The fastest Shopify themes for optimal performance are critical because they can affect the user experience, search engine rankings, and ultimately the store’s sales. Choosing the right Shopify theme that is optimized for speed can help you create a better shopping experience for customers and improve the store’s overall performance.

Here is the collection of 13+ best Shopify themes for speed, including free and premium, that you shouldn’t ignore.

A Look at Fastest Shopify Themes

The fastest Shopify theme is one that loads quickly and effectively on all devices. It provides a positive user experience for all the customers with a high-performance score. The business’s profitability and revenues may be greatly impacted by how quickly Shopify stores load. Consider how a store or website that takes too long to load can impact the overall shopping experience of customers.

The first step is to improve the speed of online purchases on the website! Maintaining a Shopify store requires paying close attention to the website’s speed. All customers will traverse the website easily with the fastest Shopify themes, giving them a quick and delightful purchasing experience.

fastest shopify themes

The speed of your website can be improved with high-performance themes, which also ensure that all customers enjoy a seamless experience. It’s critical to take hosting, theme design, and third-party programs into account in order to enhance the speed of the website. The quickest Shopify themes don’t include any unnecessary CSS or Javascript files and have clean code.

It sounds difficult, but in this post, we’ve listed the fastest-loading themes to see which ones are most suitable for your stores and businesses. You can totally learn about each theme, its features, pricing, reviews, and more down below.

Review Top 13+ Fastest Shopify Themes

In this section, we’re carefully analyzing the features, rating, pricing, loading page performance for desktop, and accessibility for mobile for each theme. Let’s check out the collection of the 13+ Fastest loading Shopify themes to change your store’s look today.

Themes Pricing Performance Score for Desktop Accessibility for Mobile
Ride Shopify theme Free 97 92
Sense Shopify theme Free 98 95
Spotlight Shopify theme Free 95 95
Crave Shopify theme Free 98 95
Taste Shopify theme Free 97 95
Eurus Shopify theme $230 99 95
Electro Shopify theme $170 97 85
Taiga Shopify theme $ 350 97 85
Impulse Shopify theme $350 94 85
Gem Shopify theme $360 95 85
Unicorn Shopify theme $150 93 85
Focal Shopify theme $320 94 85
Drop Shopify theme $200 90 85
Align Shopify theme $320 93 85

Fastest Shopify Themes Free

#1 Ride

Let’s talk right now about the Ride – fastest free Shopify theme if you’re searching for a flexible theme to change the business’s appearance with the loading page speed. With the Ride Shopify theme, you can add videos to product pages for free.

In addition, the Ride Shopify theme will be a great choice for anyone who wants to communicate a compelling brand story through images. The ride theme is fantastically emphasized in the sports field, which is a distinct, dynamic theme that will be more suitable for stores in the sports field.

ride fastest shopify theme

About the layout, the Ride Shopify theme made a point by highlighting the products with a black background, bold text, and accent colors. With page layouts that are varied and asymmetrical to highlight teams, items, and more, and the use of a variety of features and compelling visual storytelling, customers may easily understand and acquire a sense of the business’s style and products.

✨ Highlight Features:

  • The product’s images can be rolled over, zoomed in, and shown as a slideshow
  • After a customer adds the items to the cart, the shopping cart can show up as a page, a drawer, or a pop-up notification
  • Filter and sort the products in the lists
  • Blog posts have features to provide full information and share the content of the website; this will be useful in persuading the customer’s reliability
  • Suggested items sections allow for the showcase of related products, items with comparable descriptions, and items that are frequently purchased in relation to the product being viewed
  • Cross-selling
  • Mega menu
  • Feedback about the items
  • Cross-selling

The Ride Shopify theme is a lively and sports-focused design theme that will make any athletic good stand out with its bold typeface and accent colors. Let’s use trials right now if your business field is sports.

✨ Try it: Ride Shopify theme

#2 Sense

On the top of the list of the best free & fast Shopify themes is Sense, which offers a simple design and loading page capabilities. You shouldn’t ignore this subject if you’re targeting to give customers a hassle-free buying experience and a smooth experience when visiting the website.

This fastest free Shopify theme will be made to enliven the stores and attract customers to the store’s look with its vibrant color scheme and gentle gradients. You can also demonstrate credibility to potential customers by adding reviews, videos, and in-depth product descriptions using this Shopify free theme.

sense fastest shopify theme

However, this theme will be ideal for small businesses because the number of products in the store will be constrained. For stores with low inventory or eCommerce stores selling just one item, this is a great choice.

