If you want to create an absolutely amazing online store, the Be Yours Shopify theme is a must-try! With its sophisticated look, user-friendly tools, and sales-boosting features, it’s no wonder Be Yours is so insanely popular. In this review, BSS Commerce Shopify will delve into all the reasons why it is the coolest topic out there. You will learn about awesome projects to consider if this is for you. We’ll also look at how you can use that promotional arsenal to crush your sales targets.

So read on and explore this amazing topic!

Introducing Be Yours Shopify Theme

Be Yours Shopify Theme

For those who don’t know what a Be Yours Shopify theme is, this theme is a premium responsive design template. It is developed by RoarTheme for merchants using the Shopify e-commerce platform. It’s suitable for both single stores and dropshippers.

Moreover, it offers a flexible layout and various design elements that can be customized to match a brand’s identity and target segmented audiences effectively. Whether you’re selling one main item or have a general store, Be Yours can totally elevate your shop’s look and boost sales with its useful tools.

More things to know about dropshipping:

How Much Does The Be Yours Shopify Theme Cost?

You can download and use this theme for free during the trial period without any payment. Therefore, you will have time to thoroughly review the theme before committing to a purchase. If you make a decision to buy this theme for your store, you can get it for $320 in one-time. With a one-time purchase fee of $320, you are allowed to use the theme indefinitely on a single Shopify store.

Unlike some premium themes, Be Yours does not charge any monthly/annual subscriptions or maintenance fees after the one-time purchase. Owners get lifetime updates.

Where To Buy The Be Yours Shopify Theme?

There are two ways to buy Shopify Be Yours Theme.

1. You can buy directly from Shopify Theme Store for ease.

2. Another option for you is to go to RoarTheme’s official website. However, when you click the buying button, it will redirect you to the checkout page on the Shopify Theme Store.

Key Features of Be Yours Shopify theme

Flexible Design and Layout Options

Customizable Sections and Layouts

The Be Yours theme provides shop owners with flexible options to rearrange different sections of the store layout using a simple drag-and-drop interface. This allows merchants to customize the structure and flow of content pages like home and product pages according to their needs and preferences.

In addition, the theme comes with several pre-designed store layouts that serve as blueprints for merchants to start building their online stores quickly without designing from scratch. These pre-built layouts can also be further modified to create unique store designs.

Responsive Design for All Devices

An important function for any e-commerce theme is being responsive to cater to the growing mobile traffic. The Shopify Be Yours Theme ensures the store layout, menus, product pages etc. automatically adjust based on the screen size and render nicely on all types of devices including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Be Yours Theme - Responsive Design for All Devices

Merchants will have an optimized shopping experience for customers regardless of what device they use to visit the online store. The responsive design also helps improve conversions since visitors can seamlessly shop from any device.

Robust Visual Components

Enhanced graphics and videos

be yours theme - Enhanced graphics and videos

The Be Yours Theme Shopify allows marketers to showcase their products and tell visual stories through high-quality images and videos. It offers a high-resolution image that allows customers to see product details up close. Marketers can also embed video in behind-the-scenes videos, product displays or testimonial pages to provide visitors with a rich interactive experience.

Powerful Graphics Tools

Be Yours supports integration with Cincopa, a powerful image and content management platform. This allows marketers to use Syncopa’s features to create unique gallery layouts, album views, 360-degree product spins and other visual content. Integration enhances the subject’s storytelling capabilities through immersive and interactive experiences.

Together, these strong visual elements allow merchants to use the Be Yours slogan to clearly showcase their products and services. Zoom and high-definition videos bring things to life online. The Syncopa integration opens up opportunities to build galleries and creations that keep visitors engaged. The theme’s focus on visual storytelling helps marketers differentiate their brands and sell better in the highly competitive e-commerce space.

Focus on Conversions

Targeted Sections to Boost Sales

The theme incorporates strategic cross-selling sections that can be placed across the store. These sections are customized to showcase complementary, popular or limited-time products to patrons. This helps merchants increase average order values by encouraging customers to discover and purchase multiple related items in a single visit.

be yours shopify theme - Targeted Sections to Boost Sales

Time-Based Promotional Tools

Be Yours comes with countdown timers that can be added to specific deal pages or products with seasonal/inventory-limited promotions. These timers create urgency by displaying the remaining time left in an offer. They nudge customers to complete purchases before the period ends.

Streamlined Checkout

The theme improves shopping convenience through quick buy buttons on product pages. Customers can directly add items to the cart and check out without leaving the product listing. This offers a seamless buying process to potentially reduce cart abandonment rates.

