In this blog, we will take you on a tour to know more about the most successful Shopify jewelry stores that have made their business successful thanks to making full use of the Shopify eCommerce platform solution.

As far as you know, the world has witnessed a growing trend in jewelry retail. A considerable number of the best jewelry stores are getting online. Besides, the Covid 19 pandemic has stimulated digital transformation in all domains throughout the globe. Similarly, the generation of different variants has caused changes in online shopping behaviors that probably lead to lasting effects. In 2021, online jewelry sales grew 0.72 percent to hit $7.6 billion. The revenue of online jewelry stores is also expected to shoot up to 1.36 percent to total $7.7 billion worth in 2022.

Because online jewelry sales are increasing, it is just only a matter of time before any jewelry store starts its online journey. In fact, online clients still hesitate to invest in a piece of jewelry, retailers need to overcome all current restrictions of e‑commerce standards to survive in this growing market.

The first step to creating your own jewelry online store is to use an eCommerce platform. Shopify is a perfect choice since this platform offers great functionalities with a wide range of extensive apps. If you don’t understand coding, it’s easy, you can work with a Shopify website development services provider.

This blog will get you to know about top 10 best Shopify jewelry stores. These inspiring stores have turned their ideas into successful online businesses. BSS Commerce Shopify hopes you can learn something meaningful to build your jewelry stores on Shopify.

Review 10 Most Successful Shopify Jewelry Stores

The best jewelry stores on Shopify definitely stimulate and inspire you to make your dream jewelry stores come true. BSS Commerce Shopify will help you learn from some of the most successful jewelry stores out there. Let’s take a look at these jewelry stores and get some cool tips from their success stories. They maintain frequent contact with loyal fans worldwide via their best Shopify jewelry stores, social media accounts with world-class customer support experience and impressive products.

#1 King Ice


The King Ice brand is a hip-hop and streetwear brand running the jewelry and accessory business. King Ice has been the leading jewelry store in producing high-quality and premium wearable art and maintaining a close bond with all clients. Moreover, King Ice’s aim is to give customers the best buying experience possible. Particularly, King Ice is well-known as one of the top Shopify jewelry stores because of its ambitious ideas, high-quality goods, and marketing campaign carried out alongside the entertainment industry.

This Shopify jewelry store sells hip-hop accessories like silver or gold dazzling rings and pendants with chains. And you can take a look at King Ice’s website, it‘s bold, gold, and hip hop. Thanks to its catchy web design, King Ice’s website has attracted a lot of visitors, thereby generating more leads. Their logo stands out with a lion in the middle. Their featured collection photos are what you’d typically see in a modern rap MV. Everything is about luxury and abundance, so their choice to go against minimalism is suitable for their target customers. King Ice also gained traction on Instagram with about 400k followers with the active link to their website.

When it comes to online shopping, customers care much about shipping policy. King Ice offers up to 5 domestic shipping options and 2 international shipping options. The terms are also well stated. This is an incredible tip for your jewelry store to learn from.

#2 Missoma


These days, Missoma is one of the top-visited Shopify jewelry stores in the world, that’s why it ranks high on this list. Missoma concentrates on producing the perfect jewelry for your everyday wardrobe. Furthermore, Missoma sells delicate, distinctive pieces with semi-precious gemstones that bring elegant vibes to its customers.

Missoma Shopify jewelry store really inspires jewelry start-ups and sparks creativity. Missoma’s website powered by Shopify has a fashionable interface that makes its visitors feel like they are reading a magazine. Missoma’s design is created based on elegance and simplicity. Besides, Missoma also attracts a massive number of audiences on social media.

This jewelry store offers customers a ton of shipping options regardless of their locations. However, if you live in the UK, there will be much more shipping options or even free shipping.



Qualo provides stylish and comfortable rings that make them desirable for anyone. Quallo is a top Shopify jewelry store that sells silicone rings. Their unique products really appeal to people with active lifestyles. Aside from attracting customers with their unique products, their website has a lot to do with their success as well. Qualo has a simple and urgent website with bold and strong images of their rings. As a result, they can actively catch their target customers’ eyes. Their logo is designed minimally with a sporty font. Everything on their website screams “Active”!

