Creating a fashion online store with Shopify is just the beginning of your e-commerce adventure. You must now optimize that site for conversions in order to gain new clients and increase sales. Fortunately, thanks to fashion Shopify themes, reaching that goal is now a lot easier. These themes have been thoroughly optimized to load quickly, look good on both mobile and desktop devices, and improve the buyer’s experience.

Shopify fashion themes that support social media are also excellent because fashion firms frequently amass sizable followings on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook while simultaneously promoting their items on those platforms. Let’s take a look at the best fashion Shopify themes with fantastic options for sharing product galleries and giving buyers different perspectives of the styles.

How important Shopify Themes to an online fashion shop

Using the best Shopify theme for your apparel store is definitely important to the success of your business. It not only saves costs but also gives complete control over the optimization of your online store. Take a brief look and you will see some reasons why using the Shopify theme is that important for your clothing store.


Designing an online fashion store for FREE is possible with Shopify apparel themes. A premium fashion Shopify theme might be used if your website needs more functionality or if it sells a variety of products. However, it is still less expensive than beginning from scratch.

fashion shopify themes - cost effective

An effective website also requires regular maintenance. Once more, the yearly maintenance fee for a typical website is around $60,000. Do you believe that paying this amount will be simple for nonprofit organizations and small businesses? Certainly not. When it comes to starting their stores, Shopify is the ideal choice

Define your brand

The most crucial image of your brand in the eyes of your customers is the web design, not the logo. They may completely misinterpret your brand once they see the incorrect or out-of-date theme of your page (they haven’t even glanced at your logo yet).

SEO optimization

Most fashion Shopify themes offer customization options. By modifying the theme, you can make small changes to the colors, fonts, layout, and navigation to create your own distinctive store.

A developer can assist you if you need assistance with customization. Having a developer make changes to the website is less expensive than starting from scratch.

The most ideal Shopify fashion theme will increase your sales by a factor of two thanks to its optimization evaluation, which will enable you to change your content to better appeal to the customers you are targeting.

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Simple to use and fast to market

It takes a lot of work to build a fashion website from scratch. It needs several tests, numerous code files, and the removal of errors. Not everyone who is tech-savvy and knows how to make a website. Thanks, Shopify! Installation and customization of a Shopify apparel theme only require a few clicks, so you don’t need any technical knowledge to have your online store up and running!

As soon as your shop is completed, you can promote and begin selling your goods there.

If you need the help of setting up or customizing your fashion Shopify theme, BSS Commerce Shopify is ready to assist with our dedicated Shopify development services.

15+ Top Picks of Best Fashion Shopify Themes

#1 Eurus

Eurus is one of the best fashion Shopify themes. A good conversion rate is provided by the fashion Shopify theme Eurus without the use of expensive apps: Mega menu with four levels, infinite Product Badges, pop-ups on each page, etc.

With its mobile-first strategy and device-detected Light/Dark settings, you can increase sales by making pages load more quickly and improve the UX and SEO of stores.

Eurus can build the store of your choice with 35+ potent parts and blocks, allowing you complete flexibility in producing an arresting visual effect.

eurus free consultant service

#2 Gemini

gemini shopify fashion theme

Gemini Shopify fashion theme is a flexible theme for fashion and clothing theme with 6 alternative homepage layouts. It can be adaptable to every user type.

This theme can be used to create many online stores, such as menswear, children’s products, jewelry, etc.,. Gemini is a totally responsive Shopify theme, with 5 distinct header designs, 3 grid-styles, and a drop-down shopping cart system.

#3 Berlin

berlin fashion shopify theme

A stylish Shopify fashion theme called Berlin was created for selling apparel. It is a high-volume store that processes a large number of transactions in a given period.

The theme has a gorgeous sectioned layout that lets you display on the homepage featured items for each category. A back-to-top button, Mega menu, Sticky header, Product filtering, and sorting, recommended products, and Collection page navigation are offered to help enhance user experience.

#4 Label

label fashion shopify theme

Labels will make your boutique look stylish. It combines modern displays and layout features to create an easy-to-use theme. The boutique Shopify theme template is flexible, so any changes you make will look excellent on all device screen sizes.

