A well-designed store can create a very first good impression on customers that can shape their buying behavior later on. Among all, the Envy Theme Shopify is considered a stylish and elegant theme that can boost sales well. In this post, let’s find out all the necessary information about the Envy Theme Shopify.

What is the Envy Theme Shopify?

Envy Theme Shopify is famous for its clean and minimalist theme design that fits the tastes of several customers. Many people praised it for its responsive theme layout and a variety of customization options. It provides tons of themes and all of them are not difficult to use at all, which means the store owner would make no effort to learn how to customize their stores.

Who Should Use Envy Theme Shopify

Envy Theme Shopify is suitable for any type of online store, but it is especially an ideal Shopify theme for fashion, beauty, and accessories stores.  Because its design is clean, it can highlight your products.

The owners who already have physical stores but have a desire to open online ones are the target customers of this theme. The Envy theme is one of the best choices for running short-term promotions or flash sales. The reason for this is it can drive good sales as it focuses on providing an excellent customer experience with many features that will be mentioned below.

Review and Price of Envy Theme Shopify

Envy Theme Shopify is evaluated as a best-selling theme by many shop owners. It offers 4 styles that allow you to choose what will be best fit with your products. However, one thing that needs to be taken into consideration is whether this theme will be more fit with big stores that require fast and high-volume transactions.

At the time this post is written, the price of Envy Theme is about $350. You just need to buy one time and use it forever. In case, you wonder if the theme fits your shop, you can try the trial version that is unlimited time.


Styles of Envy Theme Shopify

Envy Theme Shopify provides you with 4 styles which are Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Gothenburg. On the navigational menu, you can easily choose styles to quickly check how it looks and how fit it is. Each style has different prominent features, let’s take a look at each immediately.


Oslo is most used by fashion and lifestyle shops because its elegant design can call attention to your products. The hover effects of this style create an interesting experience for visitors while shopping.



Copenhagen style gives you a lot of space to show products. You can put both video and pictures from big size to small size so that the products are exposed most. Although its design is simple, it works well to boost the buying intention of customers.



Among all the styles of Envy Theme Shopify, Stockholm seems to be the most minimalist. It focuses on providing pictures and information about products. The layout is not unelaborate but professional enough for a luxury brand.

Gothenburg style of Envy Theme Shopify


Gothenburg is renowned for its fast-loading experience that can maximize the satisfaction of customers. With this style, shop owners can put product videos, product comparisons, and wishlists to increase sales.

envy-theme-shopify (6)

Features of Envy theme Shopify

Features of the Envy theme Shopify is the reason that many people choose it for their shops. Outstanding features appear in all 4 parts: Cart and checkout, Marketing and Conversion, Product discovery Merchandising.

Cart and checkout

  • Cart notes: Cart notes are added to a customer’s order and show up on the Shopify admin order page. allow you to record specific guidelines for preparing and delivering an order
  • In-store pickups: Customers can pick products they like and pay all the fees through the Internet, then go to the physical store to collect products.
  • Quick buy: Customers do not need to add products to the cart, instead, they buy directly and immediately from the homepage.
  • Slide-out cart: A cart drawer, replacing the standard cart page, easily slides in and out from the page’s edge when customers add an item to the cart.

Marketing and Conversion

  • Countdown timer: Display a countdown timer for a sales or promotional campaign to entice customers to purchase in a limited time.
  • Cross-selling: Place the cross-sell in some locations such as the homepage, cart, and up-sell popups… during the customer’s journey to stimulate them to buy more.
  • Event Calendar: Envy Theme Shopify supports an event calendar that can be easily added with just a click. You can add images to the calendar to announce and attract customers to join.
  • In-menu promos: If you have any new products or collections you want to promote, you can combine them in the drop-down menu.
  • Product Reviews: You can easily design appealing product reviews with Envy Theme Shopify that helps to create trust in customers and
  • Quick view: Quick View gives your consumers easy access to preview products by displaying vital product information, beautiful images and a “Add to Cart” button in a pop-up. Features that assist you in efficiently increasing your conversion rate


