The Impulse theme for Shopify stores is a highly sought-after choice due to its sleek and minimalist design, versatile layout options, and adaptability to different devices. Not only does it offer a visually appealing interface, but it also prioritizes search engine optimization and provides effortless customization.

In this blog post, BSS Commerce Shopify will guide you through the process of customizing the Impulse Shopify theme to suit your store perfectly. From altering color schemes and typography to incorporating new pages and functionalities, we will cover every aspect.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned Shopify user, this blog post is tailored to meet your needs. After the time you finish reading, you will possess all the knowledge required to transform the Impulse theme into a one-of-a-kind storefront that truly reflects your brand identity. Don’t wait any longer; scroll down to take a deeper look.

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What is Shopify Impulse Theme?

 Impulse Shopify Theme

The Shopify Impulse Theme, developed by the Archetype team, is a high-quality Shopify theme that has an impressive 920 reviews and an outstanding 95% positive rating. With its contemporary and polished design, the Impulse theme offers a customizable experience and a responsive layout. At once, the user-friendly interface and extensive customization options make it a breeze to work with.

This responsive Shopify theme is great with captivating visuals, seamless navigation, and an engaging user experience to entice the audience. It is equipped with customizable features that enable you to create a distinctive online store that aligns with your brand. Display the products elegantly and allow the customers to shop with ease. Impulse guarantees optimal website performance on any device with its mobile responsiveness and lightning-fast loading times.

  • Rating: 95% positive
  • Pricing: $380

 Impulse Shopify Theme Best For?

The Shopify Impulse theme is the perfect solution for large store owners who need to manage high volumes of traffic and transactions. With its speed optimization, your site will load quickly, even with a significant amount of traffic.

The Impulse Shopify theme is specifically designed to cater to businesses in visual storytelling industries like fashion, and lifestyle. Its customizable features allow to showcase the products in a visually appealing way, making it an ideal choice for businesses in these sectors.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a premium eCommerce Shopify theme with a modern design, user friendly interface, and customizable features, the Impulse theme is the perfect fit for the business.

Review 3 Styles of Impulse Shopify Theme

There are three main theme styles of the Shopify Impulse theme, including modern, clean, and bold. The design of each style will be reviewed in detail in the section below.


The Modern preset offers a sleek and sophisticated design for your Shopify store. It exudes an evocative vibe reminiscent of expensive designer shops. The design includes a classic brand logo prominently displayed on a central page, complemented by headers, mega menu, large banner graphics, and cool parallax graphics. Additionally, the preset incorporates large promotional tiles featuring tempting discounts, gift certificates, and CTA buttons to enhance conversion rates.

modern Impulse Shopify Theme

A notable feature of the Modern theme preset is its visually-oriented strategy. This design is particularly best for stores or businesses with a large inventory, such as clothing stores, that have numerous collections and catalogs. As a result, through utilizing high-resolution images and image galleries, you can showcase the products in stunning detail, providing the customers with an immersive shopping experience.

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For a more streamlined and minimalist appearance, the Clean theme preset is an excellent choice worth trying. This style is intended to provide a shopping experience that is free of clutter and simple to navigate. The focus of this preset is to show the products and collections, with a basic header and menu.

Not only that, this aesthetically pleasing theme adds a sophisticated slideshow that showcases the top-selling items or new arrivals. This is a big plus to attract the customer’s attention as well as make it a buying inspiration for them.

clean Impulse Shopify Theme

One of the advantages of this Clean theme is its versatility. It can be used for multiple eCommerce stores, such as fashion, beauty, home goods, and electronics. At once, the Clean theme’s clean and sharp design is ideal for businesses that want to convey a sense of professionalism and attention to detail.

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For Shopify stores looking to make a bold statement, the Bold theme preset is perfect. Such as bright eye-capturing colors, bold words, and stunning images, all intended to grab the prospective clients’ eyes.

bold Impulse Shopify Theme

Furthermore, the “Bold’ style works very well with stores or businesses that are trying hard to be highlighted in a crowded market. At once, it is also designed with a dynamic and responsive layout that includes various forms of interactivity including animations as well as before/after image slides.

Top Features of the Impulse Shopify Theme

The Impulse Shopify theme is a premium theme with advanced design and great features. To help you utilize those features significantly, in the section below, BSS Commerce Shopify will provide details about each one.

Cart and Checkout

Quick View

Quick view is a great feature in the Impulse Shopify theme and can greatly enhance your website. Its versatile concept and enhanced categories make it perfect for any type of product. With a clean and simple display, a product description reader below the product image, and numerous other features, you can create the ideal store.

