When opening an online store, keep in mind that the website’s appearance and look will be the first thing customers will remember. Delivering a well-designed product is therefore more important than ever. Below is a list of the 13+ Best Premium Shopify themes to boost sales and how to choose the ideal one for all the products in your store!

7 Perks of Using Premium Shopify Themes Instead of Free Themes

Making the appropriate theme selection is essential for the success of your online store when using the Shopify platform. Shopify has a lot of themes available, both free and premium.

Although using free themes might be helpful as a starting point, buying premium Shopify themes has a number of advantages. In the section be

low, let’s learn about the 7 perks of adopting Shopify premium themes for the store, as well as how they can improve the store’s visibility and user experience.

Enhancing the User Experience (UX)

The secret to luring and keeping clients in business is perhaps to give them a flawless and user-friendly experience. With premium Shopify themes, the user experience is often optimized with creative interfaces, clear product displays, and straightforward navigation. Since these themes are frequently developed with best practices in mind, all consumers will be able to shop with ease and feel happy when visiting the store.

Experience More Customization Features

Advanced features that can improve the active performance of the store when packed into premium Shopify theme stores. These themes frequently have built-in features like Wishlist functionality, a fast view of products, extensive search options, and others. By leveraging these intelligent features, all customers will have a more comprehensive and convenient shopping experience, making it simpler to locate and buy all the items.

Best Premium Shopify Themes

Improved Friendliness With SEO

SEO is essential for bringing organic traffic to the store. The majority of Shopify premium themes are created with SEO best practices in mind. They have clean code, custom meta tags, support for schema markup, and other SEO-friendly features that can raise the visibility of the store in search engine results. Also, you may improve the store’s SEO performance and raise its chances of appearing higher in search engine results with this premium theme.

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More Design Options

Initial impressions matter, design is one of the most popular reasons for upgrading to a premium Shopify theme. Although the Shopify free themes are reliable and practical, their visual appeal might use more creative design. Premium themes provide a richer user experience, more variety, and more personalized choices. It’s crucial to think about the store’s future. Do you intend to showcase an even broader selection of items? You’ll have a clearer path to success if you can choose a premium theme that works for stores both today and in the future.

Branding Upgrade

It’s so challenging to start and maintain a business in a competitive market like today. A profitable setup that promotes growth and conversions requires a lot of work and time, so businesses need to apply a brand-building strategy effectively and professionally. With the diversity in the design of Shopify premium themes, you can totally pick a theme to match your business. However, according to times and trends, the designs will be outdated, and you need to be updated frequently to attract customers and create a business with prestige and modern brand recognition.


In today’s mobile-driven environment, mobile optimization is essential to a store’s success. Fully responsive design refers to the ability of premium Shopify themes to adjust and modify to accommodate different screen sizes and devices without any observable lag. Additionally, a mobile-optimized design allows you to connect and engage with clients wherever they are, increasing your chances of closing deals.

Dedicated Support From the Developers Team

Certainly, team support from the theme developers will serve you best when purchasing a premium Shopify template. You can totally count on the developers to offer rapid aid and instruction if you run into any problems or have inquiries about the theme’s setup or customization. The continuous updates and enhancements that premium themes frequently receive help keep the store current with the newest functions, security patches, and performance improvements.

On the whole, using free premium Shopify themes for stores has a lot of outstanding benefits. These themes improve the store’s visibility, offer a seamless buying experience, and assist in differentiating in a crowded market. To build a successful store with an eye-catching design and great performance, think about investing in a premium Shopify theme right now.

How to choose the Right Premium Shopify Theme

Are you trying to research how to choose the right premium Shopify theme for your store to be more outstanding compared to your competitors? Do you want to give your customers a captivating buying experience? You can read every word of this section guide about how to pick the right premium Shopify theme. Here, we are not only going to assist in selecting a theme but also give advice on how to maintain and customize it.

Store’s Situation Analyzing

Evaluating the status of the store is a crucial first step, this step needs to focus on 4 main elements: defining the target market, niches, brand identity, and the items you’re selling. Knowing who you are and the level of product and brand recognition of businesses compared to competitors in the market will help you come up with a plan to choose a suitable Shopify theme.

