Shopify live chat apps provide a straightforward, yet potent solution to enhance your online business, operating as an e-commerce customer service tool that seamlessly integrates into store websites. Because the customer support and conversion rates in the competitive realm of Shopify stores critically drive success. BSS Commerce Shopify has collected best Shopify live chat apps for you to choose from. Let’s check them out!

Ordinary to customers, these chat boxes or widgets often conceal additional features unique from standard live chat applications. Customers actively engage with live chat apps, using these platforms to pose myriad questions about shipping status, returns, and exchanges; seeking product recommendations, and enquiring into various other matters. Meanwhile, business owners leverage Shopify live chat app for providing pre and post-sale support via both live chat and social messaging.

The advantages of integrating a Shopify live chat app into your store serve as an opportunity to revolutionize customer support and conversion rates. Instant assistance, coupled with personalized and proactive outreach made a combination that not only amplifies conversions but also elevates customer loyalty. Concurrently, it reduces operational costs associated with customer service.

Benefits of Using Shopify Live Chat Apps

And if you’re still curious about the plethora of benefits that the Shopify chat app – in general – could provide, below are those detailed advantages.

shopify live chat apps

Customer Support Enhanced

The key to running a successful Shopify store is customer support. Here’s where Shopify live chat apps prove their worth: they inject a human touch into your support. And with relief, you can bid farewell to those frustrating email threads that seem to linger indefinitely for resolution.

A Shopify chat app empowers you to offer instant assistance, facilitating real-time interactions with your clients, thereby bolstering your overall customer support capabilities, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

When integrated into your Shopify store – a live chat app enables immediate problem resolution and ensures that any concerns or issues from customers receive prompt attention. Your customers experience a positive encounter due to this personalized support level, in turn, their satisfaction and loyalty increase significantly.

Gaining valuable customer insights

Shopify live chat apps not only enhance customer support and boost conversion rates but also offer valuable customer insights: they enable you to collect data on preferences, pain points and frequently asked questions of your customers. Analysis of this data deepens your understanding of their needs, thus fostering an enhanced relationship with them.

Understanding your customers better equips you with a secret weapon: the ability to tailor marketing strategies and product offerings effectively, thereby supercharging business growth by selling and targeting the right customer.

Increased Conversion Rates

Integrating live chat apps into your Shopify store offers more than a mere enhancement of customer support – it directly bolsters conversion rates. Through active engagement via live chat with site visitors, you can promptly address their objections and concerns.

Moreover, offering a swift yet convenient communication channel for customers elevates the likelihood that casual browsers will transition to committed buyers. Adopting the proactive approach will aid in surmounting potential hesitations, thereby escalating the probability of finalizing a purchase.

A Shopify live chat app leveraged by you positions you advantageously to guide visitors on their buying journey and handle any questions they might have. Additionally, this allows for increased monetization through upselling or cross-selling, whether that’s products or services.

Selecting the best live chat app for Shopify

Consider specific needs and requirements

Selecting the best live chat app for Shopify necessitates consideration of your unique needs and requirements. Each business holds its distinct characteristics, thus investing time to pinpoint essential features and functionalities in support strategies is crucial.

Are automated responses or file-sharing capabilities necessary for you? Are you requiring chat transcripts, a customizable chat widget, or integration with other tools? Understanding those specific needs will enable you to narrow down the options to pinpoint an ideal chat application for your Shopify store.

Evaluate features, ease of use, and integration options

After you discern your needs clearly, graduate to the evaluation of various chat apps’ features, usability, and integration options. As a busy entrepreneur, time is scarce for grappling with complex software. The optimal choice in this scenario for the best live chat app for Shopify would be an intuitive one: simple set-up/use coupled seamlessly with compatibility for current tools at your disposal. Ensure the app’s scalability, as it must match your business’s growth potential.

