Are you looking for the best Shopify blog themes? Read this article right now, an in-depth Shopify review you’ll definitely need!

Whether you are a big brand or you are just a newbie, blogging can bring you tons of opportunities to grow and expand. Using blogs effectively will increase your revenue.

So if you are planning to or already run a blog on your website, congratulations, you are on the right track.

Now, a Shopify theme with amazing blog layouts will give you more space to be creative and reduce your work.

But first, you must understand what a blog is and what it can offer to your Shopify store.

Best Shopify Blog Theme

What is a blog?

The word “blog” is a contraction of “web-log”. It’s an online collection of articles.

Usually, on a website, those blog posts only talk about one specific topic or cater to a certain community.

The blog on your Shopify store must be related to your business and products.

Benefits of Blogging on Shopify

The blog is a great tool to provide more valuable content on your website and attract more customers.

Below, there are 6 significant benefits to having a blog on your Shopify store.

1. Be able to tell more about your products

Product descriptions can never be enough to write detailed information about your business or brand. And you wouldn’t want to overload your product page with too much text either.

That is why having a blog will give you a better chance to talk to your audience and explain everything you want them to know.

Nowadays, most customers will research products before buying them. So the more useful information they find, the more confident and comfortable they are to make a purchase.

2. Boost SEO rank

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for any online business. Search engines use SEO points to determine which links will appear as the top results for a keyword, based on how relevant and valuable they are.

If your website is in the top search results, it will be easier for a broader audience to discover you. And therefore, lead to more sales.

And did you know that blogs can improve a website’s SEO up to 4 times better? The more you write about your products and business, the more people read about it. Eventually, it will lead to more organic search traffic to your store.

3. Gives your brand personality

Running a blog is a great way to bring a unique personality to your brand. A brand that has a personality – whether it’s funny or girly, or sarcastic – will be more memorable.

There are so many ways to portray your store’s personality. You can use the voice in the blog posts or some behind-the-scenes videos. This is where you can be creative.

4. Build communities surround your store

Communication is the best way to build a bond with your customers. And a blog is a great tool to do it.

You can add a comments section so your customer can talk about their thoughts and ideas. From there, you can have a conversation with your customers.

5. Boost sales

If your audiences enjoy reading about your product, they will be more likely to purchase it. And to ensure this, you should include a call to action at the end of your posts.

You should include a link to your product in the call to action as well. That way, it will be easier for them to find the item.

6. Your audience sees you as an expert

A well-written and well-maintained blog will show that you have authority in your industry. And your customers will trust your products more.

Trust is a vital factor. It usually leads to the customer being loyal to your brand.

Best Shopify Blog Theme

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Best Shopify blog themes

Now that you know how important it is to run a blog on your website, the next thing you need is to choose the perfect blog theme for your store.  

In this article, we’ve narrowed it down to the 20 best Shopify blog themes to make your choice easier.

And the best thing is, some of them are free.

Ultimate Shopify themes comparison table

Here we have the ultimate Shopify themes comparison table to give you an overall look.

Theme name Price Website Ratings Average Rating
Icon $180 Shopify themes 258 92% positive
Canopy $180 Shopify themes 111 98% positive
Vogue $180 Shopify themes 87 90% positive
Local $180 Shopify themes 43 100% positive
Editorial $160 Shopify themes 25 100% positive
Story $180 Shopify themes 14  100% positive
Boost $180 Shopify themes 44  98% positive
Handy $180 Shopify themes 42  90% positive
Ella  $89 Themeforest 597 96% positive
Shella  $79 Themeforest 164 99% positive
Avone $79 Themeforest 235 99% positive
Yanka $48 Themeforest 28 96% positive
Zeexo  $59 Themeforest 56 99% positive
Trendway  $26 Themeforest 30 92% positive
Woodstock  $59 Themeforest 49 100% positive
Corano  $48 Themeforest 23 100% positive
Vodoma  $59 Themeforest 66 99% positive
Ugo  $55 Themeforest 71 95% positive
Kalles  $99 Themeforest 411 100% positive
Unero  $56 Themeforest 118 96% positive
Eva  $56 Themeforest 136 96% positive
Goodwin  $53 Themeforest 69 99% positive
Gecko 5.0 $99 Themeforest 506 100% positive
Lezada  $99 Themeforest 119 99% positive
APRIL $69 Themeforest 25 99% positive

More details on each theme in the content below.

25 best Shopify blog themes

Editorial Shopify Blog Theme


Editorial is one of the best Shopify themes for storytelling. As the name suggests, this theme is designed in an editorial style, which helps you share your stories effectively.