Highlight Features:

  • Possibility to suggest similar items to attract the customer’s attention
  • Ability to showcase and transmit all the useful information related to the website through blogs
  • Provide fully detailed product ingredients and nutritional information to build the customer’s trust
  • Support for marketing and conversion strategies through promotional banners, press coverage, and cross-selling
  • Cart notes and in-store pickups in the cart and check-out sections
  • Support for advanced search with product filtering and sorting functions
  • Shipping and delivery information in the merchandise section
  • High-quality images with zoom and rollover features
  • Fast loading speed

In the end, the Sense theme is the ideal choice to develop the website’s look! With this theme, almost all customers can feel that the businesses are trying to convey that all the items are attractive and necessary since they really not only bring in so many meaningful items but also provide the ability to load pages quickly when customers visit the website.

✨ Try it: Sense Shopify theme

#3 Spotlight

The Spotlight Shopify theme is free, loads pages quickly, and is renowned for its simplified, conversion-friendly layout for speedy go-live. In addition, this theme is completely free and offers exceptional functionality in comparison to some of the premium themes. Despite its straightforward appearance, the theme has a lot of premium features that will transform the store into a professional selling machine.

The spotlight theme provides a simple, effective layout, eye-catching, and adaptable design options, along with customizable features. With the beneficial points of this theme, you can create quick and attractive stores with a speedy loading page.

spotlight fastest shopify theme

Spotlight is the ideal theme for you if you have a limited budget and want to wait until the business has grown before investing in a premium Shopify theme.

Highlight Features:

  • Fast loading speed
  • Blog layout for providing content marketing
  • Conversion rates with product filtering and sorting, enhanced search, lookbook, product videos, high-resolution pictures, FAQ pages, in-store pickups, and quick buys
  • Allow for a quick launch
  • Support for sticky headers with a logo area in the middle.
  • Clearly provide information about shipping and delivery, as well as usage information.
  • Ingredients or nutritional information help increase the customer’s credibility.
  • Cross-selling and stock counter features in marketing and conversion sections
  • Image rollover and image zoom are supported so the customer can discover the items from all sides.

It can be claimed that the Spotlight Shopify theme is an ideal theme for businesses that want to load pages quickly and boost the user experience when sweeping the website. Not only that, the Spotlight theme is totally free for all the features and extensions, so don’t hesitate to use the theme right now if you are a startup or don’t have enough budget to build the store’s look.

✨ Try it: Spotlight Shopify theme

#4 Crave

The Crave Shopify theme is one of the fastest Shopify themes for free because it offers several premium features that are only available in paid themes. This theme was created specifically for restaurants, catering businesses, and food and beverage businesses. This theme provides an attractive, eye-catching atmosphere with full color, ideal for showcasing food items and services.

crave fastest shopify theme

The Crave theme has an inviting and enticing atmosphere. With its high-quality photographic capabilities, you can showcase the meal in all its attractions, giving the customers a visual experience that is unforgettable. By putting the emphasis on the food, which is what’s most important, the design makes the store look better, drives more customers, and boosts sales effectively.

✨ Highlight Features:

  • Product suggestions are on the shopping cart page and product pages.
  • Designed for big, high-resolution images with rollover and zooming options
  • Fully provide clear information, like components, portion sizes, and dietary restrictions, in the product description sections.
  • Enhance the shopping experience by incorporating thorough product filters.
  • Mega menu that sits over the header with quicker search options
  • Slide show of products to showcase the items.
  • Blog posts to provide the customer with useful information about food and beverages
  • Unlimited free trials and free theme updates
  • Cart notes and in-store pickups in the cart and check-out sections
  • Promotional banners and cross-selling in marketing strategies

✨ Try it: Crave Shopify theme

#5 Taste

Taste by Shopify is a free & fastest theme that makes the business stand out from the competition. With the big plus of loading pages quickly, taste themes are emphasized by high-quality drinking products. Taste is one of the fastest Shopify themes to use for food-related websites.

With bold headlines, thin strokes, and fonts with a distinctive feel, the businesses may draw visitors to the website by utilizing the theme’s expanded design. It has a ton of helpful features, such as being quick and flexible on the website, mobile friendliness, and quick setup. So, if you use the Taste Shopify theme, your online store will have a chic and modern appearance.

taste fastest shopify theme

Although there are still some complaints about Taste’s customer service, the Taste Shopify theme is still a wise choice for small and startup businesses.

