Are you looking for the best Shopify jewelry themes? Read this article right now! We all know how popular jewelry products are and how big the market is. While designing and creating the product might take a great deal of time, you only need a few minutes to set up your nifty, modern, and impactful jewelry store online. And, to establish yourself as a brand, the first thing you need is an extraordinary and professional-looking store.

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That is why choosing the suitable Shopify theme for your store is really important. In this article, we’ve narrowed it down to the 15+ best Shopify themes for jewelry to save your time and energy. Some of them are free.

Now, let’s explore the gems.

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Top Shopify Themes For Jewelry Comparison Table

Here we have the top Shopify jewelry themes comparison table to give you an overall look.

Theme name Price Website Theme style Average Rating
Eurus $200 Shopify themes High-volume stores, Dropshippers 100% positive
Impulse $350 Shopify themes Slideshow, Catalogue 96% positive
Atlantic $280 Shopify themes Slideshow, Product grid 97% positive
Envy $350 Shopify themes Slideshow, Catalogue 92% positive
Modular $300 Shopify themes Slideshow, Product grid 96% positive
Fashionopolism $250 Shopify themes Slideshow, Catalogue 96% positive
Alchemy $260 Shopify themes Slideshow, Product grid 97% positive
Expression $240 Shopify themes Slideshow 96% positive
Broadcast $300 Shopify themes Slideshow, Catalogue 93% positive
Cascade $320 Shopify themes Slideshow, Catalogue 100% positive
Story $300 Shopify themes Slideshow, Catalogue 100% positive
Newelise $148 Templatemonster Catalogue, Product grid 100% positive
Kenza $49 Themeforest Slideshow, Catalogue 100% positive
Logancee $39 Themeforest Gallery, Product grid 85% positive
Corano $59 Themeforest Gallery, Product grid 100% positive
Monsta $48 Themeforest Gallery, Product grid 100% positive
Ap Twices $56 Themeforest Slideshow, Product grid 83% positive
Beaux $69 Themeforest Slideshow 100% positive

Review The Best Shopify Jewelry Themes

1 – Eurus

Eurus is definitely one of the top-notch jewelry Shopify themes provided by BSS Commerce. Built with new-edge technology, it’s known as a fast, feature-rich and mobile first theme.

Highlight features:

  • Break Free From Apps: This theme provides all you need for a high conversion rate without costly apps: 4-level Mega menu, unlimited Product Badges, per-page Pop-ups, etc.
  • Speed Optimized, Mobile-First: Boost sales with faster page speed, improve store’s UX and SEO with our mobile-first approach and device-detected Light/Dark modes.
  • Highly Customizable: Design your desired store with 25+ powerful sections and blocks, giving you full control on creating captivating visual impact.

Eurus is guaranteed to bring you the highest performance and highest conversion rates.

eurus free consultant service

🎁 Give it a try: EURUS

2 – Impulse

Impulse is one of the best Shopify themes for jewelry because of its exclusive and premium features. This theme has 3 outstanding creative layouts. And, of course, you can easily customize every design element to create a unique website for your brand.

Impulse has almost all the features you need to develop a striking eCommerce store from scratch.

Highlight features:

  • Page promotion and promotion tiles
  • Menu list and sidebar filters
  • Built-in styles and color palettes
  • Multiple video options
  • Free stock photos by Burst
  • Collection sub-listing
  • Showing where items are available for pickup
  • Search engine optimization

And all their users agree that the best thing about this theme is the fantastic support system.

🎁 Give it a try: Impulse

3 – Corano

Corano Shopify Theme

Corano is one of the top Shopify jewelry themes. It is a glamorous Shopify theme that can help you create a new, modern, and impactful jewelry store in such a short time. This theme has 9 different home page designs, including the RTL (right-to-left) layout, all perfectly pre-designed.

It has a vast design elements library, and its drag and drop page builder will make it easy to customize. Corano is suitable for both eCommerce as well as drop shipping purposes.

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Highlight features:

  • Product zoom
  • Category custom view
  • Testimonials section
  • Blog features and mega menu
  • Display Instagram photos
  • Fast loading speed
  • SEO optimized
  • Blog pages with different styles
  • Support multi-language and multi-currency
  • Support RTL
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Corano can definitely bring first-class performance to your online jewelry store.

🎁 Give it a try: Corano

4 – Blum


Blum theme is the perfect solution for fashion and beauty Shopify stores. This theme is ideal for apparel stores, accessories boutiques, and health and beauty product stores. Blum theme offers a unique and effective way to display your content. With its image-focused design, your products will stand out and catch the attention of potential customers.

Besides these things, Blum theme is designed with fast-loading speed and a mobile-first approach, ensuring your customers have the best shopping experience. There are 3 styles to choose from in Blum themes: Solie, Mondo and Celia.

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Highlight features:

  • Unrivaled page loading speed
  • A true mobile-first design: Mobile shoppers will get the best experience!
  • Visual storytelling elements
  • Intuitive navigation and quick view option available
  • Very SEO-friendly and optimized
  • Customizable any page types and product filters
  • Product image zoom & image rollover
  • Sticky cart
  • Sticky headers or transparent headers

Blum also offers 24/7 live chat support in addition to all the wonderful features above, so don’t be hesitant to use Blum for your online store and discover how it benefits your company’s growth.

