppingGives No
  • 7-day free trial
  • 20 Donation credits
  • Starter: $29/month
  • Plus: $271/month
  • Partner: $846/month
  • Pro: Contact ShoppingGives for more details
#3. Easy Donation Zestard Technologies No 7 days
  • Basic plan: $6.99/month
  • Advanced plan: $9.99/month
#4. Daily Karma Daily Karma Yes 7 days
  • Emerging brands: $299/month
  • Scaling brands: $700/month
  • Enterprise brands: Custom
  • Startup brands: $0/month
#5. Donate Source Prezen Apps Yes 7 days
  • Basic Plan: $3.99/month
  • Pro plan: $5.99/month
  • Advanced plan: $7.99/month
  • Free
#6. DonateMate Aviative Consulting Yes No
  • Free
  • Seed plan: $10/month
  • Growth plan: $30/month
  • Plus: $99/month
#7. Virtue Pledger Giving Ltd No 14 days
  • Pay as you give: $0.36 on all orders with giving
  • Impact Plus: $29/month
  • Impact Unlimited” $68/month

#1 Donate & Grow Sales ‑ Goodness

Donate & Grow Sales ‑ Goodness is a famous free Shopify donation app that is a method to boost sales and strengthen customer loyalty. The price of Goodness is so low that every store can afford to buy them. Moreover, it seems to be easy to apply in just 2 minutes and effective for customers to start donating.

You can easily choose a charity among a lot of vetted ones or request a charity you love with a click in your existing Shopify store admin.

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  • Customer donations on product pages
  • Customizable donation pages
  • Easily set up within minutes
  • Track the impact with a personalized dashboard
  • Track real-time analytics

shopify donation app goodness

#2 ShoppingGives – Donation App

The second choice for your store is the ShoppingGives – Donation App, which receives more than 120 good reviews on the App Store. It provides a seamlessly integrated impact throughout your entire customer journey.

You can easily retain and reward customers with personalized, purpose-based messaging. With ShoppingGive, you can track and measure the ROI and social impact of your donation campaign as well.


  • Comply with regulations for the donation process from beginning to end
  • Provide you with actionable data
  • Can create an omnichannel giving experience with Shopify POS
  • Use product SKU and variant to control donation amount

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shopify donation app shoppinggives

#3 Easy Donation

There is no doubt that Easy Donation is one of the most beloved Shopify donation apps. The reason for its reputation is its fast speed, ease of use, and merchant value when integrating into Shopify.

Easy Donation allows customers to donate from anywhere in your Shopify store. One more reason that Easy Donation is preferred is that it can design a 100% digital donation page and requires no physical sales.


  • A customized receipt that fits with your brand value and image
  • Easily track data such as donation
  • Can used directly in the Shopify admin
  • Offer many organizations to choose from

shopify donation app easy donation

#4 Shop for Good Donation App

Shop for Good Donation App is another choice for the best donation app for Shopify. It offers many methods to collect donations, such as offering discounts in exchange for donations or donating a percentage of sales. Shop for Good Donation App will be in charge of the hassle of ensuring compliance and distributing donations, and you can have no worries about it.


  • A customized receipt that fits with your brand value and image
  • Easily track data such as donation
  • Can used directly in the Shopify admin
  • Offer many organizations to choose from

shopify donation app shop for good

#5 Donate Source: Charity Widget

If you are looking for a free Shopify donation app, you can choose Donate Source ‑ Charity Widget. It is a rare app that offers a free version. Of course, there are paid versions that will have more features for you to choose from.


  • Multiple donations
  • Fully customizable widgets
  • Custom image for donation
  • Available donation on product and cart page
  • Donation email receipt
  • Multiple languages get translation support
  • Realtime data
  • Order tagging option

#6 DonateMate For Donations

Are you trying to find a way to raise more money? DonateMate for Donations is the only answer to search! DonateMate makes it simple to maximize the impact of your fundraising endeavors by treating donations like merchandise. It’s the answer to all of your donation demands, including a wide range of campaign options and support for intricate aspects like tax and shipment.

Additionally, the Shopify POS connection allows you to receive donations online or in person. We can help you make the most of your fundraising endeavors, regardless of where you receive donations.

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  • Customizable donation amount; no limit on the donated money
  • Drag-and Drop installation
  • Post-checkout donation
  • Donations at POS
  • Customizable donation page

#7 Virtue – Charity Donations

The last Shopify donation app that is recommended in this post is Virtue. The strength of Virtue is that it has more than 20000 UK and International Causes that provide a ton of choices for you.

With Virtue – Charity Donations, there are three ways to collect donations. The first method is to give either a percentage or a fixed amount from every sale to your chosen causes. The second method is to allow customers to donate directly to the given course. The last one is to upsell giving by encouraging customers to hit spending milestones to generate donations.


  • Multiple languages and currencies are supported
  • Post-purchase receipt
  • Customizable product page banners
  • Shopify POS integration
  • Customer giving: Pre-purchase, post-purchase
  • Impact calculator

shopify donation app virtue


There are more and more conscious customers who care about the responsibility of stores to society. Using a Shopify donation app can be a good solution to conquer this type of customer and attract more potential ones. BSS Shopify Commerce strongly believes that all the above information has helped you to choose a donation app that is fit for your online store.

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