✨ Highlight Features:

  • Upgraded for editorial usage
  • Speed loading and dependability on the website
  • Promotional banners, quick-view options, and high-quality images
  • Shipping info and delivery information and usage info
  • Suggested products and product filtering and sorting are in the product discovery sections.
  • The frequently asked questions (FAQ) section can explain all the information about the items and their usage to potential customers.
  • Advanced search options with a mega menu
  • Integrate in-store pickup and cart note features in the cart and check-out sections.
  • Press coverage and cross-selling about the items in marketing and conversion campaigns

Can say that one of Shopify’s other well-liked free themes is Taste, which adopts a minimalist design aesthetic but is maybe more adventurous and colorful. So the Stores can use this theme to attract customers’ attention to the products, especially in the drinking and juice fields.

✨Try it: Taste Shopify theme

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Fastest Shopify Themes Premium

#6 Eurus

The Eurus Shopify theme by BSS Commerce Shopify was created with great sales and design in mind. It is comprehensive, high-performing, and ultra-modern. Eurus was thoughtfully created to enhance the store’s aesthetic and functionality while also increasing conversion rates. This theme is an ideal choice for large businesses, dropshippers, or high-end stores and showcases images to support visual brand storytelling.

eurus fastest shopify theme

About the performance score, The Eurus Shopify theme is amazing for more than just its appearance and functionalities; it is also lightning-quick. To validate the theme’s performance score, we ran tests on Page Speed Insights and the outcomes met all expectations. The overall performance and structure grade for the theme is 99 with little blockage time. Consequently, the Eurus theme ranks as one of the swiftest Shopify themes out there.

✨ Rating: 98% positive

✨ Highlight Features:

  • Break free from apps: With no costly apps, everything you need for a high conversion rate is a mega menu with Custom options, Product bundles, Flash sales, Multiple Pop-ups, Event Calendar, Mega menu, Product labels, Estimated Delivery Date, Estimated shipping rate, Pre-order, Re-order, Cross-sell, Upsell, Speech search, Coupon code list, Comparison table, Right-To-Left, Product attribute table, etc.
  • Speed optimized, mobile-first: With mobile-first functionality and light/dark settings, businesses can boost sales by making pages load more quickly and improving the UX and SEO of stores.
  • Highly customizable: Using more than 40 powerful sections and blocks to create a fantastic store with complete control over the impactful visuals.
  • Easy product discovery and a magical buying experience with a back-to-top button, mega menu, advanced search, recently viewed, product filtering and sorting, suggested items, and more useful features.

✨ Try it: Eurus Shopify theme

eurus free consultant service

#7 Electro

Electro is one of the fastest Shopify themes, skillfully designed to enhance outstanding product details. Through its elegant and eye-catching design, Electro Theme Shopify elevates a business’s online visibility and gives customers a sense of professionalism and reliability.

For high-volume stores, large businesses, or digital product stores, this theme is especially useful. The theme’s distinctive design approach seamlessly combines utility and minimalism to produce a stunning e-commerce theme and attract more customers when visiting the website.

electro fastest shopify theme

Better yet, Electro Theme Shopify provides a limitless trial period with premium features for all users. As a result, you will have plenty of time to think over and customize the theme to make sure it is suitable for the online store.

✨ Rating: 100% positive

✨ Style for the theme: Gadget, Audio and Surveillance

✨ Highlight Features:

  • With the store locator feature, customers can find the stores easily, optimizing the customer experience and maybe boosting foot traffic.
  • Customers can check product details using the Quick View option without leaving the current page.
  • Stock counters induce a sense of urgency and encourage impulse purchases
  • In-menu promotions allow to highlight the best offers in the navigation menu
  • Cross-selling is an effective strategy to raise the average order value
  • Advanced product filtering and sorting features
  • Image galleries support showcasing the items in a visually compelling way
  • Product options, such as sizes, colors, or materials
  • Back-to-top button and mega menu in the product discovery sections
  • Trust badges and product badges make an impression on the customer
  • With the support for color swatches, customers may customize the various product color variations and have a better understanding of their selections.

✨ Try it: Electro Shopify theme

#8 Taiga

The premium theme Taiga comes with two presets, Sage and Mint, and is ideal for fashion, lifestyle, and creative businesses. It gives off a simple tone, which makes it a great option for businesses trying to create a big visual impact. Additionally, it features a sleek, contemporary design that harmonizes flawlessly with attractive video headers.

taiga fastest shopify theme

One of the most significant advantages of Taiga Shopify theme is how rapidly they load. This helps to improve the user experience, maintain visitors on the website, and increase the likelihood that they will convert. Another reason Taiga has become one of the fastest Shopify themes is that they have a superb team of developers who can support all the feedback from customers, this is confirmed by 100% positive reviews on Shopify.

