Several leading eCommerce platforms have adopted drop shipping as a result of its explosive growth in popularity. Indeed, dropshipping is a fantastic option for merchants to save costs while boosting revenue. It’s also great for those who want to focus on business work rather than technical issues. However, there are substantial disparities in how to evaluate the best eCommerce platforms for dropshipping.

What a person needs from a platform may determine which dropshipping platform is appropriate for them. With that in mind, we sincerely hope that this post will assist you in identifying the eCommerce solution that best suits your dropshipping requirements.

Without any further, let’s get started now!

Overview of Dropshipping

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a fulfillment method in which store owners do not keep their inventory or store products. Instead, after a customer makes a purchase, they rely on a third-party supplier to fulfill the order. The supplier will package and send the item directly to clients without your involvement.

In traditional eCommerce sales, store owners source products from suppliers and promote them on their websites before shipping orders to clients. Store owners must closely control their supplies in these situations. When a product is out of stock, merchants must obtain more from their suppliers before processing more orders.

Dropshipping allows retailers to offer things that are not in stock. They can display and advertise drop shipping suppliers’ products on their websites without acquiring them.

Ideally, we have some examples of dropshipping here:

  • Dropshipping suppliers: AliExpress, Alibaba, etc.
  • Dropshing services: Wholesale2B, Oberlo, Salehoo, etc.
  • Dropshipping businesses: Wayfair, Missguided, Haus, Helly Hensen, 6 Dollar Shirts, etc.
  • Best eCommerce platforms for dropshipping: Shopify, Magento, Shift4shop, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, etc.

How does dropshipping become a trend?


Dropshipping is one of the most popular internet business models these days, thanks to its minimal start-up expenses and inventory-free setup.

According to the most recent data, the global dropshipping industry is poised for continuous expansion, with projections indicating a market size of $301.11 billion in 2024 and a further increase to $372.47 billion in 2025.

Moreover, experts forecast that the dropshipping business will be valued at $476.1 billion by 2026. In context, it is more than 3.5 times its value in 2020, representing an astonishing $347.5 billion growth in just six years.

According to the best platform for dropshipping, just 10% to 20% of dropshipping firms succeed. However, this does not mean you will not succeed; it simply indicates that many people start this type of business without fully understanding what it entails.

In contrast to the difficulty in success, the number of dropshipping businesses continuously increases. Proof that approximately 27% of online companies currently use the dropshipping business model as their primary means of fulfilling client orders. As a result, dropshipping is a potential but also competitive market. 

Fortunately, we have the key to success for you, even with beginners, which is the best dropshipping eCommerce platform. Instead of building a dropshipping site with a lack of resources, eCommerce platforms will help you!

How to Become a Dropshipping Supplier: 10 Values of A Reliable Supplier?

Review 7 Best eCommerce Platforms For Dropshipping


Shopify - the best platform for dropshipping

As a leading eCommerce platform in the market, Shopify is the most excellent choice for dropshipping since it has numerous built-in features and apps that make it simple. It’s as simple as setting up your store and adding things to your account. It even includes whole pages for your website, from the about us to the return policy one.

In addition, Shopify provides live chat, phone, and email assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A knowledgebase and community forum are also available to assist you in discovering solutions to frequent questions.

You won’t have to bother about acquiring hosting, SSL, or installing software if you use a hosted eCommerce platform. Primarily dropshipping on Shopify is the way for most people because of the wide selection of the best dropshipping apps available in its app store. You may connect with US/UK and Chinese vendors using these apps, making it simple to discover a dependable provider for your store. In comparison to the other platforms we looked at today, this one supports by far the most providers who dropship.

Indeed, Shopify hosts several popular dropshipping stores, including Meowingtons, Pawty the Dog, Socks by Moshe, Therapy in a Notebook, etc.


  • Because Shopify is a hosted platform, setting up a store is simple.
  • There are numerous connectors with dropship suppliers – Oberlo users can switch to Spocket and use the AliScraper tool.
  • It’s accessible to scaling. Due to its cloud-based infrastructure, Shopify Plus offers 99.98% overall uptime for eCommerce sites with high traffic, particularly on events such as Cyber Monday.
  • 14-day trial period.
  • There are no sales restrictions.
  • Products are limitless.


