The best Shopify payment gateway is the solution that enables business owners to sell items and services online. If you want to create an online store, Shopify will provide you with all of the resources you’ll need to establish your brand and stand out from the crowd. However, it is still your responsibility to ensure that you can conduct transactions with potential consumers in a secure and timely manner.

Therefore, we’ll look at a few of the most popular payment gateways that work, especially with Shopify. These summaries will tell you everything you need to know about each payment method and what makes them so appealing.

Overview about Shopify Payment Gateways

Shopify payment gateway

Geographical Location Of Target Market

When deciding to have a Shopify payment gateway integration, the first consideration you should make is your location. Moreover, specific Shopify payment methods are only available in some geographic regions. PayPal is a fantastic example.

This means that while selecting a Shopify payment option for your store, you should consider your target market’s geographical region. In other words, choose a payment gateway that is well-known in the country or region where your products will be sold.

Shopify Payment Gateway Fees

The cost of Shopify payment methods is the next important consideration in the Shopify third-party payment provider selection process because the price will determine your profit margins and product pricing. Some payment processors, for example, levy a monthly fee.

Moreover, the transaction costs levied by Shopify payment gateways may also include. This is because it directly impacts your profit margins and product pricing. You should think about the transaction fee and the monthly payment that some Shopify payment providers demand.

Checking for transaction costs allows you to assess if the payment provider provides you with the best value for money. Some Shopify payment alternatives have high transaction fees but no monthly fees, while others have lower transaction fees but monthly fees.

Other fees to look out for are annual fees, settlement fees, chargeback fees, statement fees, anticipation fees, and cancellation fees. You must examine all of these factors to determine the actual cost of the payment plan you select.

Shopify payment method

Accepted Payment Cards

Learn about the many sorts of cards that are your selected payment gateway for Shopify. Ideally, choose the best Shopify payment gateway compatible with most credit and debit card providers. MasterCard, VISA, and American Express are standard credit cards to look for.

Worldwide Availability

One advantage of using Shopify is that you will have access to a worldwide audience regardless of your location. So, while selecting a Shopify payment method, keep in mind the possible development of your business as well as the area of your projected target audience as your organization increases.

This factor allows you to select a convenient payment option for your current audience and is accepted in all of the countries where you intend to expand.

Moreover, if you intend to develop your Shopify store abroad, this is crucial. Therefore, you should decide whether or not the Shopify payment gateway you use is acceptable in the countries you intend to expand.

As a result, examine internet reviews to see if the payment gateway company has a solid reputation. Furthermore, speaking with people who are already utilizing those solutions may be valuable to acquire accurate feedback.

Availability of Fraud Detection Features

The best payment gateway for Shopify should include a built-in risk and fraud detection mechanism to assist you in avoiding payment fraud. This criteria adds protection to your store and improves transaction quality, resulting in higher approval rates.

Therefore, with the prevalence of fraud schemes on the rise, you should select a payment gateway for Shopify that is both secure and risk-free. With its fraud detection features, the payment method you choose should improve the quality of your clients’ transactions while also preventing payment fraud.

Review 10 Best Shopify Payment Gateways

#1 Shopify Payments

Shopify payment gateway

There is no better way to begin than using Shopify Payments., a payment system owned by Shopify.
Shopify Payments includes every feature and solution you’ll need to handle and process payments on your website without using a third-party solution.

This Shopify payment gateway gives store owners a free card reader for physical purchases. Customer payments can take up to three business days to appear in your bank account.

In addition, you will not be charged the 2.2% transaction fee that Shopify charges for other third-party payment methods when you use Shopify Payments. As a result, your operating expenses will be reduced. When you upgrade your Shopify subscription plan, it also offers decreased credit card transaction fees.

Furthermore, Shopify Payments is designed to be user-friendly for store owners and customers. The user interface is basic and easy to use.


  • There are no additional transaction costs with Shopify Payments
  • It enables real-time monitoring.
  • The interface is simple to set up and integrate.
  • It includes elements that assure maximum security.
  • Besides, it has a rapid checkout process.
  • It has reduced processing fees as compared to other Shopify payment alternatives.


  • It is offered in only a few countries.
  • Plus, Shopify may temporarily withhold your funds.


  • In terms of pricing, Shopify does not require any additional fees to be made to set up Shopify Payments. Shopify will only bill you for your usual store subscription fee, card processing costs, and other relevant fees.
  • Besides, the credit card processing fee will be the same as the usual for your location. Currency conversion rates in the United States are 1.5%, while all other countries are 2%.

#2 Paypal

Shopify payment method - Paypal

This Shopify payment method is one of the most well-known companies in the world. Shopify payment services. It has almost 220 million clients that trust it. It is simple to use and set up an account in a blink.