Best Premium Shopify Themes

Goals Determining

When choosing a premium Shopify theme, it is important to consider the goals of the store. The theme should have the right aesthetics to match the brand identity and appeal to the target audience. It should also have the necessary features and functionalities to support a business’s needs, allow for easy customization, and come with reliable support options.

Theme Selecting

Numerous queries are undoubtedly brewing in your head. Where can you find the themes? Which kinds of themes are available? What’s more important is a suitable level in the business field, and the theme should be optimized for all devices, allow for easy customization to tailor it to specific needs, and come with reliable support options to help you resolve any issues or questions that may arise.

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Theme Customization

Choosing the best paid themes for Shopify requires flexible customization, including changing the layout, colors, fonts, and other elements to match the brand and give stores a distinctive appearance. You can accomplish your objectives and build a professional store that stands out from the competition by this step.

Theme Features & Reviews Checking

Before picking the theme, it is important to carefully review the theme’s features and level of alignment with the store’s aesthetic and check the theme’s responsiveness and compatibility with different devices to ensure a seamless user experience for customers. Plus, let’s read some reviews and ratings from other users to think about the theme’s reliability.


Maintaining is the final step in the guide to choosing the best premium themes for Shopify. In this step, need to focus on the main elements, such as upgrading the website, updating new items, and checking for theme updates, to make sure that the website always adds the latest changes.

The Collection of 13+ Best Premium Shopify Themes to Change the Store’s Look

#1 Eurus

Eurus is perhaps the first theme in the collection of the 13+ best premium Shopify themes. Eurus offers a ton of customization options, making it simple to modify the store’s appearance to better reflect the brand. For customers to have a distinctive and fashionable shopping experience, you can alter the colors, fonts, and layout of your store.

Anyone looking for a strong and adaptable Shopify theme should choose Eurus. Eurus is the ideal approach to giving customers a stunning and enjoyable online shopping experience because of its svelte design, simple functionality, and first-rate support.

eurus premium shopify themes

Great for:

  • The startup businesses, dropshippers, and sizes of small, medium and large businesses
  • Sellers/Retailers seeking mobile optimization, speed, and good user experience

Pricing: $240 USD

Rating: 98% positive

Main Points:

  • You can use your own items, brand colors, and adjustments to test the theme without cost. A $230 one-time fee if you add the theme to your store.
  • Flexible in collection page navigation and back-to-top button
  • Color swatches, animation and slideshow
  • Provide full in shipping and delivery information: Estimated shipping time, delivery date
  • Support for multilingual EU translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Quick buy and slide-out cart
  • Multiple popups, product labels
  • Event Calendar
  • Countdown timer, flash sale
  • Cross-sell, up-sell
  • Custom options, product bundle
  • Product attribute table

📌TRY IT: Eurus Shopify theme

eurus free consultant service

#2 Pacific

Pixel Union created a sleek and functional Pacific theme for Shopify to cater to big Shopify stores with lots of merchandise. The theme is simple to use and adaptable to any industry or product style. The Pacific theme is a terrific 4-in-1 choice because you can get all four designs with only one transaction.

Additionally, the Pacific is the best Shopify theme for custom products. This theme may let you customize the Shopify business however you choose with its four versions: Bold, Warm, Bright, and Cool. Think over items like furniture, clothing, accessories, jewelry, coffee, watches, shoes, and high-tech goods, among others. You may quickly develop a fashionable eCommerce website for your business using the Pacific theme’s overall design and flexibility. Because of the theme’s versatility, setting up a Shopify store shouldn’t be challenging.

pacific premium shopify theme

Great for: Editorial content, physical stores, and high-volume stores

Style for the theme: Bold, Cool, Bright and Warm

Pricing: $240 USD

Rating: 5/5 and 84% positive

Main Points:

  • Cart notes and in-store pickups
  • Diversity of advertising banners
  • Features of filtering and sorting when seeking a product
  • Image zoom to details
  • In general, the Shopify Pacific theme is an ideal choice for Shopify merchants who want to create a vibrant, cutting-edge, and appealing online shopping experience. With a relatively small investment of $240, you can tailor your store and build one that converts well.

