Looking for the best Shopify themes for SEO to optimize your store? Look no further! BSS Commerce Shopify has collected for you the 15+ best SEO-friendly Shopify themes that will help your stores rank higher in search engine results. Choose any style to change the look of your shop, and start boosting your SEO as soon as possible!

The Positive Impacts of Best Shopify Themes for SEO

Shopify themes are designed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind making it easier for businesses to optimize their websites for better search engine rankings and user experience. These SEO-friendly Shopify themes come equipped with features that enhance website performance, including code, fast page load times mobile friendliness, and more. Here are some benefits of using Shopify themes for SEO:

Boosting Brand Reputation and Trustworthiness

Establishing a brand reputation is vital for businesses looking to stand out in the marketplace. By utilizing suited designs that align with your stores’ characteristics, values, and target audience you can cultivate loyalty and trust among customers through memorable shopping experiences. Additionally, a structured website enhances the credibility of your store making it more approachable to clients. Here are a few reasons why this is important:

– Consistency: Shopify themes for SEO allow you to maintain branding across marketing channels such as social media, and email marketing. This supports efforts in building trust with clients while increasing brand recognition.

– Security: Integrating SSL encryption into Shopify themes provides consumers with the assurance that their personal and financial information will remain protected. This leads to an increase, in customer acquisition.

– Expert Design: Utilizing professional Shopify design templates enables customization of logos, color schemes, and fonts among others which contribute to establishing your desired brand identity while enhancing website credibility.

Overall employing SEO-driven customizable content on a professional-looking website facilitated by Shopify themes may aid in cultivating client trust alongside bolstering your brand reputation.

Achieving Conversion Rates & Enhancing the User Experience

Another important element that has the power to make the store successful is the user experience (UX) and conversion rates. Following these tips, your Shopify theme will improve the user experience and boost the website’s SEO ranking:

Making website navigation simple and intuitive is crucial, in helping visitors find what they’re looking for easily. This includes ensuring that product descriptions, payment options, theme customization, shipping information and more are easily accessible.

Adding high-quality photos and videos can enhance the appeal of a website while also contributing to search engine optimization (SEO). However, it’s important to ensure that the text on the website is clear, concise and easy to read for all users.

When it comes to improving conversion rates and enhancing the user experience on Shopify, understanding consumer psychology is key. This involves considering their style staying up, to date with trends and optimizing loading speed for smooth browsing. Therefore, choosing converting Shopify themes is crucial.

While Shopify provides a range of templates and themes they may not always align perfectly with your stores’ characteristics. To address this you have the flexibility to customize the functionality and features of your store by creating a tailored Shopify theme that meets your business needs.

For instance, crucial elements encompass SEO names and meta descriptions optimization of images and videos organized content, and more. When it comes to a website customers always desire status and speed. Therefore it is essential to prioritize optimization across all features. This does not ensure customer satisfaction. Also enhances the overall quality of the website while making it more search-engine friendly.

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The Bullet Points When Picking the Best Shopify Themes for SEO

You shouldn’t select the top Shopify themes based just on how visually appealing they are. The themes must adhere to all SEO requirements in order to rank well on Google. 4 crucial factors below will be useful for you in picking the best Shopify themes for SEO:

how to pick best shopify themes for seo

Quick Speed of Page Loading

Let’s say you wish to increase exposure for your website. It’s important to make sure that a website’s theme loads quickly. To do this, picking a theme that loads quickly and is lightweight is highly advised. A lightweight theme can dramatically improve the functionality and user experience of your website. Make good decisions, then!

Improved User Experience (UX)

It’s crucial to pick a theme that addresses user needs when it comes to SEO. The best Shopify themes for SEO are those that are not only simple to use but also give users all the information they need without overwhelming them with too much information. Website will inevitably receive more traffic and rank higher on search engines if you place a high priority on user experience.

Multilingual Support

A theme that can support many languages is essential if you want to draw in a worldwide audience. This ensures that everyone, regardless of who it is, can simply visit the website. A multilingual website also improves your chances of appearing higher in international search results.

