When referring to the best responsive Shopify themes, you can visit the official Shopify site to browse an extensive collection of themes. However, in this list, BSS Commerce Shopify will explain additional specifics about each theme, like who should use it, its benefits and drawbacks, etc. Why hesitate any longer? Let’s sweep down to discover the 16+ responsive themes below.

A Quick View of the Responsive Shopify Themes

Have you ever wondered, “What do the Shopify responsive themes mean?” if you’re going to launch your first Shopify store or define responsive design. Let’s refer to the definition of a responsive theme and its top features in the section below:

What are Responsive Shopify Themes?

Responsive Shopify themes are themes that are optimized to look great and function on all digital platforms, including desktop, mobile, and tablet computers. This theme enables customers to enjoy a smooth purchasing experience regardless of their devices, which may boost sales and improve overall customer happiness.

Responsive Shopify themes are ideal for anyone who wants to create an online store using the Shopify platform and are accessible and user-friendly on all devices.

Not only that, responsive Shopify themes are generally easy to customize. Shopify offers a user-friendly platform that allows users to easily modify their themes without needing extensive coding knowledge.

Top Features

  • Responsive compatibility on all devices
  • Customize the layout and design to fit different screen sizes and devices.
  • Customizable options for colors, fonts, and layouts
  • Why Should I Use Responsive Shopify Themes?
  • You should use responsive Shopify themes because they offer several benefits, including:
  • Highly SEO-ranked

Why Should I Use Responsive Shopify Themes?

You should use responsive Shopify themes because they offer several benefits, including:

Highly SEO-ranked

Responsive Shopify themes have functions like automatically adapting items to fit the customer’s screen size and function well on both desktop and mobile devices. This is increasingly important for ranking in Google’s SEO algorithm. The higher a website ranks, the more mobile-friendly it is, so SEO ranking is definitely a big plus when using responsive Shopify themes for your store.

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Increases Customer Retention Rate

Regardless of the device the customers are using, if they have a positive buying experience, they are more likely to return to stores. It can be claimed that customer retention rates are the most crucial element in boosting income in light of the escalating expenses of customer acquisition today.

Boost Sales

A better shopping experience inevitably results in higher sales for stores. When users are at ease visiting the store’s website, they are more likely to convert into customers by making purchases. As a result, if the conversion rates grow, you will generate more money.

Improve User Experience

Responsive Shopify themes with a diversity of necessary functions for the customer’s needs. From the support of all devices, such as desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile, to flexible customization options, due to these beneficial features, everyone feels easier when using responsive themes. This is certainly a smooth experience for anyone who prioritizes customization options.

16+ Best Responsive Shopify Themes (Free & Premium)

More and more people are using mobile devices to connect to the internet in today’s modern technology. This means that, in order to avoid losing a lot of traffic, stores or businesses must ensure that the websites can be flexible in adapting to mobile devices.

As a result, the responsive Shopify theme is one of the top choices for businesses because it was created to function on all devices, including desktop computers and mobile phones. If you are looking for these elements, let’s go over the collection of the 16+ Best Responsive Shopify Themes, including Free and Premium in the section below:

Free Responsive Shopify Themes


The Craft Shopify theme was meticulously designed for free and focused on promoting items with fine craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal for all stores. Craft creates a posh, personalized ambiance that is ideal for shops that sell artisan goods, including handmade goods or creative supplies.

In addition, the Craft theme provides sincere, elegant design and displays craftsmanship. The theme uses generous spacing and an appropriate font to help illustrate visual storytelling narratives and showcase brand design. Although this theme is free for all, its features are no less than those of other premium themes.

craft responsive shopify theme

Top Features:

  • Visual image storytelling features
  • Various carts and check-outs: cart notes, in-store pickups, and quick buy
  • All types of information: ingredients, nutritional, usage, shipping, and delivery
  • Mega menu
  • Sticky header
  • Product filtering and sorting
  • Customize the image: zoom, rollover, and galleries
  • Lookbooks
  • Suggested items
  • Details review about the products to persuade the customer’s belief
  • FAQ page

As a result, the Craft Shopify theme is a great option and worthy to try for businesses or stores because it is free.


