Look no further if you’re looking for a visually appealing and adaptable theme for an online store. Broadcast Shopify is a great theme because it provides an amazing platform to display the items and interact with the customers thanks to its cutting-edge features, customizable elements, and current design.

In this blog, BSS Commerce Shopify will discuss the amazing features and potential of the Broadcast theme Shopify, along with some advantages and user experiences of this potent theme and examples of successful stores when using the Shopify Broadcast theme.

Broadcast Theme Shopify: At a Glance

The Broadcast theme by Invisible Themes, a top-tier Shopify theme, boasts a modern aesthetic, thoughtfully curated design layouts, and impeccable styling. Meticulously crafted, this theme offers an extensive array of utility and design elements, empowering merchants to effortlessly enhance their sales performance.

Broadcast theme Shopify

Distinguishing itself from other themes, the Broadcast theme encompasses unparalleled features such as the convenient one click add to cart functionality, product upsells, and robust promotional tools, all aimed at maximizing your sales potential. In addition, the conversion-focused theme presents an impressive selection of over 20 flexible sections, facilitating the seamless creation of personalized pages.

  • Pricing: $360 USD
  • Rating: 93% positive with 191 reviews

Who is it Great for?

The Broadcast Shopify theme is highly recommended for niches and brands with high-quality imagery and videos that exude timeless elegance and modern sophistication, such as Fashion & Clothing, Home Décor & Furniture, Luxury products, Health & Wellness, Beauty & Cosmetics, Jewelry, Fashion Accessories and more.

It is particularly well-suited for stores with small to medium inventory sizes across multiple collections or brands.

Great for retailers who are adept at utilizing the customizer to enhance the uniqueness of the website (or those who are open to enlisting the expertise of Shopify designers). However, the Broadcast Shopify theme can also be effectively customized to meet the specific requirements of single or one-product stores.

4 Presets of Broadcast Theme Shopify

Presets demonstrate how a single theme may be customized to fit several product categories and branding aesthetics. Though technically merchants could just pick a preset, add some content, and start selling.

BSS Commerce Shopify strongly suggests taking the time to fully customize the theme to meet your unique requirements. This element is not just to differentiate themselves from the competition, but also because features and designs that appeal to one audience may not work for another. Let’s go over each of the broadcast’s presets, along with the benefits and fit that they bring.


Great for: Clean preset is appropriate for brands that emphasize simplicity and easy navigation for their customers while valuing a classy and polished appearance.

Clean Broadcast theme Shopify

Preset called Clean mainly showcases a timeless luxurious aesthetic with a contemporary touch through its striking and occasionally oversized serif heading font. The well-organized grid layout, along with generous spacing, ensures effortless comprehension and navigation. Plus, the subtle variation in color between different sections contributes to the overall user-friendly experience.

Although the color palette initially appears neutral, the inclusion of stone and sand accents throughout the website enhances its suitability for monochromatic products like jewelry. However, if your products encompass a diverse range of colors, it might be prudent to contemplate a more impartial color scheme to fit with the store’s style.


Great for: The Modern preset is perfect for brands seeking to communicate a cutting-edge, inventive, and a forward thinking identity.

modern Broadcast theme Shopify

With Modern preset, the product line’s black and white color scheme looks great with a range of color options. The sans-serif heading font and the full-bleed images in Modern preset incorporated in this preset collectively contribute to a more contemporary interpretation of opulence.

When establishing a fresh fashion brand or marketplace, it can be enticing to differentiate oneself with an intricate range of colors. Nevertheless, unless you specialize in beach-inspired linen products exclusively available in earthy shades or solely offer accessories in various hues of pink, the best way should be to adhere to the proven and successful black and white strategy. Observing the prominent fashion brands, and you will discern that the visuals typically bring forth the color rather than not the other way around.


Great for: Bright is a great option for companies that cater to younger consumers or work in industries like entertainment, home goods, or children’s products.

bright Broadcast theme Shopify

The Bright preset serves as a prime illustration of how color can effectively be utilized by brands that offer products in various shades, as long as the colors remain consistent and harmonious.

