Creating a Shopify store is merely the first step toward establishing a profitable eCommerce business. And now you’re ready to start making money after flawlessly setting up your Shopify store. However, the problem is how to increase sales on Shopify?

In fact, the successful Shopify stores have a lot in common—the applications they use, the quality of their designs, and their commitment to the customer experience—but the most important thing they all do is focus on and execute a winning plan.

Because the eCommerce market is becoming increasingly crowded and competitive, new businesses must employ the most effective tactics to stand out and develop. Ecommerce revenues are estimated to reach $5.4 trillion by 2022. The only problem is, where do you acquire some of that?

As a result, in this article, we’ll look at how to boost sales on Shopify. But first, let’s look at why your store isn’t converting visitors into sales.

Reason Why Having Traffic But No Sales In Shopify Store

How to increase sales on Shopify

Some stores after launching may be getting plenty of foot traffic, but sales aren’t flowing in.

In that circumstance, you must put yourself in your customers’ place. People are hanging around in your store, but they aren’t enjoying themselves. What is the reason for this?

Here are eight reasons why your visitors aren’t converting:

  • Lack of faith: Shoppers have learned to spot frauds and look for reasons to believe in the brands they buy from. Create trust by displaying customer reviews and other forms of social evidence, as well as emphasizing your commitment to their protection.
  • Navigation is a mess: You want to make it as simple as possible for your customers to discover what they wish to; therefore, your navigation needs to have a spotlight. To get customers to the product they want faster, include your Shopify collections in your navigation menu and throughout your webpage.
  • Your site is not mobile-friendly: People nowadays are increasingly shopping and making purchases on their mobile devices. Don’t miss out on valuable customers by failing to optimize your store’s mobile sites.
  • Lack of descriptions of the products: If you haven’t taken the time to adequately and evocatively describe products, customers have no incentive to stay.

How to increase sales on Shopify

  • Images of poor quality: Your photos, like your descriptions, are the final element of product marketing for the incredible items you’re trying to sell. To give your customers a true sense of what you provide, make sure your images are good quality and follow the best standards.
  • The layout of the store: If your store is unattractive and looks exactly like everyone else’s, it will be forgotten. Or, at the very least, it appears to be getting worse. You want to make customized store pages entirely consistent with your brand so that no one forgets who you are. Make it appealing to the eye, and make it appear to be you.
  • The audience is incorrect: You may be attracting the wrong crowd. You need to correct it so that the right buyers can find and buy your product, whether your SEO is misleading searchers or your paid marketing campaign is targeting the wrong demographics.
  • The message is incorrect: You ruin your effort if you direct all of your traffic to your homepage. Knowing your various audiences is a boon because it allows you to lead them to a landing page with more targeted messages to increase conversions.

How To Increase Sales On Shopify?

Go Back To Basics – ABAB (Always Be A/B Testing)

As noted above, your website can offer the best products at an affordable price but still fail to convert customers. Meaning it can be better to increase sales online. When researching how to get consistent sales on Shopify, improving your site is a fantastic place to start.

Here’s an array of ideas to get you started:

  • Check to See if You’re Mobile-Friendly: You should test every section of your website on a small screen to see how well it works. If your pages are loading slowly or strangely, experiment with your site to see what you can do to enhance performance. To ensure that your pages work for all of your clients, you may run Google’s free mobile-friendly test.
  • Optimize Your Images: Include many high-resolution photographs with transparent backgrounds on your product pages to show what you’re selling. Investing in expert services in this area is worthwhile, especially if you cannot take high-quality product images on your own.
  • Fine-tune Product Descriptions: A picture is worth a thousand words, but your texts must be equally powerful. Get moving if you haven’t examined the language on your product pages in a while. Remove any unnecessary things and make the text mobile-friendly. To improve readability on a small screen, this involves increasing space where it’s needed.

All About Ecommerce Product Page Optimization For Better Conversions

  • Give Your Store A Makeover: This might be as basic as changing the fonts and colors on your landing page or adding new photographs and a more welcome message. Perhaps it’s something more complicated, such as upgrading site navigation or bolstering your USP or CTA.