  • When it comes to SEO, Shopify has certain limits.
  • Expenses can quickly mount up.

However, its drawbacks are outweighed by BSS Commerce’s Shopify store development services. Specifically, BSS provides specialized solutions for each industry and business, high website performance with lean code, and adaptable, responsive functions ready for business growth.


Shopify’s monthly pricing levels range from $25 to $399, an annual plan can save you 25%. You will be charged transaction and payment processing fees unless you use Shopify Payments. You can also explore Shopify for free for three days before deciding on any Shopify pricing plans.


Magento best eCommerce platform for dropshipping

One of the most well-known eCommerce platforms, Magento has a solid reputation for having robust built-in functionality and excellent customizability. Because of its superior scalability, this is also one of the best eCommerce platforms for dropshipping. 

Note that Magento needs basic coding knowledge to set up and customize critical features because it is an open-source platform. However, its backend is somewhat understandable, so you can quickly become accustomed to it. Additionally, this feature-rich platform includes various vital integrated tools so you can easily manage your business.

Moreover, many of the best eCommerce websites are hosted by Magento. It is utilized by retailers and suppliers like Selco BW, Dufry, and JCB.


  • You can choose from various dropshipping extensions on the Magento Marketplace.
  • It is a robust platform that can easily handle up to 50,000 visits per hour.
  • When it comes to SEO, Magento has countless options.
  • One advantage that makes Magento an excellent option for one of the best dropshipping eCommerce platforms is that the Open Source version won’t increase in price as your company expands and generates more money.


  • Although Magento is a feature-rich platform, it is not user-friendly for beginners.


Magento has two pricing plans:

  • Magento Open Source: Free
  • Magento Commerce: starting at $22,000/year 


Shift4Shop - best eCommerce platform for dropshipping

Shift4Shop is the best eCommerce platform for dropshipping if you’ve ever heard of 3dcart. The business rebranded lately. The specific dropshipping plan is still referred to as 3dcart Dropshipping, nevertheless.

In 2020, Shift4payments (a payment provider) purchased 3dcart and changed its name to Shift4Shop.

With that acquisition, Shift4Shop joined a crowded market and aggressively developed its platform to compete with the market leader (Shopify). Check out our article about the comparison of Shopify vs 3dcart.

Specifically, according to its webpage, Shift4Shop presently has 200,000 consumers and handles almost $200 billion annually.


  • It is cheaply priced.
  • No additional transaction costs.
  • Incorporate with Printful, DOBA dropshipping, Inventory Source, and AliExpress.


  • There are limitations on product and sales. 


  • Shift4Shop is the cheapest dropshipping eCommerce platform available to US residents, and it is also free!
  • However, it is no longer the lowest if you live outside the US because it now costs at least $29 per month.


WooCommerce best eCommerce platform for dropshipping

Using WooCommerce, a free WordPress plugin, can help you activate eCommerce functionality on your WordPress website and transform it into an online store; it is not a standalone platform.

Being an open-source solution, WooCommerce enables you to scale your business while providing limitless flexibility and customizability. Additionally, it has many solid SEO tools passed down from WordPress that you may use to boost your dropship store’s marketing strategies.

Although it is open-source and free, paid capabilities like the Woocommerce Dropshipping module are available. WooCommerce Dropshipping utilizes AliExpress Dropshipping to provide you with a simple start. They offer a free Google Chrome Extension that makes bulk product import simple. For AliExpress products, you may specify your profit margins using a percentage or a fixed amount offset. In addition to AliExpress, the Amazon affiliate program is supported.


  • Simple to use.
  • For beginners, prices are reasonable.
  • Vital internal SEO tools inherited from the WordPress platform.
  • Have numerous trustworthy dropshipping plugins.
  • Provide forums and a sizable community to look for assistance.


  • Invest time and effort into website optimization if your company grows.
  • Require a lot of plugins to run smoothly.
  • Costly hosting.


