Do you have an idea about an online business in the jewelry industry? And you tend to be finding suitable jewelry dropshipping suppliers, which is crucial for the success of your online store. High-quality jewelry providers will not only improve the customer experience but will also free up time to concentrate on growing business.

In this post, BSS Commerce Shopify picked a collection of the top 10+ reliable jewelry dropshipping suppliers to help you locate some excellent options. Don’t hesitate any longer; let’s scroll to view details.

Dropshipping and Jewelry Dropshippers

Dropshipping is a cutting-edge business strategy that has dominated the e-commerce industry nowadays. And the jewelry dropshipping industry is dominating because jewelry has a much better profit margin than other products. Because it is the most affordable approach to launching a dropshipping jewelry business, it has produced excellent results for jewelry droshippers and jewelry dropship suppliers.

Jewelry dropshippers are organizations or individuals that sell jewelry products online without keeping them in stock. Rather, the details of the order are transferred to a dropship supplier or manufacturer by the dropshipper so it can deliver the product directly to the client. By marking up the price, the dropshippers earn a profit.

The plus in this business model is that there is no stock to keep on hand, which enables people to start an online jewelry business with few initial investments.

Steps For Beginning Jewelry Dropshipping

Step 1. Choose A Niche

There are numerous niches in the large jewelry sector that you might concentrate on. Among other things, you can focus on trendy jewelry, luxury jewelry, or bridal jewelry. Choose a market segment that appeals to you and has a high level of demand.

Step 2. Find A Reliable Jewelry Dropshipping Suppliers

The success of your business depends on choosing reliable jewelry dropshipping suppliers. Choose the best jewelry dropshippers with a large product range, quick shipping, and top-notch customer service. To find jewelry dropship suppliers, use internet directories, search engines, or some reviews on social media.

Step 3. Set Up Your Online Store

After finding suitable jewelry dropshipping suppliers, it is time to set up your online store. There are also various Shopify themes for jewelry stores on Shopify Store Official that you could use to build your website. Let’s select a user-friendly and appealing theme to boost conversion rates easily.

Step 4. Market Your Products

To begin a jewelry dropshipping business, first, establish an attractive website, use social media to advertise the products, and cooperate with influencers within the jewelry or fashion industry.

This will help you effectively market your products and reach prospective buyers. Use high-quality images, and ensure that your website is also user-friendly. You can build a successful jewelry dropshipping business with time and effort.

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How Does Dropshipping Impact the Jewelry Sector?

E-commerce has developed dramatically over the past several years and is now a vital part of the global retail industry. Because of the growth of the Internet and the pervasiveness of digital technology in contemporary life, customers may now greatly profit from online transactions. In addition, many stores are now quickly migrating their operations online due to its ease of use and low cost.

Jewelry dropshipping is the most trustworthy way for people in the entire world to make millions of dollars while working from home. Many store owners adopted dropshipping as a business strategy that significantly accelerated business growth.

So, how does dropshipping impact the jewelry sector? As we all know, dropping jewels is one of the most successful business strategies. Nevertheless, the size of the jewelry drop shipping sector is starting to attract attention. The following reasons explain why dropshipping is impacting the online jewelry industry:

Jewelry’s Influence

Jewelry has a significant impact on the user experience. There are many reasons to start selling jewelry; it is a very popular industry with significant growth potential and might be a great subject for an online store.

Saves The Customer Money And Time

Customers nowadays expect a smooth online shopping experience because they spend almost all their time active online. Jewelry is such an expensive item that comparing costs online is far more beneficial than doing business offline in stores because it saves time and money.

However, don’t worry about not-fitting issues because almost all stores fully provide size tables in the cart and check-out. As a result, it can be claimed that online business in the jewelry sector is totally beneficial for both customers and sellers.

Much Lower Risk

Jewelry has the significant benefit of being lightweight and simple to ship, which makes it less likely to be harmed or destroyed in transit if a customer buys it online. Because of this, mailing a little parcel as opposed to a large one entails less risk.

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Discover 10+ Reliable Jewelry Dropshipping Suppliers for Your Online Store

The collection of the 10+ best Jewelry Dropshipping Suppliers will be showcased below:

#1 Pierce Body

When it comes to reliable jewelry merchants and wholesale suppliers of jewelry, PierceBody is a great option. It provides affordable body piercings for both the wholesale and retail markets.

Piercebody has been the largest manufacturer and supplier of body piercing jewelry for over a decade. It offers various types of piercing pieces of jewelry like dermal piercing, lip piercing, nasal piercing, ear piercing, and many such as septum jewelry.