ABAB (Always Be A/B Testing)

A/B Testing - How to increase sales on Shopify

Furthermore, It’s often difficult to pinpoint what triggered a conversion spike or drop. This is where A/B testing comes in; it’s a scientific technique to see how changes affect your conversion rate. Then, you may know

Specifically, A/B testing is a method of displaying two different versions of your page to viewers at random. The statistical analysis is then used to see which variation performs best for a specific conversion objective.

On the other hand, you can choose the faster way is to hire a Shopify web development agency. BSS Commerce with store development & customization service can help you succeed easier. From designing and developing your Shopify website from scratch to customizing your Shopify theme or UX/UI to match your brand ethos, BSS has a team of professional developers and works seamlessly. They also provide specialized solutions for each industry and business, a high-performance website with flexible Lean code functions ready for business expansion.

how to generate sales on Shopify - BSS Commerce

In the next step of how to increase sales on Shopify, you may start designing email marketing campaigns that keep your brand in their minds and drive new purchases once you’ve established your lead capture approach.

According to the research, the return on investment for every dollar spent on email marketing in eCommerce is $45. It is a wise investment, especially when paying a buck and getting a 45x return, so don’t skimp on your email marketing efforts!

You’ll need to build a plan that focuses on segmentation and drip email sequences to make the most of that email list. Begin your project with the following buckets:

  • Divide into customers who are new to the site, regular customers, browse abandonment users, cart abandonment users, and so on.
  • Campaign: Emails of welcome, reminders about abandonment, emails sent after the purchase, product introductions, and company news.
  • Finally, to boost the possibility of conversion, segmentation helps you to speak more directly to clients with various needs.

how to get sales on Shopify

However, don’t send too many emails. Otherwise, your messages will wind up in spam folders. You may make restrictions to ensure you aren’t bothering customers if you use the correct email marketing program.

Shopify email marketing app to increase sales

Build Organic Traffic With Great SEO

Shopify provides strong built-in settings for creating SEO-friendly pages, including updatable meta fields (title, description, and URL slug), as well as sitemaps, 301 redirects, and canonical URLs that are automatically generated.

Your homepage, product pages, collections pages, and other pages will all get indexed due to all of this and found by the major search engines.

Where it falls short, there are sophisticated Shopify SEO apps that can pick up the slack, identifying problems and suggesting fixes as they develop.

You can also develop a content marketing plan by building a blog and targeting the most relevant keywords in your business, in addition to the typical eCommerce store pages.

Blog postings are more likely to rank well on Google, and you can use that post to address the questions your prospective clients are asking directly.

While you can do your hardest to get to the top of Google’s organic search results, sponsored ads will always come out on top. Fortunately, paid search advertisements and Google Shopping ads can help you get there as well (to show off particular products). Therefore, you can create paid advertising campaigns that can reach the right audience at the right time in some cases.

Have A Clear Call-to-Action

A call to action (CTA) is the term related to a link or a button that directs site visitors to take the intended action. This action will differ from page to page, and different CTAs will serve other purposes at various points in the customer journey. Indeed, it is essentially related to how to increase sales on Shopify.

Thus, put your primary CTA above the fold. According to more recent surveys, user behavior has altered, and the amount of time spent seeing material above the fold has decreased to 57 percent. Regardless, it’s critical to keep your CTAs above the fold.

Have A Clear CTA in Shopify

Moreover, experiment with your call–to–actions by adding objects that give urgency to them. For example, “Low stock warnings,” “Today only deals,” Current viewers, and recent purchases are famous words nowadays.

Ideally, the Product Labels & Badges app helps store owners create labels or badges easily to stimulate and urge visitors to buy. Besides, with the library of 10,000+ pre-designed labels, you can choose from existing templates or customize your own, matching the brand identity as best as possible.

how to get sales on Shopify

One more tip on how to increase sales on Shopify is that it’s easy to miss a CTA on a mobile device, so make sure your critical CTAs are large and visible.

