Due to Shopify’s low cost, it is suitable for many types of businesses, from start-ups to existing businesses. Shopify dropshipping could be a terrific choice if you want to break into the eCommerce sector yet cannot do so due to a lack of financial resources. In fact, typically top Shopify dropshipping store has been developed leveraging Shopify’s functionalities, resulting in significant profits.

Thus, this article will help you discover the best Shopify dropshipping stores available. It will also show you the fundamentals of Shopify dropshipping and how it works. So get ready to delve into the world of Shopify dropshipping and be inspired to start your own business.

Shopify Dropshipping Store – Overview

What Is Shopify Dropshipping Supply Chain?

Dropshipping involves you selling items without needing to store inventory on hand. Specifically, when a top Shopify dropshipping store offers a product, it buys it from a third-party vendor and has it shipped to the buyer directly. 

As a result, the seller is no longer obligated to interact with the goods directly. The main difference between dropshipping and traditional retail is that the selling merchant does not own or stock inventory. 

Moreover, you need to know the most critical players in the dropshipping supply chain:

  • Manufacturers: Manufacturers create a product, but most of them do not sell it to the general public. Instead, they sell their items in bulk to wholesalers and Retailers.
  • Wholesalers buy products in bulk from manufacturers, mark them up, then resell them to retailers for the general public.
  • Retailers: A retailer makes a profit by selling goods to the general population.

Why Do So Many People choose To Open Shopify Dropshipping Stores?

Dropshipping is used by many Shopify firms partially because it is simple to set up. Mainly, you have an internet store where you sell things, but none of them is in your storage or at your home.

Besides, merchants can wave goodbye to their complicated inventory management system with top Shopify dropshipping stores. It also enables you to swiftly test a range of business concepts with no risk, allowing you to gain valuable insight into how to select and advertise in-demand products.

To be more specific, we will list in detail the apparent advantages that make many merchants choose this method.

  • Low operating expenses. When you drop ship things, you only pay for them once they’ve sold, so you’ll never have to worry about overstocking your inventory.
  • Less money is needed to get started. Your startup costs will be substantially lower because you won’t have to pay to have your products made or stored. As a result of the additional savings, you’ll be able to spend more on paid advertising to help kickstart your business.
  • Flexibility in terms of location. There are fewer causes to stick to any area because the stock is maintained from your drop shipper’s location. You may work from everywhere such as your house, a favorite coffee shop, etc.
  • When evaluating new items, there are fewer dangers. Most top Shopify dropshipping stores showcase their best-selling items, so you already know which items are in high demand.
  • You can save a lot of time with dropshipping. Instead of taking a long time to secure stock manage logistics, you can concentrate on marketing your items and growing your brand now.

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BSS Commerce top Shopify development agency

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Top 10 Shopify Dropshipping Stores Reviews 2022

Here are the top Shopify dropshipping stores. It’s worth noting, though, that we don’t order them from highest to lowest, but each store will have particular points that you can refer to separately.


Meowingtons - top Shopify dropshipping store

Niche: Pet Shop

Traffic: 202.2K (Feb 2022)

A website called Meowingtons is the first on the list of top Shopify dropshipping store examples. This is a specialty store that specializes in the cat niche.

Notice how the website combines an appealing layout with humor and popular cat goods? Just because you run a pet store doesn’t mean all of your products have to be for that particular animal.

There are a plethora of pet-related accessories and goods available for us humans. Some samples can be seen on the website.

top Shopify dropshipping store

Consider how you may personalize things by writing them in your own words.

Even dull and repetitive phrases like “Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can be given a creative twist to entice additional buyers.

Furthermore, this top Shopify dropshipping store uses gif animations on their product sites, worth noting. Gifs are also used to animate other elements of the thumbnails on the left.

Last but not least, gif animations are used to demonstrate how a product works. Pictures don’t do an excellent job of showcasing the characteristics of a product as well as videos do.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Lots of unique-looking pet merchandise.
  • Clear and simple store
  • Not only do they sell products for cats, but they also sell things for humans, such as apparel, accessories, and so on. 

Why Are They A Successful Dropshipping Store?

