Shopify not only stands out as an easy-to-use e-commerce platform but also offers a variety of Shopify pricing plans to suit a wide range of customers. That is why it is always a strong option for selling products online.

However, the variety in plan packages also confuses store owners when choosing. Expensive doesn’t mean to be suitable for your store. It has to be the right one for your store’s size and budget. Understanding that we will go into detail about Shopify plans and suggest stores that are suitable for each plan.

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Shopify Pricing Plans: Overview

Shopify began as an e-commerce platform, allowing merchants to sell products online without building their eCommerce solution. To handle transactions safely and quickly, business owners can integrate Shopify’s API into their site or route traffic directly to their dedicated Shopify website.

Moreover, the opportunity to pick from a range of plans is one of Shopify’s advantages for most types of business owners. With so many Shopify pricing options to select from, you’re bound to find one that fits your budget and requirements. As strong as the Shopify ecosystem is, it’s also simple to get started. As a result, there is a solution for companies of various sizes and selling needs.

Shopify pricing plans

Shopify pricing plans include four options for store owners to select from. They are Basic Shopify, Shopify, Advanced Shopify, and Shopify Plus. Each plan has unique features tailored to different business sizes. This section will solely include the pricing estimates for the first three Shopify pricing options, with monthly costs ranging from $25 to $399.

Specifically, while Shopify’s three basic plans are Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify, to meet a broader range of needs and budgets, the platform offers one more plan – Shopify Plus. This plan costs $2000 per month and is meant explicitly for enterprise-level retailers. We will provide more detailed information about this pricing package in the next section.

Furthermore, Shopify charges credit card and transaction fees on your purchases, but you can still avoid the transaction costs entirely if you utilize Shopify Payments, Shopify’s payment system. But we’ll go over that in greater depth later. Please remember that Shopify does not charge manual payment options like cash on delivery or bank transfers.

You also have the option to try out Shopify for free for 3 days before committing to any Shopify plans.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these Shopify plans and pricing below!

Shopify Pricing Plans’ Key Differences

Basic Shopify Shopify Advanced Shopify Shopify Plus
Shopify Monthly Pricing $25 $65 $399 Starting from $2000
Transaction Fees Per Online Credit Card 2.9% + 30 cents  2.6% + 30 cents 2.4% + 30 cents Based on your credit card sale volumes
Transaction Fees Per In-Person Credit/Debit Card 2.7% 2.5% 2.4%
  • 2 staff account
  • Up to 1000 inventory locations
  • Basic reports
  • 5 staff account
  • Up to 1000 inventory locations
  • Professional reports
  • 15 staff account
  • Up to 1000 inventory locations
  • Third-party calculated shipping rates
  • Custom report builder
  • Online store
  • International eCommerce
  • Omnichannel commerce
  • Headless commerce
  • Campaign and sales
  • Retail & POS
  • B2B eCommerce
Shopify Shipping discount Up to 77% Up to 88% Up to 88%
Shopify POS
Global Selling
  • Sell in 133 countries
  • Sell in up to 20 languages
  • All features from Basic Shopify
  • International domains
  • International pricing
  • All features from Shopify
  • International pricing (per variant pricing)
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Best For Beginners Growing companies with minimal sales requirements Store with significant sales Businesses with a large volume of transactions

Basic Shopify pricing plan

Shopify Basic pricing plan provides you with your Shopify-hosted storefront and is an excellent starting point. It’s also ideal for merchants who don’t want to sell large quantities of merchandise. This is the most cost-effective pricing scheme for an extensive product line. Shopify does not impose limits on the number of products or file storage, so you can sell as many physical or digital things as you like. 

It lacks more advanced capabilities, such as Professional reports, Advanced report builder, and third-party determining shipping prices.

However, it is still an excellent location to start your business because you can simply progress to more extensive plans as your company expands.

Highlight Feature:

  • These include a configurable webshop, an unlimited number of product listings, two staff logins, and support for sales channels outside of the Shopify ecosystem. 
  • Be able to manually input orders, establish separate location entries (for warehouses and physical stores, for example), offer gift cards, 
  • Construct email tactics to remind consumers of unpurchased products in their shopping carts.


Basic Shopify cost: 

  • $25 per month with monthly payments
  • $19 per month with a Shopify annual pricing plan

Suitable For:

Basic Shopify is the most acceptable option for the beginning. It includes all of the tools needed to launch a modest to medium-sized online business.

Shopify pricing plans



Everything in the Basic Shopify package is included in the Shopify plan. Specifically, it has a professional report generator and support for up to five employee accounts. The only benefit of the Shopify plan is the decreased transaction fees, but the upgrading isn’t worth it unless you have a high volume.

