As a business owner, you realize that having an informative site will help you achieve your customer base. Themes on Shopify form a basis for designing that determines the site’s appearance and how users will engage with it. Every theme has its layouts and styles which make up part of the design for a particular individual use.

Choosing the correct theme out of many available on the Internet may appear challenging. There are few reviews available of the Focal Shopify theme and as such, this may prove difficult for you to make an informed selection. The objective of this article is to give you an in-depth overview of Focal before making your decision, hence enabling you to know if it suits your business needs or not.

What Is The Focal Shopify Theme?

Focal Shopify theme was created for Maestroo that focuses on having a clear structure and easy to use. This theme brings up an appealing grid layout ideal for lifestyles or items photos. It has a customized header and footer layout, is responsive, works on a multi-currency basis, etc.

what is focal shopify theme

This theme has plenty of drag-and-drop options that make it easier to customize the website. The Focal theme is a good choice for simple as well as complex preference lovers.

Using the Focal theme allows you to shape, mold, and design your own store in line with your brands and mission. Post website creation, this theme allows for alteration across the homepage, collection pages, product pages, blog, and article pages.

Focal Shopify theme focuses on technical sophistication but adapts to the growth of your brand towards more sales, a good customer experience, and high conversions.

04 Key Styles of the Focal Shopify Theme

If you’re seeking Shopify themes to impart a unique and distinctive appearance to your store, Focal Theme is unquestionably worth considering. Each of these four is a primary theme style of Focal, which has its peculiar style and features.


focal shopify theme - carbon style

Carbon assumes a slim design style that allows easy movement within stores. It is a great product as far as displaying gadgets, electronics, and any accessories that go along with them.


focal shopify theme - ivory style

Ivory focuses on displaying bigger pictures which makes it suitable for displaying products individually or in a collection. This type of art is appropriate for business related with clothes and shoes production.


focal shopify theme - quartz style

The use of slideshows and galleries by quartz make it quite formal with an upmarket feeling associated with high end products such as fashion wear or watches.


focal shopify theme - sapphire style

It has a contemporary design with lots of white space around each photo for visual emphasis. The design is ideal for marketing complex products, especially expensive jewelry.

The Price of Focal Shopify Theme

The Focal theme, priced at $320, stands as a premium option offering an array of features that justify its value:

  • Extensive customization: Tweak and design website backgrounds, colors, sections, animations, etc., in accordance with your brand.
  • Editorial content: Build large text blocks, or simply select among 20+ alternatives for efficient narration of the brand’s tale.
  • High-volume sales: Set up an e-commerce solution that can process huge orders for high growth brands.

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Who should use the Focal Shopify theme?

Suited for a variety of purposes, the dynamic grid-style layout of this theme is an excellent fit for:

  • Businesses focusing on editorial content: The grid design of the Focal makes it suitable for a business that emphasizes on editorial content. This is because the design allows presentation of captivating stories together with related images in the same format.
  • Businesses optimized for longer-form text sections: Designed with business’s long form text section in mind and tailor made Focal is perfectly fitting in supporting brand storytelling. It goes deeper than merely storytelling about the brand’s identity and purpose it serves.
  • High-volume stores: Focal was designed to process a lot of transactions fast and therefore an ideal product for the high volume stores. It has good working capacity for smooth operation and high sales volumes.
  • Businesses wanting to showcase images: Businesses, whose objectives incorporate utilization of visual brand storytelling, benefit hugely from Focal. Focusing the theme on images helps companies create a visual story for target viewers that is both exciting and evocative.

Highlights of Focal Shopify Theme

Beautiful slider

Beautiful slider Focal Shopify theme

One of these features is a useful slide where one can upload as many as five different slides whose title, subtitle, and respective buttons are also available. Additionally, it is possible to move texts around positionally on a word by word basis.

Focal’s slider has flexible options, one being horizontal or vertical transition from large up to small slide (out of the total number of four). This includes users being able to change the frequency at which the automatic rotation occurs and giving them complete control over how their webpage looks.

Fully mobile experience

With the mobile-oriented scenario of today, the Focal theme guarantees complete mobile compatibility, including adaptability across different screens and devices. The store will be responsive so that it can fit various screen sizes on different devices making customers have similar experiences on mobiles and tabs.

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Shop the look

Companies especially in the line of fashion and lifestyles can also make their own tailored list using the ‘shop the look’ option in the Focal Shopify Theme. This persuades customers to look for whole outfits, which makes the shopping more exciting.