🎁 Give it a try: Blum

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5 – Broadcast

Broadcast is a product focused Shopify theme that comes with large image blocks. That is why it is suitable for growing your audience and sales. Besides, this theme includes a homepage video section in which you can add more detail about your exclusive products. It has 3 wonderful styles. Moreover, it has a wide array of color flexibility and easy customization.

Highlight features:

  • Homepage video
  • Allow customer to add items to their cart without leaving the current page
  • Customer testimonial section
  • Blog section with the blog comments feature
  • Quick product view with responsive design
  • Predictive search
  • Instagram features

With Broadcast, you can easily create a unique and special eCommerce jewelry store.

🎁 Give it a try: Broadcast

6 – Monsta

Monsta Shopify Theme

Monsta is recommended as an exclusive jewelry responsive Shopify theme. This theme has over 8 dark and light demos. You can easily find the right look for your website. It has the RTL layout too. And if you want to be more branded, you can modify the default designs with the drag and drop builder.

Highlight features:

  • Utilize the tool for dropshipping and affiliate products
  • Products slider and product tab section
  • Quick view
  • Ajax mini cart
  • A countdown timer for some products
  • Blog section included
  • Support RTL
  • Optimized for mobile devices

And finally, whenever you need any help and assistance, you can contact their support team.

🎁 Give it a try: Monsta

7 – Ap Twices

Ap Twices Shopify Theme

Ap Twices is a complete package that has everything you need to start your online store. This theme is ideal for many different aims and intentions, including selling jewelry or accessories.

It has so many different front and internal page layouts. You can mix and match them to create your perfect website.

In total, you have up to 1200 options and more. And you can definitely find the best look for your website.

Highlight features:

  • Upsell and cross-sell feature
  • Compare pop-up
  • Dynamic checkout buttons
  • Set a minimum value for customers to receive free shipping
  • Product notification sold pop-up
  • No-login wishlist
  • Fast loading
  • Support RTL, multiple languages, and currencies
  • Cross-browser compatible

🎁 Give it a try: Ap Twices

8 – Beaux

Beaux Shopify Theme Example

Beaux is an ideal theme for selling beauty and cosmetics, as well as jewelry. This theme has a modern and trendy design. Your visitors will have a blast browsing through your content.

Moreover, it is a fully customizable theme with powerful drag and drop elements. And Beaux is highly flexible. You can choose the font, slider color, and many more.

Highlight features:

  • Newsletter feature
  • Easy to customize
  • Fast loading
  • A real-time countdown timer for limited-time offers
  • Ajax Add to Cart
  • Product swatch option to change the color of the products easily
  • Support multi-currency
  • Social sharing features

🎁 Give it a try: Beaux

9 – Lartique

Lartique Shopify Theme for Jewellery

Do not miss out on Lartique when you are looking for the best Shopify theme for jewelry and luxury accessories stores. Because of its clean and contemporary design, this theme is a real eye-pleaser.

Lartique has 5 different home page samples, and there are more to come with every update. In addition to that, it includes other internal pages, too.

And this theme is fully customizable.

Highlight features:

  • Site identity (site name, description, logo,…)
  • Newsletter feature
  • Real time Facebook chat
  • Customer reviews section
  • SEO optimized
  • Includes “New”, “Hot”, “Sale”,… labels
  • Automatic price change
  • Unlimited Google fonts
  • Support multi currency

🎁 Give it a try: Lartique

10 – Atlantic

Atlantic Shopify Theme

Atlantic is specially made for women’s jewelry Shopify stores. With this outstanding and conversion-focused Shopify template, you can boost your sales. It can also be used to promote other fashion-related products. So you have an excellent opportunity to scale up your business.

This theme has 4 pre-made demos. And you can customize it with the drag and drop builder. No code is needed.

Highlight features:

  • Allow customer to add items to their cart without leaving the current page
  • Showing where items are available for pickup
  • Suitable for large catalog
  • Modular-style home page
  • Multi-column menu
  • HD slideshow

🎁 Give it a try: Atlantic

11 – Envy

Envy is one of the top Shopify jewelry themes because of its multipurpose features and elements. If you want your website to be clean and features rich, you should have a look at this theme. It has 4 different style layouts as well as a high definition display to grab the attention of your potential buyers quickly.

Highlight features:

  • Marketing popup for collecting lead
  • Multiple product slideshow
  • Promotional banner for increasing sales
  • Product image zoom
  • Multi-level menu
  • Instagram feed
  • Search engine optimization
  • Free stock photos by Burst

🎁 Give it a try: Envy

12 – Modular

Modular is one of the best Shopify themes for jewellery

Come to the next one in the list of the best Shopify themes for jewelry, you should not miss Modular. Modular is a grid focusing and image-based Shopify theme. This theme can be used for selling clothes, beauty products, and watches.

