Let’s think about using the Pipeline Shopify theme right now if you’re a luxury store owner seeking a premium theme for your store.

One of the big pros of utilizing Shopify is the ability to use a variety of customizations to alter the appearance and performance of the website. Therefore, the Pipeline Shopify theme is still a top choice for high-end stores, and large businesses want to upgrade the website’s look.

To know more about what this theme’s features are, let’s scroll to discover all things about the Pipeline theme, like design, theme styles, usability, and general performance, which will all be covered in this post’s complete review.

Pipeline Shopify Theme Overview

The Pipeline theme features and customization could give the business the edge it requires to increase sales in any market you’re in. So, let’s learn all sides of the pipeline theme in the section below to be more outstanding from other competition and enhance the brand’s reputation.

Introduction to Pipeline Shopify Theme

Although some users prefer a minimal look, the majority want to create websites that are dynamic with lots of features and bespoke sections. If you want to give visitors an impressive store’s look with a traditional and straightforward design browsing experience that is no less luxurious, the Shopify Pipeline Theme is a fantastic choice.

The Pipeline Shopify theme by Groupthought is known as a sleek-looking theme for high-end stores or physical stores. The Pipeline theme is a fantastic way to get started with a straightforward theme that covers the essentials for the majority of online stores.

Pipeline Shopify theme

You can make changes to the Shopify Pipeline theme’s product page if you believe certain customizations are essential for the functionality. Your Shopify Pipeline logo’s size, typefaces, color scheme, and other website elements may all be customized to meet the store’s requirements.

In addition, Pipeline also helps to enable the website to load swiftly and achieve top rankings. This is a big plus for businesses, especially startups that want to have a chance to display in the top positions on Google search engines.

Who Should Use the Pipeline Shopify Theme?

The Pipeline Shopify theme is appropriate for businesses of all sizes and in a variety of sectors, but it works especially well for those who want to build a straightforward online store or who need excellent aesthetics to increase conversion. Because it enables businesses using Shopify to use high-quality images, which is crucial to attracting the customer’s attention. Here are some specific objects to think about when utilizing the Pipeline Shopify theme:

Shopify sellers who value simplicity, clarity, and modern design

The Pipeline theme can be the best option if the business places a high value on the aesthetics of the website and wants to establish a minimalist online presence that is no less distinctive and eye-catching. Its customized homepage, parallax effect, and multi-column menu provide a number of chances to visually appealingly showcase the products.

High-volume, medium-sized stores with a range of catalogs or physical stores that handle lots of transactions at once

Businesses with a vast product catalog can consider the Pipeline theme to be an excellent fit because of its enhanced product filtering features. Therefore, customers can simply locate the things they need thanks to the option to search and filter products based on particular criteria, which enhances their overall purchasing experience more efficiently.

Shopify businesses that emphasize using visual storytelling to showcase the collections and products

The Pipeline theme’s content sections on the product page might be a crucial place if the business places a high priority on visual brand storytelling. You can display product reviews, related items, and thorough product descriptions in these sections, with the purpose of giving customers more information to help them make educated purchasing decisions.

How Much Does the Pipeline Shopify Theme Cost?

The pricing of the Pipeline theme Shopify is $360 USD. Users can preview the theme using the Pipeline Shopify theme demo, which has 4 examples of presets and can be downloaded from the Shopify Theme Official Store. It can be claimed that the Pipeline theme is reasonably priced and provides good value for the money given its variety of features and customization choices.

Pipeline Shopify theme cost

It only costs $360 as a one-time purchase, and you don’t have to buy the Pipeline Shopify theme right away. The theme has an unlimited free trial period that lets you try out all of its advanced features without spending any money. The fact that you just need to pay when you’re ready to publish the theme is especially advantageous.

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Why Should You Use the Pipeline Shopify Theme?

Many positive reviews

Almost all customers have given the Pipeline Shopify theme positive reviews, and it has a high rating on the Shopify Theme Store. There have been 180 reviews as of the time this article was published, and 99% of them are favorable.

The comprehensive product filtering options, customizable homepage style, and other features have all received appreciation from users. As a result, the Pipeline Shopify theme is well-known for being user-friendly and adaptable for mobile, which makes it a popular option for a variety of businesses of all sizes.

Support and documentation are available on Groupthought’s website

This section is comprehensive, containing detailed instructions on how to use every feature available in the theme. Whenever customers have had issues implementing something on this theme, they have totally found some guidance there.