Pierce Body’s high-quality piercing jewelry designs have satisfied hundreds of thousands of customers, as well as more than 400 wholesalers and piercing shops from across the world.

Pierce Body jewelry dropshipping supplier

About Supply:

Piercebody’s supply chain is the most effective at storage and delivery because they have over 10,000 different collections of piercing jewelry in the repertory. The stock area is always well stocked to ensure that it can always meet the customer’s needs. To provide prompt delivery to any location in the world, Piercebody has also established stockrooms in the UK and the USA.

About Manufacturing:

Piercebody’s production facility is situated in Bangkok, Thailand’s CBD, in the center of the city’s commercial district. Here, more than 400 fully qualified, highly competent employees collaborate with more than 50 talented and experienced jewelry designers to produce artistic piercing jewelry goods.

This is one of the crucial attributions that helped Piercebody establish a reputation as a fashion-conscious piercing jewelry designer and producer across the globe.

About Retail:

Although wholesale fashion jewelry reaches thousands of people, Piercebody also has its own retail setup with locations all throughout Bangkok. Piercebody’s showrooms, which are conveniently situated near well-known tourist attractions, are fully stocked with the newest piercing jewelry that is sold to the general public.

Weekly deliveries of the newest collections of nose studs, nose hoops, tongue rings, belly button rings, and other assorted jewelry collections are available in showrooms, where the team will assist in selecting the ideal item for customers. Additionally, customers may receive all the details required regarding the products and the piercing procedure here.

About Marketing:

Piercebody’s excellent marketing team is responsible for keeping the websites regularly updated, monitoring incoming orders, and making sure everything is working well. They are also the ones who make Piercebody the top online source for body jewelry.

As a result, it can be claimed that, with affordable factory pricing, is a dependable source for fashionable wholesale and retail body piercings that you can think of.

Main Features:

  • Rich categories include accessories, earrings, nose rings, finger rings, labrets, and more
  • Shipping and return information
  • Ultimate guides about some steps to order
  • Site map
  • Size chart
  • Blog
  • FAQ

#2 Richard Cannon Jewelry

Richard Canon Jewelry was established in 1999 and is based in the New York diamond sector of the United States. Richard has a lot of experience making ornaments. They not only serve as jewelry dropshipping suppliers, but they also provide dropshipping services across the US. Richard Canon Jewelry targets high-end customers and concentrates on producing high-quality items.

Additionally, Richard is also helpful to customers in browsing and shopping for diamond, gold, and silver jewelry products, with assistance in locating the best deal for the diamond customer’s requirements thanks to access to more than 50,000 certified GIA loose diamonds.

richard cannon jewelry dropshipping supplier

Richard Canon Jewelry always explores methods to adapt the business strategy to the needs of customers, and advanced jewelry lines are easily accessible through the drop-shipping program.

Plus, Richard provides services that permit the use of product photographs on a reseller’s website and fulfill watch and bespoke jewelry orders using the most recent CAD (computer-aided design) innovations.

Main Features:

  • Full information on shipping international
  • Warranties and returns policy
  • Dropshipping program and FAQ
  • Customer support service via email, phone, and social media
  • Sitemap
  • Blog

#3 Jewelry Bund

Since its founding in 2008, Jewelry Bund has provided customers and resellers all around the world with quality and satisfaction. The success of the customers and Jewelry Bund’s own is ensured by the extensive supply-chain experience in the manufacturing and jewelry industries and a customer-focused mindset.

So Jewelry Bund is the one-stop shop for top-notch jewelry products at unbeatable pricing that you should think about.

Jewelry Bund is a reputable manufacturer and wholesaler of jewelry and accessories that provides customers from across the world with access to hundreds of accessories.

In order to identify the most recent fashion trends in Western and Korean jewelry items and pertinent accessories, Jewelry Bund continuously investigates the market and customers’ needs.

The Jewelry Bund team regularly updates popular jewelry products so customers can always discover worthwhile, brand-new jewelry items when they visit the website.

jewelry bund jewelry dropshipping suppliers

In addition, Jewelry Bund owns 3 jewelry and accessories facilities in China, where it produces the newest fashion jewelry, ensuring the most efficient way to supply fashion items at the lowest prices.

However, why do thousands of satisfied buyers and resellers trust Jewelry Bund? Jewelry Bund prioritizes customer satisfaction because it sees customers as business partners who will grow with jewelry sales.

As a result, this allows Jewelry Bund to gain confidence and establish long-term business relationships for a successful business.