This particular childrenswear preset places a strong emphasis on utilizing organic colors and materials, which is why the pine green and muted pink accents blend so seamlessly. The colors of the clothing items are even mirrored in the logo, creating a cohesive visual identity. In terms of typography, the Bright preset combines the bold and playful Cooper BT font with the easily legible Open Sans body font, effectively conveying a sense of warmth and approachability.


Great for: Bold is a great option for enterprises in fields such as fashion, lifestyle, or any brands looking to create a striking and distinctive online presence.

bold Broadcast theme Shopify

The Bold preset, as its name implies, presents a visually captivating and influential design. The captivating design elements and dynamic color palette of this product are sure to attract the attention of customers. Also, the bold and theatrical style elevates the visual impact of your store, appealing to customers who value opulence and a fulfilling shopping experience.

Not only that, the Bold preset’s powerful contrasts, vibrant hues, and prominent typography to create an impression and captivate the audience. In general, this preset proves effective for products like technology and skincare, where the primary emphasis lies not on the product’s design itself. In such cases, a touch of color and personality can be essential to maintain customer engagement.

Having explored the various styling options available with Broadcast, let us now delve into the specific features and functionalities that contribute to the remarkable effectiveness of this theme.

Highlight Features of the Broadcast Theme Shopify

Broadcast is a premium Shopify theme that is powerful, feature-rich, and designed to incentivize sales, with more than 190 reviews from customers, along with 93% positive ratings. It has been meticulously crafted to provide a seamless setup and effortless operation for initial use, while simultaneously offering an abundance of advanced functionalities that can be harnessed as the requirements evolve. Consequently, what are those features and how does it work? Below is detailed review of it:

Collection Pages

The collection page layouts offered are designed to provide impeccable shopping experiences that are free from clutter. These layouts showcase full-width header images with a textual overlay, creating an aesthetically pleasing visual appeal. The product listing is organized in a grid-based format, allowing for easy navigation and product discovery.

To enhance the user experience, the collection pages support slideout and drop-down-based filters and sorters to make sure a hassle-free process of finding desired products. The product listing itself is minimal yet effective, featuring image rollover effects, product badges, quick add-to-cart functionality, and sale badges. These elements contribute to a seamless shopping experience.

collection page Broadcast theme Shopify

Moreover, the collection page layouts include designated spaces for various promotional elements. These spaces can be utilized for newsletter signups, showcasing featured collections and products, displaying featured blogs or articles, incorporating product videos, and more. At once, it also allows for the effective promotion of products and engaging content, further enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Product Pages

The Broadcast theme Shopify offers a meticulously organized and conversion-focused collection of product pages. These pages are equipped with various features that enhance the user experience and optimize conversions. Notably, the product pages allow for the inclusion of multiple product images, which can be viewed in a lightbox zoom format.

product page Broadcast theme Shopify

Furthermore, the theme provides elegant settings for product image thumbnails, ensuring a visually appealing presentation. The design of the theme is highly adaptable, allowing for the incorporation of color swatches, product reviews, product tabs, variant selections, accordion-based info sections, promo tiles and banners, related products, and numerous other elements.

Loading Page Performance

The Broadcast theme highlights in several aspects:

  • It utilizes resolution switching to ensure that the appropriate image size is displayed based on the available space in the browser.
  • The Broadcast theme Shopify prioritizes the loading of critical scripts for the initial rendering of the webpage.
  • Broadcast demonstrates commendable reusability by employing utility classes and repurposing sections as snippets for enhanced flexibility.
  • The mobile traffic conversion capabilities of Broadcast have been meticulously crafted using cutting-edge performance techniques.

However, there are certain factors that could impact the performance, one such factor is the inclusion of a large stylesheet and JavaScript file that load on every page, regardless of whether the corresponding CSS or sections are utilized.

performance Broadcast theme Shopify

When analyzing a demo homepage using the Page Speed Insights tool, the point performance for desktop device is 90 scores, accessibility is 96 scores, best practices is 91 and SEO is 100. As a result, it can be claimed that the loading page performance capabilities of demo Broadcast theme for desktop is quite good. And anyone wish find a Shopify theme, which cater the loading speed that this is a ideal choice.

Lastly, it is important to consider the impact of installed apps and the size of media uploaded to the store, as these factors often contribute to performance issues in Shopify stores.