Qualo runs an Instagram account with 217k followers. Besides, they usually upload photos and stories regularly to update their loyal fans with new products. They also get customers’ consent by offering free domestic shipping on all orders over $40. They display a free shipping campaign right on the home page.

#4 By Charlotte


By Charlotte is one of the best Shopify jewelry stores that impress customers with a clean design with no distracting elements. They made a great effort to create every detail the best possible on its website, that’s why every detail perfectly fits in the overall design concept. By Charlotte’s website is well-structured that enables easy content comprehension. Thanks to a bar at the top that says shipping is free, By Charlotte can immediately catch visitors’ attention and keep them staying longer. Their live chat is also a wise tactic because it is estimated that 85 percent of chatters later turn into customers.

By Charlotte’s website has a “Shop Instagram” section that can promote sales and improve output. When you click on an image of jewelry that you want, a “Shop Now” button appears. If you hover over, the button triggers a pop-up with the name of the featured product. After that, you can click on the button and read the product description. If you like something, you can choose between making a purchase and adding the item to the cart. By Charlotte not only focuses on profit but also caters to their customers wholeheartedly. They try to bring about the best buying experience.

#5 Paolo Costagli


Paolo Costagli is named after an artisan and a trendsetter. They provide hand-made and sophisticated products. Besides, their website has a minimalist design and accommodates all the glory of products displayed. This jewelry store focuses on providing enough information for customers to decide before making a purchase.

Paolo Costagli sells all its products at a premium price. However, they offer free shipping and returns on all their products. Paolo Costagli is one of the most excellent Shopify jewelry stores with minimal website design. With a sense of sophistication and exclusivity, clear photography of bold and bright jewelry enables the designs to be the center of attention. Sophisticated fonts and logos, and minimal pop-ups on Paolo Costagli’s website help reinforce the exclusivity and sophistication of the brand.

If you are looking for creating custom solutions to meet the specific needs of these larger and more complex businesses, Shopify Plus is highly recommended. Check out the Shopify Plus Development Service of BSS Commerce – find the best plans & solutions for your online store.

#6 Ring to Perfection


Ring to Perfection is definitely included in the list of the best Shopify jewelry stores. This site uses a unique approach to hook in customers by writing blogs. Ring to Perfection writes blog posts on various topics related to jewelry on a regular basis. They focus on producing SEO-optimized content to get organic traffic. In fact, it is estimated that 35 percent of Ring to Perfection’s website visitors come from blogs with engaging and high-quality content.

On the other hand, Ring to Perfection also makes full use of Facebook ads to attract more customers. When potential customers come to visit their websites, they will be directed to the specific products the store sells, not the homepage. Moreover, Ring to Perfection provides customers with multi-currency payment options. You can choose your currency to pay for your cart. Besides, prices can be displayed in your currency. As a result, you can easily make up your mind before making a purchase. Undoubtedly, it is a necessary feature that international players need to incorporate into their websites.



When it comes to the top Shopify jewelry stores, Body Candy definitely deserves attention. You can draw meaningful lessons from other eCommerce sites on how to become successful. This brand is famous for the highest quality body jewelry.

Body Candy appeals to visitors from first sight with their pop-up “Mystery Offer” wheel. When you spin it, your unique offer is unlocked. Besides, they offer free shipping or a 20% discount which prevents potential customers from leaving the website. Furthermore, this wheel helps to enrich Body Candy’s email customer list by asking their emails for regular notifications. Body Candy’s website features a handy live search. It is really helpful to recommend good options for each customer. In addition, all suggestions come with images and prices, which interests customers.



Thanks to its effective eCommerce site, Ana Luisa, a well-known French brand, shines among the top Shopify jewelry stores. Their jewels are made of 100% recycled gold and sustainably grown diamonds. Therefore, they build a clean and beautiful website that possesses great elements for better performance.

Ana Luisa’s team informs visitors about upcoming sales and discounts with banners right on the homepage. This actually sparks urgency that stimulates customers to buy goods at cheaper prices. Besides, their eCommerce site uses a countdown timer at the top to urge customers to buy items before they are out of stock. When browsing the products section, a pop-up will tell you about a limited-time offer and free shipping or a 25% discount. Website visitors can be tempted to make purchases by these wise tactics. Most importantly, Ana Luisa appreciates customer experience and makes great efforts to bring about more and more value.