It has three demos, all of which are in editorial style design. But for blogging, we would recommend you to go with the Adventure demo. 

This demo has a smart layout to show post articles and shopping suggestions on the same page. Thanks to that, your readers can easily purchase a product from the blog post after they read about it.

Story Shopify Blog Theme


The core design theme of Story theme is storytelling.

It has given so much space for content presentation and user engagement. You can definitely use it for blogging.

The default blog layout of this theme has big texts and big images to draw visitors’ attention. And there is a quick category filter placed right above the blog list to help your visitors find the article they are interested in.

And with Story, you can choose a lot of beautiful fonts for your blog.

Eva Shopify Blog Theme


Eva is primarily designed for fashion stores.

The creator has taken good care of both images and typography designs in this theme. And that’s why it’s a unique theme on this list. 

It has trendy font designs, which go along with its blog layouts very well.

Eva has 3 blog page layouts and 1 single post design. And there is a sidebar so you can add your latest post or product recommendations.

And you can also add video content too.

Goodwin Shopify Blog Theme


Goodwin is one of the best selling themes. 

Their creator has utilized the Shopify platform thoroughly, so you always get all the latest Shopify features. For example, it is one of a few that can offer AR and VR support.

If you want to use new technology in your blog to attract your readers, Goodwin is a great choice.

And even though this theme only has 1 blog layout, it still has all the necessary blog features.

Lezada Shopify Blog Theme


With over 200 pre-made designs, Lezada can fit any type of Shopify store. And you can easily customize it with the drag and drop builder.

For blogging, this theme has 12 blog layouts with 4 types of layouts. Basically, you have all possible designs: full-width design, with or without sidebars, and boxed design.

All 12 blog layouts follow a clean white layout, on which your texts and images can be seen clearly.

And with Lezada, you have every option you need to run a successful blog.

Gecko 5.0 Shopify Blog Theme

Gecko 5.0

If you just need a traditional blog post design that only focuses on your content, Gecko is the best theme for you.

This theme only has 1 blog layout, but it is enough. Its blog layout is a full-width layout, which is a wise design. This way, you can have as much space as possible for images and text content.

On the blog page header section, you can add featured posts with their images. And the right sidebar is where you can add recent posts, tags, or Instagram widgets.

Ella Shopify Blog Theme


Ella is a multipurpose Shopify theme for any kind of online store. It is one of the best selling themes on the Themeforest website.

For blogging, this theme has 6 beautiful blog layouts. You can choose between a full-page blog or blog with a sidebars style. But usually, the sidebars style is better. It is fantastic to show ad banners and recommended products.

Ella also has so many amazing features to make you sell your products easier on your website.

Shella Shopify Blog Theme


If you love minimalist style design, Shella will impress you. This theme has an ultra-clean design, which makes customers focus on your products more than anything else.

Shella has 4 blog theme designs, and those designs also follow a minimal style design. And nothing can make your texts and images easier to read than a clean layout.

There is also a popup feature to keep your customers updated about the latest purchases on your website.

Canopy Best Shopify Blog Theme


Canopy is designed based on an editorial layout. Thus you can quickly build your blog with this theme.

Big images are used to group your content, and you have the space to add product carousels in between your blog posts.

Within a few changes, you can make a blog homepage. The default design gives you the full-page blog layout to arrange the posts in a grid style.

Canopy has three demo variations, but for blogging, we recommend you to the Thread or the Klin demo.

Vogue Shopify Blog Theme


Vogue is an image-focused and lookbook-style theme. The creator gives you a lot of space for images on every page.

If you want to use custom images for your products and blog posts, this is the perfect theme for you.

You can customize the default designs using a simple and flexible code structure.

The sticky sidebar gives you space to add social media icons and quick controls for carts.

As a blog theme, it has everything you need.

Ugo is one of the best Shopify blog themes


Ugo has been a blog theme from the beginning.

You can find all the necessary blog elements in this theme. It will give your visitors a tremendous reader-friendly experience as well as a shopping experience. 

Ugo only provides one layout option, which can be a bummer. But its default design is clean and easy to interact with. Plus, this theme has a lot of modern design elements and animation effects to highlight your products.

Local Shopify Theme


Local is a sensibly designed business theme. With this theme, not only can you showcase your products, but you also can explain your services and your brand.

There are three demos for you to choose from, but the Bright demo is the perfect fit for the blog theme.

And by making a few changes, you can create a perfect blog website.

Kalles Shopify Theme


Kalles is another multipurpose Shopify theme.