EU Translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)

The EU translation feature empowers store owners to offer a multilingual shopping experience to their customers. With this feature, you can effortlessly translate different elements of the store, such as product descriptions, collections, navigation menus, and other crucial content, into various languages.

This guarantees that the website is easily accessible and user-friendly for customers from different EU countries who speak different languages. Through utilizing this feature, you can expand the reach, enhance the user experience, and boost conversion rates efficiently

Easy to Adapt

Broadcast suggests to retailers that they can totally delete the applications with this theme. Even while the theme doesn’t completely replace most apps, it does a fantastic job of swapping out apps that really shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Achieving a harmonious equilibrium between comprehensive functionalities and simplicity is a challenging endeavor. Nevertheless, we are consistently astounded by the meticulous deliberation invested in the development of this theme. It exhibits an exceptional level of user-friendliness while simultaneously offering an extensive array of customizable options, enabling merchants to truly personalize their experience.

Sticky Add to Cart

Ensuring that your product is always simple to add to a cart is crucial, particularly when utilizing long form sales page strategies for products that require a lot of help making decisions.

The Broadcast theme Shopify offers a pre built sticky product add to cart bar that is designed to appear only when the user scrolls past the initial product form, thereby preventing any confusion or obstruction of vital information during the first page load on mobile devices.

In addition, you can totally add to ReBuy button for a more intelligent cart experience with customized merchandising, and incorporating unique icons to enhance the on brand experience.

Marketing and Conversion

To promote marketing and conversion strategies efficiently, the Broadcast theme’s grid-based, clean, and minimal theme layouts are complemented by striking images and videos, allowing to effectively showcase the products, collections, brand identities, and blogs. Furthermore, Broadcast ensures a seamless display of featured products, complete with high-quality images, quick buy options, product badges, reviews, and trust badges.

True to its name, Broadcast offers a multitude of promotional sections, such as Promo banners, Promo popups, Product videos, Image galleries, and Before & After sliders. These sections enable to captivate the audience and effectively promote the offerings.

Not only that, Broadcast provides stunning layouts for blogs and featured blogs, accommodating various media types and optimization elements, which include authorship details, related articles, comments, share buttons, and social integrations, allowing to engage with the readers and expand the online presence.


With merchandising section, Broadcast is a meticulously designed Shopify theme that offers a flawless representation of the store on all devices. It boasts a full-width header segment, enhanced by an image slideshow and captivating text overlays, along with compelling call to action buttons.

Product Discovery

One of its standout features of the product discovery section is the powerful and user-friendly mega menu, which includes promotional offers within the menu itself. This menu section also incorporates an announcement bar, currency selector, collection page navigation, recently viewed, suggested product, product filtering and sorting, advanced search bar, and more.

4 Examples of Stores Using the Broadcast Theme Shopify

To help you imagine more clearly the Broadcast theme Shopify, in this section, BSS Commerce Shopify introduces 4 examples of stores using Broadcast as well as the benefits that stores received when using the theme of the developers, Invisible Themes.

Moonglow Jewelry

Moonglow Jewelry harnesses the power of the Broadcast Theme Shopify to elevate their extraordinary, celestial-inspired collection. This theme’s emphasis on captivating visuals perfectly complements the ethereal and intricately crafted pieces, allowing to shine with unparalleled brilliance.

moonglow jewelry Broadcast theme Shopify

Also, the featured product tool serves as a spotlight for limited editions and new releases, making sure that customers never miss out on these exclusive treasures. The theme’s upsell and cross-sell functionality seamlessly recommends complementary items, elevating the overall shopping experience to attract the target customer more.


ASSOULINE’s website exudes an air of refined sophistication, befitting its status as a purveyor of upscale illustrated books and decorative accessories for an online store. The Broadcast Theme Shopify, with its modern and elegant design, perfectly complements the brand’s chic aesthetic. The slideshow feature elegantly showcases their curated collections, while the color swatches tool provides a tactile and intuitive browsing experience, akin to leafing through their luxurious books.

assouline Broadcast theme Shopify

It can be concluded that the Broadcast Shopify theme is a great theme that many stores believe they should use with the aim of spreading the luxurious and expensive nature of their products. At the same time, customers, when experiencing the stores, will feel happy and satisfied to pick the products they love.

