In recent years, the phrase “how to start dropshipping for free” has been popular in the eCommerce industry. However, not everyone is aware of dropshipping, and some people completely misinterpret the purpose of this model.

Don’t worry, because in this post, BSS Commerce Shopify will provide details about dropshipping, including nine crucial steps to launch dropshipping for free. Don’t wait too long; let’s scroll down to learn more.

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Dropshipping Business Model: At a Glance

With dropshipping, you can sell products online without holding any stock. When buying, the seller sends the purchase order to another business that in turn ships directly to the customer.

Can say that the dropshipping business model is an ideal choice for newcomers and anyone who doesn’t have much budget. You will not be in charge of manufacturing, shipping, packaging, managing the team staff, or maintaining inventory.

All transactions are mediated by the seller between the buyer and the producer of the goods. This makes it easier to start a business because the seller will not have to worry about renting a warehouse, management of supply chains, and tracking inventory.

Therefore, let us research, find out all we need to know and even how to start dropshipping free of charge, and get started on this venture today with its benefits and all that.

Pros and Cons of the Dropshipping Business Model

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of the dropshipping business model which every business ought to think about in case they are planning to embark on this journey. For those who would like to know how to start dropshipping for free, it will be particularly important.


Let’s dive into a few further justifications for why dropshipping is such a well-liked eCommerce business model among big and small companies alike.

No Need for as Much Money Up Front

The ability to create an eCommerce store without having to spend thousands of dollars on goods is probably dropshipping’s largest perk. While a brick-and-mortar or eCommerce retailer typically needs to commit significant resources to buying inventory.

When using the dropshipping business model, you are not required to buy goods until after the buyer has paid you and the sale has been completed. Besides that, without making sizable initial inventory commitments, dropshipping can be started and successfully operated on a very tight budget.

Starting a dropshipping business also carries less risk because, unlike other business models, you’re not obligated to sell through any inventory you buy upfront.

how to start dropshipping for free

Starts out Easily

When you don’t have to deal with physical products, launching an eCommerce business is significantly simpler. With the dropshipping business model, the seller will eliminate the following concerns:

  • Taking care of or investing in a warehouse
  • Packaging and sending off the orders
  • Inventory management for accounting purposes
  • Incoming shipments and returns processing
  • Placing orders for products on a regular basis and monitoring stock levels
  • Manage the risk for the inventory products

Low Overhead

One of the advantages of drop shipping is low overhead costs. For instance, because the dropshipper does not have worries about handling inventory, storing products in a warehouse, and delivering products from different parts to their customers, this leads to lower operation costs since it is significantly less than that of a traditional retail business.

In actuality, to run a successful dropshipping store from home, you only need a laptop and a few everyday expenses to operate.

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Multiple Products to Choose from

This is advantageous because it enables you to give a range of hot products to your potential customers since you don’t have to pre-buy what you sell. Also, you can change your list of dropshipping products as you do not have to bother with unsold stock. With items available from the supplier, post them for sale on the online store for free without paying anything extra.

Flexible Location

Dropshipping makes it possible to operate a profitable business from almost anywhere with an internet connection. You can manage and keep up your business as long as you can interact with suppliers and deliver prompt service and support that satisfy customer requirements easily.

Easier to Test and Scale

  • About testing: Dropshipping is a helpful fulfillment method for starting a new business and for businesses that want to test the customer’s appetite for other product categories, such as accessories or completely new product lines. Once more, the main benefit of dropshipping is the ability to display products and maybe sell them before making a significant investment in inventory.
  • About scaling: In a traditional retail setting, when receiving three times the number of orders, you’ll usually need to complete up to three times as much work. By utilizing the dropshipping business model, you can develop a business with fewer growth pains and incremental effort because the suppliers will handle the majority of processing new orders.

Despite the fact that increasing sales will always necessitate extra effort, especially in the field of customer service. It can be concluded that the dropshipping business model tends to scale more successfully than more conventional eCommerce businesses. Several marketplace options also allow dropshipping that you can refer to like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy,.


Dropshipping is a very alluring business idea for anyone intent on opening an online store or seeking to diversify their current product offerings to sell. But much like every strategy, besides the pros like flexibility and convenience, dropshipping has certain drawbacks as well. Consider the following drawbacks before starting a dropshipping business:

Inventory Problems

It is comparatively easy to keep track of which items are in and out of stock if you stock all of the own products. However, when you’re purchasing from numerous warehouses that are simultaneously filling orders for other retailers, inventories can vary every day.