  • Product reviews from your supplier are imported into Meowingtons’s product page. This provides the social proof that your products require to begin selling.
  • They use the trust badges ‘Trusted Site’ and ‘Mcafee Secure’ to encourage visitors to shop confidently.
  • Creative and funny content.

Notebook Therapy

top Shopify dropshipping store

Niche: Accessories 

Traffic: 611.0K (Feb 2022)

Notebook Therapy, a top Shopify dropshipping store that sells journals and writing equipment, is an example of a niche store. Their products include simple backpacks, pencil cases, notebooks, and phone cases, to name a few. It has a lovely layout and a pastel colour scheme that will appeal to their young, East-loving clientele. Much of the store is designed with custom fonts and hand-drawn drawings appropriate for the target demographic.

Following that, Notebook Therapy’s paid Facebook traffic is split evenly between organic YouTube and Instagram traffic. It has over a million Instagram followers, implying a sizable customer base for recurrent purchases.

Unique Selling Points:

  • The majority of things have a distinct charm.
  • With plenty of whitespaces, it’s pretty easy to navigate.
  • Excellent SEO score: #1 in the United States for ‘Japanese stationery.’
  • On Instagram and YouTube, Notebook Therapy has a huge following.

Why Are They A Successful Dropshipping Store?

  • Straightforward, essential, and adorable design: Much of the store is designed using bespoke fonts and hand-drawn doodles in a pastel colour scheme, which is ideal for the target audience.
  • Amazing Instagram followers that over a million committed fans who appreciate receiving product updates and quick tips on making charming art. Besides, their Instagram following is linked to their impressive YouTube following to maximize the impact of young influencers on both platforms.
  • The blog of Notebook Therapy features information on how to create various doodles and the best types of stationary to utilize. This blog brings in a lot of organic traffic from young Westerners interested in East Asian culture.

Blue Crate

top Shopify dropshipping store

Niche: Personalized Gifts

Traffic: ~50K (Feb 2022)

Customers’ printed photographs are featured on customised products sold by Blue Crate. The store stands out because of its bright colors and unique shapes. They strike the perfect balance by using colourful graphics and enough whitespace. The young audience of Blue Crate is kept up to date on the latest products because of their superb integration of Facebook and Pinterest.

The bulk of Blue Crate’s products is developed and shipped in the United Kingdom, even though others are made and shipped in the United States. This top Shopify dropshipping store also accepts American Express, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Maestro, and Shop Pay.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Their products are excellent and amusing.
  • Feature a fantastic web design with a simple layout. However, a currency converter would be pretty helpful.
  • In the United States, it ranks first for the term “horror mask.”
  • On their primary social media platform, Facebook, they have 1.329.422 followers.

Why Are They A Successful Dropshipping Store?

  • Blue Crate is a company that specializes in bespoke presents.
  • The website with many appeals – Blue Crate stands out thanks to its bright colors and unusual shapes. Their use of brilliant images and enough whitespace achieves the ideal balance. They also have fantastic self-produced videos on Facebook. 
  • Significant following – Blue Crate’s great integration of Facebook and Pinterest allows their young audience to keep up with the most recent offerings, which they do.

top Shopify dropshipping store

If you want to create an excellent dropshipping store like Blue Create, consider a theme development service from BSS Commerce. While Shopify Theme Store is also great, it is not as unique and different as any merchant can choose. Therefore, BSS Commerce can improve user experience and conversions by customizing Shopify themes or UX/UI to match your brand identity. Also, they provide customers with responsive, user-friendly, and engaging storefronts. 


HYFA - top Shopify dropshipping store

Niche: General

Traffic: ~50K (Feb 2022)

HYFA is another beautiful example of a general top Shopify dropshipping store. This page is a general store with over 1600 things for sale. Cosmetics, cookware, lights, car accessories, pet supplies, and health products are among the items they sell. All of this is displayed in a user-friendly interface with plenty of information. HYFA also provides quantity discounts for multiple item purchases to encourage customers to buy more than one, which is a great way to increase overall average order value and profit.

Moreover, HYFA is one of the top Shopify dropshipping stores on the market since it introduces a staggering amount of new products every week, testing to see if they can uncover new excellent sellers. Almost every product has its internal product video highlighting features and benefits while also establishing customer trust.