📌TRY IT: Pacific Shopify theme

#3 Minion

The Minion Shopify theme is the best paid Shopify theme. It is a simple and elegant theme among the premium Shopify themes list. It comes with many premium features that increase conversions. This theme has a modern feel thanks to its sleek layouts, bold color choices, and elegant typography. It gives your Shopify store a clean, expert appearance that attracts and persuades customers.

One of the pluses of the Minion Shopify theme is the unlimited free trial, which enables you to fully assess its suitability for your business. The Minion theme is free to use until you decide to publish it on the website. This guarantees that you can thoroughly investigate and test the theme before making a cash commitment.

minion premium shopify theme

Great for: Businesses that sell happy products, including dogs, children’s and adult toys, clothing, games, and customized stuff.

Style for the theme: Vertical, Classic, Tiles, Red and White

Pricing: $250 USD

Rating: 4.5/5 and 100% positive

Main Points:

  • Age verifier for products with age restrictions.
  • Categories for related, complimentary, and recently seen products
  • Slide-out cart and cart notes
  • Fully disclose usage information, ingredients, or nutritional information.
  • Advance search with sorting and filtering products

Can claim that the Minion Shopify Theme is a great option for pet-related businesses. Its aesthetically attractive design and versatile features give retailers the tools they need to build an engaging online presence that draws customers and increases sales. Whether you’re just starting your pet business or looking to redesign your existing store, the Minion Shopify Theme gives you the tools and aesthetics you need to flourish in the competitive pet sector.

📌TRY IT: Minion Shopify theme

#4 Streamline

Streamline can be the best paid Shopify theme if you’re looking for a stunning, contemporary theme for stores. It has tons of amazing unique features, incredibly helpful assistance, and unbeatable customer care! The Streamline theme by Archetype Themes is easy to use and offers the convenience that most store owners seek.

The design layouts provided in the theme adhere to a simple, image-optimized style to make a strong visual impact on store visitors. Also, this theme offers an SEO-friendly design, a straightforward drag-and-drop page builder, and a clean, contemporary aesthetic.

streamline premium shopify theme

Great for: Physical stores, visual image storytelling and flash sales promotions or stores in the fields of clothing, sports, and health.

Style for the theme: Core, Hype and Luxe

Pricing: $360 USD

Rating: 95% positive

Main Points:

  • The Shopify theme Streamline was created with mobile users in mind and is optimized for cross-platform shopping.
  • Promo popups and banners
  • Fully in the image hotspot, image zoom, and image rollover
  • Trust badges and product badges to drive more customers

In general, the Shopify premium theme price of $360 is absolutely worth it for the Shopify Streamline Theme, and you can use its numerous helpful features to accomplish your objectives. The customers of today are distinctive. If a business cannot keep up with changing customer demands and understand advertising, it will lag behind.

Fortunately, the Shopify Streamline Theme may help your Shopify store connect with these contemporary customers and turn them into an income stream. In order to boost traffic, this theme can also connect to various platforms. If you use it right away, the sales of your Shopify business will soar in no time.

📌TRY IT: Streamline Shopify theme

#5 Expression

Expression Shopify by Clean Canvas is one of the best premium themes for Shopify created to improve businesses’ appearance by making them more visually appealing. The theme has four default designs, including Innovate, Ocean, Oxford, and Naturale. It has a simple, minimalist design that puts the focus on the products, enticing users with gorgeous images and easy navigation.

The endless free trial offered by the Expression Theme on Shopify is one of many outstanding benefits. This implies that you are free to explore and completely personalize your stores.

expression premium shopify theme

Great for: High-end brands, visual brand storytelling and editorial content

Style for the theme: Innovate, Ocean, Oxford and Naturale

Pricing: $280 USD

Rating: 94% positive

Main Points:

  • Smoothly in enhancing user experience
  • In-store pickups, access information, and recommended product features
  • Color swatches, animation, and attention to detail boost conversions and customer happiness.
  • Customization items
  • Rollover for product image

The Expression Theme for Shopify helps users present their goods or services efficiently and gives customers a fun shopping experience thanks to its many features and flexibility. Whether starting from scratch or looking to update an existing website, the Expression theme is a great option to consider. Everybody can use it, from a new Shopify employee to an eCommerce business, thanks to its sleek and modern design.