Thankfully, you can sync with suppliers these days thanks to a few apps. Dropshippers should therefore be able to “pass along” customer orders to a dropshipping supplier with just a few clicks and be able to check the supplier’s inventory levels in real time.

pros and cons dropshipping for free

Low Margins of Profit

The biggest drawback of working in a fiercely competitive dropshipping sector is low profitability. Due to how simple it is to get started and how low the overhead costs are, numerous rival businesses will open a dropshipping store and sell products at rock-bottom prices in an effort to increase sales.

These sellers typically have subpar websites and don’t provide standard customer support. This is a great opportunity to make a difference for your dropshipping business compared to theirs.

Customers will still contrast your prices with those of your competitors, though. The potential profit margin in a niche will be quickly harmed by this rise in competition. With Shopify’s profit margin calculator, you can rapidly determine your margins if you’re worried about them.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help offset this issue, including picking the correct products and a niche or industry that lends itself well to dropshipping.

Faulty Suppliers

How many times have you had to accept responsibility for an action that was not yours? Even the most reliable suppliers of drop shipping fail sometimes in order fulfillment. If such a case occurs you need to take responsibility for that and apologize.

Further, untrustworthy suppliers inevitably decrease customer satisfaction by delivering wrong inventory, delaying drop shipping, disarranged package and low-quality products; this is damaging significantly to your company’s reputation.

Complexity of Shipping

As the majority of dropshippers do, when working with many suppliers, the products on the online store will be sourced through a number of different dropshippers. Because of this, everything will be more difficult for those who have no control over the supply chain quickly and experienced.

Let’s imagine a customer orders three various orders, each of which can only be obtained from a different provider. Three distinct shipping expenses will be incurred for transporting each item to the customers, but of course it is not a good idea to charge the customer for these fees. Therefore, automating these dropshipping estimate calculations can be challenging, even when it makes sense to incorporate these fees.

Limited Branding and Customization

Typically, the product dropshipped is designed and branded by the providers. Because the dropshipping business model doesn’t give you a lot of control over the product itself, unlike custom-made items or print-on-demand.

Some dropshipping providers also have the ability to accommodate product changes, and they even have a significant influence over the product directly.

In general, it can be concluded that starting a dropshipping business might be quite difficult. Given that you can start a dropshipping business for no money, you can run into a lot of businesses that are offering the same goods at the same price.

How to Start Dropshipping for Free: Step-by-Step Guides

The query “how to start dropshipping for free” may be a question that anyone also finds quite difficult and even doesn’t know how to begin. To understand that desire, BSS Commerce Shopify will write this section about step-by-step guides for beginners.

Can say that dropshipping could be a great solution for you if you’re wanting to establish a new full-time business or locate a side gig. With the detailed guides in this section below, all these wishes will be simpler.

Step 1. Make the Decision to Start a Dropshipping Business

As with any form of enterprise, dropshipping calls for dedication, as well as an extended perspective. If you set unrealistic expectations of low input and high profits, you are more likely to become disheartened and throw in the towel easily. Launching an eCommerce business requires that you commit significant amounts of your valuable time or capital as a beginner.

Step 2. Choose the Idea for Dropshipping Business Model

A suitable market analysis must be carried out as the second step in learning how to start dropshipping for free. Just as you would if you were opening a retail site and researching the various locales, competitors, and trends. The crucial element is that you must research a niche you’re interested in and base your judgments on how successful it can be.

To estimate the most popular product categories on the marketplace and the customer’s needs, you can use Google Trends or Keywords Everywhere application to research the trending products to serve as inspiration for the next dropshipping business idea.

Therefore, you can easier in drawing customers’ attention and develop traction by concentrating on more niche-specific and popular products without having to compete with bigger, more established businesses.

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Step 3. Conduct Comparative Analysis

After knowing what you’re going to sell at the store, let’s conduct a comparative analysis of the rivals and learn how they operate. You may learn a lot from your rivals’ successes in order to improve your dropshipping business’s marketing strategy.

Limit the research to roughly five other dropshipping business models, including one or two major players like Walmart, eBay, or Amazon, if your market has many competitors (which is beneficial for dropshipping). You can plan the future moves and stay focused with its assistance.