Use A Bundle Strategy

A bundle is a sales tactic that can boost your revenue almost immediately. Its fundamental goal is to generate many revenue streams from a single purchase. You may provide a more extended warranty, recommend a product that complements the purchased item, or send an automated email campaign.

Besides, it works because it persuades clients to purchase more items than anticipated. Offering a combo including a phone and Bluetooth headphones from your store is an example.

You don’t need to focus on acquiring many new clients; instead, you can work with the ones you already have. This strategy allows you to increase the amount of money each consumer spends with you.

How to increase sales on Shopify

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Be mindful of B2B Portal/ Net Terms that can help you to create bundle kits effortlessly. This app allows store owners to create product bundle kits easily without duplicates, sync bundled products, and fulfill bundle orders. Meaning you can create a bundle with numerous selectable options, each containing different products in various numbers.

B2B Portal/ Net Terms - increase sales on Shopify

Besides, installing and customizing pages is simple. Therefore, don’t hesitate to try the free version HERE.

Provide Great Product Detail Page UX

The cart and checkout pages on Shopify are well-optimized, but the design of the product description page is entirely up to you.

These pages are essential for a Shopify store’s success. It’s critical to get them correctly because they can make or break a deal.

You’ll want to include the following elements on a product detail page.

increase sales on Shopify

Beginning with the focal part of all product detail pages is a recognizable image. Thus, make sure to include zoomable, high-resolution product photographs. For some products, having at least one in-scale picture is critical.

Besides, provide “Zoom in” on the image. Product photos must be zoomable after the worldwide e-commerce move to mobile. One of the most popular Shopify picture zoom apps is this one. Alternatively, 360-degree spins with optical zoom boosted conversion rates while lowering returns. This is even more critical now, in the Covid-19 era. Take a look at how 360 spins may benefit Shopify store owners.

Following that, a succinct Product description offers information that complements your product photos and 360-degree spins by providing additional details. Don’t spend any time; get straight to the point.

Availability of the product. If you don’t explain the stock status of your products clearly, users may become frustrated. Is the item your customer wants out of stock, few left, or pre-order? Let your customer know by using Product Labels & Badges to add labels per variant. You can also create your label or badge whatever you want.

Shopify Product Labels & Badges

Last but not least, don’t forget the add to cart button, policy on shipping, and product review. Consider including a link to a shipping calculator if your shipping is complicated.

Build Trust With Great Social Proof & Make Your Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

While you’d like to believe that shoppers make purchasing decisions based only on your excellent marketing, the truth is that they trust their peers the most.

Incorporating the feedback of your satisfied customers into your business may go a long way toward persuading new clients to take a chance on you. You should pay a lot of attention to encouraging the creation of social proof and display it on your store pages prominently.

Moreover, Word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing is fueled by loyalty and referral schemes.

It’s a no-brainer to reward your most incredible clients, mainly when it implies more revenue for you. According to 77% of consumers, it is more likely to keep them committed to a brand.

These initiatives increase customer retention and turn loyal consumers into brand ambassadors, making them an essential part of your marketing team.

Luckily, BLOOP REWARDS & REFERRALS can assist you in creating a referral link, popup, and widget automatically. Empower word-of-mouth by sending personalized recommendation messages across several media.

how to generate sales on Shopify

Furthermore, it incentivizes ambassadors and referred friends according to your reward guidelines to keep them engaged and generate successful referrals.


Personalize The Shopping Experience

Consumers are increasingly willing not just to tolerate but also to expect customization in their online purchases. According to one survey, 71% of shoppers are dissatisfied with impersonal shopping experiences.

Customers who volunteer their data are precious to eCommerce marketers. And consumers are more than prepared to give data for a more tailored experience, with 83 percent indicating they would do so.

But how to increase sales on Shopify by making customer experiences more personalized?

Product recommendations are one effective method to leverage personalization. Amazon makes good use of this by offering customers things related to other items they’ve looked at and recommending product bundles to enhance average purchase value.

To make it easier for you, using Product & Variants Options is the wise choice in this case. You can personalize your products to match store branding as a store owner. In other words, the app offers the ability to style your brand improves the customer experience.