Unique Selling Points:

  • There aren’t many products that are genuinely unique but highly diverse.
  • The layout is simple, with bright colors, large photos, and playful typography.
  • So yet, they don’t have much of a following, but their items have a lot of viral potentials.

Why Are They A Successful Dropshipping Store?

  • They provide product reviews with images on their product sites. Isn’t that a lot better than merely written reviews or no reviews at all?
  • Showing products that are frequently purchased together in the hopes that your visitors purchase more than the product promoted to them is a terrific approach to increase your average order value.



Niche: General

Traffic: 523.9K (Feb 2022)

In 2013, OddityMall opened its online store. It’s a top Shopify dropshipping store dedicated to the latest fantastic ideas, crazy gadgets, quirky product designs, and strange gizmos. OddityMall is a one-of-a-kind Shopify store since they employ affiliate links on their blog to sell Amazon and AliExpress products. Because most of their products are low-cost, they don’t need to over-market them on their websites; instead, they rely on photographs, descriptions, and product videos to seal the deal.

You may easily attract enough clients to sustain your firm’s success with the right strategy and an engaging website. As a result, the top-performing Shopify dropshipping stores will keep you inspired and ready to get started.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Employ affiliate links on their blog to sell Amazon and AliExpress products.
  • Most of their products are low-cost.
  • Clear and simple store
  • Several of its goods are ranked first in the United States.

Why Are They A Successful Dropshipping Store?

  • Oddity Mall links to almost everything that has the potential to go viral. It’s all a little odd, and it all has that one-of-a-kind feels to it.
  • Oddity Mall obtains a lot of organic traffic through their writing, including gift suggestions like “strange gifts for gadget lovers” and articles like “10 unique toasters that belong in your kitchen.” This implies they won’t rely as heavily on costly paid advertisements.

Inspire Uplift

Inspire Uplift

Niche: General

Traffic: 707.2K (Feb 2022)

Inspire Uplift is an excellent example of a general dropshipping store. It has an attractive homepage that links to various fascinating product pages. Customers can leave their opinions, which provides social proof to promote sales. A support centre is available to provide straightforward answers to any pertinent questions.

In addition, Inspire Uplift maintains product costs low and prioritizes drawing new customers over making a significant profit on each transaction, a strategy that the most successful shops can only afford. They primarily use Pinterest and Facebook to promote their items. They have almost 6 million Facebook likes and 2.4 million Pinterest followers.

Unique Selling Points:

  • There aren’t many products that are genuinely unique but highly diverse.
  • The layout is simple, with bright colors, large photos, and playful typography.

Why Are They A Successful Dropshipping Store?

  • You should visit their social media pages to learn how extensive their fan base is. You will undoubtedly learn something new here.
  • Their Support Center is where you can get help quickly. Do you see how simple it is to discover an answer to a query you may have?
  • They’re working on their YouTube channel right now (they also use some of these videos on their product pages). 

It is reported that currently, this top Shopify dropshipping store has migrated to another e-commerce platform, but it is still an excellent example for a general store. And don’t forget that BSS Commerce also offers a full Shopify migration service at a reasonable price. With the assistance of a skilled and experienced team, your migration to Shopify is going as smoothly as possible. At the same time, they will improve website performance, aid data migration, and ensure SEO.

Shopify migration

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Niche: Clothing

Traffic: ~50K (Feb 2022)

Aesthentials, formerly known as SoAestheticShop, is a clothing company that caters to young girls. Overall, the store provides a particular atmosphere that encourages customers to buy things and express themselves. Aesthentials also has a website with over 1000 products, giving them plenty of room to find best-sellers within their large assortment.

Additionally, Aesthentials has a diverse range of traffic sources. The majority of their traffic comes from YouTube influencers, to whom Aesthentials has been giving clothing since 2017. Although Aesthentials still uses paid traffic ads on Facebook and Instagram, most of their traffic is organic and driven by their brand. 