#9 Vrai


Vrai is one of the best Shopify jewelry stores that offer high-quality jewelry from everyday essentials to engagement and wedding rings. As soon as you come to this site, you understand that it was created for a customer-oriented purpose. Vrai’s website can handle a big amount of data but still perform well with fast loading speed. More than half of website visitors will leave if the website takes more than two seconds to load. Unquestionably, loading speed is a big deal to any online store. Vrai achieves fast loading speed thanks to the lazy loading technique. It helps defer the loading of the images until you scroll to them, thus boosting up the page speed.

Vrai tries to give customers as much helpful information as possible so that they can fully understand the products and make the right choice. On the other hand, helpful information eliminates customers’ hesitation. That’s why Vrai provides potential customers with lots of useful stuff. Vrai effectively showcases its products through professionally-taken photos. However, their website still loads fast regardless of the number of high-quality images on their site. This allows customers to browse their website smoothly.

#10 Vivian Frank


Vivien Frank stands out as one of the best Shopify jewelry stores that sell hand-made pieces. The site is designed similarly to a magazine’s style. When scrolling down on their website, you will have a feeling of reading a magazine. It is a premium and classy experience with such an immaculate design.
Vivien Frank also has success on social media with 9k followers. They also produce blogs to provide customers with helpful information.

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Why Choose Shopify jewelry stores?

Shopify is a hosted eCommerce platform that provides everything essential for building your online store and putting up your products for sale. Moreover, Shopify allows store owners to sell in physical locations using Shopify POS system with synchronized inventory and stock with easy management from one account on all devices.

If you are considering opening your very own online jewelry store, it’s definitely a wise step to develop your website based on Shopify. Shopify is a beginner-friendly website builder that has a wide range of apps. Apart from being easy to use, you can totally customize your shop to your taste with powerful e-commerce tools. Shopify definitely can help you grow your business and save costs. We will dive deep into 4 reasons why Shopify is cut out for setting up the best jewelry stores online.

Save costs


Shopify offers fast, scalable hosting and significant resources that benefit Shopify jewelry stores. You can try using Shopify to build a simple website with a free 14-day trial without a credit card needed. Shopify has different plans for diverse kinds of jewelry stores, you can then choose the plan that suits your requirements. Shopify pricing plans range from $25 a month to $399 with relevant groups of features.

Within the platform, Shopify allows users to add themes at $200 and app integrations at $50+ per month. Besides, low-level plans and free themes and apps are available for beginners. In addition, Shopify features free web hosting and 24/7 supervision with constant updates from the Shopify team. As a result, you can have more time and resources to concentrate on running your business.

Find it easy to use

Brand recognition plays a vital role in boosting your business in the jewelry trade market. As a result, Shopify allows you to customize your online store to adhere to your unique brand. Shopify offers all jewelry store owners access to easy-to-use dashboards that don’t require coding knowledge.

The platform has transformed the way non-enterprise-level businesses operate online. Besides, this eCommerce platform features high-quality reporting with simple customizations. On the other hand, Shopify also helps sync inventory and data between online and physical stores thanks to Shopify POS integrations.

Comprise powerful features

To top jewelry stores, Shopify attracts merchants thanks to different Shopify payment options, fast shipping, and robust operation dashboards. Shopify‘s high-quality and diverse apps can take sellers’ stores to the next level. Moreover, Shopify approves apps from a third party so that jewelry stores can extend functionality to improve customer experience. Consequently, Shopify can help your jewelry store generate more leads and yield more profits. In addition, powerful features from Shopify help store owners find quality solutions to improve productivity.


Shopify’s apps enable all business operations ranging from marketing to operations and finances to function smoothly. Shopify offers users integrations with Quickbooks, Mailchimp, Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Thanks to that, jewelry store owners can analyze, estimate all operations, then find suitable solutions to refine them. Furthermore, Shopify can bring disparate tools, systems, and data together. With many platforms connecting actively with each other, Shopify enables your jewelry stores to sell through different sale channels seamlessly.

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That‘s why local brands to global players worldwide choose Shopify over other free eCommerce platforms to run their businesses. Merchants need an eye-catching venue for showcasing products, engaging ways to interact with customers. They can find the exact tool they need on the Shopify platform and in the Shopify App Store. Big brands like Nestle and Pepsi run their online businesses on Shopify to make such online profits.