Label fashion Shopify theme also offers the following major eCommerce features such as mega menu, product filtering and sorting, recommended products, sticky header, collection page navigation, and stock counter.

#5 Fashionopolism

Fashionopolism fashion shopify theme

For medium to high-volume sellers looking for a theme that combines speed, functionality, and aesthetics, Fashionopolism Shopify theme is one of the best options. This theme stands out because it combines a quick user interface with a number of tools intended to increase sales, all contained in a tidy, minimalist framework.

Fashionopolism’s strength resides in its simplicity. While incorporating a number of cutting-edge capabilities, it provides simple navigation through high-quality photos. With Fashionopolism fashion theme, you essentially invest in a service that combines performance, gorgeous aesthetics, and world-class support, ready to take your online business to new heights.

#6 Aurora

aurora fashion shopify theme

Aurora is now available in two styles: Pure and Sheer. While each style has its own style, they both provide the same set of tools for visual storytelling and conversion optimization. Furthermore, both styles are incredibly flexible, so if you’ve worked with Shopify fashion themes before, you can modify Aurora to match your needs.

Let’s have a look at the key features of Aurora Fashion Shopify Theme. The theme author concentrated on design to achieve the level of versatility that allows you to set up an online store that completely matches your personal brand and vision. Each block and segment includes highly adjustable settings and layouts to make your store stand out. Other features to name are in-menu promos, collage, inventory status, quick view and quick buy, free shipping bar (with a countdown), search recommendations, related products, and split image banners for slideshows.

#7 Wokiee

wokiee shopify fashion theme

This theme is a great option for any type of store you run because it has a multipurpose design. The theme includes all the necessary components and tools for building a strong online business. In order to personalize this theme and add your brand’s colors and fonts, it also offers a ton of customization options.

Without having to download and install a third-party app, you can easily adjust the navigation, page layouts, product presentation, and even the inclusion of advanced filters on shop pages. The Wookie theme has a large mega menu, the option to show your Instagram feed, a personalized wish list, sale alerts, and more. Additionally, the theme makes it simple to import your products from Oberlo and other platforms and complies with GDPR.

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#8 Belle

bella fashion shopify theme

While mentioning to best fashion Shopify themes, Belle will be an option. Belle theme has 21 alternative homepage demos and a contemporary, attractive style. Because of this, the Belle theme is a fantastic option for any kind of store.

The site provides plenty of room to highlight new arrivals, top sellers, and popular categories. Additionally, you can effortlessly import goods from Oberlo and accept product preorders.
A sense of urgency may be added to your store with the help of two more cool features: the age verification popup and product countdown timers.

The Belle theme also provides a tonne of customization possibilities, allowing you to completely personalize it. Add mega menus, change fonts and colors, and more. The drag-and-drop page components can also be used to create a unique layout for your shop sites.

#9 Retina

retina fashion shopify theme

If you want a stylish, professional website, the Retina Shopify theme is perfect for you. The concept is divided into four styles: Austin, Melbourne, Montreal, and Amsterdam. Each one has a distinct appearance, making it suitable for creating many websites for clients in different markets.

Whatever style you choose, each has an Instagram feed and a full-width homepage video. The video can begin playing as soon as someone visits the homepage, giving you the opportunity to convey your story and explain to the buyer what your firm is all about.

This fashion Shopify theme allows you to make videos for both the home and product pages. Furthermore, the theme has a Quick Buy button, allowing users to add an item to their shopping cart without leaving the current page.

This theme allows you to make videos for both the home and product pages. Furthermore, the theme has a Quick Buy button, allowing users to add an item to their shopping cart without leaving the current page.

#10 Kalles

kalles fashion shopify theme

Kalles is a Shopify theme featuring a variety of store demonstrations. The Kalle’s demonstrations are all very well-designed and provide you with a lot of options for how your eCommerce site will look. Fashion, watches, baked goods, and technology stores are examples of stores that might be well-suited to this subject.

