Nowadays, almost all customers desire quick product searches and don’t want to waste time sifting through collections to search for items. At the same time, they prefer not to invest time in finding unavailable products. The larger the product range, the more time-consuming the search process becomes, increasing the likelihood of customers leaving the site. This could result in lost sales and damage to your online store. Therefore, to prevent this, consider using the best Shopify filter apps for your online store.

In this post below, the BSS Commerce Shopify will provide the full list of the 8+ best Shopify product filter apps, along with a comparison table for each app with criteria like rating, reviews, pricing per month, etc.

Now, let’s dive into the details!

Review 8+ Best Shopify Filter Apps

Below is the full list of the 8+ best filter app for Shopify, along with a full comparison table for each app:

No. Shopify filter apps Developer Rating Free Plan Free Trial Best for Pricing per month
1. Shopify Search and Discovery Shopify 4.5/5 with 696 reviews Best for small businesses, startups with a limited budget
  • Free
2. Smart Product Filter and Search Globo 4.9/5 with 1,510 reviews Yes 14 days Best for businesses that handle large product volumes
  • Free Plan available
  • Plan: $19
  • Plan: $29
  • Shopify Plus plan: $69
3. Boost AI Search and Filter Boost Commerce 4.8/5 with 1,812 reviews Yes 14 days Best for for stores with large inventories
  • Free Plan available
  • Regular 1: $19
  • Regular 2: $29
  • Plus plan: $69
4. Searchanise Search and Filter Searchanise 4.8/5 with 1,583 reviews Yes 14 days Best for small businesses
  • Free Plan available
  • Basic Plan: $19
  • Essential Plan: $39
  • Basic for Plus Plan: $39
5. AI Search and Product Filter SoBooster 4.6/5 with 513 reviews Yes No Best for businesses seeking an easy to use interface that doesn’t slow down the website
  • Free Plan available
  • Starter Plan: $14.99
  • Essential Plan: $18.99
  • Shopify Plus Plan: $69.99
6. Rapid AI Search Bar and Filter Rapid Search 4.9/5 with 349 reviews Yes 14 days Best for large stores to improve website usability
  • Free Plan available
  • Basic 1: $9
  • Basic 2: $19
  • Basic 3: $39
7. Cloud Search and Product Filter NP Apps 4.9/5 with 684 reviews Yes 14 days Best for businesses with large product catalogs that wish to support multilingual stores.
  • Free Plan available
  • Pro Plan: $7
  • Pro Plan: $14
  • Enterprise: $49
8. Fast Simon Search and Filters Fast Simon 4.8/5 with 713 reviews Yes 14 days Best for businesses with large product catalogs
  • Free Plan available
  • Starter Plan: $39.99
  • Essential Plan: $99.99

#1 Shopify Search & Discovery – Best Shopify Filter App For Free

shopify search discovery app

On top of the best Shopify filter apps list is Shopify Search and Discovery. Thanks to the Shopify Search and Discovery application, you can assist customers in locating the right products and boost your sales. With this app, you can tailor your search options, filtering mechanisms, and product suggestions to improve the relevance of your offerings and increase your sales.

Furthermore, this Shopify filter app provides comprehensive search results and elevates the average order value through personalized recommendations on every product page. Therefore, you can leverage analytics to gain insights into customer navigation patterns within your store and utilize this information to aid shoppers in finding exactly what they desire.

Highlight features

  • Tailor filters to enable customers to refine their search by various categories
  • Create synonym sets to align product descriptions with shoppers’ search terms
  • Use product boosts to showcase specific products in search results
  • Include related and complementary products on individual product pages
  • Use analytics to gain insights into your store’s search and exploration effectiveness

#2 Smart Product Filter & Search

Smart Product Filter Search

The Product Filter and Instant Search application enables users to quickly filter products by various criteria such as price, size, color, tag, vendor, brand, collection, and meta fields. It is simple to install, customize the product filter menu, and have instant suggestions and autocorrect features. With the sidebar filter and filter collection, your customers can easily find the right product.

Highlight features

  • Capable customization of filters for various collections and categories
  • A filter menu is available, allowing for filtering by tags, sale percentage, reviews, meta fields, and variants
  • Year-make model search feature
  • Full-text search capabilities, auto-suggestions, search redirects, synonyms, spell check, and more
  • The smart search bar provides instant search results, zero-character suggestions, and the ability to exclude stop words

#3 Boost AI Search & Filter

Boost AI Search and Filter app

The Boost AI Search and Filter app enables the creation of seamless shopping experiences that enhance conversion rates and maximize average order value (AOV). This application uses artificial intelligence to provide lightning-fast and highly relevant search results. Thanks to leveraging AI recommendations, it assists shoppers in discovering their next favorite product.