Handle scalability


When starting a jewelry store from scratch, you have to take the potential scalability of the eCommerce platform into account. If not, this can lead to bloated stores and require a great investment of money for updates or migrations. Fortunately, Shopify effectively handles the requirement of scalability. A lot of top jewelry stores such as Budweiser, Sephora, Tesla, Oreos, and Allbirds choose in their online business journey. They saved a lot of money by eliminating the transaction fees. Therefore, if you build jewelry stores on Shopify, you will have fewer worries and speed up all business processes.

To sum up, if you’re choosing an eCommerce platform to build your online jewelry stores, Shopify probably wins the game with an easy-to-use dashboard, access to easy reporting, low-cost plans, trusted integrations, simple scalability, and other great Shopify features.

Make your Shopify jewelry stores successful

Shopify provides you with a wide range of tools and features. We will figure out some useful tips to fully maximize Shopify’s tools and features below.

Choose the right theme for Shopify jewelry store

It is important to choose the best Shopify theme for your jewelry store. Best Shopify jewelry stores’ websites all incorporate some important features like a clean layout, various fonts, high-resolution images, upselling and cross-selling, reviews, and testimonials that help make conversions on expensive items. Make sure that the Shopify theme you choose must suit your budget so that you still have money left for marketing.

Explore the Top 20+ Best Shopify Themes For Jewelry

Eurus theme is most suitable for sellers aiming for page speed, UX, and mobile optimization and wish for high conversion rates and driving more sales but need to balance between budget and functionality.

Standout Feature:

  • Break Free From Apps: This theme provides all you need for a high conversion rate without costly apps: a 4-level Mega menu, unlimited Product Badges, per-page Pop-ups, etc.
  • Speed Optimized, Mobile-First: Boost sales with faster page speed, and improve the store’s UX and SEO with our mobile-first approach and device-detected Light/Dark modes.
  • Highly Customizable: Design your desired store with 25+ powerful sections and blocks, giving you full control of creating a captivating visual impact.

🎁 Try Now: Eurus Shopify Theme – No.1 Shopify Theme for Speed, UX & Conversion

best themes for shopify

Urgency sparking feature


Jewelry is not a necessary item for survival like food. As a result, you must spark a sense of urgency in your customers. Hence, a real-time purchase feature on your website is a must-have functionality. That means when your customers are surfing your website, they will receive constant notifications of other customers buying their pending products. This will somehow stimulate them to buy the items before they run out of stock. Luckily, Shopify offers its users this feature on their website.

Restock notification

If your Shopify jewelry stores run out of certain products, customers will want to know when these products will be restocked. Thus, you need to allow them to let you know they care about that product. Once it is back in stock, immediate notifications will be sent to these customers. Besides, it’s essential that you never leave your virtual shelves completely empty. In this way, instead of losing sales opportunities, you can boost future sales. While there are Shopify themes out there that already include this feature, some don’t. You can make full use of Shopify apps such as Back in Stock and Now Back in Stock to optimize this feature.

Customer reviews section

What’s more, you have to place trust in your customers so that they will be loyal to their stores. The best way to gain trust from customers is by providing positive customer feedback and testimonials. Most customers rely on reviews before they decide to buy something. Product descriptions from the store are often ignored. Customers usually trust fellow customers’ opinions more than the company’s advertisements. As a result, to build your online jewelry store, you have to create a section for testimonials and customer reviews for every product. Shopify’s Product Reviews app can help create review forms and review score badges for your site.

best shopify apps

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With a collection of themes and all business tools included, Shopify stands out as a high-end eCommerce platform for all businesses of any scale. Jewelry stores can make use of Shopify to build their online store and save a lot of time and money. Impressively, Shopify consolidates everything you need to run a business in one place. Shopify can work well with other tools to help business owners thrive more in their business path.

BSS Commerce Shopify hopes that this blog can help jewelry stores get some useful information for building their own website. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact BSS Shopify.

As a leading eCommerce platform agency in Vietnam, we are dedicated to giving you the best support and experience. Our wholehearted and certified developers will provide you with high-quality products and services.