These focused conversion-boosting features equip merchants with effective promotional tools to influence shopping behavior and extract higher revenues. The timers and cross-selling nudges especially aid inventory management for dropshipping stores.

Advanced Features

OS 2.0 compatibility

The theme was one of the first to be compatible with Shopify’s major OS 2.0 upgrade. This upgrade significantly improved site speed through optimizations like faster asset loading, image transformations, and cache purging. It also enhanced page load performance. Being compatible meant the theme could fully leverage these new technologies to provide merchants with better page speeds and a smoother experience as their store scales. Compatibility with OS 2.0 ensures the theme remains future-proofed as Shopify continues optimizing its platform.

Built-in blog

be yours shopify theme - Built-in blog

Another advanced feature is the built-in blog section. This feature helps merchants engage customers by sharing valuable content like articles, tutorials, announcements, case studies, and more. Using the blog helps boost loyalty by keeping patrons informed about new launches, tips, deals, and company updates. It also provides benefits like driving organic traffic to the store and the potential for additional sales in the long run.

Advanced mega menus

The theme also features sophisticated mega menus that can be customized with font styles, colors, and layouts. These mega menus aid in efficiently organizing navigation hierarchies and providing a streamlined browsing experience. Merchants have the flexibility to showcase filters, product previews, promotional banners, and more within the menus to enhance product discoverability, especially for stores with various subcategories and tags.

Diverse Design Styles


Be Yours Shopify Theme Beauty

The Beauty preset creates a really nice vibe for beauty and makeup stores. The colors are light and soft like pink and mint. This makes the site feel fresh and young. Colors like these really help sell beauty products.

Everything on the site has space to breathe. Sections are grouped together nicely so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Big clear photos let you see makeup and skincare up close. This is important since you want to see the details. Moreover, the fonts are simple and don’t take attention from the photos. This lets the products be the star!

Switching to the screen display, colors, layout and photos work well together. You can immerse yourself in looking at products without things feeling cluttered. It shows care was put into understanding customers for this type of store.

Overall, the Beauty preset gets what beauty is about. Both the products and design make for a pleasant shopping experience. This helps sell creams, makeup and more in a way that feels natural.


Be Yours Shopify Theme Trendy

The Trendy preset has a stylish and vibrant design that is perfect for fashion and accessory retailers looking to appeal to younger shoppers.

The colors used are bright and eye-catching. Pops of electric blues, oranges, and pinks make the store feel energetic and fun. These colors attract the attention of younger generations browsing online.

The layout displays products and categories in a split-screen format. This lets new arrivals and best-selling items take center stage while providing easy access to other parts of the site. Images and text are blended together smoothly for a trendy magazine-like feel.

Large hero images spotlight must-have products. Additional thumbnail pictures give a glimpse of other options without cluttering the clean layout. Styled model shots portray how accessories can be worn to inspire outfits. A prominent mega menu categorizes the extensive product selection into easy-to-browse sections. You can find popular items just a click away with filters and a search bar.

The Trendy preset exudes a playful and youthful spirit through its lively design. Animated elements and on-trend fonts capture the energy of fashion-forward audiences. This theme empowers retailers to showcase unique styles in a vibrant digital environment attractive to younger demographics.


Be Yours Shopify Theme Peace

Next, let’s go with Peace preset! The Peace preset has a really relaxing style. It uses soft greens that remind you of nature and make people feel calm.

Everything on the site has space to breathe. Things are balanced without being crammed together. On the product page, the product’s image and description are shown clearly. The fonts are plain so your eyes can rest. Reading is comfy against the green backdrop.

Moreover, the greens and simple layout bring a sense of peace. It would work well for stores about wellness, crafts or gifts. Products can shine without distractions bothering the eyes.

After all these features, the Peace preset surely aims to give customers a calming shopping trip. Its minimal nature vibes are perfect for stores promoting relaxation.


Be Yours Shopify Theme Sweet

What a very cute style! Sweet preset uses soft colors like pinks and makes everything feel so sweet. Pinks are really popular with ladies. This preset wants to attract lady shoppers especially. Stores selling clothes, makeup or jewelry would work great. Everything has just the right amount of charm. Pictures let you see the cute products clearly. Fonts are smooth and nice to read.

The sweet colors and yummy vibes put you in a happy mood! Stores for boutiques or anything girly would be perfect. Customers will just want to look at everything and have fun exploring. The lovely design makes it feel like a treat to shop.

The Sweet preset knows how to make the experience delightful. It will create fond memories and attract happy customers back. Anything cute for ladies would work wonderfully with this theme.