WooCommerce can be downloaded and installed for free, but you’ll need to pay for hosting, a domain, themes, and extensions. On the other hand, the dropshipping module costs $49/per year and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


BigCommerce one of the best eCommerce platforms for dropshipping

BigCommerce is another of the most extensive hosted options available, along with Shopify. This platform is feature-rich, scalable, and the best platform for dropshipping.

You can sell using this platform on several platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Surprisingly, BigCommerce’s SEO tool is sophisticated. 

Moreover, BigCommerce recently made things simpler for users by offering a store design tool that lets you instantly see the results of your edits. The software still uses somewhat complex vocabulary, making it inappropriate for new users.

This platform, like Shopify, includes an abandoned cart recovery feature that enables you to send three automated emails to entice customers to make another purchase. Additionally, you can add discount coupons, send additional emails, and modify them. However, the Standard plan does not include this feature.


  • Numerous dropshipping provider integrations include Printful, Inventory Source, Spocket, and AliExpress.
  • Offer a 15-day trial.
  • All pricing plans have no transaction fees.


  • Sales restrictions.
  • It has fewer dropshipping suppliers than Shopify offers. Refer to Shopify vs Big Commerce to get a detailed comparison. 


This one of the best eCommerce platforms for dropshipping offers four plans: 

  • Standard: $39/month
  • Plus: $105/month
  • Pro: $399/month
  • Enterprise: Contact


Wix the best dropshipping ecommerce platform

Since its initial release in 2006, Wix has advanced significantly. Although it hasn’t always been a dependable eCommerce platform, user-friendliness has always been a priority. It is designed with a drag-and-drop interface to make it simple for non-programmers to create web pages.

To be more precise, Wix eCommerce offers a hosted solution with all the eCommerce features required to launch an online store with ease to give an easy-to-start commerce package for solopreneurs and small enterprises. To help your dropship business expand, Wix offers more than 80 ready-made templates, a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, and numerous automated marketing options.


  • The addition of desired products is simple.
  • Contact numerous suppliers from a single location.
  • A 14-day free trial is offered with each premium subscription.


  • Compared to other platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce, fewer connectors are available.
  • Less customizing choices than Shopify. Refer to the comparison of Shopify vs Wix to know more.


Wix offers four pricing plan

  • Connect Domain: $4.50/month
  • Combo: $8.50/month
  • Unlimited: $12.50/month
  • VIP: $24.50/month

To use the eCommerce features, you must use the business and eCommerce subscriptions, which cost between $17 and $35 a month. Any package will include care, and the VIP plan will provide you with priority customer care. That implies that you will bypass the phone support line.


SquareSpace best dropshipping platforms

Like Wix, Squarespace started as one of the most well-liked CMS platforms before introducing Squarespace Commerce by integrating cutting-edge eCommerce functionality. This best dropshipping platform offers various attractive provoking themes and an advanced website builder.

Since Squarespace is a software as a service (SaaS) platform, it covers your hosting and domain costs. All you need to do is register, choose one of their elegantly crafted templates, and begin quickly personalizing your store.

Additionally, seven third-party fulfillment services can presently connect with your online store using Squarespace. While some provide POD dropshipping & warehousing, some assist you in locating and importing profitable products from the dropshipping industry. And yet, future updates to the supplier list will also be made.


  • Simple to use for novices.
  • Applications for dropshipping are easily integrated.
  • Cheaply priced.


  • Few opportunities for modification.
  • Limited choices for dropship suppliers.

Pricing: 14-day free trial

This platform has four pricing plans, including:

  • Personal: $23/month
  • Business: $33/month
  • Basic Commerce: $36/month
  • Advanced Commerce: $65/month

Consider Shopify vs. Squarespace to find out the best platform for dropshipping

Critical Features For Dropshipping Site

Offer real-time shipping rates

Some eCommerce websites do not add shipping expenses to their total until the visitor reaches the checkout page. These fees may be significantly larger than expected, resulting in an abandoned cart.

Specifically, dropshipping stores must offer real-time delivery charges. The numerous offerings in your inventory may come from several suppliers and retailers, who might all be geographically apart from your clients. This must be reflected in your prices, and it is best practice to be honest about them.

