Did you know that more than any other industry 90% of customers do online research before visiting a restaurant? That way, it becomes clear why designing a website that converts visitors into buyers is so important. Now let’s have a look at how to take advantage of Shopify Restaurant Themes to develop a website that helps your restaurant become outstanding whether you already have a website needing updating or looking to start a new one.

Key Features of Best Shopify Restaurant Themes

When it comes to Shopify restaurant themes, the below 9 features need to be taken into consideration and a mobile-optimized layout is what you always look at first. For Shopify themes, a mobile-friendly layout is one of the most important features. Why? Because mobile internet use is increasing quicker than desktop internet use.

At the same time, The theme’s size is also really important. This allows you to pick the best-performing themes for your restaurant and food businesses. Let’s have a look at 9 key features of restaurant Shopify themes.

key features of best shopify restaurant themes

Responsive layout

The most effective mobile Shopify themes have plenty of traffic and profit potential. They’re ideal for businesses looking to get their products onto an online store.

Make sure you apply Shopify restaurant themes with responsive layouts to guarantee your online store looks stunning on desktop and mobile devices.


A built-in contact section helps you save a lot of time. It should include a form, a clickable phone number, and Google Maps to display your location.

Social Media

As an owner of a restaurant, social media will almost certainly play an important part in the way you advertise on the internet. You can integrate social feeds or add social sharing buttons to your website to provide more material. Therefore, one of the mandatory things you need to have in your restaurant Shopify theme is social media integration.


It’s a given that your website visitors will want to see food photographs. As a result, make sure you produce high-quality material that will make every visitor’s mouth-watering. Create a filterable portfolio so that the user can quickly check only the dishes they enjoy. Also, you can include some video content as well.

Foods & Drinks Menu

While videos and pictures are fantastic, you should also include your food and beverage menu. Also, remember to update it if your dishes change.

In this situation, even the most basic design works great. However, you may also utilize filters, add costs, add allergens, and anything else that may assist in making a selection.

Online Ordering

If you provide online ordering, you can integrate your menu with it. This isn’t always a free option with your Shopify installation, but it’s well worth the money.

By doing that you can save a lot of time on keeping your orders organized. Your business is running smoothly.

Table Reservation

Table reservations, on the other hand, are a brilliant approach to avoid receiving calls and emails and doing it manually. Simply check the system to see how many reservations you have for the day and classify them properly.


Reviews and feedback will improve the user experience of your site and your overall business success. Because most people do their research first and then eat in order, it’s important to provide reviews because many of your site visitors will want to read them.

About Us/Tell Your Story

How did you get your restaurant started? Why did you begin it? What’s the story behind your strong food aversion? Include the story you’re telling, especially if it’s a fascinating one. Or if you add some interesting aspects, you will be surprised that people will feel even more at ease trying your meal.

Now, it’s time to move on to the next section, let check 12+ Best Shopify Restaurant Themes that fulfill the features analyzed above.

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Collection of 12+ Best Shopify Restaurant Themes

#1 Combine – Fast Food Restaurant Shopify Theme

Combine Shopify restaurant theme

A theme that can’t be missed in the list of best Shopify restaurant themes is Combine. This one is an excellent Restaurant Shopify theme for huge inventories, with conversion-boosting features like product sets, bundle builder, bogo’s, and rapid buy. This restaurant theme was created to handle an enormous number of transactions in a short amount of time. Combine Shopify theme restaurant is meant to highlight photos to enhance visual brand storytelling, display items, collections, brand features, and promotions in a unique way, ensuring that your visitors don’t miss anything. You may obtain your preferred look with over 25 parts, a flexible design, and several modification choices.

📌Check it now: Combine Theme

#2 Local – Local Food Shopify Theme for Restaurant

Local Shopify restaurant theme

The Shopify Local theme is a premium paid restaurant theme Shopify that could give your restaurants a simple yet appealing look. It is perfect for businesses who want to display their products or cuisines in a simple way. The theme has a whole bunch of features meant to boost your store performance and improve the consumer experience, including Quick Buy, Mega Menu, and Multiple Language Translation.

Restaurant Shopify Local Theme comes with three amazing pre-sets made for small fashion, boutiques, restaurants, and start-ups to help you improve your online presence.

The Local Restaurant Shopify Theme includes an array of features designed to enhance the shopping experience, increase client satisfaction, and, ultimately, increase sales.

This Shopify Theme is available in the Shopify Theme Store for $300 as a one-time purchase. It also offers an unlimited free trial, allowing you to thoroughly explore and analyze the theme before making an investment in money.

📌Check it now: Local Shopify theme

#3 Canopy – Burger Restaurant Theme Shopify

Canopy Shopify restaurant theme

The Canopy Restaurant Shopify Theme is well-known for its attractive, clean design and ability to handle massive inventories. This Restaurant Theme is growing popular among small and large-scale businesses due to its robust capabilities and user-friendly design. Its increased market share reflects its growing power in the Shopify theme arena, reinforcing its position as a go-to solution for businesses looking for a stable, adaptable, and feature-rich e-commerce platform.

One of the Canopy Restaurant Shopify Theme advantages is its ability to handle huge and diversified product catalogs. Aside from being user-friendly and exceptionally adjustable, important features like excellent customer service, a built-in blog template, and a clean and modern design can help you manage your business quicker while also improving the customer experience and potentially increasing sales.

📌Check it now: Canopy Shopify Theme

#4 Foodie – Best Shopify Theme for Restaurant & Coffee Shop

Foodie Shopify restaurant theme

Foodie is a restaurant and coffee shop-inspired theme that allows local restaurants to sell online through their own eCommerce store. The Foodie Restaurant Shopify Theme is a well-designed and user-friendly solution. It shows food products enticingly while enabling quick online transactions, displaying the spirit of food in the digital arena.