✨ Rating: 100% positive

✨ Style for the theme: Sage and Mint

✨ Highlight Features:

  • Fast loading speed, guaranteeing a seamless user experience
  • Numerous customization options
  • In the cart and check-out sections, including the slide-out cart, cart notes, pre-order, in-store pickups, and quick buy
  • Image features such as zoom, rollover, and image hotspot
  • Provide fully necessary information: usage, shipping, delivery, ingredients, or nutritional
  • The advanced marketing strategies: countdown timers, cross-selling, press coverage, and in-menu promotions
  • High-quality images
  • Blog news and FAQ page to support feedback and provide useful information for customers
  • Outstanding creatives like promo banners, promo tiles, and promo popups
  • Indispensable multiple language features EU translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES).

✨ Try it: Taiga Shopify theme

#9 Impulse

The Impulse Shopify theme was developed with the intention of simplifying and streamlining the purchasing process. It is loaded with top-notch features and is ideal for all types of stores. Whether you’re a small business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, the Impulse Shopify theme is unique and has a high loading speed, making it ideal for all your projects.

impulse fastest shopify theme

Despite the fact that many stores take a lot of care when it comes to building a fantastic store, there are still a lot of crucial elements to take into account, such as design, SEO performance, content or loading pages. The Impulse theme would be a great option in this scenario. For e-commerce businesses looking to stand out on the online retail scene, it’s the perfect multi-functional Impulse Shopify theme that you should try.

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✨ Rating: 95% positive

✨ Style for the theme: Modern, Clean, and Bold

✨ Highlight Features:

  • Promotion customization, such as banners, pop-ups, and tiles
  • Color swatches for a better user experience
  • Product page content gives useful information for readers
  • Advanced collection filtering to showcase the items on the collection page
  • Merchandising features: Before/after image slider, animation, high-quality images, lookbooks, size chart, slideshow, product videos, and product tabs
  • Age verifier features
  • Cross-selling and countdown timers in the marketing campaigns sections

✨ Try it: Impulse Shopify theme

#10 Gem

Gem, one of the top Shopify themes for jewelry retailers, will help elevate the business’s appearance. Gem delivers seamless navigation, high-resolution image galleries, and a range of marketing tools to highlight the brilliance of the stores. It is expertly created for visual and editorial storytelling. Gem’s cutting-edge cart and checkout features improve the customer’s shopping experience, making it glitter as much as the products, whether you’re a dropshipper or a brick-and-mortar retailer.

gem fastest shopify theme

✨ Rating: 100% positive

✨ Style for the theme: Obsidian, Garnet, and Emerald

✨ Highlight Features:

  • Loading page speedy
  • Image galleries and high-resolution pictures that are optimized for editorial and visual storytelling.
  • With features like rapid buying and a slide-out cart, it is specially made for dropshippers.
  • Provides a variety of marketing and conversion options, including trust badges, banner ads, and product reviews.
  • Provides features like advanced search, product filtering, and a back-to-top button to improve the discovery of products.
  • Pre-order and in-store pickups
  • Fully featured features like Quick Buy, Countdown, Shop the Look, media with text, customized product media, and more boost sales.
  • Highly customizable layout: Each element was designed with flexibility in mind, giving the freedom to express the store’s style without affecting performance, SEO, or speed.

✨ Try it: Gem Shopify theme

#11 Unicorn

One of the fastest Shopify themes for home decor businesses is the Unicorn theme, which has features specifically designed for dropshippers, flash sales, and visual brand storytelling.

unicorn fastest shopify theme

It improves the user experience with a seamless cart and checkout procedure, including quick buy and slide-out cart capabilities, and boasts aesthetically pleasing storytelling possibilities. Trust badges, customer ratings, and promotion banners are just a few of the marketing and conversion tactics this theme excels at using to increase sales. Unicorn is made to shine, enhancing the product discovery process and offering interactive merchandising choices.