Moreover, Shopify and PayPal have been a winning combo in terms of Shopify payment gateways, for the simple reason that both of these eCommerce platforms are popular in the subcontinent, and setting up Shopify PayPal is an easy process. Overall, PayPal is one of the best Shopify payment gateway integration options to expand your business.

Paypal provides Shopify store owners with both paid and free plans. You can contact Paypal’s support team with any of these proposals. It also helps you set up subscriptions and recurring payments.

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  • It has a consistent flat-rate price structure
  • PayPal accepts a wide variety of currencies
  • Provide an easy-to-use mobile interface


  • Customer assistance is erratic.
  • PayPal may decide to close your account one day.


  • Paypal has a variety of pricing options. The base plan begins at 2.9 percent + $0.30 per month. Then there’s the Pro plan, which costs $30 a month. This strategy is appropriate for large-scale businesses.

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#3 Square

Shopify payment gateway - Square

Square is a well-known Shopify payment gateway with a global presence. Indeed, Square isn’t just a tool for online payment processing, but it can also handle offline payments as a POS system utility. Square is a dependable, market-leading solution whether you sell online or in-person. With Square, you can also access unique appointment scheduling and social media selling tools.

Square also has extensions accessible in the Shopify app marketplace, and Square also includes a dashboard where you can analyze your cash flow and track trending purchases. You can even connect your online Shopify store to your physical store to ensure that you don’t lose track of things like inventory levels.


  • System of flat-rate pricing.
  • Excellent client service.
  • Offer a range of unique ways for company owners to receive money, such as membership fees, donations, conventional transactions, and many other options.


  • It is not appropriate for large businesses.
  • Accounts may suffer challenges with stability.


  • This payment gateway for Shopify charges a transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30 for every transaction. We recommend the premium plan to get the most out of Square, starting at $12 per month.

#4 Stripe

payment gateway for Shopify - Stripe

Shopify payment method powered by Stripe is a solid and well-known Shopify US payment gateway developed for online merchants. This payment method claims to process billions of dollars in transactions each year. The primary distinction between this Shopify payment gateway and others is that it is not a ready-to-use solution.

Mainly, Stripe is intended for larger businesses and provides a variety of APIs that let you build your subscription service, a crowdfunding platform, or an on-demand marketplace. Payments on Shopify Stripe also support several development languages, including Python, Ruby, PHP, and Java.

In addition, Stripe is regarded as one of the top payment gateways for Shopify in the United States, supporting over a hundred currencies. Although it does necessitate some technological knowledge on the user’s part, it is still worth trying due to its many valuable features.


  • It is simple to set up.
  • Stripe employs a straightforward and easy-to-understand flat-rate pricing scheme.
  • There will be no startup or cancellation costs.
  • Support for a variety of payment methods.
  • It accepts multi-currency and payment methods.
  • It has a highly customizable checkout flow.
  • Include outstanding customer service.


  • Currently available in around 39 countries


  • While deploying the Shopify extension is free with Stripe, you must consider the typical transaction cost for all of your transactions. Meaning you’ll be paying Stripe about 2.9% of all sales plus $0.30 per sale. On the plus side, you can request a bespoke pricing package if necessary.
  • Stripe charges a modest fee for quick payouts to your bank account. You’ll have to pay roughly 1% to get paid, plus an additional 1% if you’re dealing with overseas payments.

If you sell on Shopify and have some physical stores, you can use Magestore POS software for Shopify with Stripe as a pre-integrated payment gateway.

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Shopify payment gateway - is a reputable Shopify payment gateway. The site is simple to use and contains many features that will pique your curiosity.

Online payment processing, e-check processing, and mobile payment processing are all supported by It also accepts Visa, JCB, Discover, MasterCard, Diner’s Club, and American Express.

Moreover, this Shopify payment method is highly protected with automated fraud detection, card tokenization, and a secure client management system.

Therefore, it is an excellent choice for Shopify site owners, and it accepts various digital payment methods such as Apple Pay.


  • It accepts multi-currency and payment methods.
  • Have anti-fraud stable and security features.
  • Provide outstanding customer service.


  • Some store owners may find it prohibitively pricey.
  • Shopify store owners may be perplexed by the all-in-one option.


  • charges a $49 setup cost and a 2.9 percent + $0.30 fee for every transaction. Besides, a cross-border processing cost must also be considered.

#6 Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is another great Shopify payment gateway for eCommerce store owners who want to accept Shopify payments. Like other well-known payment options like, Amazon Pay will simplify arranging an account in just a few minutes.

In addition, many people in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia already have Amazon accounts. Meaning you can save your consumers time by not having them enter their bank information into another online store. Therefore, eCommerce organizations may increase the number of conversions they receive in this manner.


  • It is pretty simple to use.
  • Amazon’s fraud protection solution is available to store owners.
  • It’s simple to set up and integrate with Shopify.
  • It also saves clients the worry and time associated with entering credit card information.