Customization capabilities are available for building out pages

This provides the user with a lot more flexibility to build out individual product pages. Customers are able to easily add trust badges and build testimonials based on reviews from old customers as well as endorsements from influencers.

The inbuilt quick buy and custom upsell functions have been so critical in improving average order values. Most themes lack this feature and necessitate the installation of a different app and payment for other subscriptions.

In a nutshell, the Pipeline theme Shopify provides a visually appealing design with a variety of features to assist businesses in developing a distinctive and expert online store.

The theme is a great option for store owners wishing to display their products in a chic and contemporary fashion thanks to its fully adjustable homepage, multi-column layout, and smooth connection with Shopify apps.

04 Theme Styles for the Pipeline Shopify Theme

The Shopify Pipeline theme mainly emphasizes and enhances the product designs to unleash creativity for the store’s appearance; specifically, it is creatively created with 4 different theme styles: Bright, Clean, Light, and Dark.

As a result, it is highly recommended to check out the Pipeline Shopify theme demos and its features in all three impressive styles in the section below.


The Clean theme style is the most recent design of the Pipeline Shopify theme. The clean theme is designed to be sleek and contemporary. It creates emphasis with its straightforward and understated design, which includes crisp lines, an understated font, professionalism, and high-end quality with neutral colors and an easy-to-use layout.

Pipeline Shopify theme Clean

The clean theme style is an ideal theme for high-end stores in the women’s fashion field. It focuses on the most minimal items with neutral colors, simple but no less luxurious. Clean is a great option if fashion businesses are looking for elegance and femininity.


The Pipeline theme’s Bright preset is the most minimal Shopify theme design choice available on the official website of Shopify, with just enough features to get your store up and running right away. Almost all businesses highly appreciate the simple layout and easy-to-use interface of this design.

The color scheme of Bright is more vibrant than that of Light, and the overlay header gives the homepage a contemporary yet straightforward appearance. The Bright type is a fantastic option for stores that want to create a strong visual statement because it contains bright and colorful colors. The theme’s design features bold symbols, big letters, and brilliant color gradients.

Pipeline Shopify theme Bright

Due to its straightforward design and good adaptability, the Clean Pipeline theme is perfect for businesses in the skincare field with limited resources or startup businesses with not enough web design experience. All of the products on store are manufactured with natural components, which really match the design style of the Clean theme: simplicity and purity.


The Pipeline Shopify theme’s Dark preset is distinguished by its dark background color, sticky navigation, and video banner, which gives the Shopify store a daring and exciting appearance. It’s perfect for businesses that need everything in one handy package.

The theme’s dark background design also clearly shows the personality in the store’s look, especially in women’s fashion stores with wild, sexy, and luxurious styles.

Pipeline Shopify theme Dark

Plus, modular content blocks that produce a clutter-free layout help to keep the design orderly and clear. The Dark font has a dark color palette, which makes it a fantastic option for stores looking to create a dramatic or somber environment. Dark backgrounds, bold writing, and stylized symbols are all features of this theme’s design. Let’s pick the dark theme right now to experience the greatest things.


As the name suggests, the Pipeline Shopify theme’s Light preset is an advanced variation with a current website-like clean, bright, and light appearance.

Or, say the other way, the light theme style is also an illustration of a minimal, realistic design. For customers with more complex requirements, it is the best option because it provides more advanced features than Bright while still retaining a friendly user experience.

Pipeline Shopify theme Light

Especially in the color scheme, the light type is more muted, with light and airy tones that give it a clean, minimalist appearance. White space, minimalistic iconography, and minimalist typography are outstanding features of this theme’s design.

Also, the powerful customize feature, which enables users to create their own styles and customizations, can assist them in understanding the nature of businesses in just a few seconds of scrolling. It can be claimed that this is a theme style worthy of trying that businesses or stores that enjoy minimalist design shouldn’t ignore.

Can say that these four theme styles played a critical role in making the Pipeline theme Shopify a top choice for many high-end stores or large businesses because of the diversity in its selection capabilities.

However, let’s remember that the Pipeline theme might not be appropriate for businesses with sophisticated customization requirements, so the choice of Pipeline or any other Shopify theme will carefully focus on the requirements and tastes of the stores.