Main Features:

  • Blog posts to share valuable information for customers
  • Professional customer support
  • Fast worldwide delivery
  • High level of security
  • Support for the best B2B Wholesale Solution
  • LiveChat
  • Return and shipping policy
  • FAQs

#4 Gold & Diamonds

Founded in 1995, Gold & Diamonds has its headquarters in Atlanta. One of the main services offered by Gold & Diamonds is free delivery and financing choices for its customers. It also constantly works to share with customers the newest and most popular jewelry through blogs.

The main items at Gold & Diamonds are valuable accessories, including bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, and pendants, especially for young couples or weddings. Here, customers can customize the types of various accessories for both males and females.

gold and diamons jewelry dropshipping suppliers

In the cart and check-out, the developers fully provide information about the product description and buying policy to make shopping more convenient for customers.

Main Features:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee for returns
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Newsletter with information on new products, promotions, and discount codes
  • Popular categories
  • Testimonials to attract the customer’s reliable
  • FAQs and blog posts

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#5 oNecklace

oNecklace is an international jewelry dropshipping supplier that specializes in customized name necklaces inspired by the idea of nameplate pendants. Name necklaces, monogram choker necklaces, and brushed pendants are a few of the categories oNecklace has produced. They pick chain necklaces made of pure gold, pure sterling silver, or gold plating to wear the name of the customer’s choice.

In terms of quality assurance, in order to provide a positive purchasing experience, oNecklace provides customers with some of the greatest services. Customers can be sure to receive high-quality products from, your one-stop shop for the ideal name pendant, thanks to the first-rate manufacturing facilities and talented jewelry designers.

oNecklace jewelry dropshipping suppliers

Additionally, the factory ensures that the gold and silver used to make jewelry are real. To build the bespoke jewelry design of the customer’s choice, oNecklace has 24-carat gold jewelry and pure sterling silver with purity levels up to 92.5%. oNecklace Jewelry always attempts to make a sturdy and long-lasting factory necklace that gives customers real value.

In the packaging process, oNecklace is aware that a beautifully crafted name necklace must also be thoughtfully packaged to create an amazing present for a friend, family member, or loved one. To make for a wonderful and heartfelt gift idea, all of oNecklace’s factory-made necklace designs are presented in charming gift boxes.

Main Features:

  • 120 days for returns
  • Secure payment
  • Best price guaranteed policy
  • Free shipping for all orders
  • Refunds and shipping information
  • Blog posts
  • Track order
  • FAQ

#6 Danforth Pewter

Danforth Pewter is a jewelry dropshipping supplier with its main office in Middlebury, United States, and it deals with a wide range of goods. They have a group of talented locals who work seamlessly to produce excellent jewelry pieces that distinguish customers from other retailers.

The goal at Danforth Pewter is to provide exquisitely crafted heirlooms that can be used daily and are valuable to keep for many generations. In the heart of rural Vermont, where Danforth Pewter designs and produces—from the decorations and jewelry to the cookware and home goods—everything is handmade by the neighborhood craftsmen.

All of Danforth Pewter’s employees are natives of the area and receive on-the-job training to help them develop into skilled craftspeople who love what they do.

danforth pewter jewelry dropshipping suppliers

In an era when the majority of commercially available products are manufactured in factories, Danforth Pewter stands out as one of the few distinctly customer-centered companies where dealing with metal is an art.

As a result, Danforth is successful in persuading customers and is a reliable jewelry dropshipping supplier.

Main Features:

  • Information on ordering and shipping
  • Warranty, repairs, and returns
  • Rich categories on homepage
  • Blog posts and advanced search
  • Suggested products
  • Great in customer service

#7 Zuzu Jewelry

Since its debut in 2018, ZuZu Jewelry, a London-based jewelry design brand, has quickly amassed a devoted fanbase across the UK. ZuZu Jewelry’s message is to encourage ladies to feel good about themselves once more through jewelry.

For many years, jewelry dropshipping has been everyone’s passion and way of life. Nat Mace, the founder, has worked in high-street jewelry since the 1990s and wholesale jewelry since the 2000s. She is now putting all her heart, passion, expertise, and experience to work to bring jewelry lovers designs directly through ZuZu.

All of ZuZu’s jewelry is designed in-house, and it is made of genuine silver and gold, so customers can totally experience the newest styles at affordable costs. Known for the elaborately crafted gold huggies, hoops, and stacking rings, ZuZu’s every collection is motivated by the passion to make women feel like the goddesses they are.

zuzu jewelry dropshipping suppliers

ZuZu’s mission is to introduce modern jewelry designs that are affordable for everyone by creating feminine, dainty designs. Almost all women want to assemble their jewelry collection season after season and purchase things they will treasure and wear repeatedly.