Not yet, you can also create an endless number of product options, such as image swatches, text, numbers, checkboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons, and buttons.

Product & Variants Options

In case you want to know more about the Shopify product option, Top 10 Shopify Product Options Apps Help You Break Shopify’s Limit will provide you with the necessary information.

On the other hand, email marketing sequences depending on customer behavior, such as browse abandonment, cart abandonment, and products added to wishlists, can also be used in how to get more sales on Shopify.

This targeting can easily be extended to retargeting, one of the most cost-effective forms of paid advertising. Visitors can be followed across the internet with images of the goods they were looking at your store.

There are many ways to give your customers a terrific tailored experience that it’s great to know they’re up for it.

Provide Seamlessly Checkout Process

The next thing you want is for someone to abandon their purchase because the checkout process was too complicated or time-consuming. In how to increase sales on Shopify, your goal is to make the checkout procedure as quick and straightforward as feasible. Don’t obstruct the checkout with advertisements, coupons, extra offerings, or other distractions. Consider express check-out options for returning consumers.

Filling out forms is a chore that no one enjoys. During the checkout process, only ask for the information you need from your consumers. For instance, allowing them to pre-fill the billing address from the shipping address is two of many options. Cart abandonment will be reduced if the form is as straightforward and quick as possible.

In addition, for B2B customers, the Quick Orders feature from B2B Portal/ Net Terms allows selected clients to order your targeted products in bulk from a single page. Consequently, your customers can save a lot of time by exploring and adding things to their shopping carts.

How to increase sales on Shopify

Sell On Multiple Platforms

Remember that Shopify isn’t your only option. Multichannel retail allows you to sell more things in more places, improving your sales. That’s what we want to talk about how to boost sales on Shopify.

This sales proposal, like others, tries to generate additional revenue sources. You may explore selling your stuff on Etsy, eBay, or Amazon, Walmart Marketplace.

When looking for a product, many customers stick to a single platform. If you’re not actively listing on that platform, you’re losing the transaction right away. This is exacerbated if your competitors use several platforms.

This action also aids in brand awareness. People identify your name with a more credible brand when they see it on several platforms. People become more aware of you, at the very least.

TIPS: How To Get More Sales On Shopify With Multiple Platforms

Sell On Multiple Platforms

Before participating, you have to first register an account on one of these marketplaces. Depending on whatever marketplace you wish to join, you’ll need to present evidence such as personal identification, your taxpayer ID, and more. Each application has its process, which can take some time to complete and receive approval.

When you start selling on a marketplace, you’ll have to pay a charge to the market for each sale you make. Before you start trading, be sure you understand the fees. You’ll get some critical perks in exchange for taking a bite out of your profit, such as access to the marketplace’s existing client base and instant credibility with those shoppers. You might also have to deal with new pricing considerations, which means you might have to cut yours to appear competitive. Take some time to think about these things before signing up.

So What Is The Best Way To Boost Sales On Shopify

How to increase sales on Shopify?

The fact is that on your Shopify store, you have numerous chances to boost Shopify sales. This post contains ten tips that you may put into action right away. However, you don’t have to do everything in this piece to see significant improvements in your sales figures. Begin with the low-hanging fruit and work your way up.

Every business is unique, and the results of every individual implementation will differ. The most crucial step you can do to grow your company is to listen to your consumers and understand what works.

In this guide of how to get more sales on Shopify store, the objective is to figure out what you’re capable of and execute it. If it works and your sales increase, keep repeating it – and adding another approach until your sales reach the desired level. As your sales increase, you may encounter various obstacles that increase in tandem with your sales. One of those obstacles is keeping up with orders and getting them out the door correctly and on schedule. Fortunately, many of these tips may be simply implemented using applications or tools, so you just need to determine what works well with your store and your customers.

If you are struggling and don’t know where to start, finding a reputable developer may a good choice for your Shopify store. Specifically, BSS Commerce Shopify is confident to provide the outstanding services to customers with a rich experience of professional and technical staff. We will help you execute a winning strategy with sales-driven and bespoke Shopify functionality.