Besides, before upgrading to this plan, you should check your Google Analytics because it’s free and will offer you explicit knowledge of your online store’s performance (and whether upgrading to the Shopify pricing plan makes sense).

Highlight Feature:

  • Allow you to create up to 5 staff accounts more significant than the Basic Shopify plan’s three accounts.
  • Include assistance with gift card transactions and sales and performance reports.
  • Moreover, offer professional reports in particular. These figures will surely provide you with a better insight into your customers’ purchasing habits, allowing you to build better marketing strategies to increase conversion rates.


Shopify cost: 

  • $65 per month with monthly payments
  • $49 per month with an annual plan

Suitable For:

Shopify plan unlocks the full capability of the Shopify system and is designed for businesses with a more rigorous set of requirements when selling online (and in-person).

Shopify advanced pricing

If your company requires a more comprehensive collection of tools for selling online, in-store, and on the go, Advanced Shopify may be the ideal answer for you. You’ll get everything from the previous Shopify plans and more with this plan. Extensive Shopify has 15 employee logins, advanced sales and performance reports, and third-party shipping calculations that show clients how much they’ll spend in real-time.

Another advantage of an Advanced Shopify subscription is paying fewer credit card costs. Besides, instead of paying a 1% cost for utilizing providers other than Shopify Payments, you’ll just have to pay a 0.5% fee.

It’s also the most outstanding solution for international selling because it lets you set different prices for each country/region. 

Highlight Feature:

  • Enable you to connect with third-party shipping providers to determine Shopify shipping charges at checkout. In this manner, your consumers may choose the carrier with the lowest shipping costs to save on the total cost of the transaction.
  • Plus, obtain a sophisticated report builder, which allows you to change default reports and create new ones.
  • Include an extensive report builder to create your professional reports.


Shopify Advanced pricing plan cost: 

  • $399 per month with monthly payments
  • $299 per month for Shopify yearly pricing plan

Suitable For:

The Shopify Advanced pricing plan is ideal for large companies and organizations. As your company expands, you may need to invest in more advanced capabilities to deal with an increase in in-store traffic. This is where the Advanced Shopify pricing plan shines as the cream of the crop to assist you in improving store management.

Shopify Plus

Shopify plus pricing

Finally, if you’re a high-volume multichannel seller with yearly revenues of more than $2 million, a company that requires volume-focused sales tools, or if you manage many country-specific or wholesale websites, Shopify Plus may be for you. 

You will have the opportunity to fully utilize a dedicated project manager, an account manager, individual support contacts, and so on.

Furthermore, you will be offered a dedicated Launch Manager and an ongoing Merchant Success Manager to assist you in optimizing your Shopify site. Shopify pricing for this plan is quote-based, dependent on your sales volume, from the monthly subscription price to transaction fees.

Clearly, among Shopify pricing options, Shopify Plus is the best for high-growth businesses and large corporations such as Rothy’s, Heinz, and Allbirds.

Highlight Feature:

  • Include everything in the lower-level plans.
  • Have the ability to accept over 10,000 orders per minute.
  • Manage multiple websites from a single management dashboard.
  • Offer customer-based pricing, including wholesale tiers, customize the user experience with AI technology, and customize shipping processes.
  • Additionally, the specialized support staff will assist you with the launch and give priority assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Shopify Plus pricing starts at about $2000 per month, a significant increase above Shopify Advanced ($299). If you require further information regarding this ultimate tier, please contact the Shopify Team directly.

Suitable For:

Shopify Plus is an enterprise option for companies looking for a scalable eCommerce platform. This plan is a whole ecosystem of products meant to assist a large business in selling better or starting to sell online in the most efficient way possible.

Shopify Pricing Plans: Types Of Additional Costs

In addition to paying a subscription for Shopify pricing plans and transaction fees, other Shopify fees vary from business to business. Here are some of the most common examples.

Development Site

Shopify is a bespoke hosting service that lets you create your website to display, sell, and deliver digital or physical goods. For a monthly charge, you can rapidly set up a fully functional online store with a shopping cart solution and an easy-to-use admin panel for managing your products.

However, there are various needs for starting a profitable internet business. While Shopify’s plans make designing a website relatively simple, numerous other chores must be completed to have a functional website. For a non-Shopify expert, setting up payment systems and other back-end development duties may not be as simple as they appear.

A Shopify developer can assist you with several specialized and critical tasks such as website development & customization, theme development, migration, upgrade and maintenance, app development, and so on. 

Shopify development service

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Third-party Apps

When scaling up your Shopify business, it’s vital to combine many aspects of your total internet presence, sales and marketing funnels, and other technology. This might include connecting your Shopify store to social commerce platforms like Facebook or Google, as well as improving compatibility with CRM tools or whatever else you use to nurture leads and customers.