In-stock and Low-stock Notices

This functionality notifies customers about product availability, creating a sense of urgency to make a purchase.

cart and check out Impulse Shopify Theme

Pop-out Cart

Pop-out cart enables customers to easily view and modify their cart without navigating away from the current page, enhancing the shopping experience efficiently.

Marketing and Conversion

Customizable Contact Form

The Impulse Shopify theme is perfect for all your online shopping requirements. Thanks to its intuitive design, customers can easily interact with you through the customizable contact form, which is accessible from the homepage or any other page on the website. Forget about scrolling through a lengthy list of questions and fields to complete a contact form, as this design prioritizes simplicity and ensures top-notch security.

Countdown Timer

countdown timer impulse shopify theme

The countdown timer is a great tool of the Impulse Shopify theme that counts down from a specified time to zero. This functionality instills a feeling of urgency for customers through showcasing a time-constrained promotion or discount, such as a flash sales program.

Product badges and reviews

The importance of product badges and customer reviews is to establish credibility with your audience and motivate them to buy. With the Impulse theme’s built-in features, you can easily display glowing reviews and draw attention to the most sought-after or exclusive items. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost sales and earn the trust of the customers.

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Promotional Tools

Highlight sales, promotions, and new products to your customers effortlessly with the Impulse Shopify theme. This exceptional theme provides an array of promotional tools, including promo banners, promo popups, and promo tiles. And it can be claimed that this a great tool to captivate the audience and drive conversions.

Blog Posts

Let’s keep visitors engaged with your website to achieve success in any business. This can be done by having unique blog pages that set you apart from the competition and attract qualified traffic to your inbox. The Impulse Shopify Theme offers customizable features that make managing your blog posts a breeze.

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The Slideshow feature in the Impulse theme not only supports displaying the products in an appealing manner but also allows to customize the layouts with HTML and CSS to make the products stand out even more.

Animation and Images

The Impulse Shopify theme is an ideal choice for displaying products in the fashion industry, regardless of their size. It features high-quality images, image galleries, and zoom functions, allowing you to examine your desired items in detail. Additionally, this exceptional Shopify theme includes built-in animations that will enhance the visual appeal and interactivity of your Shopify store.

Color Swatches

color swatch implulse theme shopify

The color swatches feature in the Impulse Shopify theme mainly enhances the user experience. This feature on product pages helps users visualize your products and makes purchasing easier. The color swatch tool enables users to select their preferred color variations of the desired product, showcasing the products in exquisite detail.

Product videos

The Impulse Shopify theme offers a range of features to guarantee optimal outcomes, including video capabilities and product pages with ample space for customers to peruse all of your products. Impulse is the ideal theme for incorporating video and animated elements to enhance the attractiveness and interactivity of your website.

Product Discovery

Mega Menu

mega menu shopify impulse theme

With the drop-down menu of the Impulse theme, merchants can incorporate layered menu items in the header, maintaining a neat, sophisticated look, and have the option to display or hide the large menu graphics easily. If you have a vast store with numerous products and wish to categorize them into collections on the navigation bar, the Impulse theme is a great choice. Numerous retail and fashion stores utilizing the Impulse theme extensively utilize the mega menu feature.


The Impulse Shopify theme is perfect for stores that want to offer users a seamless browsing experience through their product pages. It comes equipped with all the necessary features of a top eCommerce platform, along with breadcrumb links, making it effortless to display your products in a clear and concise manner.

Suggested Products

The feature enhances the likelihood of a successful purchase by recommending products that align with customer search queries. Customers have the ability to efficiently refine their search results. The user-friendly interface facilitates customers in discovering products from your catalog that they may not have been aware of.

suggested products Impulse Shopify Theme

Advanced Collection Filtering

Shopify Impulse theme offers filter options to ensure hassle-free navigation for your customers. Whether you require a sidebar menu or more space to showcase products on the collection page, Impulse has got you covered with its pop-out filters.


Refer to 5 Stores Using the Impulse Shopify Theme

Air Plant Supply Co.

air plant supply Impulse Shopify Theme

Air Plant Supply Co. is an eCommerce site that excels in offering an extensive range of air plants and accessories. Their design, utilizing the Impulse theme, is invigorating and dynamic, showcasing a fearless utilization of vibrant colors and whimsical typography that effortlessly captures the essence of joy and creativity.