Equator Coffee

Equator Coffee, a specialty roaster, has found the perfect match with the Broadcast Theme Shopify. This exceptional theme’s clean and organized layout perfectly aligns with Equator Coffee’s dedication to clarity and quality.

On top of that, the slideshow feature effectively showcases their diverse coffee range and their noble fair-trade mission. To add a touch of urgency when purchasing for customers, the stock counter further motivates customers to swiftly purchase their fresh brews.

equator coffee Broadcast theme Shopify

In a nutshell, with the Broadcast Theme Shopify, Equator Coffee can confidently present their brand in a visually appealing and persuasive manner, enticing coffee lovers to indulge in their exceptional offerings efficiently and satisfied.

Forty Five Ten

Forty Five Ten is certainly a high-end fashion online shop that is inspired by the Broadcast theme Shopify. Forty Five Ten showcases a thoughtfully curated selection of up-and-coming and renowned luxury designers, specializing in women’s fashion, jewelry, shoes, handbags, and home decor.

forty five ten Broadcast theme Shopify


Forty Five Ten’s distinctive lens, guided by the expertise of fashion director Jordan Jones, embraces the beauty of artistic design and timeless artisanship. Thanks to inspiration from the Broadcast Shopify theme by Insidious Themes, Forty Five Ten has cultivated a distinctive reputation through its imaginative and unconventional collection, along with an impression layout to approach more with the customer’s satisfaction.

Broadcast theme Shopify Alternatives

There are 4 alternative options for the Broadcast theme Shopify that you can refer to in the section below:

Eurus Shopify theme

  • Pricing: $230 USD
  • Rating: 98% positive

Eurus is a Shopify premium theme, which highlights for page speed, feature-rich, boost conversions rate and friendly with mobile users. There are 5 presets in the Eurus theme, including Breeze, Breath, Swirl, Whiff and Puff. Let’s pick the Eurus theme if you wish to:

  • Make an impress visitors with faster loading site: The quickest speed ever because after a website loads for more than three seconds, up to 40% of visitors leave.
  • Keep up with trends and stand out in the market: Given the competitive nature of the business, you’ll need to use and adopt design trends with the Eurus theme.
  • Quit losing clients due to poor response times: Customers may leave your business as a result of distorted images on various screens. The excellent compatibility of Eurus can handle that.
  • Free from self-solving technical problems: For some, these problems could demand a great deal of coding or technical expertise. Rest assured that the Eurus experienced team will assist you.

eurus theme Broadcast theme Shopify

In addition, Eurus is known as one of the best conversion Shopify themes thanks to:

  • Deliver targeted and timely messages to your visitors with Per-page Pop-ups, boosting conversion rates.
  • Enjoy unlimited, pre-defined, easily-customizable product badges within our powerful theme, eliminating the need for label apps.
  • Display personalized recommendations in the cart to increase cross-selling and revenue.
  • Urge order completion with our Countdown Timer, leveraging the power of urgency in eCommerce.
  • Never miss any hot deals with our impressive Promotion Grid, converting sales effortlessly.
  • Shorten the way to purchase with Quick View, allowing customers to view product details and add to cart with just one click.
  • Improve UX and encourage action with Sticky Add to Cart on the product page.
  • And 20+ conversion-driving features more..

To know more about the Eurus Shopify theme, you can learn about it here: Eurus Shopify theme – Best new Shopify theme for speed and conversion

Prestige Shopify theme

  • Pricing: $350 USD
  • Rating: 90% positive

Prestige is known as one of the great alternatives for the Broadcast theme Shopify. This theme is designed for premium, high-end brand appeal and visual storytelling with the purpose of showcasing images to promote the brand, optimized for longer-form text.

There are three main example presets for the Prestige Shopify theme, including couture, allure, and vogue, along with the advanced features and endless free trial.

prestige theme Broadcast theme Shopify

Let’s choose the Prestige Shopify theme if you are looking for the elements as follows:

  • Shine with brilliance: meticulously fashioned to exude an unparalleled sense of opulence and sophistication. Exquisitely curated elements that accentuate the allure of your products and embody your brand’s essence.
  • Empower your store: Enriched with an array of cutting-edge functionalities and over 30 customizable sections. The definitive solution for crafting awe-inspiring stores and amplifying your brand’s reach
  • Unleash unrivaled performance: Elevate your online store to new heights with lightning-fast speed and a theme that prioritizes accessibility. Unleash the potential of seamless browsing and captivate your audience effortlessly.

