Integration is becoming increasingly popular among business operations. It is necessary for businesses to define workflow, integrate systems and sync data across all channels. Thanks to 3rd-parties integration, you can enhance your business’s operation and management. This post will give you useful information about Shopify store integration and determine your online store’s top 10 best Shopify Integrations you should have on your store.

Overview of Shopify Integrations

Shopify is one of the ideal eCommerce platforms to start, run and establish an online business. Until now, Shopify has powered millions of companies all over the world. The default Shopify experience is simple. Extending fundamental framework capabilities enable eCommerce businesses to supplement their activities. 

Knowing that demand, Shopify currently becomes easier to integrate your Shopify store with other systems to automate the general business process. Integration of two business systems is now highly widespread among commercial companies. A business integration platform not only merges data but also allows us to configure business processes.

Shopify integration will provide a third-party app in which you can access all the data of a Shopify online store to add defined functionalities of the app to the platform. In addition, it also allows integrable software to work with Shopify.

On top of that, Shopify enables store owners to combine their stores with over 6,000 apps available on the Shopify App Store & third-party integrations to help with operations and development. As a result, you can approach a variety of integrations to boost Shopify stores, ranging from inventory management, warehouse management, delivery management, order management, etc.

Furthermore, GoodFirms’ research shows that store owners are clearly interested in and focused on leveraging the best Shopify integrations when selling on Shopify, with more than 40% of store owners using at least one integration.

Why Are Shopify Integrations Needed?


While a basic Shopify store provides the necessities, leveraging Shopify integration will bring your store to the next level.

In fact, integrating Shopify allows you to add new features and tools to your eCommerce site. This can improve your consumers’ experiences while increasing your sales revenue. They’re also quick and simple to set up; many provide free plans or samples to businesses. Here are some ways they can assist:

Save Time & Money

Everyone, from marketing agencies to other SaaS organizations, has been obliged to update data from one software to another manually. This approach is time-consuming and drains your resources significantly, especially if you have a small number of admins.

One of the outstanding advantages of Shopify integration is the ability to provide updated and competitive customer service. With Shopify ecommerce integration, you can access the online shops’ data and perform its main functions, attracting more customers. Providing prestigious features will be a bonus point for your business to compete with other rivals. Therefore, providing up-to-date functionality as long as the support from Shopify store integration plays an important role in the customer’s decision.

Reduces Errors & Eliminates Data Duplicates

Manual data entry is susceptible to human mistakes. Errors can arise when details need to be adequately tracked. Unfortunately, it’s just one of the challenges of this time-consuming, yet critical task: mistakes are unavoidable when staff is forced to enter data repeatedly in multiple forms and fields.

Fortunately, Shopify integrations can assist you in managing your product listings and streamlining shipping and fulfillment. You’ll save time and money while increasing your profits.

Makes Your Apps Smarter & Gives Better Insights

Real-time, up-to-date data on leads, customers, sales, and payments may be sent from one app to your eCommerce and marketing apps, allowing them to collaborate and achieve considerably better results. Marketing may use Shopify sales data to provide your leads with more focused and relevant content.

You can reduce errors while unlocking truly relevant data by integrating Shopify with its other business platforms.

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Improved store designs

According to a recent survey, the most influencing factor is the quality of product images. A good design raises the perception of your products. Tailor your online store to fit your brand identity using the best Shopify integrations. Improve your page designs and product listings to increase sales.

Moreover, it is critical for all businesses to adapt to new changes and take advantage of those changes. Because if your rivals provide outstanding features for eCommerce software, you can easily deal with failure. Therefore, you should continuously update and add new features to your software to optimize the benefits of customers. To do this, the support from Shopify integration will be an important element.

Streamline customer support

There is a top Shopify integration if your customer has a query or requires assistance. To quickly fix any issues, including a customer service chatbot or a bespoke contact form. Or, to improve the customer experience, incorporate a reward program or a function that suggests related products.

Reliable software can easily gain the trust of customers. You can meet almost their expectations with high-quality software, leading to higher customer satisfaction. This can be achieved with the support of integration.

Shopify store integration is necessary to meet the needs of many merchants (including B2B, B2C, or B2B2C). Now, it’s time to optimize your business process with Shopify integration. 

Review 10 Best Shopify Integrations 

Below is a selected Shopify integrations list recommended by BSS Commerce Shopify. Let’s take a look!



Storing digital orders and accounting processes in sync is an existing problem for all enterprises. In the long term, it can be a painstaking process demanding spreadsheet downloads and manual data entry. 

With Shopify – QuickBooks integration, your enterprises can sync all eCommerce transactions, automatically check sales, expenses, delivery, taxes, items, customers, and payments and reduce the process of manual data entry with just a few clicks. 