Mad Viking

Mad Viking Impulse Shopify Theme

Mad Viking is an online platform specializing in a diverse selection of grooming essentials tailored for men. Their product range encompasses beard oils, balms, and various accessories. The website’s design, constructed upon the Impulse theme, exudes a rugged and masculine aesthetic. With embracing a dark color palette and employing bold typography, Mad Viking is so creative, thanks to the design of the Impulse Shopify theme.


minus 33 impulse theme store example

This outdoor gear emporium harnesses the power of the Shopify Impulse theme to craft a modern and stylish aesthetic. With meticulous customization of colors and fonts, they seamlessly align their brand identity. Moreover, they ingeniously incorporate a dedicated blog section, enabling them to impart invaluable insights and advice on thrilling outdoor pursuits.


Armitron Impulse Shopify Theme

The modern and sleek appearance of this electronics store is achieved through the utilization of the Shopify Impulse theme. The store has skillfully tailored the colors and fonts to align with its unique brand identity. Furthermore, a product comparison table of this website has been integrated to assist customers in making informed decisions when selecting the most suitable product for their specific requirements.

Modern Nursery

modern nursery Impulse Shopify Theme

Modern Nursery is an online platform that presents a diverse selection of trendy and contemporary infant essentials, encompassing furniture, decorations, bedding, and supplementary items. The website’s layout, utilizing the Impulse theme on Shopify, exudes a pristine and simplistic aesthetic, emphasizing top-notch product visuals and user friendly navigation.

Best Impulse Shopify Theme Alternatives

Let’s take a deep dive into the 2 best alternatives to the Shopify Impulse theme in the section below:

Eurus Shopify Theme

eurus theme shopify

One of the best alternatives to the Impulse Shopify theme is Eurus. Eurus Theme is a good choice worth trying if you are in need of a cutting-edge Shopify theme that offers a perfect blend of striking design, customization options, exceptional performance, and reliable support. Eurus enables you to effortlessly create a visually stunning and high-performing online store that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your customers, thanks to its rich built-in features, mobile-first design, and lifetime support.

  • Pricing: $230
  • Rating: 98% positive with 41 reviews
  • Theme styles: Breeze, Breath, Swirl, Whiff and Puff

Eurus theme is an ideal choice for various types of Shopify users:

  • For newcomers on the platform, while providing high customizability to medium and large businesses from 10 to 200+ products.
  • Great for sellers who prioritize speed, UX, and mobile optimization, and aspire to achieve high conversion rates and drive more sales.
  • Eurus theme strikes a perfect balance between budget and functionality, making it a go-to option for many Shopify users.

Focal Shopify Theme

focal theme shopify

The focal theme for Shopify is a second option for the best alternatives to the Impulse Shopify theme. This theme presents a visually captivating and versatile design suitable for a variety of online stores. Its contemporary aesthetics and customizable attributes enable Focal to effectively showcase products.

The Focal theme’s responsive layout guarantees a seamless user experience across multiple devices. Users can effortlessly personalize their storefront with Focal’s dynamic sections. The theme’s sleek typography, effortless navigation, and integrated social media features enhance customer engagement. Whether you’re a fashion or electronics retailer, the Focal theme’s aesthetics and functionality can elevate your Shopify store to new heights.

  • Pricing: $320
  • Rating: 96% positive with 269 reviews
  • Theme styles: Carbon, Ivory, Quartz and Sapphire

The Focal Shopify theme is ideal for:

  • Businesses that prioritize editorial content, such as lifestyle and product imagery.
  • Businesses that emphasize longer form text sections to enhance brand storytelling.
  • Stores with high transaction volumes process a large number of transactions within a specific timeframe.
  • Businesses aim to display images that enhance visual brand storytelling.

Impulse Shopify Theme – Ending Words

The Shopify Impulse theme presents itself as an ideal option for businesses of any magnitude seeking a sleek, simplistic, and user-friendly theme. It makes an impression with the plethora of features that facilitate the creation of an aesthetically pleasing and professional-looking online store.

Moreover, the Impulse theme offers extensive customization options, allowing users to effortlessly modify the colors, fonts, and layout to align with their brand identity. Additionally, users can incorporate their own logo and header image, further personalizing their online store.

For those contemplating the utilization of the Impulse theme for their Shopify store, I strongly advise conducting thorough research and perusing reviews from fellow users. This will enable you to make an informed decision regarding the suitability of the Impulse theme for your specific requirements.

BSS Commerce Shopify hopes that this post about the Impulse Shopify theme review is really useful for you. Hence, support you in selecting the right decision for setting up the store’s look as well as thinking about the most suitable preset to match the style you like. And finally, don’t miss out on any posts from the BSS Commerce blog if you are excited about the eCommerce industry.

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