  • It is necessary to have an Amazon account to make a payment.
    Payments via PayPal are not accepted.
  • Your account can be terminated for violating Amazon’s policies.


  • The transaction fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

#7 Opayo

best Shopify payment gateway - Opayo

Opayo, sometimes known as “Sage Pay” by some, is a popular payment gateway for Shopify in the United States and the United Kingdom. The Opayo program can be used both offline and online.

Plus, Opaya is a well-known and dependable system that allows for internet payments, card terminals, point-of-sale payments, phone orders, and other services. One feature will enable clients to pay using PayPal if they like, giving you additional methods to secure a transaction. Some people have issues with the robust customer authentication solution.

Although it is beneficial to have a safe and dependable system like Opayo handle your customer transactions, the high level of customer authentication means that getting your account approved can take up to 5 weeks. This is because the system must verify your identification in various ways before allowing you to manage transactions.


  • Excellent client service.
  • Besides, it is simple to use.
  • Simple integration with Shopify.
  • A low-cost pricing structure.


  • The account verification and authentication process are frantic and time-consuming.


  • As previously said, Opayo differs from products like Shopify payment gateways above in that instead of a transaction cost. You’ll pay a monthly subscription, which starts at £19.90 for 350 transactions per month. You can obtain customized corporate programs based on the number of transactions you anticipate handling each month.

#8 Verifone


Verifone, formerly known as “2CheckOut,” is a Shopify payment gateway that is not as well-known as the vast majority of those on this list.

Unlike most other payment options, this Shopify payment option allows you to select and pay for exactly the features required by your business.
Verifone includes a risk management and compliance area that can assist you in tracking down potential fraud and privacy issues. It also offers a tax computation option that makes tax management simple.


  • It has a flat-rate price system, which is advantageous.
  • Global coverage
  • Furthermore, payment support for a wide range of transactions


  • It is not available to Shopify store owners who offer high-risk products.


  • Verifone is entirely free. But you have to pay a transaction fee for each sale you complete.
  • Specifically, for each successful sale, the normal “2Sell” package charges 3.5% + 0.25GBP. With this service, you may combine it with over 120 carts and sell any type of merchandise. The 2Subscribe option costs 4.5% + 0.35 GBP and includes access to smart subscription alternatives and customer analytics.

#9 WorldPay

payment gateway for Shopify - Worldpay

WorldPay is a Shopify payment provider with a reputation for offering a diverse choice of secure transaction channels to small and large Shopify stores. This payment option enables you to sell your products online and collect payments online, over the phone, and using credit/debit cards.

Moreover, Worldpay has been in the Asia Pacific region for 14 years. As a result, the organization has a solid understanding of the local market. This Shopify payment gateway is available in over 100 countries across the world.

And yet, the installation typically takes only 3 – 5 days, and The overall quality makes Worldpay worth the wait, especially if you’re just getting started and don’t need to accept payments right away.


  • Dependable customer care
  • You are charged following the number of sales you handle.
  • Outstanding fraud-prevention features.
  • It supports over a hundred countries.


  • Have a cluttered pricing structure.
  • The information on its website is not sufficiently transparent.


  • WorldPay offers two pricing options: Standard Gateways and Advanced Gateways. They are £19 and £45 per month, respectively.
  • The best aspect is that WorldPay accepts over 120 currencies. It also does not charge you for refunds.

#10 Klarna


Klarna is a great, user-friendly Shopify payment gateway. Specifically, it has a buy now, pay later model. This structure enables you to provide your consumers with an installment payment option, primarily selling expensive things.

Additionally, Klarna is swiftly gaining the attention of a diverse variety of consumers globally, particularly in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the economy is forcing many consumers to struggle with their payment alternatives. According to Klarna, many shops believe that fast financing helps them increase their sales.


  • Provide a smooth checkout process.
  • Shopify integration is simple.
  • Payments can be made in installments.
  • Transaction fees are affordable.
  • At checkout, Shopify store owners receive full money.


  • Customer service is slow.


  • This Shopify payment method is relatively straightforward in terms of expenses and fees. If you receive a UK or Ireland card payment, you’ll pay roughly 2.49% + 20p for every transaction. Besides, if you take payments from people worldwide, your pricing may alter.

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Final Verdict

Choosing the best payment gateway for Shopify stores is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll ever make for your online store. While you need to find a Shopify payment gateway that meets target customers’ needs, you cannot ignore the price factor, which needs to fit your budget.
Therefore, to provide you with an overview of the payments gateways market, The article has attempted to cover the details of numerous gateways, including both Shopify Payments and Shopify Payments alternatives.

Remember that the appropriate choice will ensure that the payment procedure is simple for your clients and cost-effective for your company. Besides, a vital gateway will improve your business’s operational stability and make it more secure.

From this above Shopify payment gateway list, BSS Commerce Shopify hopes you can choose the best one.