Besides, QuickBooks is useful in reducing the effort and the amount of time on the order’s checkout process because the order routines will be tough if the sales increase. The payment plans for this integration rely on your business’s size. 

Outstanding Benefits:

  • Keeps the accounting data accurate
  • Updates the accounting data
  • Synchronizes sales, product, expense, customer data, etc.
  • Gives a trustworthy view of your business. 

Pricing: The pricing plans vary depending on the size of your business. The “free to install” one costs $0.1 for each order, while stores with up to 2500 orders per month must pay $30 per month.



Shopify – Hubspot integration provides synchronization, automation, personalization, and segmentation. With those capabilities, customers can have a single complex view of marketing signals and development strategies. Integrating Shopify and Hubspot can create larger organic traffic and raise revenue thanks to stronger brand building.

In addition, it can orient customers to make decisions thanks to the huge number of reporting features. By analyzing data on those reports and business goals, Hubspot can help merchants make the right decisions based on those data.

Outstanding Benefits:

  • Sync customers, products, and deals by connecting HubSpot with Shopify. In HubSpot, the sync transforms this data into effective marketing signals.
  • Additionally, improve your marketing by developing abandoned cart email nurturing, smart CTAs in content, product-targeted re-engagement advertisements, and more.
  • Assist you in attracting an audience and developing a brand that sets you apart from the competition

Pricing: The Hubspot integration necessitates one of the standard Shopify subscription plans, which start at $29 per month for newbies and go up to $299 for advanced eCommerce experts.



Shopify users used to look for a solution that can help them to reduce the workload from the existing workflows. Until Shopify – Mailchimp integration appears, Shopify users can easily run their mail marketing campaign. You just need to write down everything you need to do, and you can run your existing eCommerce marketing campaign without interruption. 

You can synchronize those data from Shopify to Mailchimp: New customers, Abandoned carts, New orders, and New products. 

Outstanding Benefits:

  • Set up email automation for abandoned carts, welcome, and re-engagement.
  • Use Content Studio to access your creative assets for rapid re-use across channels.
  • Use Content Optimizer to make AI-powered improvements to your copy and imagery.
  • Access data from millions of campaigns in your sector to gain insights.
  • Pre-built pop-up forms and landing pages are ready to publish in seconds.

Pricing: There are four pricing plans, from Free to $299/month


paypal integration

Although most online stores currently use PayPal as their default payment provider, there are many methods to make this payment gateway more convenient through plugin connections. Whenever your clients make transactions with you via PayPal, Paypal will charge you fees. However, if you activate Shopify Payments, this will not be the default state. In summary, if you integrate PayPal with Shopify, your sales will increase considerably with this well-known payment provider.

Outstanding Benefits:

  • Diversify payment gateway
  • Approach broaden customer segment
  • Enhance customer satisfaction

Pricing: PayPal charges you fees when your customers use it to make purchases.



Like PayPal, Stripe is one of the best payment providers for online stores. However, Stripe is entirely cloud-based. With support from technology, Stripe is safely secured. The cloud architecture provides Stripe with infinite scalability and unrivaled security. This integration can work well with both large corporations and small businesses. Hence, Shopify – Stripe integration is one of many methods to perform online payments.

In fact, it is required to integrate debit cards, and credit cards into the payment platforms and Stripe will be in charge of making payments. While there are some nuances available depending on the location of each online store owner, we must acknowledge the general convenience Stripe brings for Shopify merchants.

Outstanding Benefits:

  • Leverage cloud-based technology to provide infinite scalability and unrivaled security
  • Diversify payment gateway
  • Approach broaden customer segment
  • Enhance customer satisfaction

Pricing: Stripe charges you fees when your customers use it to make purchases.



Businesses tend to expand their reach to potential customers by integrating Shopify with eBay when doing online business. The combination of Shopify and eBay can create an effective strategy and raise profit for your business in many ways.

eBay is yet another global marketplace worth integrating with to streamline sales processes. It offers capabilities similar to those provided for Shopify integrations with other eCommerce systems. They contain a variety of automated services for effective sales management, such as bulk product uploading, multi-stock inventory, real-time order data syncing, and so on.

Customizable templates allow you to adjust your product range as you transfer items from eBay to your Shopify store and vice versa. eBay-built tools like the Global Shipping Program have become more manageable and accessible.

Outstanding Benefits:

  • Broaden your customer base
  • Promote your brand awareness
  • Do not miss out on any important conversations

Pricing: Pricing covers a variety of options. Based on your listing and turnover, prices range from free to $79 per month.



With the development of multi-channel selling, the demand for expanding the business and boosting sales is becoming increasingly popular.  Shopify – Amazon integration can be an outstanding integration for companies to achieve this goal. Amazon is described as multiple marketplaces: multi-currency, multi-account, multi-nation, etc. With this integration, you can synchronize your store with Amazon’s orders. In addition, you can make the most of your accomplishments automatically, such as importing orders, importing geolocations and importing tax management, etc.