Kalles includes features that allow your visitors to zoom into product photography, adjust product colors, and see images in a full-screen gallery mode to help you display your products as effectively as possible. Kalles’ primary functionality now includes the ability to add movies and 3D models of your products.

#11 Pipeline

pipeline fashion shopify theme

The Pipeline Shopify theme does an outstanding job of mixing a basic style with powerful visual effects. The theme has a parallax scrolling feature, which is renowned for keeping your site quick and minimalist while providing your consumers with eye candy.

The theme styles are bright, dark, and light. It’s vital to note that this theme is designed specifically for online retailers with huge inventory counts. It has a multi-column menu with a straightforward navigation area. You may also embed the full-width Instagram feed, which is essential for individuals who wish to draw attention to their Instagram images.

One of the most notable features is the modular-style homepage, which allows you to exhibit anything from your store. Pipeline also supports huge photos, allowing you to display high-resolution images across your website, whether on your blog or the homepage.

#12 Goodwin

goodwin fashion shopify themes

The Goodwin theme is a gorgeous fashion Shopify theme that includes more than 50 internal pages and 14+ homepage variants. Encourage shoppers to go over your best-selling items or showcase your most recent store upgrades. The function add-to-cart button, which makes it simple to add the right product variety to your cart, is a notable feature.

The Goodwin theme has more than 70 distinctive widgets that you may use to add the required parts to the pages of your store. The theme allows you to apply your own fonts, colors, and more. The Goodwin theme has complete support for Rich Snippets and loads quickly, making it SEO-friendly as well.

Additionally, you can pick from 12 various header designs and add a strong megamenu to make it simple for customers to access all of your store’s key pages.

#13 Ella

ella fashion shopify theme

Due to its Shopify section optimization, the Ella theme is useless. Other strong theme features included in the Ella theme include the giant menu for large stores and the AJAX-layered navigation for directing customers to the appropriate products quickly.

The Ella big menu has the advantage of looking excellent on mobile devices as well. Since huge menus on a small screen don’t work well for eCommerce themes, this is frequently not the case.

Along with overlaying text and buttons, the Flexslider picture slideshow in the theme is ideal for displaying offers and discounts. Since customers are far more likely to check out and continue browsing when there is a dropdown shopping cart, it is essential in the world of fashion.

#14 Icon

icon fashion shopify theme

The Icon Shopify fashion theme is great for businesses with eye-catching photography since it centers the entire design around your photographs.

The sticky navigation ensures that the menu remains fixed in place while website visitors scroll down the page. It’s a great choice for ensuring that buyers do not get lost and for keeping people on track.

A multi-column menu with product or category photos is available with the Icon theme’s drop-down menu items. It really is a fantastic approach to draw attention and guarantee button clicks. The theme also has a product quick view, which is ideal for consumers to quickly glance at items like shirts and pants before proceeding to the product.

#15 Basel

basel fashion shopify theme

The Basel Shopify fashion theme is ideal for an online fashion company because it includes some great responsive elements. The theme has numerous homepage templates that are aimed at certain industries.

A tool called the Nitro product bundle is available in Basel. This is for grouping various things into collections and selling them for a set price. All product photographs also have a 360-degree view available.

Additionally, the product page contains a function for expedient shopping. The images are modified to reflect the change, which means that all of the properties, colors, and sizes may be changed quickly directly from the website.

The Basel theme also has over 600 Google Fonts, limitless color palettes, a wish list app, and RTL support, among other important features.

Final thoughts

Given how big the sector is and how many possibilities there are, picking the ideal Shopify theme for clothes retailers might be difficult. Because all facets of a theme will aid in boosting traffic, attracting clients, and increasing conversions, it is crucial that you pick an informed, well-researched choice.

Everything comes together to produce a bundle that is essential for the growth and development of a successful store, including design, layout options, mobile optimization, customization possibilities, and upselling tools.

BSS Commerce Shopify hopes that you can choose the best fashion Shopify theme that will make your brand stand out the most from our list of the top 15+ fashion Shopify themes by reading their descriptions.

Now it’s your turn. Which Shopify fashion themes do you like to use when creating an online fashion store?