Furthermore, a designer initiative is accessible to provide additional one-of-a-kind designs from all over the world.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Aesthentials sets themselves apart from other retailers by using original pictures with models.
  • Large photos, colorful displays, and gaming fonts make a fantastic store design for its target group.
  • In the United States, it ranks first for schoolgirl skirts.’
  • Around 400,000 people follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and she gets a lot of her traffic from YouTube.

Why Are They A Successful Dropshipping Store?

  • Aesthentials has created a site that doesn’t feel like a dropshipping store, which every successful dropshipping store should aspire for. 
  • Of all the top Shopify dropshipping store examples we’ve seen so far, Aesthentials has the most acceptable delivery policy. They provide entirely free delivery worldwide, which they most likely have to pay for out of their own money, but customers love such a strategy.
  • YouTube accounts for more than half of the store’s social traffic. The platform is ideal for working with teen video influencers, and it’s an approach that’s proven to be successful.

Dude Gadgets

 top Shopify dropshipping store

Niche: Gadgets

Traffic: ~50K (Feb 2022)

The following top Shopify dropshipping store on this list is Dude Gadgets, a general store.

Unique Selling Points:

  • They’re known as “the world’s foremost specialist for buying the greatest devices for guys all in one location,” and they live up to that reputation by curating a wide range of products for men.
  • Overall, the arrangement is good, but there is a lot of space for development.
  • Instagram has 71.300 followers.

Why Are They A Successful Dropshipping Store?

  • Their collection page features rapid view choices for all products, allowing visitors to stay in one spot while still viewing product details. Online stores using Shopify themes like Empires can take advantage of this capability.
  • They have over 70K Instagram followers, which is rather suitable for a dropshipping shop. The people at Dude Gadgets clearly understand content marketing and their consumers, as evidenced by their clever juxtaposition of product postings, photography pieces, and memes.

Au Lit Fine Linens

Au Lit Fine Linens - top Shopify dropshipping store

Niche: Home & Furniture

Traffic: 82.4K (Feb 2022)

Au Lit Fine Linens has been in business since 1981 in Toronto, Canada. Peggy Byron is the founder of this company. Her goal was to replace treated polyester sheets with natural cotton sheets, improving people’s sleep quality. They maintain this mindset, offering their customers linens produced entirely of natural fibers with no synthetics. 

You may read their blog and learn about their journey on the website in addition to purchasing linen. Like other top Shopify dropshipping stores, Au Linen is transparent about its politics. For example, you could wish to study more about manufacturing, mills, and materials. 

Unique Selling Points:

  • They use the most durable materials in their manufacturing. Au Lit guarantees that the goods will last for years.
  • They claim that their company is environmentally friendly, and you may find out why by visiting their website.

Why Are They A Successful Dropshipping Store?

  • They provide transparent and complete information.
  • Good user navigation.
  • There is thorough customer insight research.



Niche: Nail Products

Traffic: 154.5K (Feb 2022)

Unique Selling Points:

  • Offer nail powder, kits, gel, and other nail items that are beautiful and inexpensive.
  • Modelones focuses on SEO because organic search accounts for 35.7 per cent of their total traffic.
  • On Facebook, there are 442.894 likes. The Amazon Modelones Facebook group has 14K members.

Why Are They A Successful Dropshipping Store?

  • They can develop their own Facebook group with over 14K active members, and they can simply leverage word-of-mouth marketing with this dedicated client base.
  • Modelones has a strong presence on practically every popular social media site – and they’re good at it since social media channels account for 34.39 per cent of their overall traffic.


General, dropshipping products allow you to devote more time to other vital areas of running a business, such as SEO marketing, branding, and customer support. You also don’t have to pay for shares until it sells, making product losses practically impossible.

The amount of effort and money that has been saved by drop shipping is unrivalled for new merchants. Dropshipping is also a low-risk business venture ideal for first-time entrepreneurs because there are no stock costs and no need to hire others to transport things.

Therefore, I hope you’ve gotten some fantastic ideas for making your store from the top Shopify dropshipping store examples above. Contact BSS Commerce to get help with store development and become one of the most successful dropshipping stores.  

Remember to watch the competition, especially your most successful rivals, constantly. Look at what they’re doing that’s working for them, then adapt those techniques to fit your needs.

Last but not least, never stop learning new things. It all comes together beautifully.

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