📌TRY IT: Expression Shopify theme

#6 Grid

Grid The Shopify theme is one of the best paid themes for Shopify for editorial layouts, with gorgeous headers and editable blocks. The grid helps to explore creativity and play around with the positioning of various sections. Therefore, you could start right away with a huge grid of images or you could stick with the conventional style where the grip display continues beneath the header banner picture at the top.

Additionally, the grid allows you to test each one. There are four alternative style options: moody, warm, light, and bright. While they share the theme’s basic appearance, they differ in how they appeal to different product categories.

grid premium shopify theme

Great for: All types of stores, especially visual brand storytelling and physical stores

Style for the theme: Bright, Light, Warm and Moody

Pricing: $260 USD

Rating: 91% positive

Main Points:

  • Breadcrumbs and mega menu
  • Easy product discovery and checkout process simplicity
  • Zoom options for product image
  • High-resolution images to view details about items from all sides
  • Slide-out cart popup with the goal of boosting conversion rates

Overall, Grid has always been regarded as one of the top premium Shopify themes in recent years. Grid incorporates a bright combination into its design, drawing the customers’s attention. You can quickly establish a product-focused store with a trendy vibe using the combination of product hero banners on the homepage to boost sales.

📌TRY IT: Grid Shopify theme

#7 Testament

Testament by We are Underground is a stylish, contemporary, and minimalist theme with a high-end appearance in four design defaults, including Exodus, Revelation, Deliverance, and Genesis. It prioritizes the store’s appearance by putting the focus on all products and collections, giving customers the best experience and the attraction they merit.

testament premium shopify theme

Great for: Businesses of all sizes, especially big businesses with a lot of products, need visual brand storytelling.

Style for the theme: Exodus, Revelation, Deliverance and Genesis

Pricing: $320 USD

Rating: 96% positive

Main Points:

  • Designed with large photograph and collection displays in mind.
  • Slide-out cart with cart notes
  • Cross-selling and suggested products
  • Pre-ordering and picking up in-store
  • EU translations in several languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, and ES) are supported
  • FAQ page
  • Before/after image slider and slideshow
  • Product filtering/sorting and recently viewed

Can claim that, but even if the Testament Shopify theme is not your style, there’s no denying that this theme is a fantastic, all-around theme, and the We are Underground developers really put in so much effort when they were making it and many other Shopify themes.

📌TRY IT: Testament Shopify theme

#8 Flow

The best premium Shopify theme, Flow, has all the features you need to jump-start sales to new peaks. The theme was developed with best practices for conversion rate optimization (CRO) in mind. As a result, you may choose one of Flow’s sale-driven presets to quickly establish your business without having to worry about a difficult setup.

The theme of Flow Shopify highlights the value of images and unleashes the potential of image-focused design. It gives businesses the chance to have a big visual effect on customers, which is especially useful for businesses that sell aesthetically appealing goods or services that cater to specific lifestyles.

Additionally, the Flow theme has three default designs, including Byron, Cannes, and Queenstown. The infinite free trial period gives you plenty of opportunity to personalize it and make it your own.

flow premium shopify theme

Great for: High-quality brands, running time-based promotions

Style for the theme: Byron, Cannes and Queenstown

Pricing: $350 USD

Rating: 89% positive

Main Points:

  • FAQ page
  • Mega menu with advertisements
  • Color swatches
  • Enhanced filter on the collection page
  • Trust badges and product badges
  • Infinite scroll
  • Back-to-top button

In summary, the Flow Theme for Shopify is a complete solution for businesses looking to improve their website appearance. If you want to give consumers a fluid and visually appealing purchasing experience, you might think about using the Flow Theme on Shopify right now.