The Shopify theme Colorblock is the one to select if you want to demonstrate how effective Shopify is. Even individuals without coding experience can put up a stunning internet store in a matter of minutes. The Colorblock Shopify theme is a free Shopify theme designed specifically for online businesses that sell clothing and accessories.

The Colorblock responsive Shopify theme uses unique typefaces and color schemes to produce a contemporary and vivacious atmosphere. This design is perfect for all boutiques that sell clothing and accessories to highlight those items’ distinctive traits to customers. The store’s look looks more outstanding with some of the following features of the Colorblock Shopify theme:

Colorblock themes that ooze boldness and confidence employ an unusual font and repositionable color blocks to give the website’s look a modern, lookbook feel.

Bright colors and striking designs help draw customers in and show the personality of the brand.

colorblock responsive shopify theme

Top Features:

  • Quick launch
  • Press coverage
  • Customizable contact form
  • Cross-selling
  • High-quality images with features: galleries, rollover and zoom
  • Slideshow
  • Enhanced search options
  • Promo banners
  • Size chart
  • Cart notes and in-store pickups


Learn more about the Ride Shopify theme for free if you’re seeking a flexible & responsive theme that showcases all products on the website. For businesses that cater to athletes or produce sporting goods, this theme is the best option because it brings in its outdoor-inspired, dynamic style and will stand out with a dark background, eye-catching typography, and vivid accent colors.

The distinctive and captivating Ride Shopify themes offer a remarkable website experience. The biggest benefit of this outstanding theme is that it is available in the Shopify Theme Store for free, making it the ideal option for Shopify store owners on a tight budget.

ride responsive shopify theme

Top Features:

  • Recommended products
  • Items review
  • Quick buy
  • Press coverage
  • In-store pickups in the cart and check-out features
  • Advanced search
  • Lookbooks
  • Cross-selling
  • Cart notes
  • Enhanced for longer-form text parts to boost brand storytelling
  • Image features: zoom, galleries and rollover

In the end, a bold and adventurous undertone for visual storytelling, the Ride Shopify theme is a free eCommerce theme that is reliable for all stores or businesses in the athletic or sports field.

Premium Responsive Shopify Themes


Eurus is the first theme on the list of the top responsive premium Shopify themes. It is a powerfully quick, feature-rich, and mobile-friendly Shopify Plus theme. This Shopify theme applies its two separate color schemes—light mode and dark mode—to all devices using a simple device recognition algorithm.

Eurus is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking responsive Shopify theme flexibility on all devices. With its wealth of integrated features, mobile-first design, and lifetime support, Eurus gives the features to build a highly functional, aesthetically pleasing online store that leaves a lasting impression on customers.

eurus responsive shopify theme

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Pricing: $230 USD

Review: 98% positive

Top Features:

  • Fully in-cart and check-out features: cart notes, slide-out cart, and sticky cart
  • Pre-order or in-store pickups, if required
  • Assistant for multiple languages, especially EU translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Support for promotional: banners, ads, tiles, product labels and popups
  • Age verifier in marketing and conversion features
  • High-quality images and support rollover, zoom, and galleries to view the products from all sides.
  • Trust badges
  • Cross-selling
  • Store locator
  • Customize for all products
  • Event calendar
  • Estimated shipping rate, delivery time
  • Flash sale
  • Countdown timer

eurus free consultant service


If you’re looking for the best mobile-friendly and responsive eCommerce themes to modernize the store or establish a new one, the Responsive Shopify theme by Out of the Sandbox is definitely worth checking out. Now, more than ever is the ideal time to invest in responsive designs and Shopify responsive themes.
This theme aims to make the store’s appearance fantastic across all screen sizes. In particular, it streamlines and expedites the shopping process for customers, regardless of the device they use. Using this theme, you can not only create original promotions for stores but also add text and graphics to the website to educate the customers about sales, discounts, and new products.

responsive shopify responsive theme

Pricing: $170 USD

Theme Styles: London, Paris, New York and San Francisco

Review: 96% positive

Top Features:

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Back-in-stock alert in marketing and conversion features
  • EU translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • In-menu promos
  • Quick view
  • Recommended items
  • Filtering and sorting features for all items
  • Mega menu
  • Slideshow
  • Size chart
  • Stock counter

Overall, Responsive is the Shopify theme with the finest reviews and the most stable technical foundation. Almost all products and industries are compatible with this readily adaptable theme because it is excellent on all devices.