Not only have multiple layouts for the shops, but this theme also has different layouts for the blog.

The creator put a lot of thought into this to make the blog look beautiful. For example, it has ripple effects when your readers hover over the blog post image, which will get their attention easily. 

And Kalles provides reader-friendly fonts, so your visitor can easily read your blog posts even on small screen devices.

Unero Shopify Theme


Unero is a minimal yet functional theme. They have all of the necessary features for everything you need. 

This theme has over 16 homepage designs, 10 product page designs, and 3 blog designs. And all of their blog layouts have a lot of space for images. Hence, with Unero, you can make really attractive blog posts.

And it also has portfolio pages so you can elegantly showcase your custom projects.

Icon Shopify Theme


Icon is a theme that most focuses on imagery. With its large images and clean design, you can win over more potential customers.

If you want to start a blog with this theme, you have all the excellent material at your hands. Its designs are entirely flexible. It can help you create a unique look for your blog.

Moreover, it also has some additional features like quick product view, newsletter subscription form, parallax effect, and sticky. 

Handy Shopify Theme Example


Handy is another minimal and clean looking theme.

Its homepage designs give you space to explain your product and show your latest articles. And all three of their homepage variations follow the editorial style design.

This theme is one of a few that has the text link feature, which you can use to direct your readers to product pages or other blog posts. And it also has some cool animation effects.

You can add video content, too.

April Shopify Theme


APRIL is a creative and trendy-looking theme.

This theme has over 20 demo variations, and all of them follow the colorful design. The bright colors are used to attract attention, and they are more eye-catching on the clean white layout.

It has 3 blog layouts with a simple and elegant design. And APRIL uses bold and big fonts, which makes your content really easy to read.

Boost Shopify Theme


Boost can really boost your online presence. This theme is as versatile as one can be. It guarantees to bring an enjoyable shopping experience on any device.

It is a great theme to start a blog, too. You won’t have to touch any coding or design work at all. Boost makes everything predefined and ready to use.

And their support team is always ready to help you with any technical aspects.

Avone Shopify Theme


Avone is a multipurpose Shopify theme. Its possibilities are pretty much endless. You can find anything in this theme.

And, of course, it has an impactful blog section. Avone provides every page layout, component, and app you need to run a blog on your site. 

Moreover, this theme is mobile-friendly and fast-loading, which can bring the best performance to your online store and blog section.

Yanka Example


Yanka is an amazing theme for anything apparel and fashion related. If you want a clean and image-rich Shopify theme, it is one of the best options for you.

Coming to the blog feature, this theme has five types of blog styles. And its drag and drop builder tool will make it easy for you to modify the default designs.

Along with it, Yanka also has two columns and three columns layout to organize the content neatly.

Zeexo Shopify Blog Theme


With Zeexo, there are no boundaries. It has over 108 skins, and every week, they release a new style.

Needless to say, this theme has something for everyone. And if you are interested in a Shopify blog theme, it provides you with a lot of appropriate layouts, too.

This theme is excellent both for beginners and professionals. It is straightforward for newbies, but it comes with powerful tools for advanced users.

Trendway Shopify Blog Theme


Trendway is an amazing theme for fashion-related stores. And with a fashion store, you can make your brand more personality with some tips and tricks blog posts.

Blog module is one of this theme’s best features. It has splendid designs to make your blog section as stand-out and eye-catching as possible.

And it is also fast-loading and SEO optimized, too. 

An example of Woodstock Shopify blog theme


Woodstock is a resourceful theme that blends online business with blogging fantastically well.

This theme is highly modified. As a beginner, you can simply choose one of their default designs. But anytime, you can perform customization and alter it however your needs.

One of the best things is, this theme supports multiple languages for blogs (title, meta title, meta description, content). 

Corano Shopify blog theme example


Corano is a modern and impactful theme for jewelry stores. It has a clean, minimal, and opulent design, which can trigger everyone’s interest.

This theme comes with a basic blog feature. But don’t underestimate the power of it. It still covers enough of what you need to start a blog.

The layout for the blog theme is fluid and flexible. And it will perform flawlessly on any device.

Vodoma Shopify blog theme


Vodoma is a multi-purpose Shopify theme.

With over 40 demos, this theme can cover various different industries. In addition to that, you can easily edit and modify its appearance and tailor it to meet your needs.

And Vodoma has a compelling blog section. It supports three blog layout designs: grid view, list view, and blog details with comment. You can choose the best layout for your purpose.


And that is the list of the 25 best Shopify blog themes.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope it can help you choose the most suitable blog theme for your store. Best of luck!

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