On top of that, you can learn about the multiple features with an unlimited free trial in marketing and conversion, cart and checkout, merchandising, and product discovery here.

Symmetry Shopify theme

  • Pricing: $340 USD
  • Rating: 93% positive

The next option for the Broadcast theme Shopify is Symmetry by Clean Canvas Ltd. With more than 300 reviews from customers and 93% positive feedback about the experience, symmetry is a great theme worth trying. Specify has four examples of presets like Chantilly, Salt Yard, Duke, and Beatnik, along with a versatile, fashionable, professional theme with premium features.

symmetry theme Broadcast theme Shopify

Try right now with the Symmetry Shopify theme if you are seeking the next following things:

  • Top Selling Theme: The Symmetry theme offered is a top-selling option, boasting an unparalleled assortment of easily customizable drag-and-drop sections and features. These elements have been meticulously crafted by a seasoned theme store partner, ensuring a high level of expertise and quality.
  • Make an Impact to Drive Sales: With the aim of making a significant impact and driving sales, this theme has been developed by esteemed Shopify Theme Partners, who possess an impressive 11 years of experience in creating top-tier premium themes for various merchants.
  • Support for Buyers Convert: The Symmetry theme is equipped with powerful filters that are specifically designed to enhance conversions. While it is particularly suitable for fashion stores, it is equally suitable for any type of store that desires a polished and professional online presence.

And there are more advanced features you can refer to in the Symmetry Shopify theme, like suggested items, in-store pickups, color swatches, animations, image rollover, slideshows, product badges, trust badges, etc.

Pipeline Shopify theme

  • Pricing: $360 USD
  • Rating: Impression with 99% positive

Similarly to the Broadcast theme Shopify, Prestige, Eurus, or Symmetry, the Pipeline Shopify by Groupthought theme is best for high end stores as well as a great choice for a fashionable, feature-rich theme designed for luxury brands. Plus, Pipeline is also designed to showcase images to support visual brand storytelling or stores that do in-person selling.

pipeline theme Broadcast theme Shopify

Not only make an impression with the high rating of 99% positive in more than 180 reviews, but also highlight the pipeline with distinct features like:

  • Pipeline offers a comprehensive solution for organizing your catalog with subcollections and advanced filtering tools, as part of the new features introduced in Online Store 2.0. With the ability to create subcollections, you can easily categorize and manage the products, making it effortless for customers to navigate.
  • Pipeline has the flexibility to customize the website with drag-and-drop sections on every page. Pipeline’s premade starter templates for about, team, and contact pages make it even easier to create a professional and visually appealing online presence.
  • In today’s mobile driven world, it is crucial to optimize for mobile devices. Pipeline understands this need and ensures that your online store is mobile-friendly. The product pages and cart upsells are designed to provide a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for customers on smartphones and tablets.

Thanks to the Pipeline Shopify theme, you can create a visually stunning and user-friendly website that will attract and retain customers and drive the business towards success.

Broadcast Theme Shopify – The Bottom Line

The Broadcast theme Shopify is an exceptionally comprehensive and well-crafted theme that caters to the diverse needs of numerous merchants. It not only possesses an array of unique features that are absent in many other themes, often necessitating the use of additional applications, but it also executes them in a refined and deliberate manner.

The best way should be advise avoiding some features that could render the site unworkable and being mindful of a few SEO, accessibility, and general usability issues.

Because there are so many options available, Let’s carefully weighing the advantages over potential drawbacks in terms of performance and usability, as well as whether or not they are suitable for a luxury audience.

If you desire a theme that boasts an effortlessly stunning appearance and possesses the ability to adapt alongside the business, BSS Commerce Shopify highly recommends giving the Broadcast theme a try, or its alternatives like Eurus, Pipeline, Prestige, or Symmetry.

Learn more about the post review themes by BSS Commerce Shopify below.