It can be claimed that jewelry always makes all girls feel wonderful and comfortable and will be treasured anywhere. More than that, let’s discover more about ZuZu jewelry’s features below:

Main Features:

  • Complete guides for picking size, like ring size guides and piercing guides
  • Return and refund policy
  • Shipping rates and policy
  • Rich categories by each catalog
  • Billing terms and conditions
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Instant answers to all the customer’s questions
  • Blog posts

#8 Pearl Distributors

Pearl Distributors is a high-quality pearl dropshipping supplier of high-end fashion jewelry and pearl jewelry for retailers. Each pearl used in the creation of the complete items is rigorously assessed, ensuring that none is lower than AA++. There are 5 reasons why customers should buy pearl jewelry from Pearl Distributors:

  • Pearl Distributors keep costs low by buying directly from pearl farmers and distributing to consumers. Customers may now enjoy pearl necklaces worth thousands of dollars at savings of over 80%, making for happy customers.
  • All orders placed within the US are eligible for free shipping. For all orders of pearls, Pearl Distributors uphold the strictest standards of quality control
  • We provide exceptional customer service, dependability, and a totally secure checkout procedure
  • GIA-approved Certificates of Authenticity and Appraisal are included with every item of pearl jewelry
  • Free black gift box comes with every order

pearl distributors jewelry dropshipping suppliers

Main Features:

  • Worldwide shipping (US orders qualify for free shipping)
  • Money back guarantee: All orders have a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Online support: available 24/7 to assist customers, click on the blue chat icon
  • Gift certificates available: gift certificates are fast, easy, and hassle-free

#9 House of Jewelry

House of Jewellery is a jewelry dropshipping supplier that promotes honesty, commitment, and diligence. Each and every customer at House of Jewellery is treated with respect, and they receive first-rate customer service.

Since day one of its more than three decades of operation, House of Jewellery has always appreciated all its customers for their loyalty, no matter whether orders were provided online orders, over the phone, by fax, through personal visits, or participation at trade shows.

About House of Jewellery’s mission: Today, almost all customers are informed and spoiled for choice on social media, and House of Jewelry’s mission is to make sure to offer stylish, on-trend pieces at consistently low costs for consumers.

For the past 30 years, House of Jewellery has been serving the North American retail jewelry market with pride, and buyers procure the world to find unique jewelry designs right in the stores of customers.

About the product offerings: House of Jewellery’s product ranges are aimed at a diverse range of consumers, from DIY projects to long-standing retailers who have been in operation for decades. House of Jewelry has been one of the pioneers in developing this idea, and it has always made an effort to ensure that its product offerings fulfill different customer needs.

house of jewelry dropship jewelry supplier

Plus, House of Jewellery also offers a wide selection of fashionable styles in high-polish sterling silver, sparkling cubic zirconia, and semi-precious stone jewelry. They recently increased the variety of items in the inventory by adding a contemporary 14K gold line and a sizable number of conflict-free diamonds. Overall, House of Jewellery always makes an effort in all ways to persuade the desires of each customer.

Main Features:

  • Full policies like shipping, payment, return, backorder, troubleshooting tips, security, and terms of use
  • Generis catalogs
  • Blog entries and frequently asked questions
  • Size chart
  • Custom orders
  • Jewelry care guide and plating services

#10 JGoodin

J. Goodin is a team of driven individuals committed to producing top-quality goods who are passionate about fashion jewelry design and craftsmanship. Retailers, catalog businesses, internet stores, and independent resellers can purchase jewelry from J. Goodin made of cubic zirconia, sterling silver, stainless steel, rhodium, and gold plating.

With huge volumes of jewelry at discounted costs and an unmatched range of unique designs, J. Goodin now has over 3,000 distinctive jewelry designs in stock and available to ship.

JGoodin jewelry dropship supplier

In terms of accomplishments, J. Goodin began offering wholesale CZ jewelry in 1985. They have been in the fashion jewelry industry for more than 30 years. JGoodin now collaborates with two other factories to produce the majority of the cubic zirconia jewelry in a factory that is owned by the company in China.

Main Features:

  • Wholesale Catalog
  • Policy for shipping, returns, and exchanges
  • Fashion jewelry showroom
  • Site map
  • Terms and conditions
  • FAQs and blog posts

#11 Nihao Jewelry

Another name in the list of reliable jewelry dropship suppliers is Nihao Jewelry. It is based in Yiwu, China, and exports to more than 100 nations worldwide. Nihao Jewelry has currently constructed a physical store and showroom in Mexico City where customers can visit and physically examine the products while getting a sense of the culture and learning more about how to operate a boutique shop. However, sooner or later, more showrooms and a global warehouse will open in the US and EU.

nihao jewelry dropshipping supplier

For merchants, boutiques, supermarkets, e-commerce stores, and brands, Nihao Jewelry offers an extensive selection of wholesale items. To assist shops in expanding their businesses, Nihao Jewelry strives to provide reduced purchase prices, quicker shipping, and more well-liked merchandise for customers.