Thanks to eye-catching artwork, simple navigation, product image changes, and full social media integration, the Responsive Shopify theme deserves to be one of the most reliable choices for all stores and businesses.


The Shopify Theme Launch is akin to an eCommerce springboard that is ready to launch new businesses into the world of profitable online stores. It provides scalability, enabling startups to grow without obstacles. This theme is made to solve all the issues about responsiveness, whether you’re introducing new product lines or seeing an increase in site traffic.

Furthermore, this premium theme is packed with features tailored especially for businesses. It makes starting and maintaining an online store easier thanks to its user-friendly design, adaptability, and variety of extra features like product videos, product filtering and sorting, etc. In this manner, you may concentrate more on what is really important—the items and customers.

launch responsive shopify theme

Pricing: $170 USD

Theme Styles: Cool, Fresh and Bold

Review: 87% positive

Top Features:

  • Product tabs and videos
  • Diverse features in cart and check out, such as in-store pickups and pre-order
  • Running time-based promotions
  • Ingredients or nutritional information in merchandising
  • Product filtering and sorting and suggested items
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Promo banners
  • Sticky header
  • Slideshow
  • High-resolution images
  • Age verifier and FAQ page


Are you attempting to expand your internet store? Masonry is a Shopify theme that is worth trying—a responsive theme that combines beautiful design with smooth usability. Masonry is a modern theme that combines a gorgeous look with potent functionality.

Its design goal is to give guests an immersive and visually appealing experience.

More especially, this theme can totally adapt to all devices, including laptops, mobile devices, tables, and more. The Masonry Theme Shopify stands out thanks to its distinctive design philosophy. It stresses simplicity and elegance with a clear, minimalist design. The theme provides enough white space, which lets your products stand out and become the focus of your online store.

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masonry responsive shopify theme

Pricing: $240 USD

Theme Styles: Flamingo, Coyote, Chameleon and Dragonfly

Review: 89% positive

Top Features:

  • Customizable contact form
  • Animation
  • Shipping/delivery information and usage information
  • Infinite scroll
  • Recently viewed for all items on the website
  • Trust badges and product badges
  • In-menu promos
  • Blog setup
  • Quick buy in cart and check-out
  • In-store pickups and cart notes
  • Support for multiple languages – EU translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Promotional features, such as tiles, popups and banners
  • Size chart


Fashionopolism is the best option if you’re a medium- to large-volume merchant looking for responsive Shopify themes with a balance of speed, usability, and aesthetics. This theme stands out because it combines a quick interface with a number of features intended to increase sales. The default style of this theme is a tidy, minimalist style, including Haute, Galleria, Empire, and Atelier; therefore, you can pick one of the most suitable themes for your stores.

fashionopolism responsive shopify theme

Pricing: $280 USD

Theme Styles: Haute, Galleria, Empire and Atelier

Review: 95% positive

Top Features:

  • Slideshow and before/after image slider
  • Back-to-top button
  • Mega menu
  • Collection page navigation
  • Recently viewed features for all items
  • Promo: banner, tiles and popups
  • Quick view with suggested products
  • Countdown timer
  • Gift wrapping and pre-order
  • Fully functional in the cart and check out: cart notes, slide-out carts, and in-store pickups
  • Blogs setup
  • Stock counter
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Product filtering and sorting with enhanced search

In the end, The Fashionopolism Shopify Theme expertly fuses tasteful color utilization to provide medium- to large-volume sellers with a visually compelling experience. It is the perfect option for businesses or stores looking to provide customers with a seamless, premium online shopping experience because of this blend of aesthetics and functionality.

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Experienced store owners and skilled web designers can refer to the Expression theme by Clean Canvas because it is designed to work seamlessly on all types of devices. With a range of features, like homepage sliders and promos, you can completely customize it.