No Need for Regular Maintenance

The amount of upkeep should be taken into account when choosing a theme for a website. It can be beneficial to use an SEO-friendly theme that’s low-maintenance, which will free up your time from having to constantly manage your website. You can then concentrate on expanding your business as a result. You can be sure that your website is optimized for search engines without spending significant time and money if you have a low-maintenance theme in place.

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Review 15+ Best Shopify Themes for SEO

Check out the list of 15+ best SEO Shopify themes in the section below:


The first theme in the list of best Shopify themes for SEO is Eurus. It is a mobile-friendly, feature-rich, and blazingly fast Shopify theme. This Shopify theme uses a straightforward device detection mechanism to apply its two distinct color schemes-light mode and dark mode-to all devices. Let’s learn more about Eurus’ pros & cons, rating and pricing in the area below for a more productive experience.

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eurus - best shopify theme for seo

Great for:  All-sized stores from small, medium, and large businesses, dropshippers, newcomers.

Pricing: $220

Rating: 96% positive

Highlight Features:

  • Ever-fastest loading theme
  • Upgraded Dark Mode experience
  • Easily created and customized for all store types: 35+ customizable sections
  • Feature-rich: 20+ app features
  • Affordable pricing

If you’re looking for a cutting-edge Shopify theme that combines eye-catching design, customization possibilities, performance, and dependable support, Eurus is a great option. With its wealth of built-in features, mobile-first design, and lifetime support, Eurus gives you the tools you need to build a visually attractive, high-performing online store that leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

eurus free consultant service


The pinnacle of elegance and sophistication is the Shopify theme Retina by Out of the Sandbox. Retina is a great option for those who work in the wellness, cosmetics, DIY, landscaping, and leisure industries. We are excited to discuss Retina’s contemporary appearance and speedy response time. No longer be concerned about losing clients because of a slow website.

retina shopify theme for seo

Great for:

  • Physical stores
  • High-volume stores
  • Editorial content

Styles for the theme: Austin, Montreal, Melbourne, and Amsterdam.

Pricing: $220

Rating: 96% positive

Highlight Features:

  • Use of the newest Shopify features
  • Unlimited free trial
  • Free theme updates
  • Free high-quality pictures
  • Non-expiring license for one store
  • Speed-tested and approved

If you’re looking for a stylish, professional website, the Retina SEO Shopify theme provides everything you need. This theme includes many beneficial features, so Retina is undeniably the best theme that you should consider for your store.


Yanka is among the best Shopify themes for SEO that prioritizes speed, design, and overall performance and has a good conversion rate. Numerous header themes, simple product setups, adjustable banner positioning, and a single-product shop layout are just a few of the many customization choices it provides.

Yanka also comes with a Google Rich Snippet tool, social network sharing icons, and multiple language and currency choices. As long as you use them correctly, you may quickly boost the SEO results.

yanka seo friendly shopify theme

Great for: Sports and clothing retailers

Pricing: $48

Rating: 4.5/5

Highlight Features:

  • Fully customizable and features many content blocks.
  • Many options for header
  • “Add to Cart” button is always shown on the product page
  • A single-product store design
  • Flexible banners

With this cutting-edge and fantastic Shopify theme, starting an online store from scratch has never been simpler! Yanka has a variety of blocks and page settings, and it doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Without a doubt, Yanka is among the top SEO friendly Shopify themes that you can consider for your store.

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The Shopify Flow theme by Eight is neat, uncomplicated, and product-focused. It functions well with Shopify catalogs but is easily adaptable to larger ones. Flow stands out from other top Shopify themes for SEO due to its quick loading speed and adaptability. The display doesn’t become cluttered because of its streamlined design, which includes blocks and portions. By doing this, Flow’s loading time will be considerably slowed down, giving consumers the finest possible purchasing experience.

flow - seo friendly shopify theme

Great for: Retailers of foods, drinks, clothes, and accessories

Styles for the theme: Queenstown, Cannes and Byron

Pricing: $350

Rating: 90% positive and 4.35/5

Highlight Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Simple navigation and fast loading
  • Adjustable in terms of backdrop, font, etc.
  • Unique product grid

Anyone wishing to develop a chic and contemporary online store might consider using the Flow Theme. The responsive design, drag-and-drop editing, and robust theme settings panel included with this theme make it simple to set up and configure your shop.