Even as the order is being generated, this functionality may automatically compute and display how much the shipping fees are. This technique is to gain consumers’ trust and reduce cart abandonment.

Otherwise, per-type rates or flat-rate shipping are also two types of shipping rules that dropshipping sites can use. 

You can upsell by offering a variety of shipping and delivery alternatives. Furthermore, some customers may prefer to transport multiple items to different locations—perhaps they are shopping for a festival. Allowing the customer to send individual objects to a separate area is a fantastic option.

Design an easy check-out process 

Customers like dropshipping websites with simple check-out processes since they will have no trouble checking out once their orders have been completed.

For instance, you can include a guest check-out method on the website. Customers will not convert due to your “excessive expectations,” An excellent illustration is the case study of ASOS, which managed to reduce its abandonment rates merely by deleting any mention of creating an account. They want their transactions to be both anonymous and speedy.


Ideally, Shopify is a top-rated eCommerce platform for the most customizable site builder. In case you want to stand out from the crowd with a more unique and personalized process, BSS Commerce Shopify can help you with the Shopify website development service. With certificated developers, BSS brings a specialized solution for each customer in rapidly and easily creating and developing a Shopify website from scratch.

Manage inventory 

When you use the dropshipping business model, you give another company control over various components of the eCommerce process. This includes your website’s inventory, which comprises things manufactured, stored, and shipped by others. Of course, there are numerous advantages to this. You will, however, require a method of staying on top of the things you offer.

That is the goal of inventory management software, which can offer several ways to update your pages, maintain track of your product numbers, etc., as appropriate, and support customers when supplies run out.

With BSS Commerce’s 3rd-party integration service, integrating your online store with inventory management software can be more straightforward than ever. Empower your eCommerce business and aid with operations management.

Handle chargebacks quickly

You may only have a few days to answer when you receive a chargeback, so act promptly! To qualify for a refund, you must submit documentation of the initial order, tracking information demonstrating delivery, and, most likely, a wholesale packing slip indicating the items you ordered and sent.

Sadly, you will most likely lose if the chargeback is for an order with separate billing and shipping addresses. Most payment processors will only repay you for fraudulent orders shipped to the card’s billing address.

Provide great customer support

Above all, whether you purchase development software such as Shopify or use a template service, always check to ensure the service provider delivers excellent customer service. If you have any problems with your dropshipping store, you should be able to contact customer care and get help right away. 

Downtime or malfunctions in your storefront can detract from the professionalism of your company, which is why you should have the best technical support available to help you resolve any issues that may emerge.

Incorporate security in your website design

As a dropshipping website, you will request precise and sensitive personal information from your clients to complete a transaction. Therefore, it would be preferable if your website design enabled SSL for securing personal sensitive client data. 

Furthermore, it is critical for SEO purposes, as Google declared in 2014 that HTTPS is a ranking indication. This method will prevent unauthorized third parties from using your customers’ information.

In fact, this is what online buyers look for in purchasing websites. You can leverage your website’s security function to entice potential clients to shop at your online store. If you intend to accept payments via credit card, you must protect your website from meeting PCI standards.

Lastly, dropshipping can be an exciting route for your company. If you want to get the most out of the experience, create your online store on an eCommerce platform that offers a wide range of capabilities for that company model. 

By carefully evaluating these features, you can choose the best dropshipping eCommerce platform that aligns with your business goals and sets you up for success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.


Finally, we may conclude that it is critical to consider your unique needs before choosing your best dropshipping platform. 

There isn’t a single eCommerce platform that covers all the available dropshipping niches. You must carefully consider each potential eCommerce platform for dropshipping on our list to find the ideal option. Others find what works best may not be a good fit for your business ideas and requirements.

However, if you’re looking for something specific, Shopify might be your best option overall and offer the best resources. 

NOTE:  It would be better to test several platforms before officially starting. If you already have a website and want to migrate to Shopify, BSS Commerce Shopify will help you transfer to Shopify as seamlessly and securely as possible. To speed up data movement, ensure SEO, and improve website performance, improve code quality simultaneously.

Suppose you’re looking for inspiration, the list of top Shopify dropshipping stores will be a savior!