Read customer reviews and ratings

Consider reading customer reviews and ratings as valuable resources when selecting a chat app for your Shopify store. Invest time in reading other users’ experiences with the application, seeking feedback on reliability, and scrutinizing the level of customer support – these are key elements that contribute to overall satisfaction. This furnishes insights into the performance of the application, and consequently, aiding in your decision-making process, allows you to make an informed choice.

Pricing plans and affordability

Pricing plans and affordability should also be considered. Compare different chat apps’ pricing plans and evaluate their affordability within your budget. Some apps levy a higher cost due to advanced features offered, whereas others propose tiered pricing plans. Finding the optimal equilibrium between cost and value constitutes the crux of this matter.

Finally, seize the opportunity of complimentary trials and demos, as most providers of Shopify live chat apps extend these offers. Such tests or demonstrations enable you to assess the application before making a commitment, whether it meets your requirements or functions harmoniously with your Shopify store. Take that app for a proverbial “test drive”, and by doing so, you’ll be empowered to make informed decisions.

Best Shopify Live Chat Apps Review: Free & Paid

Best Shopify live chat apps


Free plan

Free trial

Starting price/month


Shopify Inbox



Free access






7 days



Richpanel Customer Service CRM

Richpanel Inc


14 days



Chatra – Live Chat & Chatbot

Roger Wilco LLC








14 days



Gorgias ‑ Live Chat & Helpdesk

Gorgias Inc


7 days



Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM



14 days



HelpCenter | FAQ Chat HelpDesk

Shark Byte, Inc


15 days



Best Free Live Chat App for Shopify

#1 Shopify Inbox

shopify chat app Shopify Inbox

Key Features

  • Shopify customers receive free access.
  • The design is mobile-friendly, and it installs quickly and easily.
  • You can customize your Live Chat system and deliver real-time feedback for frequently asked questions (FAQ).
  • You can link Shopify Chat to Shopify Ping, which allows you not only to recommend products directly to your customers but also share promotional offers in the chat, and it provides an option for customers to make purchases on the spot.
  • Access to the Kit virtual assistant accompanies Shopify Chat: this feature aids in swift customer responses, email campaign management, and ongoing customer discussions.
  • You can utilize the automated customer order lookup to discover client details. Additionally, self-service features, such as convenient status updates and tracking, are also available.


  • Compared to other apps, Shopify Chat exhibits relative simplicity in terms of features.
  • The system refrains from retaining any customer data.
  • Beginners may find the app installation process somewhat challenging.
  • To harness the power of Shopify Chat, the user needs to possess Shopify Ping on their desktop or install it on an iOS, iPad, or Android device for receiving and responding to Messages.

Pricing Plan

  • Free access for Shopify customers

Best Paid Shopify Live Chat Apps

#2 Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots

best live chat app for shopify Tidio

Key Features

  • The plan is great: it’s free forever
  • Opportunity to fully customize its chat box, enabling you to design the live-chat widget in a manner that aligns with your online store’s aesthetics
  • The Abandoned Cart Bot works to decrease the rate of cart abandonment
  • Numerous options for tracking and gaining insights include the ability to save visitor profiles. This allows you for not just immediate customized solutions, but also future targeted marketing campaigns tailored specifically to each individual user
  • Integrate the chat box with a lead capture form to capture the visitor’s email before initiating dialogue


  • The ability to offer support in customers’ native languages is limited due to the absence of language assistance options
  • Accessing all the extras can incur significant expenses
  • The system lacks the capacity to manage multiple chats at once and fails to alert operators when they respond in several windows. This flaw may result in delays while addressing customer queries

Pricing Plan

  • Free: Free to install: Live Chat – conversations with 50 users, 3 chat operators (only free plan), Chatbots: with up to 100 visitors/month, Visitors list, Mobile app
  • Communication plan: $25/month: 1 chat operator, Unlimited conversations, All Free plan features, Live typing preview, Live visitor data, Departments, Visitors’ profiles’ notes
  • Chatbots plan: $29/month: All Free plan features, Chatbots – 2,000 visitors included, Chatbot templates, Visual chatbot editor, Email, 24/5 Live Chat support
  • Tidio+: $394/month: Live Chat – unlimited, Custom no. of operators, Chatbots – custom no. of engagements, Email, 24/5 Live Chat, 24/7 emergency phone, AI Bots