The support team is always accessible to assist you if you need it, and the theme is brimming with features and settings that make it simple to personalize. Flow will be a good choice if you’re seeking an SEO-friendly Shopify theme.


For dropshippers and high-volume retailers, we advise Showtime. The clothing, accessories, home, garden, and entertainment stores may benefit from this SEO-friendly theme. Not to mention the site’s simple search and navigational options. Additionally, it offers rapid page refreshes and a fluid user interface.

showtime - seo friendly shopify theme

Great for: Dropshippers, Multi-Lingual Merchant, Visual storytelling, and Large Stores

Styles for the theme: CookTime and FashionTime

Pricing: $280

Rating: 4.71/5

Highlight Features:

  • Quick setup
  • Drop-down menus with multiple levels to make it easier for clients to find the things they want.
  • Mega menu elements, such as pictures, items, and collections.
  • Perfect for high-volume retailers and dropshippers.
  • Customization Flexibility

Showtime has a user-friendly and appealing layout, giving it a flexible option for businesses of all types and sizes, whether you’re an apparel retailer or a food dealer. The Showtime Shopify Theme brings life to your eCommerce shop by skillfully fusing aesthetics and a strong emphasis on visuals. Due to its clever, user-friendly navigation features, it’s a wonderful choice for businesses with big catalogs and is focused on showing your products with a clean, streamlined design.


This is the place to go if you want an all-in-one solution for your e-commerce demands! One of the best Shopify themes for SEO is Icon, which has received 296 favorable ratings from 318 reviews. One of the numerous advantages of the Icon Theme is that it is compatible with Shopify’s key features. This contains functions like automatic currency conversion, support for all languages, and product variant support.

icon - best seo shopify theme

Great for: Furniture, home accessory, and appliance stores

Styles for the theme: Dolce, Yves, Vera and Christian

Pricing: $280

Rating: 4.67/5

Highlight Features:

  • Support for multiple languages and a currency converter.
  • Capable of responsiveness and adjustment
  • Appropriate for all product areas.
  • Stunning zoom for products.

If you’re looking for a theme that can assist you in developing a visually arresting brand, the Icon Shopify Theme is a fantastic option.


Impulse is a unique Shopify theme designed by Archetype Themes to support retailers who specialize in journalistic content. To help you increase sales, the design is packed with Shopify eCommerce and SEO capabilities. Additionally, the long-form text segments made possible by its ultra-sleek and straightforward design are ideal if you want to share a motivational tale about your brand.

impulse seo shopify theme

Great for: Retailers of sporting goods

Styles for the theme: Modern Bold and Clean

Pricing: $350

Rating: 4.7/5

Highlight Features:

  • It is possible to support several product and collection pages.
  • Customization choices for mobile versions.
  • Outstanding support materials.
  • Mega menus, third-party integrations, an infinite color scheme, and more things are on the feature list.

With storefronts that are cutting-edge and contemporary, Impulse Shopify theme provides retailers with a ton of excellent features for $350 to help them advertise their companies. In our opinion, the purchase is worthwhile. No theme is flawless, obviously, but if it fits your brand and business budget, why not give it a try even though the theme still needs some work and has certain limitations?


The stunning parallax scrolling effect of the Parallax Shopify Theme is intended to enhance the aesthetic of your brand. This is an important Parallax theme that gives users versatility by allowing them to modify your website’s long-format main page and unique scrolling style. You’ll be able to tell your narrative in the most exquisite detail as a result.