Find out as much as possible about the competitors’ websites, costs, advertising strategies, product descriptions, reputations, etc. So that you can quickly access information when making decisions for the store. Below are some useful ways to help conduct competitor research:

  • Conduct a search on Google: The simplest way to begin is a search engine. Let’s make a list of the top 5 competitors with the same sector. The top 10 most popular results will be shown promptly; those will be the top competitors, and then let’s get started to learn how the competitors use marketing strategies to sell the products.
  • Search on social media platform: Look for advertising related to your niche and the top businesses in the same sector. Evaluate how the business serves its customers, the layout of its feed, and the level of engagement. You can even follow the feed to never miss a beat. With the information provided here, you can find strategies to differentiate the business and enhance the social media marketing approach.

Step 4. Pick a Reliable Dropshipping Provider

Choosing a supplier is a vital first step in launching a successful dropshipping business. Finding trustworthy dropshipping suppliers to run your store’s operations will help you get off to a good start since dropshipping is still a lucrative business.

pick provider to start dropshipping for free

You cannot operate as a dropshipper without reliable suppliers. It’s crucial to have reliable dropshipping suppliers who deliver orders on time to meet the customer’s needs. As a result, to pick the best dropshipping suppliers, you need to follow the following procedures to make sure you identify reliable dropshipping suppliers:

  • Ask for inquiries about the service and samples
  • Inquire about the gadgets that the provider offers
  • Examine the supplier’s operations
  • Do not use dropship suppliers who charge ongoing fees

If you are planning to start a jewelry dropshipping business, check out the top 10 reliable jewelry dropshipping suppliers.

Step 5. Build an Online Shop

eCommerce dropshipping platforms like Shopify are a great thing to start a dropshipping business. Here, you can send traffic, sell things, and handle payments.

With Shopify Website Development Services, everything from choosing a domain name to including marketing and sales plug-ins is simple to build and launch. It’s a complete eCommerce platform that enables you to manage products, collect payments with ease, and sell in many locations (including online) with different currencies.

Shopify can be used without the need for a designer or developer. With the store builder and Shopify themes, you can also simply change the appearance and feel of your store template.

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Step 6. Set a Legal Structure for the Business

BSS Commerce Shopify provides a general perspective on 3 frequently employed business structures.

Individual Entrepreneurship (or its other name is Sole Tradership)

Although this business form is the simplest to operate, it does not provide any personal liability protection. Therefore, if the business is sued, your personal assets could also be at risk.

Limited Liability Company (abbreviated as LLC)

Due to the fact that an LLC creates the business as a distinct legal entity, it offers better security for personal assets. The liability protection isn’t perfect, but it does provide more security than a sole proprietorship. You might need to submit extra paperwork and pay incorporation and ongoing expenses.

C Corporation

The majority of big businesses are set up as C corporations, which, when done properly, provide the most liability protection. Due to the fact that income does not pass directly to the shareholders, they are probably more expensive to establish and are liable to double taxation.

The majority of small business owners typically choose a sole proprietorship or an LLC. Which one is best for your situation and let’s carefully consider it before making a decision.

Step 7. Promote the Dropshipping Business Model

The dropshipping business model allows for the automation of a great number of processes, which saves time to focus on marketing and business promotion. It is time to discuss promoting the new store now that you are aware of how to start dropshipping for free.

To differentiate compared to the competitors in the market, the critical thing is the need to allocate more time and resources towards marketing and advertising and view them as part of the overall dropshipping business strategy. Let’s refer to some promotion strategies as follows:

Referral strategies: Making referrals and redeeming loyalty points is straightforward with this method. With the assistance of this application, you can quickly create and launch referrals and attract customers efficiently, while at the same time enhancing the effectiveness of word-of-mouth advertising, driving up sales, and extending customer lifetime value.

Communities: Join communities established by enthusiastic supporters with your chosen niche. On social media groups or online forums, you can strike up dialogues with prospective consumers. Whenever you interact with a community, keep in mind not to be overly salesy. In order for potential customers to trust the brand and desire to buy from it, try to assist them and develop relationships with them in a sustainable way.

Email marketing: For dropshipping businesses, email marketing is an efficient strategy since it fosters long-lasting relationships with consumers and encourages repeat purchases. You may raise consumer engagement and enhance sales by distributing targeted, personalized content like marketing offers, product recommendations, and educational newsletters.

Content marketing: People used to say that “content is king.” Is this really right? Include content marketing in the dropshipping business plan if you want to create a steady flow of customers for the store.

Create blog content that will amuse and transform the useful business knowledge of the target audience about the dropshipping specialty. In the early stages, this requires significant patience, but bear in mind that when you provide the customer with useful values, they will gradually feel persuaded to know you as a reliable expert.

On the other hand, besides content marketing, you can spread the word about the brand by starting a podcast, developing infographics, or earning money on YouTube.