Without knowing any code, you can easily customize it with features like homepage sliders, promo banners, and more. This theme can be modified to suit any purpose without the need for technical expertise, thanks to its various features, customization options, and responsive capabilities for all types of advice. Let’s go over some of the top features and pricing about the Expression theme in the section below.

expression responsive shopify theme

Pricing: $240 USD

Review: 94% positive

Theme Styles: Ocean, Oxford, Innovate and Naturale

Top Features:

  • Support visual brand storytelling
  • Cart and check out: cart notes and in-store pickups
  • Merchandising: Animation, color swatches, high-resolution images, ingredients or nutritional information, lookbooks, slideshow and shipping/delivery information, usage information.
  • Product options and product videos
  • Image features: galleries, rollover and zoom
  • Product discovery features: Breadcrumbs, collection page navigation, enhanced search, product filtering and sorting, recently viewed and suggested products.

It can be claimed that whether you are starting from scratch or looking to update an existing website, the Expression theme is a totally reliable option to think about.

Or if you’re looking for a theme that might offer your eCommerce site a professional look without breaking the budget, the Shopify Expression theme is also undoubtedly something to take into consideration. Everybody can use it, from small businesses to large businesses, thanks to its sleek and flexible responsive capabilities.


Another theme in the list of best responsive Shopify themes is Emerge. It is a responsive Shopify theme that gives the store a chic and contemporary feel. Shopify Emerge Theme works well for both online and physical stores, it offers top-notch promotions that boost sales and revenue.

This theme is ideal for anyone regardless of the volume of goods in your catalog or the size of the shop location. Its layout oozes class and professionalism, giving the online business a beautiful and alluring appearance. The Emerge theme offers a wide range of useful features created especially for shops that need to be quick to start up, have the flexibility to sell in person, and scale to large numbers.

emerge responsive shopify theme

Pricing: $320 USD

Theme Styles: Dark, Light, Tones and Bright

Review: 100% positive

Top Features:

  • Product discovery features when visiting the store: Mega menu, collection page navigation, advanced search, product filtering and sorting, sticky header and recently viewed.
  • Cart and checkout features: quick buy, slide-out cart, cart notes, sticky cart and in-store pickups
  • List of the ingredients and nutritional details if you sell supplements for product nutrition
  • Back-in-stock alert
  • Details and reviews about the items to create reliability for the customers
  • EU translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES) and FAQ page
  • Support for banner ads, tiles and popups
  • Color swatches
  • Customizable contact form
  • Store locator
  • Stock counter
  • Press coverage


Modular is a premium Shopify theme that gives the online store a unique feel. It has an eye-catching design that combines contemporary features, which is a fun touch for all customers when visiting the website. The modular Shopify theme is ideal for a wide range of businesses or stores, from start-ups to well-known businesses, and from creative individuals to specialized niche retailers who appreciate aesthetics and want to transform the store’s space into an alluring work of art.

This premium theme has a variety of features and a distinctive design that will improve the online store’s usability and aesthetic appeal. Thanks to its unlimited free trial, before making a purchase decision, you have the chance to try many times and determine whether the theme is appropriate for the store’s needs and expectations.

modular responsive shopify theme

Pricing: $300 USD

Theme Styles: Hoxton, Chelsea and Mayfair

Review: 96% positive

Top Features:

  • Customizable contact form
  • Collection filtering in the sidebar
  • Collection page navigation
  • Cart and check out: Sticky cart, cart notes and slide-out cart
  • Product discovery with enhanced search features
  • Unlimited free trial
  • Free high-quality images
  • Press coverage
  • Mega menu
  • Feedback about the products to persuade the customer’s reliability
  • Various customization product options
  • Integrated blog for simple content management and engagement
  • FAQ page

Overall, the modular theme is useful and simple to use. It gives a variety of stylistic options and produces a very tidy and contemporary website. Users will benefit from features that increase sales conversion, such as cart checkout, color swatches, back-in-stock notifications, and quick view. By doing so, you can provide a stunning outside-the-box look while concentrating on product sales. Anytime I had inquiries about whether such a feature might be possible, the support staff was excellent and very helpful.