📌TRY IT: Flow Shopify theme

#9 Warehouse

Warehouse is one of the top premium Shopify themes. It provides a visually appealing and contemporary style that entices customers to visit a business’s website. This theme makes sure that visitors stay interested and easily browse your products because it places a strong emphasis on providing a seamless and delightful shopping experience.

The distinctive strategy of the Warehouse Theme is found in its capacity to achieve the ideal harmony between design and utility. This theme is helpful to improve the store’s appearance and increase sales, whether you manage a fashion boutique Shopify themes, a home décor shop or an electronics store on Shopify.

warehouse premium shopify theme

Great for: Dropshippers, High-end stores or businesses wish to showcase and advertise a large catalog of products.

Style for the theme: Metal, Wood and Fabric

Pricing: $320 USD

Rating: 86% positive

Main Points:

  • Cart notes, gift wrapping, in-store pickups, quick buys, and a slide-out cart are among the checkout and cart features.
  • Product discovery features include sticky headers, recently viewed and recommended products, product filtering and sorting, enhanced search, a mega menu, and collection page navigation.
  • Pay a $320 one-time charge, receive a limitless free trial, and pay if you publish
  • EU translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES) and FAQ pages

In closing, Warehouse Theme Shopify is the best option for businesses looking to improve their visibility and offer customers a top-notch shopping experience. Even better, the Warehouse Theme provides a limitless free trial, giving you plenty of opportunity to explore and completely customize your store. Utilize this wonderful opportunity right away!

📌TRY IT: Warehouse Shopify theme

#10 Colors

The Colors Theme for Shopify is a premium theme with three elegant (Fluor, Pastel, and Generic) feature-rich templates and an attractive design. These elements contribute to the development of a successful and appealing Internet business. Additionally, it boasts important components that improve the user experience. These include simple setup, simple customization, and first-rate customer service.

colors premium shopify theme

Great for: Businesses that support visual brand storytelling and editorial content

Style for the theme: Pastel, Fluor, and Generic

Pricing: $240 USD

Rating: 93% positive

Main Points:

  • Slide-out cart, sticky cart, and cart notes
  • Outstanding customer service and simple customization.
  • Support for a customizable contact form and FAQ page
  • Rollover and zoom to view the products from all sides.
  • Slideshow and color swatches

In addition, the theme’s biggest benefit is that it offers a completely unrestricted free trial, allow to thoroughly try and evaluate it before committing any money to make sure it matches with needs and expectations. Only if you decide to publish the theme will you need to pay for it.

📌TRY IT: Colors Shopify theme

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#11 District

The first impression of the District Shopify Theme is its sleek, modern design. The theme is created with a strong eye for balance, utilizing open areas and streamlined lines to produce a formal yet warm ambiance. The District Theme’s comprehensive customization tools enable you to create a store that not only accurately represents your brand but also enhances it, making your products the real stars on the market.

Also, the District Shopify Theme provides an indefinite free trial, giving you plenty of opportunity to experiment and adapt it to the particular requirements of your businesses.

district premium shopify theme

Great for: All types of stores, especially high-end stores and dropshippers

Style for the theme: Coast, Energy, and District

Pricing: $220 USD

Rating: 100% positive

Main Points:

  • Excellent dropshipping assistance and opportunity for visual storytelling.
  • Blogs, promo banners, promo tiles and popups
  • Sticky header
  • Mega menu
  • Breadcrumbs
  • EU translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)

Without a doubt, the Shopify District Theme may serve as the base for a visually appealing, highly successful store, customer engagement. Considering everything you now know about the District Shopify Theme, why put off utilizing the power of visual storytelling and user-friendly design?

📌TRY IT: District Shopify theme

#12 Envy

The Shopify Envy theme is an up-to-date, simple alternative for stores. The Envy theme is appropriate for Shopify stores that want to update their websites with a variety of customization possibilities.