Outstanding Benefits:

  • Increase popularity as your product can appear more on search engines
  • Alternative selection in the worst situation that your stores deal with issues
  • Conversion optimization thanks to having a center stage

Pricing: Please note that the trial period is available for your merchant with a free plan.



Large international markets like Walmart require SEO-friendly listings. Thanks to the dedicated integration, you may optimize your profile’s visibility by modifying the attributes of the shown items. The product image drag-and-drop functionality aids in the upgrading of products in your Walmart store.

Custom price management, which indicates the percentage by which the item’s price should be increased/decreased, is one of the promotional opportunities. Shipping details synchronization automates the uploading of shipping templates to your seller account. The accessible analytics assist in monitoring many aspects of your products, such as performance, description, rating, ranking, and so on.

Outstanding Benefits:

  • Expand your reach by leveraging the strength of the world’s largest omnichannel retailer.
  • Stay in sync by simplifying multi-channel management.
  • Approved Walmart Marketplace vendors can sell a wide range of products on the site, which can all be added and controlled through Shopify.

Pricing: Pricing is divided into four categories, ranging from free to $99 per month.

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Integrating Shopify – Salesforce integration can improve sales by supporting your enterprise in keeping track of customers, releasing effective marketing campaigns, and offering personalized recommendations and better search results. Besides, B2C merchants use Salesforce to improve their eCommerce websites in user experience, personalization, website custom, and tool management. Although you can’t find an official integration created by Salesforce on Shopify App Store, your enterprise can connect to a third-party provider such as BSS Commerce Shopify to have this integration.

Outstanding Benefits:

  • Better lead management and conversions
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Easy sales predictions
  • Improve marketing campaigns & operations

Pricing: Based on your service selections



Integration between Shopify and social commerce is an unremovable idea. Ideally, the store owner is looking for a way to reach over 1 billion active users daily on Facebook. In addition, those two social media giants can cover the global user’s audience. Therefore, the combination of Shopify’s sales capabilities and the user coverage capability of Facebook is a worthwhile idea.  

Specifically, with Shopify – Facebook/ Instagram integration, shop owners can generate a Shop section on their Facebook/ Instagram page, display their products there, and generate shoppable posts to convert those posts, stories, and other social activities into the shopping experience. In addition, whenever there is an order from Facebook’s page, you can see the sale in the information from Shopify. 

How to connect Shopify to Instagram – Step-by-step Guide

Realizing the numerous advantages of Facebook/ Instagram integrations, more and more merchants choose to develop this integration. You can find all the installation information about this integration from the Help Center. However, please remember that Shopify – Facebook/ Instagram integration only lists your Shopify products. Therefore, you must use another third-party app to integrate services like Facebook ad marketing and Messenger.

Guide for How to add Facebook Pixel to Shopify

Outstanding Benefits:

  • Reach over 1 billion daily active users from social media.
  • Increase conversion with a faster checkout via Shop Pay
  • Grow the customer audience with Facebook ads.
  • Moreover, generate shoppable posts to convert those posts, stories, and other social activities into the shopping experience.
  • Build brand awareness

Pricing: There is a 14-day free trial available.

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Extend The Right Way – Let BSS Commerce Help You

With the information we provide, Shopify integration is necessary for each enterprise. However, to develop Shopify integration, you need to invest not only time and money but also resources to build it. In addition, the appearance of many additional costs is unavoidable. For example, it will be the cost of hiring professionals, setting up infrastructure, developing integrations, maintenance and upgrades.

With support from BSS Commerce Shopify, the development of Shopify integration will become easier. We provide almost all ultimate 3rd-party integration services to meet the needs of nearly any enterprise, including integrating 3rd-party systems or programs such as CRM, ERP, global marketplaces, payment gateways, etc., or creating a whole new app. 

Including those services, by using third-party integration from BSS Commerce, your online store can be empowered by integrating your online store with valuable operations management.


Shopify has the advantage of being simple to set up and use. However, you can level up your store by enabling “plug and play” new features. 

You don’t need to use any of these best Shopify integrations, but it is highly recommended that you try some of their features. These Shopify integrations assist you in increasing the efficacy of your marketing and listing products on the world’s biggest marketplaces.

Many of these services include free trial periods. Take a chance and see whether they can assist you in improving your web business.

If you already have a Shopify store and want to improve your business performance by leveraging 3rd-party integration, BSS Commerce Shopify may be the perfect option to simplify the process. Don’t hesitate to contact us and give us your requirements. We are always available to support and figure out the most optimizable solution as soon as possible.

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