Main Features:

  • There are many categories of accessories like bags, hats, scarves, brooches, keychains, belts, and more.
  • Returns and refunds policy
  • Complete guides about how to order
  • Track Order
  • Blog posts and FAQs

#12 Topearl

Guangzhou, China-based jewelry dropshipping company ToPearl was established in 2005. Although they also work with other materials, their main output has historically been jewelry made from pearls. ToPearl has established a reputation as a trustworthy vendor that retailers can work with, with reasonable prices and no minimum purchases.

The purchasing process at ToPearl has additional advantages, such as no minimum order requirement, on-demand product photo delivery, and global shipping. Topearl values its customers, so it delivers purchased items to customers with the utmost security.

Topearl jewelry dropshipping supplier

In addition, Topearl also offers a tracking system for quickly tracking and delivering all goods during shipping. That’s why almost all customers always value timely deliveries and affordable, high-quality goods. Refer to the main objectives of Topearl:

  • Customer satisfaction is a priority
  • High standards for quality and fine production
  • Market philosophy: continuously updated design and offer a range of options
  • Talent philosophy: Create the most exceptional teams and guide them to victory
  • Development philosophy: moving forward as a team while pursuing first-rate markets for pearl jewelry internationally.

Main Features:

  • Support for shipping and delivery
  • Rich categories about the jewelry products
  • Blog posts and FAQs

Benefits and Challenges of Jewelry Dropshipping

Jewelry dropshipping has significantly increased in the e-commerce sector, altering how jewelry firms run. This article examines the expanding practice of dropshipping jewelry, mentioning both the potential and the difficulties it brings.

Jewelry dropshippers can profit from lower inventory costs and a wider selection of products, but they must also deal with quality control, delivery problems, and intense competition if they want to succeed in this cutthroat environment.

As a result, let’s learn about some benefits and challenges of jewelry dropshipping below:


  • Low Start-Up Expenses

Contrary to a conventional retail jewelry business, jewelry dropshippers are not required to purchase a sizable quantity of inventory from wholesale jewelry suppliers. Fine jewelry storage and security are unnecessary to them; they only pay jewelry dropship suppliers when jewelry goods are sold, which lowers the number of significant entry challenges.

  • The Capacity to Provide a Variety Of Products

As a dropshipper, you can sign agreements with numerous fulfillment businesses and sell various goods. You can purchase your sterling silver, rose gold, and crystal necklaces from one source, another for rose gold, and another for sterling silver. As a result, you may serve a wide range of customers from the same online storefront.

  • Online Jewelry Ordering Is Growing In Popularity

Customers now spend well over $8 billion annually in the US on jewelry purchases made online. They could anticipate lenient return policies that allow them to return goods they don’t like. However, this shifting attitude enables you to compete directly with established shops that may have greater resources.


  • Seeking Trustworthy Suppliers

It might be challenging for jewelry dropshippers to locate trustworthy jewelry dropship suppliers who deliver desirable goods in quality packaging at competitive factory pricing. When you do locate such jewelry dropship suppliers, be aware that they may have membership fees or minimum order requirements.

  • Extremely Competitive Market

Competition is another issue that online jewelry store operators must deal with. Many business owners have opened jewelry e-commerce stores to offer everything from gemstone keychains to gold earrings, as wholesale dropshipping has become more popular. You must identify a niche to set yourself apart from the competitors, whether it be a perfect selection, quick shipping, or unbeatable costs.

  • Quality Control

As they depend on suppliers to complete orders, jewelry dropshippers may find it difficult to maintain consistent product quality. Extensive investigation and due diligence are essential to ensure that suppliers adhere to the specified quality requirements. Customer input, sample testing, and regular communication can all aid in monitoring and maintaining product quality.

Wrapping Up

There are now countless opportunities available to business owners in the e-commerce sector, thanks to the growth of the jewelry dropshipping business. Jewelry dropshippers can benefit from lower inventory costs, wider product selections, and the ease of connecting with global customers by adopting this business model.

As a result, by implementing effective tactics, doing in-depth research, and forging solid supplier partnerships to create a lucrative e-commerce business, jewelry dropshippers can succeed in expanding this industry.

What do you think about the collection of the 10+ reliable jewelry dropshipping suppliers in this post? BSS Commerce Shopify believes this sharing is useful for readers and helps you find out how to pick the right jewelry dropship suppliers.

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