Furthermore, this Shopify filter app also offers advanced merchandising tools to enhance the visual appeal of your store. With a custom filter menu, collection filter, and filter options available on any page, you can easily match the theme of your choice.

Highlight features

  • AI-driven search bar: search suggestions, automatic correction of typos, AI-generated synonyms, elimination of stopwords
  • Diverse recommendation configurations are available for the home, collection, product, and cart pages
  • Advanced visual merchandising tools offer pinning, boosting, demoting, and hiding product strategies
  • Tailored product filtering capabilities with an extensive range of options including tags, meta fields, variants, and more
  • Comprehensive analytics provide valuable insights through detailed collection filtering and search behavior reports

#4 Searchanise Search & Filter

Searchanise Search and Filter app

Assist customers in finding products quickly using the Searchanise Search and Filter app with an efficient search bar and advanced filters. You don’t need any coding skills; the product search widgets will adapt to your theme automatically.

The search and filter app is ready to use as soon as it’s installed, yet it offers extensive customization options such as an instant search bar, personalized collection filters, product labels, add-to-cart functionality, merchandising features, and much more.

Highlight features

  • Smart and Instant Search Bar, a feature that locates matches throughout all pages within the store
  • Voice recognition search and tailored AI search to enhance user interaction
  • Unlimited pre-set and customizable filters, including default options, tag filters, and prefixes
  • Adjustable live search results display and product card information
  • Tools for promoting sales such as custom labels, sorting options, and autocomplete regulations

#5 AI Search & Product Filter

AI Search and Product Filter app

Easily enhance your store’s sales potential with the AI Search and Product Filter app, which optimizes search and filter functions. This app elevates the search and filter experience for your customers, enabling them to locate products efficiently. Using an advanced AI-powered search engine, it enhances your store’s conversion rates, streamlines the customer journey, and boosts sales and revenue effectively.

Highlight features

  • Improved Product Filtering: effectively filters through tags, vendors, options, meta fields, and more
  • AI-Powered Instant Search: provides auto-suggestions and accommodates typos for a seamless search experience
  • Smart Merchandising: strategically promotes top-selling products to drive sales growth
  • Comprehensive Analytics: gain valuable insights into search and filtering patterns for informed decision-making
  • Advanced Synonyms: delivers improved and pertinent search results for enhanced user experience

#6 Rapid AI Search Bar and Filter

Rapid AI Search Bar and Filter app

With this Shopify filter app, you can use the intelligent search bar and incorporate unlimited product and collection filters to assist visitors in locating their desired items. The AI-driven upsell search recommendation system in this app, along with comprehensive search analytics, offers data for decision-making and campaign strategies. Therefore, if you are seeking Shopify fraud filter app to boost the conversion rate of your store through an AI-powered search bar and filter, the Rapid AI Search Bar and Filter app is a great option to consider.

Highlight features

  • Equipped with synonym control, autocorrection, and promotional features
  • Access an extensive range of product and collection filters with enhanced product tag administration capabilities
  • Hide specific products from search results while using the product boost functionality to enhance their visibility
  • Use a lightweight application (17KB) hosted on premium Microsoft servers, capable of handling up to 1 million products with real-time synchronization
  • Mobile-responsive user interface, comprehensive search analytics, and multi language support for a seamless user experience

#7 Cloud Search and Product Filter

Cloud Search and Product Filter app

When using the Product Filter and Search Bar app, you have the ability to improve the search and filter functionalities of your collection pages without the need for any theme modifications. It also allows you to create various filters, such as tag-based, price, search, sort by, meta field, brand, color, and size, among others, for your search and collection pages.

You can customize these filters for each collection, enhancing the navigation experience for your customers. At once, you can optimize your search results by prioritizing bestsellers, promoting specific products, and incorporating synonyms to boost search performance and increase sales conversion.

Highlight features

  • Rapid product discovery through an immediate search bar with consistently accurate results
  • User-friendly filters that can be personalized for search and collection pages
  • Preservation of collection page layout, features, and compatibility with third-party applications and integrations
  • Prioritization of bestsellers and promotion of products to enhance search efficiency
  • Search analytics to gain insights into customer search behavior

#8 Fast Simon Search and Filters

Fast Simon Search and Filters app

The final name on the list of the best Shopify filter apps is the Fast Simon Search and Filter app. This developer has created an advanced platform that combines shopper insights, store data, and other elements to assist you in enhancing your merchandising, navigation, search, and product filters.