Step 8. Evaluate and Improve Your Offer

After managing and marketing the dropshipping business for a while, you may start evaluating the outcomes of the efforts. You may use Shopify analytics to help you find the answers to several crucial questions regarding the online shop, including:

  • About sales: Find out the best-performing channels for sales and the best platform to invest more in marketing. Furthermore, list the top-selling product and the customer file with the most potential to sell is who
  • About consumer behavior: Do consumers purchase more on desktop or mobile, and which device’s conversion rate is more positive?
  • About profit margins: Check out the list of products and SKU variants with the highest profit margins and the trends in the store’s monthly sales and gross profits.

In addition, you will also be able to track the traffic effectiveness of search engines through time and improve on SEO via the use of Google Analytics and Search Console among others. At the same time, let’s monitor the information from third-party applications for Messenger and social media marketing regularly so as to check whether the overall strategy is beneficial for the business.

That’s all the main information about the 8 crucial steps for the question “How to Start Dropshipping for Free.” Keep in mind that if you are really serious about practicing your dropshipping business plan, let’s read and ponder many times step-by-step in this guide to make positive results in this sector.

However, newcomers and startup businesses need to listen to this useful advice before starting dropshipping for free to avoid unnecessary mistakes, and all the information you need will be discussed in the section below.

Useful Advice Before Starting Dropshipping for Free

Choose Quality Products

When starting a business, anyone also wants to generate as much revenue from the products as they can. In order to decrease input and increase profit, they are occasionally willing to invest in inferior products. However, sooner or later, customers will notice this and stop visiting the establishments to make purchases.

As a result, it can be claimed that the value of the product is the most crucial factor in retargeting customers and boosting user retention rates. The ideal marketing approach for creating a lasting dropshipping business with no money is to offer high-quality products at fair rates.

Build the Brand’s Reputation

Online shopping has grown in popularity over many years. People frequently spend time researching your brand before making a purchase, rather than stopping by to see how your offline business is doing.

This is the rationale behind why you ought to prioritize brand promotion. Even if they have never made a purchase from a well-known store that has earned high accolades, customers will still trust them. You can prevail in the ferocious competition of today by building a powerful brand.

Additionally, you can absolutely build a powerful brand without spending any money. For dropshipping without spending any money, a free marketing campaign on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram is a fantastic option.

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Professional Customer Support Service

Customers now place a higher value on customer service than on product quality or product promotion. If all the services are offered excellent, customers will be pleased and want to come back for another purchase. You can demonstrate excellent customer service through the way you sell products with high-quality standards, interact with customers, and address any negative circumstances in no time.

customer-services start dropshipping for free

Giving customers the greatest service doesn’t cost you anything. Even while dropshipping for free, you may still give your clients the best service possible. Some suggestions to enhance customer service include helpful assistance, a thank-you card, and a supportive community.

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The Bottom Line

In the end, launching dropshipping for free involves thoughtful preparation and calculated execution. You can start your dropshipping journey without incurring large upfront fees by utilizing free venues like social media and internet marketplaces. To have a chance of success in this model, the critical thing is to spend time conducting market research, picking a reliable supplier, and implementing effective advertising strategies.

Keep in mind that the dropshipping market is constantly evolving and that you must always study and adapt. Without spending a fortune, you can pave your way to a successful dropshipping business with commitment and perseverance.

So the question “how to start dropshipping for free” is clearly explained. BSS Commerce Shopify is always here to provide feedback on all the information about the eCommerce sector and helpful tutorials.

FAQs About How to Start Dropshipping for Free

How can I pick the top products for dropshipping?

The popularity of the niche will determine how successful the dropshipping business is. The dropshipping business ideas’ profitability may depend on the niche you select. The best products for dropshipping can be found in a market with little competition and lots of demand.

How long does it take to begin profiting from the dropshipping business model?

It is challenging to estimate a certain period of time for success because of the erratic nature of the success of Internet stores. However, for newcomers, it typically takes a dropshipping company three months to begin turning a profit.

How to start a dropshipping business with no money?

Let’s research and ponder right now through 8 steps in BSS Commerce Shopify’s post with the tutorial “How to Start Dropshipping for Free.”, You can totally easily start a dropshipping store with no money that still brings in good revenues.

Is dropshipping a practical choice for new business owners?

Dropshipping was created to provide startup businesses or newbies with a way to launch their operations without having to pay large sums of money upfront to maintain inventory and manage the staff. As a result, for beginners who wish to operate a business and have an aptitude for sales and marketing operations, it is a great opportunity to try.

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