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Outstanding Features of Pipeline Shopify Theme

The Pipeline Themes Shopify is a premium e-commerce theme that provides a number of special features and functionalities to assist businesses or stores in building an online store that is both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

However, all the variations of the Shopify Pipeline theme share some common characteristics, despite their various aesthetics. So, we’ve listed the Pipeline theme’s top features below to help businesses get acquainted with each function of this theme:

Compatible with the Mobile

Today’s online sales are significantly influenced by mobile traffic, making it essential for online retailers to have a mobile-responsive design. The responsive Shopify theme – Pipeline, fortunately, is exquisitely created for mobile commerce and offers customers a seamless experience regardless of the device they use.

Customization Capabilities

On the product page, the Pipeline theme allows room to display large product photographs or videos, but you can customize the size if necessary. The layout of the product page is often quite tidy and straightforward.

The fact that Pipeline allows you the opportunity to put custom tabs beneath or next to the product image is one fantastic way to use the product page features. Therefore, you can arrange them in the tab area if you have a lot of product information.

On the other hand, you can also customize the Shopify theme Pipeline so that it looks exactly as you want it to by purchasing the theme customization package. The package includes personalized pages, fonts, colors, and styles, as well as functionalities like pop-ups and announcement bars that let you design a unique and alluring buying experience.

Subcollections and Filters

On collection pages, you can show a sidebar menu with a tag-based product sorting option, such as brand, color, size, and product kind, to name a few typical categories. With this product filtering feature, the possibility of converting visitors into customers for a positive user experience can grow.

In addition, the Pipeline Shopify theme also provides the necessary resources to set up subcollections and the newest filtering tools in the store’s catalog. Customers may quickly search for and filter products with the Pipeline theme’s sophisticated product filtering options based on details like price, color, size, and more. Customers’ whole purchasing experience can be enhanced by using this option to quickly and effectively find the products they’re looking for.

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Cart Notes and Slide-out Cart

In the cart notes and slide-out carts section of the Shopify theme Pipeline, customers can refer to full information about the item description, ratings from users, a list of ingredients, and high-quality images from all sides. Then pick quantity and color before making a payment decision.

Pipeline Shopify theme Cart

In addition, customers can add extra instructions or comments to their orders using the cart notes feature during the checkout process, which is useful for items that need unique modifications or delivery instructions. Customers can inspect their cart and make any necessary edits with the slide-out cart without leaving the page they’re now on.


On the Cart and Product pages of Pipeline, you may upsell one or more products using the “Cross-selling” promotion function. Pipeline is capable of smoothly integrating with Shopify Search & Discovery, a no-cost software offered by Shopify. Businesses or stores can showcase cross-selling and upsell promotions for their products thanks to this integration.

Product Badges & Trust badges

The creative and outstanding ideas in the marketing and conversion strategies may be key to the success of businesses or online Shopify stores in this competitive market. Making an impression and being reliable for the customers is more difficult in these situations.

That is why businesses need to set up a professional marketing plan and fully provide information about product badges and trust badges to attract customers’ beliefs.

The eye-catching product labels and badges of the Pipeline Shopify theme encourage customers to make more purchases. For marketing and conversion campaigns, product labels and badges also offer a variety of display conditions, including discount or price ranges, publication date or time, stock status, country, and label or badge exposure duration. Plus, the placement, scale, and other display parameters are easy to customize.

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Mega Menu

For Shopify stores with large menus and catalogs, the Pipeline theme is a great choice worth trying. With the Pipeline theme, stores and businesses can quickly construct a mega menu and even show products beneath the menu items so that customers can click on them right from the navigation.

The mega menu and aesthetically pleasing design make it simple for visitors to click on product collections right from the navigation. Therefore, Shopify stores with a sizable menu and catalog should use the Pipeline theme to meet these requirements.

Recommended Products

The suggested items in the product discovery section play crucial roles in attracting customers to visit the other items on the product page. Almost all customers want to refer to some item types with a variety of pricing to pick the best items. As a result, making the impressive appearance of the items and transforming attractive content are great tips to catch their attention.

High-resolution Images

It can be claimed that the first thing that grabs visitors’ attention in online stores is typically the visual content. Therefore, despite the Pipeline theme’s straightforward design, you can still hold the attention of visitors by using large, high-resolution photos on the homepage.

Additionally, the Pipeline theme also supports full screens with high-quality images, guaranteeing that pictures seem clear and sharp on all gadgets. It’s crucial for businesses that heavily rely on aesthetic appeal, like those that offer photography or fine art.