It ticks all the boxes for a comprehensive eCommerce solution that recognizes the special needs of the food business, from engaging imagery and a distinctive storytelling style to an efficient online ordering system.

The Shopify restaurant Foodie theme comes packed with features such as age verifier, In-menu promos, sticky header, image galleries, recommended products & cross-selling that will improve your eCommerce skills and increase your customers’ purchasing experience.

📌Check it now: Foodie Shopify Theme

If you are looking for some free Shopify themes, check out HERE

#5 Emerge – Restaurant Shopify Theme for Online Orders

Emerge Shopify restaurant theme

Emerge is a restaurant Shopify theme designed specifically for cake stores, bakeries, and even modern restaurants. There is no need to feel restricted when dealing with this outstanding tool.

Emerge is a remarkable Shopify theme for the food business with a modern and simple style. If you want to experience something new, Emerge may be a great option. Even if you are a beginner, keeping and updating your restaurant website will be an easy task with this application.

Emerge’s features include video support, pop-ups, multi-level drop-down menus, animations, a blog, and a currency changer. Instead of starting from the beginning, try Emerge to save your time and energy and jump-start your project right now.

📌Check it now: Emerge Shopify Theme

#6 Fame – One of the Best Shopify Restaurant Themes for Food

Fame Shopify restaurant theme

Fame is one of the most creative Shopify restaurant themes because it has distinct animation parts, such as carousels, an outstanding mega menu with in-menu promos, featured collections and items, and other features that will make your business attractive and bustling. Furthermore, the theme provides a superior variety of promotional elements to announce your entrance, such as major font scroll texts, animation collections, promo banners, promo tiles, videos on prominent sections, image hotspots, and so on.

Fame Shopify theme comes with two styling options: Dark and Crystal, each with distinct qualities to meet the design needs of diverse stores.

📌Check it now: Fame Shopify Theme

#7 Vegist – Organic Food Shopify Theme Restaurant

Vegist Shopify restaurant theme

Vegist is the finest Shopify theme for vegetable stores, vegetable shops, organic food, supermarkets, grocery stores, and restaurants. Vegist is also perfect for electronics, clothes, devices, and mobile accessories.

Vegist has the best features, such as different grids and list options, custom product filters, advanced mega menu and vega menu, wishlist, sales popup promote, ajax add to cart, sticky cart, direct checkout, and product countdown.

Vegist has a multifunctional home page that supports both box and RTL. And it offers a variety of header and footer alternatives as well.

#8 Brooklyn – Fast Food Restaurant Theme Shopify

Brooklyn Shopify restaurant theme

Brooklyn is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for a Shopify theme for restaurants. The ‘Playful’ example is simply adaptable to display your restaurant as well as any products you may sell.

A full-width header, featured collections, a blog, and a newsletter sign-up are all present. You can also include a homepage video to help introduce yourself and your restaurant.

#9 Yummi – Diverse Food Restaurant Shopify Theme

Yummi Shopify restaurant theme

By using this Yummi Restaurant Shopify Theme, you can expand and start a new chapter in your company’s history. Yummi is a lovely and fashionable theme that is simple to personalise.

Since you can do it all yourself, hiring designers and programmers will cost you less.

With Yummi, you can swap between currencies, track orders, invite clients to follow you on various social media platforms, and collect fresh leads using the pop-up newsletter option.

No matter where the issue arises, bear in mind that a supportive and knowledgeable team will be there to help. Attempt Yummi, please.

#10 Burgs – Shopify Theme for Burger Restaurant

Burgs Shopify restaurant theme

Burgs is one of the customizable restaurant Shopify Themes that will give you a fashionable website. It has blog varieties, lovely, tidy default themes, excellent graphic features, pop-up notifications, and social sharing integration. Burgs also includes premium features like Slider Revolution, Owl carousel, mega menu, and Ajax tools.

Your performance will always be at its best when working with Burgs. You had better not overlook Burgs if you’re seeking an eCommerce site that is optimized and simple to use.

#11 Organici – Organics Food Shopify Theme

Organici Shopify restaurant theme

Organici is a professional restaurant Shopify theme that was created especially for organic stores such as organic food, organic fruits and vegetables, organic bakery, organic farm, coffee, cosmetics, and restaurants.

Organici is the ultimate responsive Shopify Theme, combining an attractive style with a very powerful backend interface that is highly editable and simple to use. Flexible options, fast loading, fully responsive, retina ready, live theme customizer, SEO friendly, one-click demo, dedicated support, and much more are all available. All of these great features are combined in Organici – the most recent delightful restaurant Shopify Theme.

#12 Bakery – Restaurant Shopify Theme for Bakery

Bakery Shopify restaurant theme

Use this Bakery Restaurant Shopify Theme to quickly create a fully working website for your online bakery store. It has a diverse collection of features because it is built on Shopify, one of the best platforms ever. Most importantly, this theme supports multiple currencies. Then there’s MegaMenu, which will allow you to quickly design beautiful menus with submenus.

In addition, there is a product QuickView feature that allows users to examine product details in a lightbox without leaving the website. Users can easily switch between products by clicking the next and previous buttons within the same lightbox.

Final Thoughts

Your theme selection will be affected by your brand’s unique image, products, supply size, and business objectives. These Shopify Restaurant Themes can assist you in developing an effective web presence that will boost your potential. To increase sales, restaurant websites must be speedy, easy to navigate, and entirely responsive.

Now that you’ve seen the list of best Restaurant Shopify Themes, what do you think are the greatest and must-try Shopify themes for restaurants?

If you need advice from experts about choosing the right Shopify restaurant theme or you need to customize a restaurant theme to fit your business needs, don’t hesitate to contact BSS Commerce Shopify.