When using the parallax Shopify theme, all your tasks about slideshows, photographs, videos, and more will become much simpler. You can also make use of the extra homepage section options, such as the image gallery, logo list, featured deals, and customer testimonials.

parallax seo shopify theme

Great for: Designer Furniture, Clothing Stores, Dropshippers of High-End Beauty Products and Online Grocery Stores

Styles for the theme: Vienna, Aspen, Madrid and Los Angeles

Pricing: $240

Rating: 4.4/5

Highlight Features:

  • Free-of-charge images
  • Support for drop-down navigation
  • Versatile Design in a Minimalist Style
  • Integrating social media
  • Reliable Developers Excellent customer service


Symmetry offers a drag-and-drop editor with extensive layout options for product pages, just like other best Shopify themes for SEO. To effectively increase conversion rates, you may take advantage of features like product badges, color swatches, quick buy options, cross-selling blocks, and more.

We adore Symmetry Shopify theme because it lets you filter your search results based on a variety of factors. It should come as no surprise that your SEO rankings will grow quickly after you effectively employ these capabilities.

symmetry seo shopify theme

Great for: Clothes shops for men

Styles for the theme: Chantilly, Salt Yard, Beatnik and Duke

Pricing: $340

Rating: 4.54/5

Highlight Features:

  • Attractive combination of color-blocking
  • There are more page templates available for you to pick from.
  • Grid-based designs for product listings
  • Size charts, color samples, brand links, and other optional product features are available.
  • There are pop-ups for upselling, advertising, newsletters, etc.

For stores that need a neat and symmetrical appearance, the symmetry theme is a good choice. Let’s be careful to take your store’s requirements into account before deciding to utilize this theme.


ThemeForest’s top-rated theme developer is the one who came up with Oars. It features very adaptable minimalist designs that enable you to utilize its stores and draw in more customers.

The fact that it supports a range of screen sizes and runs quickly due to lightweight backend code is why we listed this as one of the best Shopify themes for SEO. Oars will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your clients.

oars seo shopify theme

Great for: Stores for fruits and beverages

Pricing: $69

Rating: 5/5

Highlight Features:

  • A large selection of website layouts
  • Add-to-cart, wishlist, and compare Ajax functions
  • Smart search tool to speed up customer product discovery.
  • Check out trust badges to increase trust.
  • The Shopify Language Editor supports multilingual website translation.
  • A new business might greatly benefit from the theme’s user-friendly design.
  • Customize the theme according to your store’s style.


Optimal is a multipurpose Shopify theme with a trendy and eye-catching style and unique functionality. Get rid of such programs and replace them with drag-and-drop page sections. Can say that Optimal is a great theme with all the features you need for your store. With this theme, you can make an impression on customers, competitors, and other objects.

Moreover, Optimal is going to support you whether you’re building a website for fashion, accessories, electronics, eCommerce, or blogging. A staggering 10+ home pages, 99+ components, and 1000+ customization options are available with Optimal. Any page may be fully customized to better reflect a distinct brand identity.

optimal seo shopify theme

Great for: Variety of business types

Pricing: $79

Rating: 5/5

Highlight Features:

  • 99+ content blocks with complete customization
  • Color, size, price, and product type filters are dynamic.
  • Drag-and-drop editor with 27+ pre-built templates.
  • Tool for Google Rich Snippets

In summary, the Optimal Shopify Theme is the best choice for online merchants hoping to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. Optimal equips companies in a wide range of sectors to construct gorgeous online storefronts that capture customers and increase sales with their adaptable design, scalability, and flexibility.

Be Yours

Be Yours is a premium Shopify theme created by RoarTheme with a customizable layout, cross-selling options, and media-optimized product pages to assist Shopify merchants in building lightning-fast responsive websites with a fantastic user experience. For dropshippers and current Shopify merchants with physical stores looking to convey their brand and boost sales, this theme is a good choice.

be yours seo shopify theme

Great for: High-end retail outlets for accessories

Styles for the theme: Sweet, Peace, Trendy, Dark and Beauty

Pricing: $280

Rating: 5/5

Highlight Features:

  • Astonishingly quick loading times with complete OS 2.0 support.
  • Innovative designs that are mobile-friendly.
  • Using the big menu features, the entire collection is displayed.
  • For a seamless buying experience, use dynamic checkout buttons.

Be Yours theme answers all needs and is easy to use for customers. With the variety of the colorful and dynamic design of the Be Yours theme. As much as it is shopping-oriented, it also enables you to get information about the story of the product by providing photos and informative sections.