✨ Style for the theme: Flex, Dark, Sunny and Valuable

✨ Highlight Features:

  • Features designed to enhance product discovery and visual storytelling
  • Options for a simple checkout and cart process for customers
  • Tools for effective marketing and conversion, such as badges for products and countdown timers
  • Icon menu: With the support features of versatile navigation, color samples, and other features, the Unicorn theme can keep customers shopping and increase product awareness.
  • Full-width logo: Promote the brand to the public and draw attention to its products and identity.
  • Advanced search with product filtering and sorting features
  • Back-to-top button
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Mega menu

✨ Try it: Unicorn Shopify theme

#12 Focal

The Focal Shopify theme was created by Maestrooo with a focus on making a well-organized, user-friendly theme with the capability of loading pages quickly. The theme’s powerful grid design is ideal for designing images of products and various types in the store. Also, the focal theme has a responsive design, a customized header and footer style, and support for numerous currencies.

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focal fastest shopify theme

You can develop and customize the focal Shopify theme for each brand in order to create stores that fully represent the brand’s mission. After you construct the website, it will let you customize the home page, collection pages, product pages, blog, and article pages your shop may need. The focal theme was developed to showcase the business’s vision while being customized to maximize conversion rates, boost user experience, and increase sales.

✨ Rating: 96% positive

✨ Style for the theme: Ivory, Carbon, Quartz, and Sapphire

✨ Highlight Features:

  • Cross-selling capabilities: Effective features like product recommendations on the product and basket pages and sticky Cart it up.
  • Visual brand storytelling: Create one-of-a-kind landing pages that showcase the brand identity with the support of more than 20 built-in sections.
  • Adaptable with the brand: Individual custom color sections, flexible parts, graceful animations, and many other powerful features will bring the brand to life.
  • Collection page navigation sections
  • Mega Menu features to access a visually appealing and simple-to-navigate drop-down menu.
  • Customization bundle that enables individualization of the store’s look
  • Color swatches and animation
  • Blog pages to transform the useful info
  • EU translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)

Can say that the focal theme, Shopify, is a compelling choice for businesses looking for a visually appealing and feature-rich online presence. Focal has the ability to turn the store into an engaging destination for customers thanks to its adaptable design, speedy page loading, and great user ratings. You may confirm whether Focal is the best option to advance the eCommerce journey by researching its features, trialing it in a demo, and checking out the actual user feedback.

✨ Try it: Focal Shopify theme

#13 Drop

One of the fastest Shopify themes you shouldn’t miss is the Drop theme by We Are Underground. This theme’s entire appearance and atmosphere are intended to draw in customers who enjoy modern design. It is built with strong functionalities and optimized for products in stores.

With a focus on simple, basic design components, the theme has a contemporary vibe with the grid lines used throughout the layout, giving it an outstanding appearance to drive more customers.

drop fastest shopify theme

The Drop theme provides some useful methods to generate the customer’s interest in products before making a purchase decision, including the countdown timer function and the choice to disable the “Add to Cart” button.

✨ Rating: 90% positive

✨ Style for the theme: Flash, Launch, and Countdown

✨ Highlight Features:

  • Blog posts: this feature is a great way to easily connect with target customers
  • There are plenty of customization options that let you change anything to meet the store’s needs
  • Product grid videos: Auto-playing product videos to animate product grids and collection pages.
  • Free support and free updates: Regardless of future pricing or feature changes, updates are free for life supported by a team that has been a part of Shopify from the beginning.
  • Countdown timer: Set launch dates for products or promote a sense of urgency among customers by displaying a timer for a sale.
  • Back-in-stock alert, cross-selling, countdown timer, and stock counter in the marketing and conversion sections
  • Shipping and delivery information
  • Product filtering and sorting with enhanced search
  • Mega menu

✨ Try it: Drop Shopify theme

#14 Align

The Shopify theme Align by Company XYZ is ideal for displaying and marketing photographs, prints, and posters. Through features like predictive search results for items, collections, and even blog material, this theme is largely focused on increasing conversions. The Align theme also makes it simpler to display banners and badges with promotions and offers.

align fastest shopify theme

In addition, the versatile Shopify theme Align is reviewed as one of the fastest Shopify themes and is designed for businesses of all sizes. Its effective advertising tools let customers learn about deals and special offers before making a purchase decision. So, the Align theme has enough intelligent features to easily approach the customer’s needs and make a good impression about the store’s reliability.