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The Foodie Shopify theme by We Are Underground was developed especially for smaller inventory shops. It is inspired by restaurants and coffee shops and allows nearby eateries and coffee shops to offer goods online through their eCommerce businesses. The Foodie Shopify eCommerce theme is the best option if you’re trying to find a responsive design or launch a new online store for your little catalog business. This theme is a flexible conversion-focused theme with features such as quick buy, cross-selling, and sticky header functionalities.

In addition, the Foodie theme is also perfect if you want to showcase all the products while also attracting visitors to come into the store by including the contact information at the top of this theme to make it easier for customers to inquire about deliveries.

foodie responsive shopify theme

Pricing: $250 USD

Review: 100% positive

Theme Styles: Grind, Slice and Grow

Top Features:

  • With the in-menu promotions features, businesses can emphasize particular offers or promotions right on the menu of their website.
  • Customers can browse across the page and yet reach the navigation on the website thanks to sticky header features.
  • Suggested products and cross-selling
  • Thanks to the ingredients or nutritional information in the Foodie theme, customers who are interested in learning the nutritional value or consumers who are health-conscious will feel useful and reliable.
  • Cart and check out: cart notes, slide-out cart and in-store pickups
  • EU translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Supports the marketing of age-restricted goods like lottery tickets, alcohol, or tobacco
  • Collection page navigation and breadcrumbs in the product discovery features

For independent food sellers, online gourmet stores, and restaurateurs alike, the Shopify Foodie Theme is a flexible, responsive capability, and aesthetically appealing solution. It transforms the landscape of digital food retail by skillfully fusing aesthetics, usability, and customizability.


The Bullet theme by OpenThinking features a lovely grid structure, is responsively designed to load quickly, is compatible with all devices, and looks fantastic on all displays. Bullet offers 4 theme options, including Default, Midnight, Khaki, and Vision, to satisfy users’ needs in every way. This is certainly a fantastic choice for businesses or stores that wish to build a functioning, high-quality online business.

The Bullet Theme from Shopify is a premium theme created especially to transform the online buying experience for businesses, especially clothing and fashion. Almost all customers have been attracted, motivated, and enthralled into making purchases thanks to its capacity to facilitate visual storytelling. So, it can be claimed that with the Bullet Shopify theme, you can effortlessly experience the best features of the products to increase sales and conversions.

bullet responsive shopify theme

Pricing: $310 USD

Theme Styles: Default, Midnight, Khaki and Vision

Review: 94% positive

Top Features:

  • Support visual image storytelling options
  • Quick launch for all the devices
  • Experience product discovery features, including filtering and sorting for all items, breadcrumbs, collection page navigation, infinite scroll, sticky headers, and suggested items.
  • Blogs are set to create an experience and provide information about the store for customers
  • Free theme updates
  • Endless free trial
  • Press coverage
  • Marketing and conversion functions, such as countdown timer, event calendar, trust badges and product badges
  • High-quality images and other features like rollover and zoom
  • Age verifier and FAQ page

In the end, the Bullet theme demonstrates assisting fashion businesses and motivating them to succeed in online businesses. Although the Bullet theme is now less well-liked than other well-known themes, its powerful built-in and responsive design features will soon persuade the customer’s reliability.


By beautifully and easily showcasing a variety of items and services from throughout the website, the Alchemy theme, developed by the Clean Canvas team, enables you to provide a clear picture of what your restaurant or cafe looks like as well as the products you sell. The theme has options for speed and performance, a responsive design, and is very SEO-friendly. There are three theme styles that you can refer to, such as clean, modern, and sharp, each of which has its own impressive designs.

Due to its appealing data display and outstanding graphics, Alchemy is ideal for restaurants and the food business. You may even utilize this theme without making many alterations because its responsive design will make the store more impressive on all devices. On the other hand, the alchemy theme can be entirely customized to the store’s own preferences and brand identity.

alchemy responsive shopify theme

Pricing: $260 USD

Theme Styles: Clean, Modern and Sharp

Review: 100% positive

Top Features:

  • Animation feature in the Alchemy theme visual tales brings the products to life; this gives an opulent dimension to the product display, grabbing and holding the clients’ attention.
  • Customers may see the products up close and in detail with product video features
  • With in-menu promotions, you can boost sales, discover brand-new items, or enjoy exclusive specials right inside the navigation menu.
  • Recently viewed features offer a fast, seamless browsing experience.
  • Make the brand’s palette shine with color swatches.
  • Promo popups, promo tiles and promo banners
  • Shipping and delivery information with merchandising features
  • Mega menu
  • Sticky header
  • Collection page navigation

As a result, if you’re searching for a unique theme that is packed with features and settings, Alchemy is a terrific choice. It features everything you need to start the online store, including responsive design, a homepage slider, product carousels, social media integration, and more. Don’t hesitate any longer; let’s try it right now with the most features of the Alchemy Shopify theme.