It has 3 different layouts. And even though it doesn’t have a pre-built design for a jewelry store, all of its layouts are suitable for promoting jewelry products. Moreover, Modular has large images and large catalog features, so you have the opportunity to scale up your business.

Highlight features:

  • Signature product grid
  • Wide layout, suitable for large images
  • Infinite scrolling between product pages
  • Quick buy option
  • Collection filtering in the sidebar
  • Full-width Instagram feed
  • Homepage video

🎁 Give it a try: Modular

13 – Fashionopolism

Fashionopolism is a salient premium fashion Shopify theme that comes with a large image and product-focused layout. It has 4 layout styles, suitable for promoting different types of niche, including jewelry, watches, men and women apparel, and other similar category products.
Its product-focused layout can help you get more sales and interaction.

Highlight features:

  • Sticky navigation to keep your menu fixed on the top of the page
  • Two menu options (slide out and horizontal)
  • Product quick view and product image zoom
  • Homepage video
  • Slideshow to showcase multiple products or brand images
  • Multi-column menu
  • Parallax effect

🎁 Give it a try: Fashionopolism

14 – Alchemy

Example of Alchemy Shopify Theme

Alchemy is a Shopify jewelry theme that is made for selling jewelry. It has 4 different styles, and all of them are beautiful and very appealing to the eye.

You can use them as they already are. But you can also level things up with your creativity. And along with home page designs, this theme also comes with beautiful internal page layouts. Moreover, Alchemy contains a lot of features to boost your sales.

Highlight features:

  • Sticky navigation to keep your menu fixed on the top of the page
  • High-resolution images on product pages
  • Working contact form
  • Reorderable home page rows
  • Home page video
  • Multi-level menu

🎁 Give it a try: Alchemy

15 – Expression

Expression is a beauty, elegance, and sophistication theme. Its creativeness and contemporary look will create an unforgettable experience for your visitors. Whether you’re a small store or a large retailer, this theme can handle it.

It has 4 different grid-style layouts to choose from. Each is perfectly made. But you can also be out of the box with just some extra steps to make adjustments. Expression includes an array of features, too.

Highlight features:

  • Currency switcher
  • SEO and speed optimization
  • Hover effects and product image rollover
  • Slideshow to showcase multiple products or brand images
  • Blog feature
  • Drop-down menu

🎁 Give it a try: Expression

16 – Cascade

Cascade is a remarkable Shopify theme that works exceptionally well for advertising jewelry and other types of accessories. Whether you are starting fresh or redesigning your existing website, you can easily create a beautiful one with this impactful theme.

It has 3 different styles. And with the minimalist approach, your products will come into view beautifully. Not to mention, Cascade is optimized for large images.

Highlight features:

  • Narrative-focused design
  • Optimized for large images
  • Unique product grid
  • Color schemes for highlight key contents
  • Product feature highlights
  • Multi-column menu
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Search engine optimization
  • Mobile-friendly design

🎁 Give it a try: Cascade

17 – Newelise

Newelise Shopify Theme

Newelise is one of the best Shopify themes for jewelry & accessories. With luxurious products like precious stones and jewelry items, you must ensure to have a luxurious presentation for them. And Newelise can make it happen.

You can exclusively promote your jewelry business through this beautiful theme. And it is super customized. You can create your website however you want with Newelise’s visual builder and premade content.

Highlight features:

  • Product carousel
  • Product quick view
  • Collection catalog
  • Parallax effect
  • Mega menu
  • Multi-language and multi-currency
  • Search engine optimization
  • Mobile optimized
  • Compatible with other Shopify apps

🎁 Give it a try: Newelise

18 – Kenza

Kenza Shopify Theme

Kenza is one of the Shopify themes that include the features of promoting fashion-related products. You can use this template to exclusively promote a wide array of fashion-related products, including jewelry.

This theme has over 7 colorful homepage layouts. And you can easily create your unique home page with its visual builder.

Best Shopify Theme For Custom Products

Highlight features:

  • Brand logo slider/grid on the home page
  • Products slider (Featured, New, Special, Best Seller,…) on the homepage
  • Product reviews section
  • Unlimited banners
  • Sticky menu
  • Product quick view
  • Extra link blocks in the footer
  • Parallax scrolling effect
  • Blog feature
  • Search engine optimization
  • Multiple language and currency

🎁 Give it a try: Kenza

19 – Logancee

Logancee Shopify Themes for Jewellery

For those who are looking for some of the best Shopify jewelry themes, Logancee – a combination of robust features and elegant design – is highly recommended. This theme is made by passionate and talented designers to ensure the best user experience.

It has over 15 creative homepage styles, unlimited color, and header styles. It is flexible and can handle multiple types of projects. Logancee includes a massive number of features, too.

Highlight features:

  • Every element is fully responsive
  • Top-notch support service
  • Advanced typography options
  • Customer reviews section
  • A lot of different layouts
  • Newsletter pop-up
  • Blog feature
  • Social media sharing
  • Product quick view and product label
  • Cross browser support

🎁 Give it a try: Logancee


And that is the list of the best Shopify themes for jewelry. I hope that with our carefully selected themes list, you can now create a reputable Shopify jewelry store.

Best of luck!

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