Also, this app drives shopping optimization for numerous rapidly expanding brands, utilizing the NO-CODE front end, API, JS SDK, REACT Components, and Hydrogen.

Highlight features

  • Search & Discovery guides customers quickly and accurately according to their intentions
  • Merchandising engages and motivates customers by maximizing inventory and sales
  • Tailored Search & Filters enhance customer conversions
  • Email & SMS integration aids in precise remarketing and retargeting efforts
  • Search Audiences enable personalized targeting throughout the customer experience

It can be claimed that the 8+ best Shopify filter apps each offer unique features and benefits that can enhance the user experience, boost sales, and streamline operations for businesses with large product catalogs. From robust search capabilities to seamless Shopify integration, these apps provide valuable tools for eCommerce success. However, choosing the right app requires careful consideration of your specific business needs and goals.

In the next section, the BSS Commerce Shopify will delve into the key tips to consider when selecting the most suitable filter app for your Shopify store. Let’s find out now below.

Tips to Pick the Best Shopify Filter App

Almost all shoppers have a preference for swiftly locating products, and the more effortless their navigation experience is, the faster they will complete their purchase. Incorporating precise, comprehensive, and well-crafted product filters can significantly boost your sales and revenues. Take a look at these seven crucial tips or best practices to optimize product filters for your Shopify store, as follows:

#1 Offer Filters for Specific Categories

Each product category has unique attributes. For example, clothing items might have size and color attributes, while electronics might have specifications like RAM or screen size. Your best Shopify filter app should allow you to create filters specific to each category, making it easier for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

#2 Highlight Essential Filters

Highlighting essential filters helps shoppers quickly focus on what they want, making their search quicker and simpler. For instance, in a laptop category, filters like ‘Brand’, ‘Price’, and ‘Laptop Type’ are crucial. Your best Shopify filter apps should allow you to highlight these essential filters, making them more visible to your customers.

#3 Include Filters Based on Themes

Themes can refer to seasonal trends, occasions, or even color schemes. Including theme-based filters can help customers find products that match a particular style or occasion to enhance their shopping experience.

#4 Allow Selection of Multiple Filters

If a shopping website only lets customers use one filter at a time, this would be really slow and annoying for customers. They wouldn’t be able to focus their search to find the product they want, so they might just leave the website. Don’t let this happen to you. Let your customers use more than one filter at the same time.

#5 Show Applied Filters and Allow Easy Deselection

To make your website more user-friendly, it’s important to let your customers see the filters they’ve used. When shopping online, people often forget what filters they’ve set. So, to remind your customers of their chosen filters, you should show these filters at the top of the page to prevent confusion about your website and the products you offer.

You should also let customers remove their filters by providing a “clear filters” or “clear all” button. This makes it easy for customers to find different products or change their filters if they change their minds.

#6 Shorten Long Lists of Filters

If you have a large number of filters, consider using collapsible sections or a ‘show more’ option to keep the interface short and user-friendly and prevent customers from being overwhelmed by too many options.

#7 Ensure Filters are User-Friendly on Mobile Devices

Major of orders nowadays are placed on mobile devices. Therefore, your filter app must be mobile-friendly. The filters should be easily accessible and functional on smaller screens to provide a seamless.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, having the best product filter app for Shopify is essential tools for enhancing the user experience on any eCommerce platform. It offers a range of features, from category-specific filters to mobile-friendly interfaces, that help customers navigate large product catalogs and find exactly what they’re looking for. If choosing the best filter app for Shopify, merchants can significantly improve their store’s usability, boost sales, and ultimately drive business growth.

The BSS Commerce Shopify hopes that this list of best Shopify filter apps will help you choose the best Shopify product filter app for your online store. And lastly, don’t forget to visit our site frequently to explore more posts about Shopify app reviews, tips, and tutorials for Shopify.


1. What is the impact of a Shopify filter app on my store’s loading speed?

The effect of a product filter app on your store’s loading speed can differ; certain apps are designed for efficiency, while others could potentially decrease site speed. It is recommended to assess the app’s impact on loading times and explore optimization options if needed.

2. How does a Shopify filter app work with my product catalog?

Here’s how the best Shopify filter app typically works with your product catalog:

  • Grouping Products: Shopify filters can group your store’s products based on various attributes like size, color, availability, and other features.
  • Customizing Filters: Online business owners can customize their Shopify stores by setting up filters in the settings. While creating Shopify filters on the online store, you should check whether your online store’s theme supports the filter.
  • Creating Product Filters on Collection Pages: You can set up price tags, size tags, color tag filters, and more. You can also select ‘Vendor Filter’ and ‘Tag Filter’ to display them on collection pages.