The North theme is a responsive Shopify theme that lets you create themes that decide what is displayed on each page. Numerous ways can be found to enhance a customer’s buying experience while using this premium Shopify theme because it offers a number of features that can help boost sales, in addition to being stunning to look at. The store’s look will appear fantastic on any device, including tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, and laptops, thanks to the Themes’ North theme.

With a modern and responsive design, the North theme is designed for businesses that conduct a lot of transactions in a short amount of time, and you can modify a theme design in different ways to match the store’s style. The $250 cost of the Shopify North theme is really affordable. Businesses have a great opportunity to test it out and evaluate its capabilities with its Unlimited Trial before making a purchase decision.

north responsive shopify theme

Pricing: $250 USD

Theme Styles: Default, Books, Juice, Primrose and Greige

Review: 100% positive

Top Features:

  • Quick buy: makes it simple for customers to view product details and add items to their shopping carts without leaving the current page.
  • Before/after image slider and slideshow
  • With product videos, businesses may more effectively and engagingly highlight the qualities of their products
  • Ease to collection page navigation
  • FAQs and Blog-specific sections to make content, connect with customers, and earn their trust
  • Support for multiple languages, especially EU translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Gift wrapping features in the cart and check-out sections
  • In-store pickups, slide-out carts, and cart notes
  • Variety of options about the items: product tabs, product videos
  • Back-to-top button
  • Product filtering and sorting
  • Mega menu

Overall, the North Theme offers the features to improve the aesthetics of stores and maximize the consumer experience, regardless of whether you’re a startup for a small store or a high-volume store, with a full range of product types. Its features are useful and can help boost sales in addition to being lovely to look at. It can be claimed that The North Shopify Theme is a top-tier choice for businesses seeking a sophisticated and modern look for an online store.


One of the most responsive Shopify themes, Local, was made for stores with huge volumes of products in mind across many different categories. For those looking to establish a consistent customer experience both online and offline, local Shopify themes by Krown Themes are a must-try with high quality and unique designs, including three main theme styles—light, dark, and lively.

The Local theme contains a large selection of incredibly adaptable design components that make modification simple. The premium theme bundle also includes responsive design and functionality boosters to help increase sales quickly and is compatible with all devices of the customers.

local responsive shopify theme

Pricing: $300 USD

Theme Styles: Lively, Light and Dark

Review: 95% positive

Top Features:

  • Responsive capabilities for all devices
  • Image rollover and slider assist in showcasing multiple photographs or emphasizing specific features about the products.
  • Mega menu and product filtering & sorting
  • Promotional banners and popups help attract customers to stores
  • Support provides full ingredients, nutritional information, and shipping and delivery information
  • Cross-selling features allow businesses to recommend related products to customers based on their browsing or purchasing patterns.
  • Multiple languages translation
  • Event calendar and store locator in marketing and conversion sections
  • Back-to-top button
  • Enhanced search

In the end, the Local Shopify theme is made to smoothly combine online and offline sales. Now let’s give it a try because the local theme is simple to use, responsive, and flexible in all aspects. The theme’s big plus also includes an unlimited, risk-free trial period and the ability to use it for free up until making a purchase choice.

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The Bottom Line

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to upgrade the store’s look to a new level, there are many themes, and the diversity of responsive design and its flexibility can offer the ideal appearance for showcasing products and services in stores.

Furthermore, you can guarantee that almost all customers have the greatest online shopping experience possible by utilizing cutting-edge features like advanced search, compatibility with all devices, friendly interfaces, and more. Therefore, get going right away and refer to the collection of 16+ responsive Shopify themes in this post to boost sales and renew the website today.