✨Rating: 100% positive

✨Style for the theme: Default, Dark, and Clean

✨Highlight Features:

  • Conversion-focused search: Show off instant prediction outcomes for blogs, collections, and goods in stores.
  • Powerful promotion tools: Focus customers’ needs on the important issues. Put deals and promotions to highlight the priorities.
  • Navigation for all sizes: With the support of the flexible menu system, boost sales by showcasing items, collections, and banners. Also, create straightforward or robust mega-menus with ease!
  • Collection page navigation options
  • Recommended products to draw attention from the customers
  • Support for gift wrapping, in-store pickups, and pre-order for all items in stores
  • Sticky cart, cart notes, and slide-out cart are enough to provide the cart and check-out features
  • EU translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES) in multiple language sections
  • In-menu promotions, cross-selling, press coverage, trust badges, product badges, and product reviews to promote the marketing campaign of stores
  • FAQ page and blogs pages

Aside from these, vital features also come with animation, product videos, lookbooks, slideshows, product options, product tabs, and many others.

✨ Try it: Align Shopify theme 

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Why is Website Speed Critical for Boosting Online Sales?

Site speed is essential in the process of online shopping since it is associated with reduced bounce rates and increases in conversion rates. It is estimated that up to 27% more mobile users can convert to a website with just a one-second speed enhancement.

Given that most consumers shop on mobile devices, site speed has a big impact on sales revenue. Besides, the site’s speed is also crucial for retaining clients because 79% of users are less likely to return to a site after seeing a slow load time.

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Ranking Higher on Google Search

In addition to enhancing the user experience, site speed is also a significant ranking element in the process of search engine optimization. More potential customers will find the business if the website ranks higher on search engines like Google.

Site speed is used as a ranking criterion for search results by Google, the most widely used search engine, with a market share of 92.47% as of January 2021. Faster websites now rank even higher on Google as of May 2021, making it simpler for potential customers to find them.

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Conversion Rate

Site speed is a key concern for online customers in an era of instant gratification, and fast websites and pages have really been associated with lower bounce rates and increased conversion rates.

Google estimates that a one-second boost in website speed can boost mobile user conversions by up to 27%. Additionally, with 70% of customers making purchases on mobile devices, it is obvious that site speed significantly affects the potential for revenue. So, you’ll enhance the chances of making sales and decrease the likelihood that a visitor will leave if you keep the page load time low.

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fastest shopify theme website speed

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to the website that leave after reading just one page. A high bounce rate is an obvious sign that the website is not operating as it should. One of the main causes of a high bounce rate is a slow website, as consumers tend to quit since the slow pace prevents them from having a flawless purchasing experience. Therefore, this is a crucial element that needs improvement to develop the website more effectively.

Loyalty of the Customer (repeat business)

Although a visitor’s initial impression of the slow website is a concern, frequent exposure to slow sites could be even more detrimental.

Someone once said that “it’s cheaper to get current customers to make a repeat purchase than it is to find new customers,”, so the speed of the website is important here. In fact, it is estimated that 79% of customers are less likely to make a second purchase from an online website if feel “dissatisfied” with the site’s loading speed.

Let’s invest today in lowering load times and boosting page loading speed to attract more customers in the future.

How to Make Sure the Shopify Themes Are Faster

Fastest loading Shopify themes tend to be lightweight and have minimal coding, so their CSS is straightforward. There are a few features Shopify includes with its themes to make sure they load quickly, including:

Most Shopify themes reduce the need for coding so that online retailers can easily build and customize their websites because they load more quickly with less code.

  • The visitor’s browser will need to download fewer CSS files, which will simply result in cleaner CSS and a quicker loading page.
  • Themes from Shopify don’t rely on old JavaScript libraries that make websites load slowly.
  • With the most recent upgrades, Shopify 2.0 keeps the stores current. Since older or vintage themes no longer receive updates beyond security fixes, switching to the Online Store 2.0 is practically mandatory if you are using the previous theme architecture.

It can be claimed that Shopify themes are built quickly and with eCommerce stores in mind. The Shopify Themes store offers a variety of themes; however, not all of them will have the same characteristics. But don’t worry; this post will discuss the list of the 13+ Shopify themes with the fastest load times (Free and Premium), saving you a lot of time from having to search. Let’s discover more in the section below.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to developing a profile for stores, the speed of the website is quite important. Fast Shopify themes can help improve the performance of the website, resulting in increased conversion rates and improved Google search rankings. As a result, it’s critical to pick a theme that is lightweight and provides a wealth of flexible features to make customers feel comfortable and effective when visiting the website.

What do you think about the collection of the 13+ fastest Shopify Themes for Optimal Performance, including Free and Premium, in this post? Which one do you like best and most impressively? Let’s leave some feedback in the section below if you have a question about the theme.