Visual storytelling was a key consideration in the development of the Shopify Motion Theme. The aim of the theme is to demonstrate to visitors who you are as a brand. It’s ideal for almost anything, including clothing, travel, accessories, technology, and other items. You can bring the Shopify Motion Theme to life if you are adept at conveying your brand’s narrative through images, which you are.

From our experience, Motion’s potent Shopify SEO capabilities will absolutely blow your mind. With a full-width hero banner showing every aspect of your products, you can quickly capture visitors’ attention on the homepage.

motion shopify theme for seo

Great for: Businesses that are small to medium-sized

Styles for the theme: Classic, Elegant and Minimal

Pricing: $350

Rating: 4.56/5

Highlight Features:

There are 20+ sections accessible, including meta fields, various landing pages, and product sales points.
Smooth animations for page transitions.
Menus, social media icons, and a customizable header.

The Shopify Motion Theme is entirely worthwhile. While the larger firms are free to invest thousands of dollars into creating fantastic stores, the majority of eCommerce stores share the same appearance. To succeed in this fiercely cutthroat business, you need something distinctive.

You can use visual storytelling because this helps build sympathy for your customers. The extra work is appreciated and is most definitely compensated.  Try out the three Shopify Motion Themes’ example stores to choose which one best suits your brand’s identity.


With powerful and unique features designed to boost sales, Broadcast is one of the best Shopify themes for SEO created by Invisible Themes. It includes more than 20 SEO-friendly sections on pre-made content pages, like Contact, About, and Story, to help you launch your website quickly. It’s the ideal choice for busy stores with lots of patrons and sales.

broadcast shopify theme for seo

Great for: Retailers of clothes and accessories

Styles for the theme: Clean, Bold, Bright and Modern

Pricing: $360

Rating: 4.71/5

Highlight Features:

Tailored for social media features such as social media integrations, related articles, and share buttons.

Big menu that is easy to navigate and has promotions.

Website design that is flawless and responsive.

Try out Broadcast if you want a theme that can grow and looks stunning right out of the box. A well-built theme with a ton of features, Broadcast will satisfy the needs of many merchants.

Given the variety of features available, we also advise carefully examining which ones to employ, determining whether the advantages outweigh any potential drawbacks in terms of usability and performance, and determining whether they are appropriate for a luxury audience.


Expanse is a Shopify SEO-friendly theme that is highly recommended if you wish to advance your online store. The theme is intuitive to use and has a ton of features that will make running a business much simpler for you.

Additionally, the customer support team is so dedicated that they are ready to give feedback immediately if you have trouble using the theme. Shopify merchants have the flexibility to customize every element of the eCommerce website design, from the optimum theme configuration to unique code functionalities, using the Shopify Expanse theme. If you’re looking for a Shopify theme for SEO, you can consider Expanse as a great choice!

expanse shopify theme for seo

Great for: Furniture and home décor retailers or merchandising

Styles for the theme: Classic Modern and Contemporary

Pricing: $350

Rating: 95% positive

Highlight Features:

  • 20 different designs for the header and footer
  • To keep your viewers interested and informed, there is a built-in blog area with prominent tag categories, recent post widgets, and featured product widgets.
  • Slideshow of split products on the homepage
  • Features for cross-selling and up-selling are supported.

In a nutshell, Expanse is a well-designed, incredibly practical theme for customers’ shopping, and if personalized and configured appropriately, it may enhance engagement, repeat business, and conversion rates for your store. As a result, it is absolutely worth the $350 of your investment.

Final Words

In the end, the success of your stores depends on your selection of the best Shopify themes for SEO. A theme that is search engine optimized can help raise the visibility of your website, increase visitors to your shop, and eventually boost sales. It’s crucial to take into account aspects like page speed, mobile friendliness, and compatibility for structured data when choosing a Shopify theme. You can make sure your store is in a good position to rank highly on search engine results pages and draw in more clients.

BSS Commerce Shopify hope that our post on the best Shopify themes for SEO today has assisted you in maximizing the functionality and revenue potential of your website.

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