To ensure that the photographs will display properly on both desktop and mobile versions, remember to crop them beforehand. The Pipeline theme has the advantage of being a fantastic resource for supporting documents to assist with image sizing. Simply perform a search for “image size” in the help center to find a ton of information on the subject.

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Pipeline Shopify Theme Store Examples

To help the customers ease their practical application more on their website, we not only provide full information about definitions, top features, and theme styles but will also present some store examples using the Pipeline Shopify theme. Here are a few websites that use the pipeline; let’s scroll to learn more:


Workshop is one of the outstanding websites using the design of the Pipeline Shopify theme. Get inspiration from the pipeline theme; the workshop’s main color tone is neutral, such as beige, gray, or white.

The message of stores made an impression with minimalist styles because, for many, modern life can be “all-consuming” at times. And to live well entails taking the time, interacting with others, and embracing the beauty of simplicity.

The workshop has a brand storytelling feature to share useful information about the development history of stores and their mission in the future. At once, it also provides a full delivery policy, including shipping, exchanging, and returning orders, to help customers feel comfortable when shopping.

Workshop example Pipeline Shopify theme

The main items of the Workshop are basic items to meet life’s requirements, including candles, glassware, home decor, kitchenware, accessories, body care, skin care, and wearable items like footwear, bags, jewelry, eyewear, and more.

It can be claimed that Workshop’s beauty and riches are always appreciated for modern living styles, but it also values connection, slow living, sustainability, and simplicity in order to attain balance.

Sun Bleached

Sun Bleached is a high-end women’s lingerie brand with neutral color luxury. It is designed for women with unruly hair, salty skin, and sun-kissed spirits.

The design of the Sun Bleached was inspired by the Shopify theme Pipeline, with the purpose of bringing customers the most realistic images and no less luxury.

Sun Bleached example Pipeline Shopify theme

The idea of the Sun Bleached brand emerged from years of working as a photographer for swimwear businesses. Sun Bleached prioritizes simple, minimalist swimsuits that look good in place when touring and surfing.

When it comes to models, there are many skin colors and a variety of body types. The Sun Bleached brand always attempts to launch a range of designs to meet women’s requirements.


Fjällräven is one of the websites using the Pipeline theme Shopify, whose slogan is “Functional, Durable, and Timeless,” and inspires and develops an interest in outdoor life.

Fjällräven is an outdoor gear and apparel brand with a mission to increase access to nature. It is based in the small Swedish town of Örnsköldsvik, which is situated where mountains, forests, and the sea converge.

About the mission: Fjällräven always prioritizes simplicity and practicality and promotes resources from the natural environment in true Swedish fashion. Fjällräven supplies items for both men and women, such as jackets, tops, backpacks, bags, accessories, and trousers.

FjAll Raven example Pipeline Shopify theme

The Fjällräven’s responsibility always tries to ensure the products stand the test of time, both physically and emotionally. All these items are produced in accordance with nature’s rules, creating clothing and equipment that will last for generations, exposing more people to nature, and being as natural as possible.

United Boxing Co.

United Boxing Co. is a website that uses the design of the Pipeline Shopify theme. Thanks to using this theme, United Boxing not only has a high-performance score for desktop and accessibility capabilities for mobile, but it also made an impression on customers with a minimalist design via neutral color tones.

The design style of United Boxing is minimalist with attractive neutral color tones. It is a well-known brand that supplies high-quality boxing equipment and apparel.

Almost all the items in the stores are made with traditional and innovative methods for elite comfort. Therefore, the Pipeline theme is undoubtedly a perfect choice if you are a startup company or a newcomer and want to develop a website with a simple style.

It can be claimed that this is a positive website for everyone to continue their fitness journey. United Boxing Co. has a team of enthusiastic boxing trainers and staff members.

United Boxing Co. example Pipeline Shopify theme

You can establish and maintain a secure environment at United Boxing Co. where everyone is made to feel welcome and a member of a supportive community. So, regardless of age or whoever it is, you will always be respected and given a friendly greeting!

The Bottom Line

That is all you need to know about the Shopify Pipeline theme. Although some could counter that the designs and styles of other themes allow for more customization, the Pipeline theme’s distinctive features and user-friendly interface nevertheless make it a great choice for those searching for a straightforward and clever layout for their Shopify stores.

Especially for businesses looking for a Shopify theme with a simple yet sophisticated design, BSS Commerce Shopify does suggest the Pipeline theme because it is the one that’s worth the money if you value simplicity.