In addition, third-party applications save you a lot of time and effort thanks to their automatic and efficient features. In particular, compared to upgrading to Shopify pricing plans which are too expensive, using third-party applications will be more affordable and economical. Even if you use Shopify Plus, taking advantage of a third-party application is still necessary because it cannot replace your apps. 

BSS Commerce, for example, can take care of integrating third-party payment gateways, integrating bespoke functions, or APIs. The developer can help your online business grow by linking it with other systems or third-party programs such as ERP, CRM, marketplaces, payment gateways, and more.

Top Shopify Integrations You Should Have On Your Store

Indeed, BSS Commerce Shopify apps receive positive feedback, including a 5-star rating from Shopify customers. You can look at some of the applications that BSS Commerce has created, such as Product Labels & Badges or B2B/Wholesale Solution. Thousands of clients trust BSS programs due to their unique features, which assist in making their stores more professional and enhance sales.

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Premium Theme

Free themes are a terrific place to start for young entrepreneurs, but as your online business grows and sales increase, so will your requirements. The next logical step is to upgrade to a premium Shopify theme. In our opinion, the sooner, the better, as changing the style of your store may cause some disturbances in your business operations while you get adjusted to your new theme.

There are many reasons why you need a premium theme in addition to Shopify pricing plans. Perhaps your catalog is expanding, and you want a more comprehensive solution for displaying items. Or you’re seeking a plethora of ready-to-use design alternatives or built-in functionality. It also helps your store with a better mobile experience. In 2020, mobile accounts for 40% of all online buying during the peak eCommerce sales period (Black Friday and Cyber Monday).

Regarding features, premium theme features vastly outnumber free themes, whether it’s a “fast buy” button, homepage slideshow, integrated Instagram feed, or embedded video. Ideally, you should employ a professional to create and adapt the theme to your taste. Therefore, a premium theme is the only way to obtain it.

FAQs about Shopify Plans and Pricing

How To Choose The Reputable Shopify Developer?

Too many options in the market may overwhelm you, making it more challenging to make the right decision. Instead of playing the guessing game while feeling overwhelmed by every upcoming decision, the best way to make wise choices is to know precisely what you need.

Check out our list of the five most crucial factors to consider when selecting a Shopify developer to work with on your project.

  • Examine the reviews on all platforms.
  • Check out their entire portfolio to see what kinds of Shopify sites they can provide.
  • Before you begin reaching out to possible candidates, you should have a clear understanding of the purpose of your Shopify store and your business goals.
  • Inquire whether they are up to current on new technology.
  • Last but not least, price is a vital factor to consider in Shopify web design, as it is in any form of purchase. Especially as a business owner, you must always be mindful of your budget.

Should I Use Shopify Plus For Wholesale?

You may set custom pricing and payment methods and personalize the client experience with Shopify Plus – one of Shopify pricing plans. Because this is Shopify’s solution, even if you have hundreds of wholesale customers, everything is straightforward to handle, comprehend, and maintain. You can also utilize Shopify Flow, which comes with Shopify Plus, to automate some of your back-office tasks and make your team’s lives easier.

Shopify Pricing Plans

However, Shopify Plus pricing is too expensive for creating wholesale Shopify sites. Meanwhile, you can eventually employ third-party software to save money while still ensuring a proper wholesale solution to assure clients’ purchasing experience.

Furthermore, although other Shopify plans (Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify) do not provide the same capabilities as Shopify Plus, they’re still great for creating a small-scale B2B store with the potential to develop.

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What Is The Cost Of Shopify Development Service?

As noted above, the cost of the Shopify development service is included:

  • Hiring Shopify professionals ($25 – $200/ hour)
  • Shopify pricing plans ($29-$2000 per month)
  • Payment processing cost (starting from 2.7% per transaction)
  • Shopify theme /template (Free – $240)
  • Shopify apps ($10 – $150/app/month)
  • Content cost

Shopify development expenses will generally range from $500 to $10000 or more. Keep in mind that your construction costs will rise if you generate more sales and use a third-party payment solution.

Shopify Store Cost – What Is The Necessary Choice To Avoid Waste

Final Thoughts

In summary, Shopify pricing plans have quite distinct price differences. So, the size and performance of your store will help you decide on the right strategy. To have a fully functional Shopify eCommerce business, you must incur unavoidable charges such as domain name registration, theme cost, payment fees, and extension costs.

In addition, development costs are also essential if you want to enhance your customers’ shopping experience. Remember that the growing e-commerce market means that customers have endless choices. In this case, even a slight difference will make your store stand out.

You’re probably estimating Shopify’s cost for your online business right now. Based on the comparison of the pricing tiers BSS Commerce Shopify has shown you, hope you can select the best pricing plan for your company.