Highly configurable home page

Focal makes the home page, considered the most important page of a website, entirely configurable. The users do not have to code to enable or disable modules, while the background and text colors can be adjusted individually on every module. The degree of this personalization enables firms to portray a distinctive flair which allows them to stand out amongst competitors.

Mega Menu

Mega Menu Focal Shopify Theme

Focal Shopify Theme has a super-menu feature that provides a clear and well-organized layout of various options for easy access for interested buyers. It makes it easy for a customer to find items easily thus contributing to a pleasant shopping experience.

Search auto completion

Focal Theme provides search auto-completion thereby making the browsing of users easier. The search as you type provides suggestions within seconds as users type thus reducing time and easing product searching in the online store.

High Customization

With its flexibility and ease of editing the templates, the Focal Shopify theme enables store owners to build customized and captivating branded stores that match their stores with minimum disruption.

Retina Support

Unlike normal mobile support, Focal also caters for native Retina screens. The feature also permits uploading of non-retina as well as retina versions of a logo with the promise of optimizing the visuals for every user.

Navigation & user interface

Focal Shopify theme has a clean and modern design with intuitive UI. This makes it the ideal option and one of the easiest ways of creating professional looking websites without any hassle.

Quick Buy & Cart Notes

Quick Buy and Cart Notes, additions facilitate the buying. Users’ convenience and satisfaction is also increased because customers can easily put certain items in the shopping cart with a special order or note if necessary.


Some Focal Shopify Theme Examples

#1 Homère

Homère - Store using Focal shopify theme

With respect to Homère – a chic shoe boutique, they expertly used the Focal Shopify theme in designing an eye-catching and easy-to-use online shoe shop heaven. The homepage offers a tempting slider featuring edited shoe collections that epitomize homeray’s unique character. Timely updates are provided to ensure technological efficiency and attractive site appealing customers who love shoes.

#2 Freedompro

Freedompro - Store using Focal shopify theme

Smart home professionals solution, FreedomPro uses the Focal Shopify theme as a way of advertising its products in an innovative manner. The incorporation of Focal’s well-known features such as slide-out-cart, quick buy, and sticky cart offers a radical change in the buying process.

The customers can also just make a single click at the cart icon that is strategically positioned on the right side of the site page. They do not navigate to another page in the website to view and manage their selections. With this strategic implementation, customers are able to enjoy additional convenience because their whole buying experience begins in the product selection and ends with the payment process.

#3 Mogli Martini

Mogli Martini - Store using Focal shopify theme

Focal has demonstrated its edge through perfectly displaying Mogli Martini’s pictures and videos resulting in a clean presentation of the showcase. Streamline of website navigation is provided by Mogli Martini that incorporates a mega menu and sticky header which helps customers find a particular product easily.

One outstanding aspect about this shopify clothing store is having product reviews as one of the most effective tools for advertising that will give in-depth information about the goods to potential buyers. This helps create customer’s trust and loyalty towards the company.

FAQs about Focal Theme

1. Is the Focal Shopify theme any good?

The design focal offers a clean and modern look to your e-commerce. The theme contains many options, including the possibility to create your own menu and tabs. The theme is optimized for mobile devices; it is also easy to install. There are also additional instruments, such as a built-in page with a shopping cart and Shopify checkout statistics.

Although there are problems with Focal’s service providers, this is one of the best options for young or small shops wanting a fashionable but handy design.

2. Is the Focal Shopify theme worth the investment?

Buying Focal theme on Shopify is an excellent decision for any business that wants to improve its online image. The reason why the Focal theme is a premium one is that it has so many features and ways of personalization.

While the theme costs more than free or inexpensive themes, it’s worth should be seen. Focal being modern, mobile-responsive and with some of the important business marketing tools is built to ensure conversion and higher revenue for your online store which will justify even larger investments from enterprises aiming at having impact on the internet business arena.

3. Is the Focal Shopify theme optimized for SEO?

In terms of SEO optimization, yes, Focal has been designed for that purpose. It has in-built characteristics that can improve the SEO ratings of your e-commerce website. These include modifiable meta tags, neatly structured code, and mobile friendliness all of which help improve visibility and ranking in search engine result pages.

The integration of the Focal theme in your store will help boost its search optimisation capabilities, increase exposure, consequently, resulting in more organic traffic.

The Final Words

Focal Theme Shopify remains a compelling option for organizations that desire an appealing and advanced digital presence. The unique designs, engaging characteristics, and favorable user testimonial demonstrate that Focal can help you create a sexy destination rather than just another retail store. Through exploring its features, trying out a demo and reading real user reviews on Focal’s functionality, you will be well placed to determine if it best qualifies as a way forward for your ecommerce enterprises.

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