#3 Richpanel Customer Support CRM

shopify live chat apps Richpanel

Key Features

  • Shopify users have access to a complimentary program, allowing for up to 100 monthly conversations
  • You can register an unlimited number of agents under our pricing plans, as each premium plan accommodates unlimited support
  • Useful live chat features accompany this service, such as self-service scenarios and chatbot agent routing. You also gain access to 24/7 support via email and phone – the availability of these features varies based on your pricing tier
  • Your agents can utilize the private messages feature to engage in communication with their team colleagues
  • The option to construct a repository of dynamic responses for your agents, enables them to swiftly address frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • The capability of supplementing tags, prioritizing tasks, and arranging orders in an efficient manner


  • Small teams, unable to capitalize on per-agent pricing, might find the software more costly
  • As a relatively new platform, Richpanel still continues developing some of its features
  • Both WooCommerce and Magento users do not have access to a freemium version

Pricing Plan

  • Starter: $29/month: Email & Live chat, Facebook & Instagram, Shopify Integration, Basic reports, Self service add-on : from $100/month
  • Regular: $49/month: Everything in Starter + :  SMS & phone channels, Round-robin assignment, CSAT & revenue reports, Self service add-on : from $100/month
  • Pro: $99/month: Everything in Regular + : Multilingual, Balanced assignment, Lite onboarding, Named success manager, Self service add-on : from $100/month

#4 Chatra – Live Chat & Chatbot

shopify chat app Chatra

Key Features

  • Actively identify website visitors, discern their geographical location, and inspect the contents of their carts in real-time; this capability enables them to promptly offer pertinent responses and product recommendations
  • In real-time, observe the users’ input or integrate numerous agents into a single conversation to address immediate concerns
  • Save the chat history to provide you with comprehensive customer context, and enhance trust by featuring chat agent photos in the widget
  • Directly respond to Facebook and Instagram messages via Chatra
  • Offers practical live chat features such as typo correction and group chats


  • The free plan does not offer the most advanced features
  • The absence of customization options – this issue persists in the current system

Pricing Plan

  • Free plan: Live chat, Offline contact form bot, Most features, Free forever
  • Essential plan: $21/month (or $204/year and save 19%): Live chat, Chatbots, Instagram DM, Facebook chat, Realtime visitor list, Visitor info, Chat automation, Typing insights, Saved replies, File transfer
  • Pro plan: $29/month (or $276/year and save 21%): All Essential plan features, Chat ratings & reports, Data export, Operating hours, Agent groups, Integrations, REST API & outgoing webhooks

#5 Zendesk

shopify live chat app Zendesk

Key Features

  • Works with other leading CMS systems like WordPress, HubSpot, Wix, Squarespace, and many others
  • This functionality allows the tracking of your customers’ current page usage. You can proactively initiate a chat to bolster sales, or you may choose passivity and wait for messages from e-commerce store shoppers
  • You can reply to your chats through a mobile app, utilizing the accessibility provided by social media and omnichannel access
  • Share files such as screenshots, product guides, and even GIFs with customers
  • Send customers targeted and behavior-based messages, and utilize pre-chat and offline forms for the collection of customer information
  • Use chat ratings to amass valuable feedback from your clients
  • Provide support for abandoned carts
  • Offers built-in analytics and reporting capabilities, supplemented by custom welcome message options, provides a user-friendly personalization feature


  • A difficult-to-use interface that might be quite tough to navigate for newcomers
  • Expensive pricing plans, especially for small to mid-size organizations

Pricing Plan

  • Suit team: $55/month (per agent/month billed annually)
  • Suite growth: $89/month (per agent/month billed annually)
  • Suite professional: $115/month (per agent/month billed annually)
  • Suite enterprise: $150/month (per agent/month billed annually)