  • Image galleries: With envy theme Shopify, you could easily add image galleries anywhere you like in the stores. It will support the customers to have an overview of the collection, get the vibe of it, and feel urged to buy.
  • Lookbooks: Lookbooks are an important part of driving sales, especially in the fashion area. Obviously, the Envy theme helps you to quickly create exceptionally good lookbooks that can directly link to your products.
  • Image Zoom: The image zoom function of the Envy Theme Shopify allows potential customers to see the product image more clearly and in detail.
  • Slideshow: To display numerous product perspectives, you can upload a gallery of huge photos as slides. The Envy Shopify theme’s slideshow lets customers swipe, drag, and auto-play images and videos. This tool lets customers discover your latest products without leaving your store’s homepage.
  • Color swatches: Swatches help customers see your product options quickly. Swatches show variants as a row of clickable buttons that depict your products’ color or texture instead of a dropdown menu.

Product discovery

  • Recommended products: Envy Shopify Theme supports the action of recommending products to your customers based on their history of searches and buying. That is one of the factors that boost customers to buy more and more.
  • Collection page navigation: Customers will have an easier time locating and browsing collections if you include navigational links to those collections. The collection page navigation layout of Envy Theme Shopify is simple and easy to use.
  • Product filtering and sorting: You can customize your store’s search and collection pages with filtering functionality using the storefront. When you turn on filtering, buyers can narrow down their product search based on criteria such as availability, product category, color, and more.
  • Infinite scroll: Content is broken up into many pages may cause irritation to customers. So you can use the infinite scroll feature of Envy Theme Shopify that puts all the content on one page and allows customers to scroll down continuously.
  • Sticky header: If your header is sticky, the menu, logo, and any other graphical elements will remain visible even as the user scrolls down the page. This is helpful because customers are able to access your navigation easily whenever they want to.

Pros and Cons of Envy Theme Shopify

As with other themes, Envy Theme Shopify has both pros and cons that all shop owners should put into consideration before deciding to make a purchase. Pros and Cons will be mentioned below:

Pros of Envy Theme Shopify

Envy theme Shopify has a lot of strengths that can help you attract customers and raise sales:

  • The Envy theme is flexible, which means it can be used on a range of devices and screen sizes, including computers, laptops, tablets, and phones.
  • You can use the trial version as long as you want and of course, it is totally free. It minimizes the fact of dissatisfaction after buying the theme.
  • Envy Theme supports almost all basic and enhanced features that help your store look professional and aesthetic.
  • The style, layout, and font of the Envy theme are trendy. Good SEO and fast-loading page that ensures the customers’ experience.

Cons of Envy Theme Shopify

Along with the advantages, the Envy theme Shopify has some weaknesses that you should care about:

  • The price is a little high compared to other themes so think twice if price is a problem to you.
  • Envy theme is a little complex because it contains a lot of features so it takes time to explore and skilfully use.
  • The trial version doesn’t allow you to publish before fully paying for the theme.
  • Some of the features and integrations that you may want to use with Envy Theme Shopify are not included in the theme price, and you will have to purchase them separately.

Envy Theme Shopify Examples

Here are 3 examples of stores that use Envy Theme Shopify:

Dazey LA

Dazey LA used the Envy Theme with Oslo style. They mix and match the colors in a creative way, combined with the layout of the Envy theme creating an eye-catching website. All the products are highlighted with bold colors and rodeo-style typography. Moreover, they use slideshow features for the new collection and make it even more attractive.

envy-theme-shopify (7)

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Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan uses Stockholm style to highlight the dynamic and youthful vibe of the brand. The bright colors and big images go well with the brand’s daring style, and the cart drawer makes browsing easy and uninterrupted.

envy-theme-shopify (8)

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Clover & Swift 

Clover and Swift is an accessories brand that brings a feeling of elegance and luxury. That is the reason why Gothenburg’s style of Envy Theme Shopify goes well with their stores. The brand uses some features such as a slideshow, add-to-cart action, and pop-up banner,… to keep customers staying longer with the shop.

envy-theme-shopify (9)


Envy Theme Shopify is one of the best Shopify themes for online stores that want to create a professional and attractive website. It can help you showcase your products, increase your conversions, and grow your business. Based on all the information provided above, BSS Commerce Shopify believes that you have made up your mind about whether to buy or not. If yes, try it out today and see the difference for your store!