The Envy theme is a simple, minimalistic theme with four distinct designs that are stuffed with functionality and customization choices that improve the user experience. Due to its adaptable design, it is a great fit for a variety of businesses, especially those that offer a wide variety of goods, such as fashion stores, furniture retailers, and the beauty industry.

premium shopify theme envy

Great for: Stores that do in-person selling and high-end brands

Style for the theme: Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Gothenburg

Envy Shopify premium theme price: $350 USD

Rating: 91% positive

Main Points:

  • Promotional pop-ups, banners and tiles
  • Customizable product page and collection page
  • Back-in-stock alert
  • Quick buy and in-store pickups
  • Image hotspot and rollover
  • Slide-out cart, cart notes
  • Countdown timer and FAQ page

The Envy Theme Shopify, which leverages the power of aesthetic appeal and user-centered design, serves as an amazing option for eCommerce businesses looking to improve their website’s appearance. This theme is unquestionably a worthwhile investment for any Shopify store thanks to its assortment of customization options and unique features to increase user engagement.

📌TRY IT: Shopify Envy theme 

#13 Parallax

In comparison to other Shopify premium themes, Parallax appears to be a more cost-effective choice. The theme still boasts a variety of distinctive features, ensuring the best website design and functionality.

Similar to its name, this theme’s parallax effect is its most notable feature. By generating a seamless scrolling effect throughout the pages, Parallax offers visitors a completely new approach to viewing your products as opposed to the same old perspective. The location of the product photos changes as the user scrolls, creating a surprising experience.

parallax premium shopify theme

Great for: Stores that do in-person selling, such as decor stores, quick-food stores, and the fashion industry.

Style for the theme: Aspen, Vienna, Madrid and Los Angeles

Pricing: $240 USD

Rating: 96% positive

Main Points:

  • Striking parallax scrolling effect
  • Use product animation to get clients’ attention
  • Back-in-stock alerts to let customers know
  • An easy checkout process featuring a slide-out cart, in-store pickup options, pre-order capabilities, and a rapid buy button
  • Products that have recently been viewed and recommended to boost conversion rates
  • Enhanced search outcomes to improve SEO rankings

Depending on the many objectives and aesthetic preferences, you are free to choose a suitable theme for stores. The Parallax Shopify theme might be a good option because it will help optimize businesses’s websites. Use the parallax effect creatively and effectively to make your website more beautiful, appealing, and “cool” than before.

📌TRY IT: Parallax Shopify theme

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#14 Avenue

The Shopify Avenue theme by Red Plug Design Co. is a high-end Shopify theme that gives stores a slick and polished appearance. Avenue offers a convenient shopping experience with its contemporary style and multi-level drop-down menu. The Shopify Avenue theme costs $280 USD for a one-time purchase, which includes lifetime updates and free developer support.

In addition, The Avenue theme offers an unlimited free trial, enabling you to thoroughly test and evaluate the theme to make sure it meets your needs and expectations before deciding to publish it on your website.

avenue premium shopify theme

Great for: Specifically for dropshippers and businesses having large catalogs, such as high-resolution stores

Style for the theme: Precise, Lively, and Casual

Avenue Shopify premium theme price: $280 USD

Rating: 97% positive

Main Points:

  • Quick view option, expanded search bar, mega menu, and product categorization, it is especially appropriate for stores with large catalogs.
  • Endless free trial
  • Product filtering sorting and viewing the most recent product
  • Collection page navigation
  • Pre-order and gift-wrapping
  • Slide-out cart
  • Image galleries featuring rollover and zoom functionality for a seamless experience.
  • Enhanced product filtering and searching

Overall, Avenue’s strong features and free assistance have pleased a lot of clients. Without having to hire developers or rely too much on third-party apps, the theme can function flawlessly and give your consumers the best possible shopping experience.

📌TRY IT: Avenue Shopify theme

Wrapping Up

Finally, it can be claimed that it is difficult to create an integrated eCommerce website from the first steps. With the correct, ready-to-use premium Shopify themes for free, however, the task for the website becomes simpler.

The list of the top 13+ Premium Shopify Themes collected by BSS Commerce Shopify, all of which have rich features and are extremely flexible, has already been included in this blog. So, you can custom research and pick the ideal Shopify theme based on your business’s needs.