Be Yours Shopify Theme Dark

The Dark preset has such a sleek look with its black color. It just screams high-end! When you go to a site using this theme, everything is so tidy and polished. The products really stand out against the dark backdrop too. You can see all the best tech details.

Reading stuff is super easy on your eyes even with the black canvas. Any store using this preset must offer quality products. So you can picture electronics shops looking so bossy! It attracts serious shoppers who want nice gear. Anything related to tech would be a great fit.

Pros and Cons of Be Yours Shopify Theme

Pros of Be Yours Shopify Theme

The Be Yours theme has some really great things going for it. The designs look super clean and professional. You can make your store look exactly how you want using drag and drop – it’s super easy to move things around.

There are also pretty layout options already made for you if you don’t want to design from scratch. You can showcase your products so beautifully too with big pictures and videos.

It really focuses on helping you make sales. Little things like countdown timers create a sense of urgency. You can promote related products too to get customers to buy more. And they have an easy buy button so people don’t bail on purchases.

The theme works smoothly on all devices like phones which is important these days. It also automatically gets updates from Shopify so you don’t have to worry about staying current with features.

Even non-techy people can use it thanks to the simple tools. They also include handy extras like languages, gift cards, and mega menus to browse easier.

Overall, it seems like a really powerful and user-friendly theme that could be really great for both beginners and experienced store owners. Definitely worth checking out!

Cons of Be Yours Shopify Theme

The first disadvantage of this theme is a short free trial period. It’s hard to really get a feel for how the theme works without buying it first. And it is on the pricier side compared to some other options out there.

Some people mentioned it can be a bit limiting for super customized designs. If you have really specific layout needs, you may end up doing extra coding work. There aren’t as many reviews for this theme yet since it’s newer. It would be nice to read more from people who used it long-term to see any issues that came up.

Loading speeds might be a bit slower than some other simple themes. Especially if your product photos are huge files. The pretty designs do come with some extra bytes! A few folks said customer support wasn’t always super speedy. I’m sure they’re busy, but it’s good to answer people quickly when they have questions.

So in summary, there are a few downsides like the price, customization limits, lack of long-term reviews, potential slowness and support response times. But overall it still seems like a very nice premium theme!

Who Is The Shopify Be Yours Theme For?

Who Is The Shopify Be Yours Theme For

Below are some friendly suggestions for stores that would be a good fit for the Do It Yourself theme:

This theme is perfect for anyone starting their online store from home. The pre-built configuration makes it much easier to get up and running without any coding knowledge.

It is also ideal for stores that sell only one specialty item. The larger monitors really make that one thing shine without any distractions. Beauty brands, jewelery stores, designers – this theme shows what you do best.

Only online shops and stores in brick-and-mortar locations benefit. It works for online sales only or for a combined online and offline experience.

Millennials and Gen Z absolutely dig the stylish look. If your customers are younger and fashion-forward, this piece also attracts attention on social media.

Lifestyle brands, boutiques and artists love its photographic design. Showcase your creativity with those stunning images.

In short, solo ventures from small visual retail stores and omni-channel brands and style-conscious stores align perfectly with this theme. The adjustable furniture fulfills a variety of needs while maintaining a romantic look.

FAQs about Be Yours Shopify Theme

Can I add other apps to the theme?

Yes, totally! Shopify works with many different apps that can improve your site. Some apps may work better with certain themes than others. You should check the theme’s docs or ask the creator which apps they’ve tested.

How fast will my site load with this theme?

The speed can vary depending on your images, apps, server, etc. But in general, this theme is optimized really well so it should make your site faster. Just make sure not to overload it with huge pics or lots of extras slowing it down.

Do I need any special skills to install Be Yours Shopify theme?

No special qualifications are needed! As long as you have a Shopify store, you can pop this theme in from the theme store like any other.

How do I get help if something’s confusing?

They provide docs, FAQs and support tickets. For any questions not covered, just reach out – the developers are usually quick to reply and help sort things out.

Can people shop in other languages?

Definitely! This theme lets you easily translate your site into multiple languages. Super handy if you want to expand internationally.

Is setup a lot of work?

Setup is pretty simple. There’s default styles you can choose from or fully customize it yourself. The theme is designed to be flexible and user-friendly.


With its unique blend of aesthetics, features, and UX best practices, Be Yours Shopify Theme delivers sophisticated and conversion-optimized storefronts brands need to succeed online. Flexible enough for established enterprises yet accessible for rising startups, this theme provides compelling value worthy of consideration.

Above is all the key information about Be Yours Shopify theme that you need to know before purchasing it. BSS Commerce Shopify hopes you can find the right preset for your store.

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