#6 Gorgias ‑ Live Chat & Helpdesk

Gorgias Helpdesk & Live Chat Shopify app

Key Features

  • Provide instant reply with live chat 
  • The ability to manage multiple stores from one place
  • Track the number of customers and visit the history of each customer
  • Activate live chat interactions on many different pages
  • Variety of custom templates and macros
  • Manage conversations with customers via phone, social networks, and email
  • Integrates with applications like ReCharge, Shipstation, Messenger, Aircall, LoyaltyLion, and so on
  • Automatically reward points with loyal customers
  • Cancellation, refunding, and copying are simple

Pricing Plan

  • Starter: $10/month: 3 customer support agents, 50 tickets per month included, live chat
  • Basic: $60/month: unlimited customer support agents, 300 tickets per month included, live chat, customer service, automation add-on available
  • Pro: $360/month: unlimited customer support agents, 2000 tickets included, live chat, customer service, automation add-on available
  • Advanced: $900/month: unlimited customer support agents, 5000 tickets included, live chat, customer service, automation add-on available

#7 Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM

Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM

Key Features

  • Ability to customize according to specific needs in live chat and email
  • Provide FAQ section in chat widget
  • Unify your communication experience with live chat, SMS, VOIP, and more
  • Provide automated chatbot
  • The ability to manage multiple stores in one place
  • Displays the push notification and status page 
  • Automatically collect customer surveys and ratings
  • Integration with more than 20 other applications

Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $29/month includes live chat, chatbots, unlimited email inboxes, social integration, FAQ, workflows, macros, and 1000 push notifications
  • Pro: $49/month includes basic features plus multi-store, unified communication experience, viewing list, advanced reports, custom domains, and status page
  • Plus: $69/month includes Basic + Pro features and some other advanced features such as staff reports, surveys, FAQ history, co-browse, SSO, and 2000 push notifications per month
  • Enterprise Custom: $899/month, best for Shopify Plus plan

#8 HelpCenter | FAQ Chat HelpDesk

HelpCenter FAQ Chat Helpdesk Shopify app

Key Features

  • Provide live chat for quick and convenient communication with customers
  • Create unlimited & responsive FAQ
  • Design self-support widget
  • Manage multiple channels in a single location
  • Create auto sales funnel with chatbot
  • Powerful customization with automated responses, signatures, templates, and more to match your store

Pricing Plan

  • Free plan: 10 tickets/month, 5 FAQ articles, basic templates, self-service widget, 1 chatbot, 1 agent seat, 1 live chat, 1 auto response
  • Basic: $8/month: 50 tickets/month, unlimited FAQs, FAQ translation, FAQ import/export, premium templates, unlimited support agents, live chat & auto responses
  • Standard: $45/month: 300 tickets/month, unlimited FAQs, FAQ translation, FAQ import/export, premium templates, unlimited support agents, live chat & auto responses
  • Advanced: $100/month: 1000 tickets/month, unlimited FAQs, FAQ translation, FAQ import/export, premium templates, unlimited support agents, live chat & auto responses


Long story short, there is no one-size-fits-all solution in terms of Shopify live chat app. Given its status as one of the most crucial customer service tools, thus, dedicating considerable time to it before finalizing any decisions is worthwhile. 

In the e-commerce industry’s ever-increasing competitive landscape, selecting the best Shopify live chat app becomes paramount, as it not only enhances customer support but also ultimately boosts conversion rates. Prompt and effective communication with customers is crucial, so integrating a live chat functionality proves indispensable – potential buyers receive instant assistance, their concerns get addressed, and they are skillfully guided through the purchase process.

Consider exploring and integrating a live chat Shopify app, regardless of whether you are a new or established store owner on Shopify. Seize this opportunity to provide exceptional customer service; it may increase your likelihood of closing sales. Opt for the finest live-chat application available for Shopify by observing its potential positive impact on your online business.

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